Meanwhile... 'Game Of Thrones' Is Over

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Ridgely Sussman
Ridgely Sussman - 2 days ago
TruTV’s top funniest predictied the future.
HexAppeal - 13 days ago
He's just not funny anymore :(
Tanya H
Tanya H - 13 days ago
Seriously, the intros to “Meanwhile” just keep getting better and better.
Helgali - 15 days ago
Making fun of super speed train 'cos building one is a bit trickier.
Mall E. Ceviche
Mall E. Ceviche - 15 days ago
that took a lot of focus for Stephen not to giggle at the line "Rail Penis."
meanwhile, the Meanwille segment is undefeated.
John preacher
John preacher - 17 days ago
Could make it in the real world wouldn't know what real job was
Sarianna Hayes
Sarianna Hayes - 17 days ago
Wait did he talk about Maine!? I was highly confident everyone forgot we‘re a state
Mall Obsessions
Mall Obsessions - 18 days ago
what's game of thrones?
Jeff Doe
Jeff Doe - 18 days ago
Surprised they didn't have to blur that train.
abulfadhl - 21 day ago
Mr. Colbert at least Japan has a 'Penis' train. The US has trains that barely go above 60 Miles per hour..... Sad so Sad.....
izzyhael - 21 day ago
Feels like Stephen was not happy about some of the jokes they scripted for him for this segment 😅
Xiphane X
Xiphane X - 22 days ago
Meryl Streep is also hellishly sexy :D
bxxx9 - 22 days ago
The Starbucks cup and this water bottle confirm even more the laziness and lack of fucks given to the final season
_Walt Hamer
_Walt Hamer - 22 days ago
Least sexy- Pittsburgh accent
Most sexy- *new Zealand accent*
Ca L
Ca L - 22 days ago
There is a water bottle behind Davos as well.
SpukiTheLoveKitten75 - 22 days ago
If you hate the ending, WRITE FAN FICTION!
Go Revive Yourself
Go Revive Yourself - 22 days ago
Do talk show hosts NOT KNOW WHAT BAD RUSHED WRITING IS?!?!?!
Ariel Steinsaltz
Ariel Steinsaltz - 22 days ago
I like meanwhile, but why don’t you do any of your other segments anymore?
Aimee Marie
Aimee Marie - 23 days ago
you say no spoilers and then say spoilers? um...
drzerg2 - 23 days ago
i didnt know that Cody is an uber driver who like to talk. he really do by the way.
Eric Rakestraw
Eric Rakestraw - 23 days ago
1:04 to 1:20 - STOP IT!
Daniel Plamondon
Daniel Plamondon - 23 days ago
am i the only one here who clocked the Gil Scott Heron reference?
Agent Smith
Agent Smith - 24 days ago
The water bottle arc was better than season 8
A SKill
A SKill - 24 days ago
I like how GOT ended
TheAureliac - 24 days ago
Anyone who has ever watched or read British fiction or nonfiction knows they drink way too much.
anoja31 - 24 days ago
About the writers, that was way too true lmaoo ;-;
abdulaziz yalahow
abdulaziz yalahow - 24 days ago
Hahahaha hmmm 🤔 interesting lol 😂 I’ve never seeing the garbage 🗑 so called Game of thrones & I’ll never watch that shity show lol 😂
Jason Firewalker
Jason Firewalker - 24 days ago
Can I talk to one of those trained professionals about Firefly?
Egypt *
Egypt * - 24 days ago
😣😣 need a do_over 😱👎
Loreto Ramírez Ponce
Loreto Ramírez Ponce - 24 days ago
kyokushin man
kyokushin man - 24 days ago
50 shades of Colbert, getting hot and dirty, keep it up my man.
hino - 25 days ago
"BRITISH PEOPLE"?????????????????????
blupunk01 - 25 days ago
"Trained professional are standing by to slap you across the face and tell you to grow the hell up."
Hahahaha! What our society desperately needs.
harlequin - 25 days ago
how was the Austrian dumpster fire not mentioned in this?
Marmee Cruz
Marmee Cruz - 25 days ago
Salacious jokes but verryyy funnee!
Azem Cancarevic
Azem Cancarevic - 25 days ago
Wtf they gave up and did not care the bottle was there just like they gave up making a good last episode.
Moe - 25 days ago
If you need a councillor to talk to over a tv show, you need more than therapy, you need a life.
smackdowner - 25 days ago
Long live Lucifer on Netflix the number 1 binged watched show in May even over Game of Thrones
M to the B
M to the B - 25 days ago
Still waiting for 'Meanwhile'-merch
Seiyuōkami Himura
Seiyuōkami Himura - 25 days ago
You mean to tell me you DONT keep a bowl of dildos at your front door? I do, they work great for assaulting jehovah's witnesses.
BraniusBalki - 25 days ago
Did you ask Cody if you could use his image as an Uber driver?
Secretly a celebrity
Secretly a celebrity - 25 days ago
I did really mourn daenerys
James Hegarty
James Hegarty - 25 days ago
"it will be televised" Go John!
Marcel - 25 days ago
"..will be televised." Fucking lol
Joris - 25 days ago
You can't say "no spoilers" and then spoil half of the episode...
Influx27 - 25 days ago
They actually found a second water bottle
invisiblekid99 - 25 days ago
Hey that British drunk section is not fair. It's 7am here and I have a glass of wine. But I am NOT drunk!
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 25 days ago
I had a cyst drained. It hurts
Mike Scarborough
Mike Scarborough - 25 days ago
The only problem the British have with alcohol is that their beers are too damn good. Just make them drink Pabst; problem solved.
Lizeta W
Lizeta W - 25 days ago
I’m not hearing the lady with the seagull-snatching-a-yorkie laughter anymore.
Did they *remove her*?
FalloutJack - 25 days ago
Pittsburgh accent ranked low on the sexy chart? I suspect that maybe someone harbors a grudge against all our lovely ladies, gentleman, and all points between.
Da Cashman
Da Cashman - 25 days ago
I'm gonna miss this so much when it goes away
Valerie Vazquez
Valerie Vazquez - 25 days ago
3:34 I don't know what's weird, that the guy stole used sex toys or that he knew they had them and where they were 😐.....😂😅
Connor McGregor
Connor McGregor - 25 days ago
yeah, stories are dumb and don't matter, says the guy who is a catholic and believes in the bible LOL
Jon Paradero
Jon Paradero - 25 days ago
I need that MEANWHILE announcement as a ringtone. And from the bew Japanese railway penis to the "finding the sex toys in 40 seconds" killed it with Jon's amazing laugh.
RGimeson - 25 days ago
"grow the hell up" - Stephen Colbert
CJ Langley
CJ Langley - 25 days ago
Can we take a moment to recognize how horrible that Maine accent was! 😂 ❤️ from Maine.
WWZenaDo - 25 days ago
...Uber costs extra to ride in silence? I'm using Lyft instead. Half the number of lawsuits as against Uber, and much more peace and quiet.
Anjalena - 25 days ago
When any country drinks more than the Irish, RUN! Damn.
Peter Pinto
Peter Pinto - 25 days ago
british drunkards on coronation street having a nightcap any time of the day...
HolyForce - 25 days ago
I don't know if Mr. Colbert will ever be able to read this, but you sir are entertaining.
Saya Scarlett
Saya Scarlett - 25 days ago
There was another bottle next to Davo's leg xD
Syed Humza Reza
Syed Humza Reza - 25 days ago
I just spat out my soda when I heard you may now rub up against the bride 😂
André Peniche
André Peniche - 25 days ago
Will be televised...
Eleanor Fudge
Eleanor Fudge - 25 days ago
I guess the whole "no spoilers" thing didn't apply to every other episode up til now lawl - hey, that's what you get for sitting out the zeitgeist. It's okay, I don't plan to ever watch the show but I bet there are some folks who were waiting to binge watch it who are a bit peeved haha.
Diogo F
Diogo F - 25 days ago
Thank you, Institute of Anyone Who Has Ever Met A British Person.
Groundbreaking work.
Gotlyfe - 25 days ago
Anyone else hearing that static in the background?
Laurie Jean
Laurie Jean - 25 days ago
John I heard your joke :) it will be televised 😁
n0n4m3y3t - 25 days ago
No spoilers but rails right into spoilers
Richard Sleeve
Richard Sleeve - 25 days ago
What happens if I pay for the quiet mode, but then start asking the driver questions?
Jussi Raitoniemi
Jussi Raitoniemi - 25 days ago
Grow the hell up 😂
stephjovi - 25 days ago
The end of GoT was no meanwhile, everything else was a meanwhile!
alice bowden
alice bowden - 26 days ago
The worst part was the horrible rendition of a Maine accent, come on Stephen.
Smile More
Smile More - 26 days ago
Colbert: I breathe air
Everyone: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀⚰️⚰️
Hydrasaur - 26 days ago
Can we have more of the Big Furry Hat?
Safia Mehemmel
Safia Mehemmel - 26 days ago
The guitar dude laugh's like the joker played by letto 😐
A Google User
A Google User - 26 days ago
"No spoilers!"
A few minutes later...
"A council to choose the next leader of Westeros..."
Hedgehog4real - 26 days ago
that's right, everyone who is butthurt over how the tv show ended. grow the fuck up, it's literally a tv show. a damn good one, granted, but STILL a tv show.
scott peters
scott peters - 26 days ago
we drink to forget ....has she gone yet?
Patricia A
Patricia A - 26 days ago
The best part about Meanwhile is the elaborate introduction.
Emily Sikora
Emily Sikora - 26 days ago
ok but this season was really bad though
Brian Keating
Brian Keating - 26 days ago
What is GOT?
Brian Keating
Brian Keating - 26 days ago
@EvaSofie what is that?
EvaSofie - 26 days ago
Brian Keating Game of Thrones...
so anna
so anna - 26 days ago
1:04 - 1:22 lolol
Mukul Verma
Mukul Verma - 26 days ago
They made it so shitty , it was easy to let go.
Tami P.
Tami P. - 26 days ago
John Batiste little laughs and comments are one of the reasons I watch this show.
Nataly - 26 days ago
A juicer ending would be if Arya and Sansa plotted to kill Dany. I’m sure Arya could do it. Jon wasn’t the only one who could get close to her (theories I’m hearing) and also John should at least been warden of the north! ETF has Sansa done???? Nothing!!! Especially if Bran who’s from the north ruled. Why would she have a problem. Because she’s ALSO power hungry!
ClareBearPhD - 26 days ago
Clearly the writers got so sick of their whining fans that they just put shit on set to annoy them.
4c1dr3fl3x - 26 days ago
Meanwhile...Stranger Things Season 3 writers have turned it into David Hasslehoff's Origin Story
Li Sun
Li Sun - 26 days ago
I will tweet a # abandon D&D’s Star Wars because they did a poor job to articulate the ending of GOT
Michael Donald Pietrzak
Michael Donald Pietrzak - 26 days ago
I love Jean man he's funny
J R - 26 days ago
Thumbs down for negative Dragon Queen comment
D Watson
D Watson - 26 days ago
Your hype man ruins it
Михайло Палінкаш
Ligeiaz Tomb
Ligeiaz Tomb - 26 days ago
Do they keep them in a dish by the door?! 🍆🍆🍆🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
imrickjamesbeeoch - 26 days ago
"...anyway, once the driver drains the cyst on my knee I'll be able to sleep on my side."

The Uber driver gets his cysts drained by other drivers?
Jack Castle
Jack Castle - 26 days ago
I've got an amazing workaround for that Quiet Mode charge on Uber. It's called a pair of headphones. Works like a charm.
Bobmob25 - 26 days ago
That's funny, I just had a complaint about a month ago when I took my last uber (that I would pay for) because the driver Edward kept trying to force me into conversation. And when I refused he would say, "well you can cancel the ride." Lol funny
Josh Cohen
Josh Cohen - 26 days ago
Shoulda made season 8 like a anime and gradually make her descends that’d be dope if someone recreated season 8 in that form
Sevenf - 26 days ago
No spoilers. Continues to spoil one of the final scenes
Christopher Bedenbaugh
Christopher Bedenbaugh - 26 days ago
Mean while this guy is not funny
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