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Run 876
Run 876 - Hour ago
Who's dumb enough to spend $500 on a Dyson flat iron
me: you are 😭😭😭
Quadra Royals
Quadra Royals - 2 days ago
I appreciate your fun and lighthearted approach to life and reviews. I watched another review before this, just because it popped up on my newsfeed, and you hit all of the major points they did. I probably would not buy a flat iron like this but I would think about it in the future.
Serina Styles
Serina Styles - 2 days ago
I feel like $500 for a flatiron is a little steep. Especially from a hairstylist's opinion especially when there are equally great flat irons on the market that go for a lot cheaper.
Serina Styles
Serina Styles - 2 days ago
I do like the result though! Tough choice!
Brian Allison
Brian Allison - 5 days ago
I as a man watched this only because upon first glance at the thumbnail I thought "I don't believe those things were ever intended for pleasuring hair. I got to see this." But, upon realizing its actually a hair iron I'll give my opinion. Your hair style at the beginning of the video "clicked" with you and highlighted your beauty. Stop messing with it!
Edwina McManus
Edwina McManus - 6 days ago
What you need is the L'oreal Steampod 3.0 leaves your hair straight as a pin and with a mirror shine.
BEN STEWART - 6 days ago
No women need beauty. Love should be the only attraction and natural genetics as in structure
Fred Pierce
Fred Pierce - 6 days ago
I saw the thumbnail. Don’t talk about yourself like that it’s not helpful for your self esteem.
michele linus
michele linus - 6 days ago
Please try hair beauron! It is very hype in Japan and it’s $300 - $500 dollar if im not mistaken. Cant wait to see your review!
Logan Smith
Logan Smith - 6 days ago
As someone with think curly hair, it takes me 2 hours to straighten...30 minutes is not enough lol
Ali Joon
Ali Joon - 7 days ago
How is it possible for someone to have that much hair on its head?
I feel poor for my mom right now
Victoria - 8 days ago
Your hair was already straight. Maybe reviewing hair tools isn’t your thing ? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jess Powell
Jess Powell - 9 days ago
Tati: You can curl you hair with dog turds.
Me: "Anybody wanna go outside?"
Heather Bell
Heather Bell - 10 days ago
Have u had an error message on it that has a triangle with an ! Inside of that triangle ?
Lauren Etchells
Lauren Etchells - 11 days ago
Tati, I love your hair color, it's reminds me of the color i'm always trying to achieve.
Imre - 11 days ago
You are such a negative person
Max Brown
Max Brown - 12 days ago
i think they marked it 500 cuz they knew ppl were just gana buy it to review it lol
Ray Long
Ray Long - 12 days ago
Okay. A few things. Covid is srsly taking its toll on everyone’s mental health. I mean tatis going to look back at these vids and lol “I just got lost in outer space for like a minute. Ok let’s straighten our hair.”
- I thought no until the last 5 minutes. The no snag in the tip of the plate sold me, and ability to get straight to the root, and when I saw you do the curl trick without it snagging tension.... I will pay $500 at 20% off somewhere.
- I would enjoy the heavyweight of it.
- that base would piss me off. It’s clumsy af for such a heavy machine. It’s clear plastic. I’d constantly get makeup fingerprints on it.
- I’m not a fan of the new background. Idk why it looks aged or dated to me. It doesn’t contrast YOU. Too many greiges.
Ashley Colon
Ashley Colon - 12 days ago
From straight hair to straight hair 😲😅
Amanda Wills
Amanda Wills - 12 days ago
Ridiculous amount of money for straightening hair . Nah thanks . Mine are just as good and cost 90 pounds .
Jenny Ong Berdos
Jenny Ong Berdos - 13 days ago
So if I’ll buy one I’d be dumb too?
Juliette MelodyGrace
Juliette MelodyGrace - 14 days ago
I have long, curly and frizzy hair and it takes an hour to an hour and a half at least to straighten
Jessica Pulizzano
Jessica Pulizzano - 14 days ago
Idk why you are acting so shocked at the end result. This is what my curly hair looks like after using my cheap iron.
porto folio
porto folio - 16 days ago
Um....... You (?) 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sarah Vlogs
Sarah Vlogs - 16 days ago
omg i remember that video lol
juliahuliaa - 16 days ago
Ur hair was too straight imo, I wish u had let the braid do its work for longer before.
Igriv Odagled
Igriv Odagled - 16 days ago
Ouch! That gave me weak limbs your story about getting burned!🙈
Megan Young
Megan Young - 17 days ago
The weight is from the battery pack not any other amazing reason!!😂
Tomie Ito
Tomie Ito - 17 days ago
Karin kemp
Karin kemp - 17 days ago
Im dumb enough to spend 500 on a flat iron 😂😂
linds f
linds f - 17 days ago
i’d love to see someone with curly hair try this
Laur S
Laur S - 7 days ago
Orla-Kate O'Neill she looks more wavy
Orla-Kate O'Neill
Orla-Kate O'Neill - 10 days ago
All things Adrienne x
luckytyler28 - 19 days ago
♡ just waiting for Dyson electric face cleanser brush ♡ IMAGINE.... YOUR HAIR LOOKS GREAT 👍 x
Megan Webb
Megan Webb - 20 days ago
One charge only lasts 30 minutes??? What?! No. Not worth $500. Not even worth $100. Ridiculous. Try straightening someone with currrllllyyy hair in 30 mins.
CC A - 20 days ago
I'm tempted. But I probably straighten my hair once a year. 😂😂 😂😂😂
Lu P
Lu P - 21 day ago
Apparently Tati is dumb enough as she bought it. People can buy what ever they want if they have the money. That is another proof how Tati "grew" into something less than she ever was. Completely different person, unfortunately for worse.
Logan Gamer
Logan Gamer - 21 day ago
U mom
SAMHZ - 21 day ago
Hi guys! I'm a new channel and would love if you would check out my newest vlog and subscribe! Thanks so much!
Ally Cohen
Ally Cohen - 21 day ago
I love it
Ally Cohen
Ally Cohen - 21 day ago
I did
Matt Smith
Matt Smith - 21 day ago
Dyson is the Apple of the hair world.
Victoria Khorishko
Victoria Khorishko - 21 day ago
She posted this video on my birthday.
Erika Sokolová
Erika Sokolová - 21 day ago
I adore that necklace. Where is it from? Does anyone know? Thank you
Alejandro Schenkel
Alejandro Schenkel - 21 day ago
Totally agree with you Taty
Aleena Mclean
Aleena Mclean - 22 days ago
your video is so clear. you look amazing.
may i ask what camera you use??
Coog - 22 days ago
same people asking for govt handouts
Isabelle Marquez
Isabelle Marquez - 22 days ago
Solo vine por el video de Rosymcmichelle alguien mas jejeje
MelknowsBest - 23 days ago
It takes me 45 mins. to an hr. to flat iron my hair 😫
Miguel Romero
Miguel Romero - 23 days ago
Your reaction to it ? Is me reviewing your products lmao hahaha BLAH!
Mandy Elliott
Mandy Elliott - 23 days ago
No it’s not worth it. It must be really nice to be able to just go waste 500 bucks on a stupid flat iron. I’ll tell u my 20 dollar one works just as good if not better
Kyra Skinner
Kyra Skinner - 24 days ago
That would irritate me. I have curly hair I usually spent about 30 mins.
Eden Franco
Eden Franco - 24 days ago
Woman your hair before using this flat is MY DREAM HAIR. You don't even need it.
Serra Style
Serra Style - 24 days ago
Air wrap or coralle. Which one do you recommend?
CN Herron
CN Herron - 25 days ago
Love my dyson hair dryer but I have the GHD platinum and gold and it is just as good if not better than the dyson flat iron and is just clunky and you can’t get the root with the dyson it’s too heavy and clunky
Diane Hicks
Diane Hicks - 25 days ago
Off topic....what natural deodorant are you using?
Alex xtz
Alex xtz - 25 days ago
ok but gorgeous necklace
The Fonsi Fam
The Fonsi Fam - 25 days ago
was i the only one that loves her outfit😍😍🥰
Ruba Masarwy
Ruba Masarwy - 26 days ago
Oh my god i just realized tati looks like justin bieber's mom
Don Wimberley
Don Wimberley - 27 days ago
F all else fails READ the instructions dummie
Dia'monique Carter
Dia'monique Carter - 28 days ago
I accidently clicked one ONE video and now I cant stop watching you Tati. Thanks...
HeyyitzAlyssa - 28 days ago
This literally just looks like you brushed it lmao I see no difference
Hayley Bou
Hayley Bou - Month ago
I have thick, naturally curly hair. Takes me at LEAST 60 minutes to straighten it. I’d need two of those straighteners to do my hair in one sitting! 😂
julz boe
julz boe - Month ago
8mins later, finally starts using this thing … Halleluja 😒😒😒
L F - Month ago
*answer: you are*
melissa nelson
melissa nelson - Month ago
I love this style of editing!!!!
Hilary MKC
Hilary MKC - Month ago
It takes me about an hour to flat iron my hair but I have extremely curly hair. Tight, frizzy curls. 30 minutes wouldn’t be enough for me.
Christina Pribac
Christina Pribac - Month ago
Love love your necklace . What is it and where did you buy it?? Please let me know!! Thanks
B N - Month ago
Girl 🤣 i saw no difference in your hair
Shelley Tamara
Shelley Tamara - Month ago
It would have been nice to see you straighten out that curl you made because I feel like your hair didn't need much straightening to begin with.
AJFishsticks - Month ago
Part of the weight comes from the fact that it’s cordless, batteries weigh a lot.
Kelly Renee’ Adams-Sowdon
Omg. You look beautiful!!!! And I love your necklaces!!! Do you mind if I ask where it came from? I love Kendra Scott, is the one from there?
Maigan Henderson
Maigan Henderson - Month ago
I have a lot of hair and its curly. It takes me at least 45 min to flat iron my hair and that is after I used a blow dryer. If I let it air dry it takes longer!! So it would definitely be a waste of money for me. In 30 min I would get half my hair done 😂
J ray
J ray - Month ago
My Paul Mitchell flat iron does better than that and they go for 80-100$ and I have the same kind of hair she seems to have ... very thick and somewhat wavy ... idk this seems like a waste
Arenas Makeup Reviews
Arenas Makeup Reviews - Month ago
Never would I ever ever spend $500 on a hair tool. Not even if it gave me a head massage after I was done.
clarise jackson
clarise jackson - Month ago
Nope, no way would I spend that kind of money. I’m not convinced dyson isn’t paying you for these. Plus you just straightened your STRAIGHT hair...🤔....next...........
Marycatherine McBride
Marycatherine McBride - Month ago
Nice review. Eventually will buy a Dyson. Right now, I’m running out of room in my master bathroom! 😬 Glad you are in Seattle! I’m actually living in Newcastle/Bellevue! Hope to run into you at Sephora or Kendra Scott in Bellevue Mall!
Khawla - Month ago
You don't need it , it won't make a difference since you already have straight hair. don't review Dyson products again😂
Elsa Tv
Elsa Tv - Month ago
I like your hair. It looks so amazing
paleasslatina - Month ago
My 25$ straightener can do that lmao
Irene Cantu
Irene Cantu - Month ago
Curly hair for sure!!
Sam Sung
Sam Sung - Month ago
Unless you are a hair stylist the cost is insane!
Sam Sung
Sam Sung - Month ago
Yes, but how many passes did you do in that one area?
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