The Hamster Challenge

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Lzy Life Guide
Lzy Life Guide - 3 hours ago
You can tell the girl at the back is like... WUT IS GOIN ON HAHAHA
Do The Do
Do The Do - 6 days ago
Rhett's pivot foot is the equivalent of Rex's scooter leg, haha
Do The Do
Do The Do - 6 days ago
Pretty accurate mix. My two guinea pigs would use their tongues and the two old class guinea pigs would use their teeth.
Ali Mapes
Ali Mapes - 7 days ago
I’ve never had Kool-Aid either 😂
J.G.Greene1 - 9 days ago
I wonder which is pointier: Rhett’s knee or Link’s tooth? 🙂
The_dog_named_marley Aka Der der Doggo
Pink or red?😭
Candace U
Candace U - Month ago
I'm here to tell you that this season took a sharp turn. But don't worry, it's slightly apocalyptic (which was what Rhett was preparing for). It's getting better now though, you went surfing again!
Jazelyn Luna
Jazelyn Luna - 4 months ago
Sometimes i wonder if these bits are planned or if rhett and link just get sidetracked
Tim Lockwood
Tim Lockwood - 5 months ago
I heard Link say Jenna...I got excited....then...that's not Jen....
Felix Langley-Evans
Felix Langley-Evans - 5 months ago
Me: watches this video
My eldest hamster: *drinks loudly for two minutes*
dihppie - Month ago
is that cavetown on your pfp :0
kermit the pog
kermit the pog - 5 months ago
It's pronounced like close as in near, not close as in shut :)
Twenty Øne Pirates
Twenty Øne Pirates - 5 months ago
I have to say I was invested on the gummy bears' journey up Rhett Knee Hill
meierhotstuff - 5 months ago
Rhett and link playing with gummies on the knee reminds me so much of the scene on Armagedo with the Animal crackers LMBO
live EZ
live EZ - 5 months ago
gummy bears climbing mount everest
MattChats - 6 months ago
I wish every MORE was just them playing with their food/props like children
MattChats - 6 months ago
No one:
Rhett: "I can't get this gummy bear up my knee."
Tera Rorie
Tera Rorie - 6 months ago
I'm gonna just say. I can tell link is dissatisfied with where the show is right now. And I agree. I was a bit obsessed with y'all. Now I'm like "meh"
Charlie Durnford
Charlie Durnford - 6 months ago
I think there may have been something in that koolaid 😂
Cameron Cole
Cameron Cole - 6 months ago
Rhett could go into the ufc and mess people up with knees
Kagara Fey
Kagara Fey - 6 months ago
Why does Rhett look like a kinda glam rock pirate at around 6:28 ? XD
Keri N
Keri N - 6 months ago
Rhett's tongue skills are on point!!!
Tyler Messer
Tyler Messer - 6 months ago
How is Rhett's knee so damn pointy?! That's like the Mount Everest of knees. Dang, son.
B Bill
B Bill - 6 months ago
that kid is strange
Emily Pounds
Emily Pounds - 6 months ago
this show has gotten so much weirder since the last time i watched it when i was in 6th grade, im now in 10th and i have so many questions???? lol
Viridis Games
Viridis Games - 6 months ago
Pause the video and hit this time stamp: 6:41

Just look at that majestic creature in his natural habitat.
Alsebra - 6 months ago
My kindergarten teacher attempted to force me to be right-handed, but my parents had an issue with it.
Flamingogh - 6 months ago
Wtf was in their koolaid
Lo Lo
Lo Lo - 6 months ago
no offence to the 2 ppl in the back and i love them both but i feel like they picked the 2 ppl who looked the most like a hamster and gerbal from the mythical team lol
Grrr Cassie
Grrr Cassie - 6 months ago
Jenna cheated 💯
MsShades707 - 6 months ago
... What did I just watch? 😂😂😂
KP - 6 months ago
Well this episode got weird
bella - 6 months ago
Y'all are getting even funnier. Happy Season 17!
Julie Storie
Julie Storie - 6 months ago
Just skip to 10:00 and watch from there I'm dying 😂😂😂😂😂
LP - 6 months ago
pointy knee gang lmaooo
Who is Jenna?
Zzz Ep
Zzz Ep - 6 months ago
Towards the end of the video, I really started to question what I was watching
Helen Macklin
Helen Macklin - 6 months ago
Rhett's thighs are quite beautiful.
Smoknbeaverdotcom #smoknbeaver
I almost forgot to keep up with the gmmore! So now I'm getting caught up with these before I get too far behind!
Tai - 6 months ago
Rhett shouting at others not to cheat yet proceeds to cheat himself… Nothing new.
ilford6x6 - 6 months ago
Jenna is too darn cute!!
riuphane - 6 months ago
this is why my friends and family don't trust my recommendations any more...
Guy Next Door
Guy Next Door - 6 months ago
why is this so compelling??
Stag'O Chee se
Stag'O Chee se - 6 months ago
9:42 to 11:27 Is all you need to watch
Nenamami brown
Nenamami brown - 6 months ago
Earbisquits makes me sleep not in a bad way
Zain Khaled
Zain Khaled - 6 months ago
Link’s eyes 😍😍😍😍😍😍 he looks too adorable
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 6 months ago
"Green bear can get it" I caught that.
Mancala Board
Mancala Board - 6 months ago
Penny Lover
Penny Lover - 6 months ago
Link has always been cute, but damn, Rhett is looking FINE!
Renée Dubuc
Renée Dubuc - 6 months ago
Does Rhett have Marfan syndrome?
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu - 6 months ago
Jenna = Beautiful
James Justice
James Justice - 6 months ago
I like Jenna, more Jenna please
Deep hug
Deep hug - 6 months ago
Gummi bear climbs Mt. Rhettknee. Me-“Well, that episode just took a weird turn.”
TheSharkshaw - 6 months ago
Can we discuss how amazing Rhett looks in a freaking headband with that hair.
The Colorful Gecko
The Colorful Gecko - 6 months ago
of course jenna cheated
adrian - 6 months ago
Rhett Rambis McLaughlin
Deep hug
Deep hug - 6 months ago
Davin is awesome. Love that guy. Jenna, I like you too. You’re funny
Emily Allen
Emily Allen - 6 months ago
Yay for lefties!!!
Rachel Deal
Rachel Deal - 6 months ago
PLEASE let this be an accurate projection of 2020
Cassie - 6 months ago
"Green bear can get it" I caught that.
Æron_ szell
Æron_ szell - 6 months ago
10:18 "oh you think green bear can get it?"
"Yeeeaah, green bear can get it"
LMAO!!!!! Green bear gonna get it!
Kirey Simmons
Kirey Simmons - 6 months ago
"How you doin that girl?!" By cheating and disregarding the no hands clause 😂
prod1192 - 6 months ago
I want to be a green bear
Cassie - 6 months ago
Yo why does Rhett’s knee look like a cartoon got hit in the head and grew a nub.
prod1192 - 6 months ago
Can we not have Manny Pacquiao on the show again?
prod1192 - 6 months ago
You know Link is smashing that four eyed Angel
daronte shaw
daronte shaw - 6 months ago
9:47 watch the girls eyes lol!!
The Human View
The Human View - 6 months ago
Jenna = Beautiful
Savannah Emmert
Savannah Emmert - 6 months ago
Im uncomfortable 😳
Presious P
Presious P - 6 months ago
Who else was moving their 👅 tongue making faces looking at the guy in the back
crowls8 - 6 months ago
Also, guys, you should make a Kurt rambus gmm shirt. You’ve joked about him before. It’s a deep cut Rhett shirt
crowls8 - 6 months ago
Davin is awesome. Love that guy. Jenna, I like you too. You’re funny
Allie Maharrey
Allie Maharrey - 6 months ago
What is happening at the end of the video. This is why I am here
Nina Villa
Nina Villa - 6 months ago
Hamster secret life " Song Biscuits "
Rebecca Navarro
Rebecca Navarro - 6 months ago
wow she’s really pretty lol
shit lista
shit lista - 6 months ago
Last 2 minutes were kinda gross and uncomfortable
Olivia Brito
Olivia Brito - 6 months ago
Yo why does Rhett’s knee look like a cartoon got hit in the head and grew a nub.
Will Kuhn
Will Kuhn - 6 months ago
those knees
Keely Zamora!
Keely Zamora! - 6 months ago
When the gummy bear fell, it sounded like a pebble. Lol
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 6 months ago
This whole episode felt like a fever dream
Stefanie Romay
Stefanie Romay - 6 months ago
Link ate a gummy bear from Rhett's hairy knee. That happened.
park_sage_ the_otaku_
park_sage_ the_otaku_ - 6 months ago
Good mythical moms made an early comeback I see
ryismazin - 6 months ago
Good mythical moms coming in hard at the beginning. 😂😂
niduoe stre
niduoe stre - 6 months ago
Oh cool he's from Indonesia? I lived in Balikpapan for around 4 years and went to Jakarta and Bali on multiple occasions. Also Singapore which is a short flight away is one o
AnimeCanuck - 6 months ago
I just watched two grown men play with gummy bears on Rhett's knee. It was delightful. It brought back memories of a highschool road trip in the back of a car... with so many gummies... XD
scottembler - 6 months ago
Off The Hook
Off The Hook - 6 months ago
One of the oddest episodes I've ever seen... Absolutely loved it!
Mel - 6 months ago
Jenna is just like .......why am I here
dropdeadbunnie - 6 months ago
Rhett's hair is majestic
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh - 6 months ago
Jennas look is all like: "wtf have i gotten into. do i have to be part of this." when the gummibears try to climb rhetts knee
Devil May Clarify
Devil May Clarify - 6 months ago
This season is starting on a low note
Ashley Straznickas
Ashley Straznickas - 6 months ago
This is borderline pornographic...I have never been more attracted to Rhett before lol
Nick Vlahakis
Nick Vlahakis - 6 months ago
Pretty Davon has been put in a literal box on the show before...
skank baron
skank baron - 6 months ago
The chick is hot af
Hunter Compton
Hunter Compton - 6 months ago
T-shirt idea "The Green Bear Can Get It"
Sammi Bieber
Sammi Bieber - 6 months ago
Wtf is Davin doing? He literally acts like an 8 year old.
Vanessa Getchell
Vanessa Getchell - 6 months ago
you spelled Rhett wrong
John Smith
John Smith - 6 months ago
The younger game is strong with Rhett .i hope his wife’s putting it to good use!😂 im jealous I can’t move my tounge that fast I wish I couldp
Emily Weets
Emily Weets - 6 months ago
This is really how we’re starting the season huh? We’re in for a wild ride.
James Bowen
James Bowen - 6 months ago
Oh cool he's from Indonesia? I lived in Balikpapan for around 4 years and went to Jakarta and Bali on multiple occasions. Also Singapore which is a short flight away is one of my favorite places in the world.
X Oxo
X Oxo - 6 months ago
Rhett’s knee looks like the point of Hey Arnold’s grandpa’s head.
madelynia - 5 hours ago
basketfreak023 - 6 months ago
it looka like a wonky elbow on the close up lol
Jessica Morales
Jessica Morales - 6 months ago
Can we talk about Rhett's tongue skills for a moment 😳
DrMambo777 - 6 months ago
This GMMore ends with a gummy bear rapture, I'm not even joking
soinu foig
soinu foig - 6 months ago
If Rhett is like this in his 40s, i can't bear the thought of him at 80, heck, i don't know if i'll survive his weirdness by the time he's 60
Felina *
Felina * - 6 months ago
Rhett, I love you even more. 😄🥰
Y'all crack me up.😂
TeaOnTue - 6 months ago
"Come on bear.. It's dripping, it's ready for ya."
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