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Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis - 49 minutes ago
Those would be capacitors not batteries haha
Josh Hinsdale
Josh Hinsdale - Hour ago
So I thought of a game I would ejoy watching for you hoonigans.  It would involve the tower, 1 set of American rules football gear, a big tic tac toe sketch in the sand and  a lot of eggs. 1 guy in the gear. 2 up top. Fellow on the ground picks the square. 2 up top try to hit the guy on sand to take square. If no eggs hit fellow than the square is his. limited like 3-6 eggs each per square attack.
Aaron Romero
Aaron Romero - Hour ago
5:09 not to be racist or anything but Asian people
black out
black out - Hour ago
Try to smash a trampoline please
Chicken sauce Reviews
Chicken sauce Reviews - 3 hours ago
Jasmine Duckett
Jasmine Duckett - 4 hours ago
Faith Stanford
Elizabeth Stanford
Grace Stanford
Hope Stanford
Scott Retford
Scott Retford - 5 hours ago
Read about "Shot Towers" this morning on Reddit. They used to drop molten lead off of a tower, and as it cooled in the air the surface tension of the liquid metal (or something) would pull it into a sphere. The drops would land in water to cool completely, and you would have perfect little spheres of metal. I know our boys here are all about breaking stuff, but it would be really interesting to watch!
Abigail Hoelscher
Abigail Hoelscher - 5 hours ago
When she is born you should name her Elizabeth
Dimedude 12
Dimedude 12 - 5 hours ago
JANNA LUTSIK - 5 hours ago
how about paige
Cate#DragonGirl# Awesome
Cate#DragonGirl# Awesome - 5 hours ago
Girl Zendaya
Krazy Koder
Krazy Koder - 6 hours ago
I would name a baby Echo; but to be honest, I name everything Echo ._.
Connor Ernst
Connor Ernst - 7 hours ago
In your Nightmares
In your Nightmares - 7 hours ago
Hey mate I live in Australia Canberra
Ava Lindsey
Ava Lindsey - 7 hours ago
I think the name should be Jamie
zoe smyth
zoe smyth - 7 hours ago
I think you have will name your kid Olivia or Alison
Happy _Sloth
Happy _Sloth - 8 hours ago
We will kill Maximillianus
Chloe Stanford
Suzette Neff
Suzette Neff - 8 hours ago
A Boy And Alex If A Girl Alexa/Alexandra
Karina Titenok
Karina Titenok - 9 hours ago
I love green
T. Van der kooij
T. Van der kooij - 9 hours ago
That was so cool
T. Van der kooij
T. Van der kooij - 9 hours ago
Well.. you do have the biggest Lightning catcher ever
Samuel Husar
Samuel Husar - 10 hours ago
I think the name is going to be Rachel
Jess 1495
Jess 1495 - 10 hours ago
I think the baby name will be lily
My fursona Is a shark
My fursona Is a shark - 10 hours ago
You shouldn’t be in that tower in a thunderstorm
Glory MSP
Glory MSP - 11 hours ago
The name Tierra would be nice
frog man
frog man - 11 hours ago
5:06 he's sounds like a bear
lily hunt
lily hunt - 11 hours ago
10:51 for all the people who wanted to see the gender reveal
Daniel Boardman
Daniel Boardman - 11 hours ago
Lily. Great name. Congrats
MasterMan132 3
MasterMan132 3 - 11 hours ago
U COULD CALL THE BABY "Ashley Stanford" I've always adored the name Ashley and I hope you do too also CONGRATS ON THE BABY GIRL
Braedyn Miller
Braedyn Miller - 12 hours ago
It should be Destiny
Keshav Jha
Keshav Jha - 12 hours ago
What was the mechanism of the last test? How would blue colour have appeared? Anyone?
Kilian S.
Kilian S. - 12 hours ago
It's just Deena Musaitef
It's just Deena Musaitef - 13 hours ago
Congratulation💛😭#spoileralert it's a girl😭😭♥️💓💓💓💓
gangsterpiggy71 - 13 hours ago
Caoimhe Murphy
Caoimhe Murphy - 13 hours ago
I think a name should be Leilia or Brynn
Boss pigs
Boss pigs - 13 hours ago
Ronan Kerr
Ronan Kerr - 14 hours ago
Your man there, Heron, looks like Mac from Always Sunny..
Clainty - 14 hours ago
Congrats :))
Nate LaBenz
Nate LaBenz - 15 hours ago
Literally could no go but 20 seconds into the video and he already made a dad joke
thatgirl# tres
thatgirl# tres - 15 hours ago
name her olivia
Lucas Hill
Lucas Hill - 16 hours ago
Name the baby carol
Master Steel
Master Steel - 16 hours ago
Flash Verry danger
Wilfred Rodriguez
Wilfred Rodriguez - 18 hours ago
Dylan Rivers
Dylan Rivers - 18 hours ago
Boy Clayton girl grace
Skyla's World
Skyla's World - 21 hour ago
the baby name can it be Betty or Jessica or skyla plzs skyla
lisa comber
lisa comber - 21 hour ago
White tall Moana
White tall Moana - 22 hours ago
Matilda idk it’s my name but SUCH AN AUSSIE ICON
Jason Fortenberry
Jason Fortenberry - 22 hours ago
Congratulations on the baby girl!
Lily Rose
Lily Rose - 22 hours ago
Corbin Robson
Corbin Robson - 22 hours ago
if you pause it on 8:05 it looks like a draw is floating

if you think it is then leave a like
Simons Rain
Simons Rain - 22 hours ago
I will say you should call her Elizabeth
Majestic Wolf
Majestic Wolf - 22 hours ago
Can we have an episode full of you guys getting scared over thunder and lightning
Kristaps - 11 hours ago
tbh....if the sound quality was better... not sure how that could be done without spending millions on mic.. i would enjoy even more all those lightnings
Little Fortnite
Little Fortnite - 23 hours ago
Sage Disney
Sage Disney - 23 hours ago
Every southern person is laughing at them for being scared of the thunder. 4 years of thunderstorms make you immune to the sound.
Anonymous !
Anonymous ! - Day ago
1:33 that lightening bolt tho
Xavier Baker
Xavier Baker - Day ago
Teaokyo - Day ago
When it was about to hit the spray cans, I GOT AN AD.
Kittipawz Official
Kittipawz Official - 4 hours ago
Daniel Melendez
Daniel Melendez - 5 hours ago
memoo - Day ago
Ellie, Lucy, Lilly, Kira
Mateusz Szumowicz
Mateusz Szumowicz - Day ago
Elizabeth ( Lizzy ) Stanford
Elen Thach
Elen Thach - Day ago
The name is standford
Paula Freitas
Paula Freitas - Day ago
Carson Bontz
Carson Bontz - Day ago
Kristen’s World
Kristen’s World - Day ago
I thought this was kinda weird that when they did the did the dresser and the pink silly string went off
Skippy Dinglechalk
Skippy Dinglechalk - Day ago
Seraphina, that's the only name I ask
Funnydayz th3 r3a1
Funnydayz th3 r3a1 - Day ago
How ridiculous
Owen Plotner
Owen Plotner - Day ago
Kendra Osborne
Kendra Osborne - Day ago
Kendra Osborne
Kendra Osborne - Day ago
NJ759 Shepherd
NJ759 Shepherd - Day ago
Ross Falconer
Ross Falconer - Day ago
7:34 “silly string”
J P - Day ago
Georgia,Savanna, Lola, Makenna , and I don’t know Jemma
Amy Miller
Amy Miller - Day ago
Sammantha Stanford Victoria Stanford girls
Cameron Stanford Jake Stanford boys
bookbagsop dose things
aussy would be a good name
Benjamin Okon-Uribe
So happy for you!
Pizza Cat 1732
Pizza Cat 1732 - Day ago
capacitors not battery's! learn the terminology
Elephants Await You
The name is pepper
Rocio coreasma
The name should be Jessica
Colin Hatfield
Colin Hatfield - Day ago
It’s a girl
Mattias Eriksson
Mattias Eriksson - Day ago
Name her Almeta meaning A Pearl
Jenna Collier
Jenna Collier - Day ago
Nice sound affects😂
The Lucky One
The Lucky One - Day ago
Derek: I’m just going to make an insertion into your brain
Scott: Is it gonna hurt?
Derek: Don’t worry, you’ll be fi-
*Scott dies*
ConnorDoesVids - Day ago
Jesus Gaunson, you wheeze so loudly 😂😂
Goldenfreddy Games
Goldenfreddy Games - Day ago
Jessica that's my guess
Miciah Mohrman
Miciah Mohrman - Day ago
It’s me! Art
It’s me! Art - Day ago
Should we get out of here?

Well it’s lightning, raining, thundering, and we are under a gigantic metal tower........ meh
Annie W
Annie W - Day ago
Gemma- precious stone- Italian
Adelaide- noble- German
Harlow- army- English
Catalina- pure- Spanish
Alana, Lana- Little Rock- english
Nova- new, star- Latin
Luna- moon- Latin
Avalynn- breath of life- English
Senna- flower- Arabic
Paisley- flower- Scottish
Paige- young child- latin
Adley-up from the river -Hebrew
Adaline- noble kind- german
Unicorn_ forever
Unicorn_ forever - Day ago
10:46 thanks later 😂😂😂😴
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards - Day ago
Girl power💪🏽
Llama Kid Gaming
Llama Kid Gaming - Day ago
Congrats you guys! And good like in the future!
Joseph Iodice
Joseph Iodice - Day ago
Joseph Iodice
Joseph Iodice - Day ago
Joseph Iodice
Joseph Iodice - Day ago
Jack Dykstra
Jack Dykstra - Day ago
its m birthday to day when this vido was posted btw the babbys name shoud be tallala
100k No-subs
100k No-subs - Day ago
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