Bray Wyatt wants to play with The Miz and his family: SmackDown, Dec. 6, 2019

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Yesh Djemil
Yesh Djemil - 5 days ago
I loved that Wyatt family reference. Fits that episode of firefly funhouse episode bro
roccy - 11 days ago
The title sounds so wrong
Edward Williams
Edward Williams - 11 days ago
I dont think the family part was scripted
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts - 12 days ago
PaulRstber Yes he is, thanks though rest in the you losing you so late why I was with you so you can charge me sleep babe why it I am the face and not Mary Queen wave oh my US in my subscribe to my YouTube channel spell are you to channel knowWagner checked on radios stop tick-tock tick tock video please, I TikTok
Musicwolf11 - 15 days ago
Bray: Yowie Wowie
Me every time I hear Bray/Fiend say that: Time to have my type of fun in my dreams.😈
Franklin Guandique
Franklin Guandique - 22 days ago
I want the waytt family back😢
Zul Shahmi Ruslan
Zul Shahmi Ruslan - 23 days ago
You know why Wyatt intentionally wanna play with The Miz?
Because Bo Dallas (real-life brother) wants a revenge.
ഗരുഡൻ's GAMING
ഗരുഡൻ's GAMING - 29 days ago
Jerrica W
Jerrica W - Month ago
Jaxon 25
Jaxon 25 - Month ago
Jacob Coutts
Jacob Coutts - Month ago
PG Era sucks!
AJ BOYZZ - Month ago
Ww ee
cj edwards
cj edwards - Month ago
R. D.
R. D. - Month ago
The miz is this awesome!!!!😎😎😎
Ganja Gaming
Ganja Gaming - Month ago
I didn’t realize how much i wanted the miz maryse and their child vs the fiend. That would be great omfg
Manraj Sagoo
Manraj Sagoo - Month ago
3:51 When you get 2 hours of XB0X but your brother gets 6 Hours of XB0X
Rodas Rollins
Rodas Rollins - Month ago
When the Miz’s family portrait shown
Miz: you mean business right now huh?!
Albert King jr
Albert King jr - 2 months ago
Sooooooo funny WWE please reply
Ruth Williams
Ruth Williams - 2 months ago
Everyman that the fiend has faced, beaten & overturned like Finn Balor into the Prince, Seth Rollins into a Monday Night Messiah. But I like what he did to Daniel Bryan & here the reason he turned Daniel from bad to good from fickle to the yess movement that's why I like it. But I was a bit upset when Daniel lost the match.
Albiruni Rahmadani
Albiruni Rahmadani - 2 months ago
I wish one roster could become the fiend too
Evan Cowdrey
Evan Cowdrey - 2 months ago
The Miz could be such a good face at some points i swear
Sarena Partlow
Sarena Partlow - 2 months ago
Why is the microphone upside down
Karen Montez
Karen Montez - 2 months ago
“We are not friends and probably never will be”
-Miz 2019 about Daniel Bryan is the same thing Randy Orton said about John Cena
Philippe .Diolazo
Philippe .Diolazo - 2 months ago
heel or not The Miz is a future hall of famer
user name
user name - 3 months ago
Naqib Ismail
Naqib Ismail - 3 months ago
the man who but his me know what you and keep to wwe. the miz was no team . match
Jean Basil Regala
Jean Basil Regala - 3 months ago
first was velveteen dream's tights bearing his, marina shafir and toby's image (to mock roderick strong)
now this!! xD
IloveBaklava - 3 months ago
To quote Stephen A. Smith "there's an APB out for Daniel Bryan"
Luz Galan
Luz Galan - 3 months ago
I am the only one who finds it weird that he was talking nicely about Daniel 😭😭
MASON RODRIGUEZ - 3 months ago
He really made him mad.
Max Romg Owner Of Team Heck
The fiend is a baby.
Alvin paul
Alvin paul - 4 months ago
The aweaome is great
Anan Shah
Anan Shah - 4 months ago
Miz will dead if Bray comes in from and wear the mask who is not interested hit a like
Eitan lee
Eitan lee - 4 months ago
When he said he used to have a family there was a picture of Daniel Bryan Harper and rowen
Amit Yadav
Amit Yadav - 4 months ago
Damn this guy is good.
Masontylerwyatt Ellis
Masontylerwyatt Ellis - 4 months ago
Bray wyatt: Want to play with me now?
Miz theme: I CAME TO PLAY
Rowan and harper: AN I A JOKE TO YOU BRAY?
Fortnite King
Fortnite King - 4 months ago
The miz is dum
Anoymous Dxvil
Anoymous Dxvil - 4 months ago
Here's the thing,wwe bray wyatt should not be doing that,monroe actually got scared when those creepy toys were in her crib,u should not do that.
sergio mendonca
sergio mendonca - 4 months ago
OMG. Does anyone Thank Date Bray Wyatt is crazy
Sincere Span
Sincere Span - 4 months ago
Always remember to buy fiend dictionary
Green Apple Fun!
Green Apple Fun! - 4 months ago
SmackDown song: "Are you ready for a good time?"
COVID-19: "Are you Ready for a bad time?"
Deepjyoti Das
Deepjyoti Das - 4 months ago
Bray wyatt loking crazy.
Dimitriuchiha - 4 months ago
The miz kinda asked for it his theme song says I came to play lol
KENDALL & DEVIN WORLD - 5 months ago
Bray why you hurt 😢 people mizz he never liked Daniel but he will see what happened why would you just why 😭😭😭😭😢😢 pls let him make it out🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Iiicey_rxses - 5 months ago
Me: click's on the video

*10 seconds later*

Me after 10 seconds: AH NO THAT'S IT I'M TO SCARED!!😣
William Hassell
William Hassell - 5 months ago
I like the way Bray wyatt trims his beard
✯RedStar✯ Graal
✯RedStar✯ Graal - 5 months ago
Eleven011 - 5 months ago
Miz you are in trouble
Eleven011 - 5 months ago
Snooping Snooparoo is also fun to say
Eleven011 - 5 months ago
Yowie-Wowie is reallyfun to say
Eleven011 - 5 months ago
Miz,what are you talking about
TheMTower - 5 months ago
"I used to have a family" I think I almost cried there...
Walter White
Walter White - 5 months ago
3:51 that face
peacewasneveranoption • 2 years ago
I cant take bray wyatt serious anymore
Alex Armstrong
Alex Armstrong - 5 months ago
Como es que la wwe pasó de ser una empresa de lucha libre con los más crudos combates, a un circo lleno de payasos y tonterías como esta, ya no pongan un ring, pongan una escenografía y dejen de decir que son lucha libre, dediquense a hacer teatro que les sale muy bien
Alex de HELL
Alex de HELL - 5 months ago
Kids content in a nutshell
Elaine Carty
Elaine Carty - 5 months ago
from Bray
Skyler Koch
Skyler Koch - 5 months ago
spoiler daniel bryan gets a hair cut and miz turns heel
fat fmatt
fat fmatt - 5 months ago
I don't care if I have to face a demon I'll do all it takes to protect my family
Willkommen im Dornenreich
Willkommen im Dornenreich - 6 months ago
Greatest Fiend Rivalry was so far was with The Miz and Daniel Bryan. Sad that Fiend and Miz was so short.
Nathaniel Grant
Nathaniel Grant - 6 months ago
"It makes me sad when people don't wanna play" Awwww wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Gonzalo B.
Gonzalo B. - 6 months ago
Bray would be perfect for Hollywood,like put him in a sick twisted scary movie with some humor in it, he’ll be perfect for it
Krish Bhola
Krish Bhola - 6 months ago
Wyatt Family 👀👀👀
Zach Plaisted
Zach Plaisted - 6 months ago
There’s an old saying if you have a family they might be put in danger between a madman and maybe someone who wants to use a ransom of them. So if I were the Miz you better hope you have a nice place to keep them safe
Humza Khan
Humza Khan - 7 months ago
He deserves some kind of award
Humza Khan
Humza Khan - 7 months ago
Bray Wyatt is a good actor
BrusieJay - 7 months ago
3:20 that cut to the Wyatt family was beyond epic
Anthony F
Anthony F - 7 months ago
The miz is better as a Babyface
Arnetta Murphy
Arnetta Murphy - 7 months ago
I was there at Friday Night Smackdown....
Is haaq 956baig
Is haaq 956baig - 7 months ago
Fiend is the best 😎
Zoro Chan
Zoro Chan - 7 months ago
I think i saw Daniel brayn in his family omg miz please save him
Ellis Francis
Ellis Francis - 7 months ago
I love it
Marcus Withers
Marcus Withers - 7 months ago
I swear ruby riott or nikki cross would be a perfect counterpart to the fiend.
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 - 8 months ago
You never saw Miz’s face get so fuckn serious as when he left the ring to go find Wyatt
ALEXH 86 - 8 months ago
Hopefully, and I know it’s a long shot, but hopefully this was seeds sowed for WrestleMania, and we can avoid The Fiend vs Roman Reigns!
Junior e39 ///M5
Junior e39 ///M5 - 8 months ago
That character creepy
Gengarathy Praiyalan
Gengarathy Praiyalan - 8 months ago
We need scooby doo to solve this mystery
1Freakzilla - 8 months ago
He is terrifying. He is carrying WWE.
Niket lthakur
Niket lthakur - 8 months ago
The fiend# let me in
The Traveling gaming frog
The Traveling gaming frog - 8 months ago
Do you wanna come and play with me now sounds gay
Bryan Dylan Weast
Bryan Dylan Weast - 8 months ago
Why does this give me the chills
VectorSnipes :D
VectorSnipes :D - 8 months ago
“I used to have a family...”

You used to?! The reason why u don’t have won Is because u betrayed em
Leslie Salazar-Mendez
Leslie Salazar-Mendez - 8 months ago
I like him as a WWE
CopyKitten217 - 9 months ago
Oh my god
Jordan Higgins
Jordan Higgins - 9 months ago
This guys more than tapped
Ivan Mobile Legends Gaming
Look at 3:21 youll see daniel bryan
Jibber Jabber Jasper
Jibber Jabber Jasper - 9 months ago
Yaneli Solis
Yaneli Solis - 9 months ago
man leave Monroe alone
Emanuele Abrami
Emanuele Abrami - 9 months ago
Incredibile Wyatt
Zavier Schneider
Zavier Schneider - 9 months ago
why do you fans like The Fiend? He's just a carbon copy of Mankind!
Afi James
Afi James - 9 months ago
he is an evil, evil super villain who uses people and terrorizes them for power.
CrimsonClaw 77
CrimsonClaw 77 - 9 months ago
Theodore J Mariner
Theodore J Mariner - 9 months ago
Bray Wyatt is money. The firehouse is great.
Kendal Rush
Kendal Rush - 9 months ago
I hate bray waht John cena please come back and beat his butt
Ryan Ramirez
Ryan Ramirez - 8 months ago
Kendal Rush sound like 7 year old kid
WWE pro Roman
WWE pro Roman - 9 months ago
3:20 the wyatt family
Kakashi Sharingan Hokage
Kakashi Sharingan Hokage - 9 months ago
Sorry I don't like this Bray Wyatt
Kenneth Jara
Kenneth Jara - 9 months ago
I've been a huge critic of the wwe's storylines, but this, this is SO GOOD! The fiend character is truly amazing!
Solange Dias
Solange Dias - 9 months ago
It would be awesome an angle with all the Wyatt family vs the Undertaker and Kane again
Federico Cristini
Federico Cristini - 9 months ago
4:00 "....What was yours, now is mine"🔥🔥🔥
Khelake Hay
Khelake Hay - 9 months ago
I love how there using bray as a separate character
chiaraftw - 9 months ago
never liked babyface-miz. but face-miz is so awesome in this storyline
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