Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Gökhan Özkan
Gökhan Özkan - 8 days ago
Msm Shaheed
Msm Shaheed - Month ago
ABC ONE - Month ago
S20 s are AWESOME 👌 👏
Brandon Maverick
Brandon Maverick - 2 months ago
Never thought I would see the day an iPhone flagship is made to look small
Brandon Maverick
Brandon Maverick - 2 months ago
Watching this video on my Galaxy J4💀😂
James Lopez
James Lopez - 2 months ago
Watching this on my s20 ultra
Perfect - Harmony
Perfect - Harmony - 2 months ago
Please post a comparison of one plus 8 pro Vs iPhone 11 pro video
Magnetic Metallica
Magnetic Metallica - 2 months ago
All BS when you consider the iPhone never fails. This F***** S20 is glitch, hangs, crashes, and the camera stopped working after the April update. The phone is not worh crap. Yeah I'm typing on thie POS right now. I tried clearing memory, camera cache,hard resetting, and finally factory reset. Still the camera works about once every few weeks. I hhave to reach Samsung and try yo get a replacement after 4 months. As soon as I do I'm going back to Apple. Never to return!
Himanshu Rawal
Himanshu Rawal - 2 months ago
Samsung galaxy s20 ultra best smat phone
Tanveer Ahmed
Tanveer Ahmed - 2 months ago
I phone 11 pro max is best
Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore - 2 months ago
You’re thumbnail bought me 🤣🤣🤣
Quick Strike
Quick Strike - 2 months ago
Who is watching it on s20 ultra 😂
Solar Cj
Solar Cj - 2 months ago
Nobody because you are rich lol I’m about to get the device though and I will be switching from my iPhone XR
ramala Ali
ramala Ali - 3 months ago
I have bought Samsung galaxy S20 ultra but there was problem abut play market I sometimes couldn't download app I returned back but now I missing my Samsung s20 ultra Monday I ll go buy again Samsung s20 ultra but I hope I will not get problem with play market 😑
Tejas Kshirsagar
Tejas Kshirsagar - 3 months ago
He says 2020 what a yr to be alive....
He didn't know what was coming 😑😑😑
Lakosta - 3 months ago
Riley B
Riley B - 3 months ago
I dont know why the ram difference is so much
youtube channel
youtube channel - 3 months ago
I get the Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra because you get more stuff on it then the iphone 11 pro max
chris hayden Otis
chris hayden Otis - 3 months ago
Can you buy me a iphone 11 pro max plz mine is broke it because my brother put in the water in it died plz im using my sister phone
S A - 3 months ago
Good thing I can get the S20 Ultra for free.
Martin Grant
Martin Grant - 3 months ago
iPhone 11 Pro Max all the way 🤗 purely for the 5 year software support .
rudra narayan
rudra narayan - 3 months ago
i like samsung
Dennis Lopez-vega
Dennis Lopez-vega - 3 months ago
I dont like the fact that the s20 ultra doesnt have the headphone plug. Glad I have the galaxy buds
Solar Cj
Solar Cj - 2 months ago
And the iPhone don’t either lol
Dennis Lopez-vega
Dennis Lopez-vega - 3 months ago
2020 wow, what a day to be alive
Me: all the bad things that happens this year🤦‍♂️🤣
Singer Trupti Mahala
Singer Trupti Mahala - 3 months ago
S20 ultra
919KSO19 - 3 months ago
Android user happy that they finally winning
Alessandro Montico
Alessandro Montico - 4 months ago
Congratulation (from Italy) for this comparation. A question: do you prefer, iPhone11 Pro Max or the S20 Ultra? Thank you for al and sorry my poor english.
Terry Byles
Terry Byles - 4 months ago
Can anyone help ???
Solar Cj
Solar Cj - 2 months ago
With what
Terry Byles
Terry Byles - 4 months ago
Supersaf please can you tell me how I can add my apple email account on to my Samsung s20 ultra , love watching your videos
-_-THE L̶H̶S̶
-_-THE L̶H̶S̶ - 4 months ago
True in sarcasm 2020 what a year to be alive
vhira - 4 months ago
10:24 with the amount of idiots thinking that the COVID-19 epidemic is created by 5G I don’t think having a 5G device would be pointless as there won’t be any 5G connectivity due to the burning of the phone masts.
samia meghraoui
samia meghraoui - 5 months ago
Samsung 😘😘😘😍
Nisu Mills
Nisu Mills - 5 months ago
5:52 he can say that again....
Manu singh
Manu singh - 5 months ago
Arabindhu Madhu
Arabindhu Madhu - 5 months ago
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg - 5 months ago
🙄 The main difference is S20 has #Exynos 990..🤣 World's fastest and most efficient chip ever.. 🤣
Eu Mesmo tolentino
Eu Mesmo tolentino - 5 months ago
Iphone tem um corpo mais bonito🤩👍
TikTok Algerie
TikTok Algerie - 5 months ago
Apple cant compete with Samsung anymore .
『CR7』๛ ROI
『CR7』๛ ROI - 5 months ago
galaxy win
Sharath Wilson
Sharath Wilson - 5 months ago
A detailed camera review after the software update which was rolled out on April-6th 2020

Switchboy18 - 5 months ago
0:02 made me feel poor asf😩
cosio m
cosio m - 5 months ago
I can wait for the Samsung S22 Megatron with Decepticon operating software
Tony Mcfleshchicken
Tony Mcfleshchicken - 5 months ago
Both are great phones. I liked this comparison.👍
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 - 5 months ago
Oh yeah support for 5G another win Samsung damn Apple lol
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 - 5 months ago
Faster charging also another win for the ultra dammmm the wins are stacking up for Samsung
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 - 5 months ago
Oh yeah Apple Face ID I guess lol even though I love the fingerprint to unlock better then Face ID that’s just me I guess
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 - 5 months ago
Storage , battery , camera , 120 Hz , ram all go to the ultra so where does that leave Apple? Oh yes and speed test also ultra wins
SportsManDan 100
SportsManDan 100 - 5 months ago
Man airdrop doesn’t even always work let’s be honest
zakariye adan official m
zakariye adan official m - 5 months ago
YouTube kan subscribe dhaha waane I share kare Zakariye adan official m fadalan
Legend The Terror Gamer
Legend The Terror Gamer - 5 months ago
Bro compare Samsung s20 vs iphone 12
Mitu Saha
Mitu Saha - 5 months ago
Samsung S20 Ultra
Antonio Castilla
Antonio Castilla - 5 months ago
iOS is just so boring 😩
R4M Quattro
R4M Quattro - 3 months ago
Antonio Castilla Android is boring.
닉스 - 6 months ago
samsung + apple =
Loving Boy
Loving Boy - 6 months ago
I ll go for S20 ultra... absolutely beast in term of quality...
Maya Solar
Maya Solar - 6 months ago
My heart says: Yes
My brain says: u have kids pay your rent 😭🤣
BeautifulK - 4 months ago
Maya Solar 😂😂
Abhishek V
Abhishek V - 6 months ago
S20 ultra is overrated....for 1400 dollars...cameras are jus a marketing gimmick...iPhone still ahead unless Samsung brings a revolutionary software like ios13....mediocre software drags the excellent hardware that Samsung offers.on the other hand apple is both hardware and software balanced giving the best performance.
Anna Davtyan
Anna Davtyan - 6 months ago
Samsung is greate!
Diekoloreoluwa Ogundana
Diekoloreoluwa Ogundana - 6 months ago
Release yourself from the apple bondage today.
Hassan El Deeb
Hassan El Deeb - 6 months ago
And people still buy iphone
ALJAŽ KOVAČIČ - 6 months ago
Samsung s20 ultra
Logan Shelton
Logan Shelton - 6 months ago
Dislikes can"t read or hear or see or touch...
Jawad Ahmed
Jawad Ahmed - 6 months ago
I Love iphone 11
Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby - 6 months ago
12 megapixel for a 1000 dollar phone thats hilarious

Apple garbage as usual
Nontando Makhwasa
Nontando Makhwasa - 6 months ago
Samsung see,Samsung do
GUY FROM INDIA - 6 months ago
🔥🔥🔥SAMSUNG THE BEST🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟
Bruno - 6 months ago
Samsung > Huawei >IPhone > Xiaomi 📱
Brite's Universe
Brite's Universe - 6 months ago
S20 better
mimicro83 - 6 months ago
Why can't Samsung make enough phones with Snapdragon SoC. It's discrimatory to ship some S20 with Snapdragon SoC to some regions and ship those with less reliable Exynos/Mali GPU to other regions all for the same price.🤔☹☹😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Jitendra Gautam
Jitendra Gautam - 6 months ago
Plz make a video of Camera comparison of iPhone Xs max vs iPhone 11pro max
10十 - 6 months ago
0:25 "That's what she said" (laughs).
Mitch Everett
Mitch Everett - 6 months ago
I have the 5s iPhone. I’m getting the s20 ultra next week.
MTV SLIME - 6 months ago
Samsung products look so much more advanced then apple. Seems like apple gotta get their shit together soon.
anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary
Samsung S20 ultra camera king world
Gabriel Tobing
Gabriel Tobing - 6 months ago
I'm happy I just bought a S10 for a 3 year plan as it has a headphone jack instead of a S20 without a headphone jack.
KNG bugg990
KNG bugg990 - 6 months ago
I hear people talk down on androids and especially Samsung phones and most people actually claim Apple is the best brand out there. Lemme let you in a little secret: If Apple is the best brand out there, how come their still in a world wide marketing competition with Samsung? Like you dont hear another android brand out comparing to Apple consistantly nowadays, all you hear is "Samsung". Samsung is the best and their not backing down for anyone. "No surrender no retreat".
Feedmii - 6 months ago
Samsung wins lol
Shaun Kehoe
Shaun Kehoe - 6 months ago
Would u say I should trade in my iPhone pro max for this or not
Just Jeansly
Just Jeansly - 6 months ago
The iPhone 11 is better
Daniel P
Daniel P - 6 months ago
Why is it better? Because it's apple?
roshan wagle
roshan wagle - 6 months ago
I love this mobile
Kharan Frison
Kharan Frison - 6 months ago
Lmao, it's pretty much a no brainer! Samsung Galaxy s20 ultra blows the iPhone outta the water! 🤣🤣
rıdvan kucuktepe
rıdvan kucuktepe - 6 months ago
Samsung android oldugu icin s 100 de cìkarsa iOS un eline su dokemez çokmeye mahkumdur...
Marina Kholodilina
Marina Kholodilina - 6 months ago
I am a big fan of samsung, but pictures from iphone I like more... are there in samsung some sittings to improve quality of pictures
Enrique Watchu
Enrique Watchu - 6 months ago
Who wears two watches?
Daniel P
Daniel P - 6 months ago
There is nothing "pro" about the iPhone lol
Hubert - 6 months ago
I don't understand. iPhone photos are so wash out, and S20 I sooo much pleasing to eyes with deper blacks and more, - WAY MORE details (grass for example)
40 NINE9
40 NINE9 - 6 months ago
Pretty soon the whole back of the phone is gonna be a huge camera lens with 4 flashes in each 4 corners 😂😂😂
runkillorun 2
runkillorun 2 - 6 months ago
I cringe every time these dumb asses complain about finger prints. All I hear is "Oh no! Finger prints! I'm too dumb to know what to do! I don't want this phone anymore! It's dirty! It a FINGER PRINT MAGNET!"
Puts it back in its case.
Juan Torres
Juan Torres - 6 months ago
The s20 makes the 11 pro look like the regular 11 with those bezels. Only Apple can sell you the same design year after head :/
anowarhossainpatwary anowarhossainpatwary
King of smartphones world Samsung S20 ultra
Mitha mitha
Mitha mitha - 6 months ago
*what is your favorite product?*
*Samsung*- #Like
*Iphone* - #coment *(write Y)* 😊😊
hol0_protogen - 6 months ago
bro, you already know it isnt a fair fight, i am an android person, but still, the s20 literally JUST came out. the iphone 11 came out a little while ago
Magnetic Metallica
Magnetic Metallica - 6 months ago
Bought the Ultra and got the Plus for free through Verizon. Otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.
Davo - 6 months ago
Does Apple still make phones? Shame
Hew John
Hew John - 6 months ago
Apple owners nowadays since the resurgence of Samsung are just deluded and living off a name simple
ii8055 - 6 months ago
Just got the samsung today, The zoom is crazy. I have just uploaded a video
SK M - 6 months ago
I disliked just by looking at this video's iPhone supporter thumbnail
Aarti Katte
Aarti Katte - 6 months ago
ABDUL HANNAN - 6 months ago
Where is the camera test bro
Alan martin
Alan martin - 6 months ago
Anybody know the music in the background
Vidya Ingale
Vidya Ingale - 6 months ago
Both are classic, but Samsung galaxy ultra is now only launch we have to wait for its people feedback .
But iPhone 11pro is excellent as per people's judgement
Diffirent types of Vlogs
Diffirent types of Vlogs - 6 months ago
Make video on 11 pro max and s20ultra camera comparison
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