Weird Ranch Dressing Flavor Taste Test

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ChaosX - 5 days ago
Just here to say I think ranch is disgusting
Connie Haugrud
Connie Haugrud - Month ago
This whole episode I thought Link had Thousand Island dressing from the previous GMM, splashed on his sweater.
Onyxiate - Month ago
I have never had ranch. I’ve had ranch flavoured chips, but never actual ranch. I imagine it tasting like glue.
Nicholas Sheffield
Nicholas Sheffield - 3 months ago
Nothing like a better pass from Nicole!!!!
Christina - 3 months ago
Lol such a chill episode I love it
Liz & Katherine
Liz & Katherine - 5 months ago
actually... that is a great chest pass
Melanie Horowitz
Melanie Horowitz - 5 months ago
I love Links confidence in this video xD its adorable xD
OwnMySunrise - 7 months ago
Wrong. The chest pass was done incorrectly.
Sarah Melvin
Sarah Melvin - 7 months ago
They should do a collab with Coyote Peterson from brave wildernes
knots nchains
knots nchains - 7 months ago
Rhett your beard is looking like my husband's beard last year... dam sexy.... by the way your hair is looking great with all it's waves
Haley B
Haley B - 7 months ago
I'd sign up as a mythical society member this quarter if I got the view master with Chase's photos
Sam Parsons
Sam Parsons - 7 months ago
This inspired me to try ranch dressing. I now know I like ranch dressing.
TyDie85 - 7 months ago
I am unsure of the spelling. But I think rhia should be on camera more. But still love ya, Rhett & Link ^^
Pin-Wu Yu
Pin-Wu Yu - 7 months ago
bacon and “something that makes you perform better in bed”...
Eli Benjamin
Eli Benjamin - 7 months ago
I sneezed at the same time as Rhett, and I want to know what that means.
Sierra Hanson
Sierra Hanson - 7 months ago
But the cilantro lime is the best ranch flavor!
Kapn Kronic
Kapn Kronic - 8 months ago
but will it chilli? will ranch dressing chilli? would pork blood?
Donald Burkhard
Donald Burkhard - 8 months ago
Mountain man?
Sophia Maxwell
Sophia Maxwell - 8 months ago
me: asks crush for eraser
crush: throws eraser at me
me: catches something for once
crush: do u do sports?
me: 6:21
Shady's Melody
Shady's Melody - 8 months ago
See ya tomorrow!
Shayla Storm
Shayla Storm - 8 months ago
9:22 bless you 🤗
aslprincessa YouTube
aslprincessa YouTube - 8 months ago
Bless you
Emmi Goes Rawr
Emmi Goes Rawr - 8 months ago
I think damnyell is slowly consuming Rhett,so floofy
Cassie - 8 months ago
Rhett and Link should do a blind folded taste test to guess if it's Mythical Josh's dish VS store bought/already made dish
PyrozPlayground - 8 months ago
Rhett: "It tastes like something from an attic."
Link : "I know what it is!" X'D
Davos_Loonersbee - 8 months ago
The sriracha taste test was the first GMM episode I ever watched!! Ah, great mems. I have loved being a part of this gmm journey. Keep up the great content!
Cassie - 8 months ago
Rhett you did say Thank You after she said bless you. Like this comment and let him know.
Remember the 3rd of November
Their Southwest Chipotle Ranch is my fave
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 8 months ago
Rhett and Link should do a blind folded taste test to guess if it's Mythical Josh's dish VS store bought/already made dish
Youraclown 420
Youraclown 420 - 8 months ago
I wonder if companies that make these products watch rett and link and say that’s not a bad flavor
Jaster Mareel
Jaster Mareel - 8 months ago
They threw him on top of the factory roof. True story
Remember the 3rd of November
hen ko
hen ko - 8 months ago
"Ranch, Bacon and Arousal" -Link 2020
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 8 months ago
I bought the jalepeno bacon a couple months back, and it is Disgusting on salads.
Thomas Conners
Thomas Conners - 8 months ago
Love gmm
Cowgirl - 8 months ago
ranch should be illegal
Wendy Prince
Wendy Prince - 8 months ago
It tastes like soap to me too!
hen ko
hen ko - 8 months ago
Link is a ranch detective
Toga Himiko
Toga Himiko - 8 months ago
Rhett looks like the David statue just with a beard.

Hailey Mcmahan
Hailey Mcmahan - 8 months ago
Why do I feel like Rhett would be bffs with Jason momoa
shirley thomas
shirley thomas - 8 months ago
You guys was my Facebook Instagram Twitter tonight but my tv won't up grade CBS 😂
shirley thomas
shirley thomas - 8 months ago
I am so missing the apparel and laughter
donny donzo
donny donzo - 8 months ago
its fun that reth looks at a screen with a text about frisbees 0:18 when the wheel came on it randomly ? ;)
Imaan Bint Charles
Imaan Bint Charles - 8 months ago
But he didnt see us tomorrow 😢
XxHameemxX Roblox
XxHameemxX Roblox - 8 months ago
Does anyone remember Jullian Smith?
Reginald Shed
Reginald Shed - 8 months ago
Rhett you did say Thank You after she said bless you. Like this comment and let him know.
截ち切る - 8 months ago
Processed foods, eww
CaspertheAnimeGeek - 8 months ago
3:59 thank me later
Adam Johnston
Adam Johnston - 8 months ago
Trendy bois
Sulucion 6Tone
Sulucion 6Tone - 8 months ago
I bought the jalepeno bacon a couple months back, and it is Disgusting on salads.
Midnight Gaming
Midnight Gaming - 8 months ago
So are we just not gonna talk about links catch at 5:12?
Picassos Beret
Picassos Beret - 8 months ago
Why have ranch Avocado when you have guacamole?
GnarlyyArii - 8 months ago
Link is a ranch detective
I Just Grew A Beard
I Just Grew A Beard - 8 months ago
I know right, my condiments are weird too.
Elisabeth Kohrman
Elisabeth Kohrman - 8 months ago
I used the Sriracha, the Avocado and regular Bacon
Little Debbie Snack Cakes
Little Debbie Snack Cakes - 8 months ago
1:20 Rhett got that flex daddii goin
Phoenix Tudela
Phoenix Tudela - 8 months ago
I guessed bacon wrapped jalepeño poppers.
Friday13thFreak - 8 months ago
My frisbee is in the ocean too. I know that feel.
Aesco13 -
Aesco13 - - 8 months ago
Is Rhett familiar with the concept of double dipping 😂
DisconnectedAutomaton - 8 months ago
Random disturbing fact: your video description has more links than an actual article with suggestive advertising with links to buy products.
Kendra Patocki
Kendra Patocki - 8 months ago
Rhett. Your blood is too thick.
Michael Eynon
Michael Eynon - 8 months ago
Try the Avacado Ranch sauce from Taco Bell. It's much better than Hidden Valley.
Channelthehappyness - 8 months ago
Bacon and extends. Make that a tee shirts 😂
FEARLESSHYENA - 8 months ago
Good Mythical MORE: Look guys, we made it again... We're trending for the trillionth time.
YouTube HQ: Congratulations, keep sucking it.
Trey Pettit
Trey Pettit - 8 months ago
Member for a whole quarter? Okay then I will never under any circumstances ever join. If you can't just deal with people taking advantage while true fans support then you're not gonna find as much success.
Pati Ketring
Pati Ketring - 8 months ago
Guacamole Ranch is gross!!
Discus Obscurum
Discus Obscurum - 8 months ago
3:40 start of test
nnutthowze - 8 months ago
You can take an arobie to a nice flat beach , expect large blisters on the bottoms of feet if your throwing it w/ inexperienced throwers.
Lily - 8 months ago
... Trim your beard
gianna burns
gianna burns - 8 months ago
GOTTA BE ME - 8 months ago
Ok..don't. Want the other guy to feel bad..he looks like Zach Galinkis! And I read Mr.Glasses referred to as we have something in mother gave me the nickname "Linkel"..its
savv_smith - 8 months ago
This GMMore was super chaotic
Dhabi Nuisance
Dhabi Nuisance - 8 months ago
Does anyone want to be friends? I’m making pasta.
liquid nova
liquid nova - 8 months ago
Can you put 1 on the week of mithic that is for the wild fires in Australia
adventure's with clide's revange
Guess that pizza crust
Jaxon Riley
Jaxon Riley - 8 months ago
Me ha sports no 😂😂😂 same
Shamefull Sloth
Shamefull Sloth - 8 months ago
let's go outside and throw dad around!
granadan legacy
granadan legacy - 8 months ago
Mininessie - 8 months ago
So it’s a view master of naked chase
Donald Trump With A Small Loan of a Million Subs
Steven Sushi probably wishes that he could of been there with you guys.
Brooklyn Mann
Brooklyn Mann - 8 months ago
“You have a nice chest pass”😂😂😂
Venom Supreme
Venom Supreme - 8 months ago
Almost watched this video but it’s in trending so no can do!
Ammar Osman
Ammar Osman - 8 months ago
I'm beginning to prefer gmmore over the actual show, it's just so relaxed and natural
istheresauce - 8 months ago
Ye, like the old stuff
Pete Sahad
Pete Sahad - 8 months ago
Let's be honest here. Everybody wants the naked Chase viewmaster instead of the movie version.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 8 months ago
0:45 throw him in the ocean???? whyyyy???, i—
Enrique Insfran
Enrique Insfran - 8 months ago
Id he the guy that played andrew cunannan?
Me Auntie Nora
Me Auntie Nora - 8 months ago
Did someone wipe Cheeto dust on Link's sweater.
Let'sArt - 8 months ago
I got lime because of lime scale when Link said "under the sink"
Let'sArt - 8 months ago
Playing frisbee with friends.
"Hey, cool frisbee, where'd you get it?"
"Oh, thanks, it's my dad!"
Nate Powell
Nate Powell - 8 months ago
I need to know where Links shirt came from
BootlegGodzilla1 - 8 months ago
the comic book creator mark gruenwalds ashes were made into a comic book they were mixed into the ink in the first printing of the trade paper back for the squadron supreme marvel comic book
BootlegGodzilla1 - 8 months ago
the rock band KISS put there blood into the red ink used in there marvel super special in the 70s too
AWKWORDONE - 8 months ago
7:49 "sheagets.." 😂😂
Nina Fast
Nina Fast - 8 months ago
Honestly still wanting to see that bounce pass
khovanshchina - 8 months ago
Даня Крастер это ты?
The ill will
The ill will - 8 months ago
I'm back for Rhett 2.0
Angel - 8 months ago
This episode was uncomfortable.
NineduceXII - 8 months ago
3:35 is where the video subject begins.
Chris Moon
Chris Moon - 8 months ago
Bacon and Extenze OMG I'm laughing so hard!
Hyp Kreationz
Hyp Kreationz - 8 months ago
When Rhett sneezes Link goes "SCAT" it's short for "scat cat"... It's a southern phrase that means go away. My grandad used to say it. I haven't heard it in YEARSSSS. But i knew exactly what he said. Nostalgic.
100 - 7 months ago
Hyp Kreationz and my uncle says it after he sneezes
100 - 7 months ago
Hyp Kreationz scat means go away but you don’t have to say scat cat but yeah I know what you talking about
ryeinc - 8 months ago
I’m glad Rhett shares my opinion on the Dr. Pepper thing.
Carlos Vasquez
Carlos Vasquez - 8 months ago
I can never get over that intro
Mister Turk Turkle
Mister Turk Turkle - 8 months ago
Shave nine times
Creature Collector
Creature Collector - 8 months ago
its only weird if you dont like those things together
Pj Harris
Pj Harris - 8 months ago
Why does link know that flavor tho................
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