NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

Adino1 - Month ago
4:22 he isn't wrong
There is no herd immunity against a virus that seems to mutate constantly. Over 4000 strains have been identified now, it was 2000 just a few weeks ago.
patrick Muchiri
patrick Muchiri - Month ago
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pdg - Month ago
They have always lied to Black people. We don't believe you anymore. Enough, I'm done. No plasma, and no vote. Enough
pdg - Month ago
Black people don't give your plasma. They didn't need to test us for CV, they don't need our plasma. They are up to something. Two weeks they talked up black people dying the most. Now all of a sudden they has plasma test ready for massive amount of people. Will they come to us first. Time will tell. Just say no to drugs alchohol and cigarettes because that's what will work for us per them. So they don't need our plasma. Thanks for the tip trump.
NM Sundararajan
NM Sundararajan - Month ago
If we squander our money during prosperous times we will not have money during adversity This lesson is best learnt from ants which conserve for the rainy day
steve ramsey
steve ramsey - Month ago
I just watched the news about homeless people in NY why they not being helped sleeping in subway in parks while no POLITICIAN are eating steaks there someones daughter son dad mom there is so many empty hotels motels help out brothers and sisters in christ feed them treat them like humans it breaks my heart i was a police officer the city next to Birmingham Alabama big city we helped our homeless i personally in winter would arrest them take them to jail feed them gave them a warm place to lay down there head no charges on them id let them out after breakfast my dad did same thing in irondale Alabama come on Americans no mater what city help them what would jesus do he was homeless had to depend on people feeding him and je loved us enuf to be BEATEN spit on nailed to a cross so we had a chance to get to the father nails didn't keep jesus on the cross love did so while you in office live high on the hog we have people dying not from the virus but from hunger sleeping in filth i pray for yalls soul the piece gonna fall on you thank god i live in Alabama were we love and watch over the weak we got plenty of food medication shelters for who wants it we love black white Mexicans anybody we dont look at rase we had bad people in the past not now please brother and sisters in christ come to Birmingham Alabama all over the state we care and door wide open
Winox Y
Winox Y - Month ago
NYC’s coronavirus originated from European travelers since Feb 2020 and we weren’t aware of it according to the medical research team. Watch this info from Fox 5 channel news, 4/9/2020, NBC news, USA Today, and etc. we need to see how the virus travelled.
Winox Y
Winox Y - Month ago
Our country could have avoided this massive destruction from coronavirus and staggering unemployment of Americans only if dysfunctional Trump administration pro-acted on this issue back in Jan when it first was announced. But as usual our ignorant president, Trump, took it lightly and guess what we are paying for it with losing family and friends, coworkers, and not to mention the staggering unemployment all caused by lack of actions by Trump. Trump should be impeached for killing us, Americans and creating massive unemployment. Countries like South Korea and Singapore, their government acted fast and aggressively with early tests for EVERYONE that there’s much lower deaths and thriving businesses.
Trump is “making America failing again and making our country into a very dysfunctional nation!”
Phanindra K
Phanindra K - Month ago
Seriously. Wasn’t trump the one that wanted to ban travel from China back in January. Oh sorry you were busy calling him racist back then
Vinadelmar Vinadelmar
Vinadelmar Vinadelmar - Month ago
360,825 Japanese people were infected by CORONA virus. Abe and a
ll Japanese media always are lying.
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant - Month ago
He needs to hold accountability stop blaming it on everyone else. He put his concerns and interest in the wrong things. Look our city is suffering
American Born Patriot.
ChinApocalypse Now Wuhanvirus New WOKE City.
American Born Patriot.
Bil DeBlasio needs to be placed under arrest for his crimes against US Constitutional Republic laws and crimes against American citizens and their voting decisions on Tuesday, 16th November 2016.
Michelle Mckenna
Michelle Mckenna - Month ago
Recall this mayor . Watch him in Jan, Feb and March
HZ - Month ago
Why did the governor tell Dr. Oz that he does not want a study on the he shut down his study, what a moron..If I had a choice of taking Hydrochloricquin I would, over dying. But your governor wants your citizens to die obviously
Ryan Tipton
Ryan Tipton - Month ago
And zinc don’t forget ZINC
chris Bitonti
chris Bitonti - Month ago
Do not just wash hands. Hold hands down as you wash. As always, Chris Bitonti
thassa lot of sodium
thassa lot of sodium - Month ago
i hope this pandemic is remembered as a major failure by our leaders to predict the situation and keep people safe..
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant - Month ago
I swear BLASIO is choking on his bullshi. Next election be will hear it. They should tear him a new azz he and Cuomo dropped the ball. I put money if goodness forbid we had another 9/11 we'd be fawked. They take nothing seriously the people had to make decisions without them.
Josh - Month ago
Flag/report all videos this chump of a human being appears in
Michael Cheek
Michael Cheek - Month ago
This guy has been shown to be a fool. These press conferences are to only benefit himself. His boss puts out this information daily.
steel man
steel man - Month ago
New York is nasty and the people that live there.
crezman - Month ago
I'm A Democrat and he's a total D bag.
You Tube
You Tube - Month ago
New York is the dirtiest city I've ever seen in my life, that's why you guys have such problems. Italy is also dirty in many areas. People have coronavirus all over the US, we cram in grocery stores, pizza hut, panda express, etc etc.. Just like everyone else in New York to pick up our takeout, and we just don't have the death toll you guys have...We still have homeless zombies everywhere AND we are still a blue State! The mayor and governor of NY should be ashamed of themselves, long before coronavirus! Clean up the filth in New York City and you won't have these problems!!!
You Tube
You Tube - Month ago
@Glenn Ruiz you proved my point
Glenn Ruiz
Glenn Ruiz - Month ago
You Tube 🖕🏼
Tony Droid
Tony Droid - Month ago
As an American, I am absolutely EMBARRASSED by our response to this virus. If this is the best we can do for a pandemic, God help us all SMH 🤦🏼‍♂️
Mor MacFey
Mor MacFey - Month ago
It would have been a lot better if it wasn't for activist judges blocking our travel bans during a pandemic. These judges should be charged with terrorist acts!
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
Hydroxychloroquine!!!!!!! " and there would need to be no body dying you all have blood on your hands you are monsters and you are causing a genocide I hope to God you end up in prison all of you politicians I hope to God somebody stands up and arrest all of these politicians
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
Don't listen to him and how many deaths he tells you death certificates can easily be altered "do not believe him "the more you think of death the more you'll see it "he is a monster and that's all they focus on is dying people that's because they're killing people if you think they're not then why would they stop a medicine that works "why would they stop it?
there's all kinds of Medicine that have risk this is like a major disaster according to them why wouldn't you use a medicine no matter how many risks it has
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
You have stepped on our constitution our constitution stays in place during a disaster during a virus during a disease during a tornado during a storm during a flood you do not go against the Constitution and you have allowed police the monster police to conduct in a manner that is unconstitutional you will get many lawsuits during this epidemic fake epidemic an epidemic Eve created with just media
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
You don't give a s*** about people who are poor he was struggling before the virus you never cared about anybody you evil people want power and you'll get it no matter who dies no matter whose poor no matter who's starving to death you do not care
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
Did you hear what he just said I'm trying to tell you the truth he's trying??? " who tries to tell the truth? you tell the truth!!! that right there is your proof he's a liar everything is coming out of his mouth is a lie
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
You don't want to give the medicine because you want people to die so you can make it look like an epidemic you are all monsters in Americans better wake up stand up and fight back because these politicians are causing genocide all so they can have power in Washington there's something evil going on here why would you not let him drug be used to help people you monsters don't believe them don't go to a hospital find a way to get the medicine yourself it's easy to find there's tons of it go to a prison and ask the nurse there for it they are monsters
JLT Yes - Month ago
Screw this guy. Demon
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
The medication cures people it works these evil evil politicians what year did die
This is genocide when they continue to tell you you can't use a drug that works dr. Oz even said the drug Works prisons use it across America there are documentation of people surviving cured and they still want to keep it from the public they want you to die this man right here should be locked up behind bars Cuervo locked up behind bars Pelosi locked up behind bars Schumer locked up behind bars every single evil Democrat should be locked up behind bars Washington is allowing this political game to go on with this virus no one is getting sick not in the way they're saying they want more people to die that's why they don't give the medicine so it'll look like an epidemic
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
No you're a liar again China shut down again because you guys are playing this little war with our lives and China knows you're psychotic media will bring it up and you'll keep America shutdown the same amount of people die of diabetes we don't shut down the country the same amount of people die of cancer we don't shut down the country this virus is not widespread like you're lying to the public saying so it's going to come out the corruption on this virus is going to come out in Americans are going to be livid Americans going to be angry so angry so you won't get nothing. .no votes at all for a democrat ..NEVER EVER
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - Month ago
Your using americans and the virus for political games .. This virus isnt a pandemic politicians created it to be a pandemic .. Its your ugly evil way to get back power in the white house . .
We dont believe a word you say. Your our enemy ... Your a monster ..all of you
Stopping the medica5ion that can save lives. Its uses in all prisons in america your a liar . . People are not dieing lime you telling the public.. I work in a hospitol your lieing to tje public .. I will not obey you . your not our God
Nathan Bergmann
Nathan Bergmann - Month ago
Can we just give a big f*** you to China for putting the world through this crap? I mean is anyone going to hold them accountable for crafting this with their lack of control over food production and wet markets that spawned this ?
knickandchester - Month ago
Douchblasio gettin' his 15 minutes
What a disgrace you are Deblasio!
Thomas Wade
Thomas Wade - Month ago
This is too much for bill deblasio to handle.
Thomas Wade
Thomas Wade - Month ago
Go sleep in Chinatown.
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker - Month ago
Isn't this the guy that wanted to ban hotdogs because it was "cruel" to the environment
Neil O.
Neil O. - Month ago
The hypocrite himself.
Blaze In the sky
Blaze In the sky - Month ago
Deport her
Deplorable - Month ago
De Blasio is a imbecile
Ryan Rai
Ryan Rai - Month ago
Subscríbe to my channel if you believe This Virus, was a NWO conspiracy 😝
The Eerie Faerie
The Eerie Faerie - Month ago
People just need to improve their immune systems.. filtered water, good food - balanced with lots of fresh fruit and veges, get sunlight, get good sleep, have things clean but don't over-sanitize everything ... that will actually HURT us. So will all this social distancing, whether you believe in Evolution or believe in God, or a mixture of the two, WE are just they way we SHOULD be. Our immune systems have helped modern humans for 200k years. How did we survive? We knew that by being continually exposed to things in our environment, it made us stronger. We understood natural innoculation. We were eating better food and being more active, using natural plants and foods as medicine. We cleaned ourselves enough, but not so much that we disrupted our natural skin barrier function. No need to furiously scrub hands every other minute. No need for Bane masks and fear gloves. No need for Big Pharma trash. In fact, more people die BECAUSE of doctors and medication! More importantly, all this fear and stress being perpetuated by MSM, Big Gov and Big Pharma (and Big Tech) is just making things worse. If they get what they want, more people will die of starvation, health issues (NOT corona), crimes, and SUICIDE, than from some virus. The virus we should worry about is not in each other - it is the entitled elite who are the real threat.
THE DEATH CULT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. You are just a product to them. A slave to be controlled. Don't let them program you with their propaganda. Take back control over YOUR life, not others lives. THAT is the solution.
Psychic Gregory
Psychic Gregory - Month ago
kirk lynch
kirk lynch - Month ago
He has such a punchable face...
Tanisha Campbell
Tanisha Campbell - Month ago
Fairness not only with health care, but with COVID-19 testing
I’m Champion
I’m Champion - Month ago
Thanks why blacks don't wear mask or gloves , please tell this people they are not amuned to the corona virus , corona is not the beer big dummies
Serapis Christos
Serapis Christos - Month ago
Employers planning to deduct CARES act checks from employee pay? ,on youtube , Louis Rossmann
Frank Willis
Frank Willis - Month ago
The mayor is encouraging people to attack police officers who are trying to help people.
Bryan Lee
Bryan Lee - Month ago
What progress?
GM Group 369
GM Group 369 - Month ago
666 & 369
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia - Month ago
Maybe D'blasio could use some Preperation H .. eh ?? taken orally
DarkStoneCastle - Month ago
this guy's a loser.
american woman
american woman - Month ago
Big overpopulated cities are impossible to live in like a human being. I am amzed anyone can stand the lifestyle at all. The Super heroes are health care workers and their support groups. This guy encouraged everyone to go to Chinese New Year in Chinese neighborhoods as late as Feb. He criticized Pres. Trump when the China travel ban was put into place Jan 21 for being a racist... Very poor job Bill, Pres is right as usual. Vote red in November. Restore sanity in this country.
dominic ri
dominic ri - Month ago
Please Donate
Thank you
CMV Robison
CMV Robison - Month ago
People should eliminate the gross tradition of shaking hands permanently!!! And just a small head bow for greeting is what we all need to start doing. Kinda like the Japanese. Plus, it looks more polite
Sam ram
Sam ram - Month ago
I bought masks from to protect my family and donated the rest.
Linton Claude Samuels
Linton Claude Samuels - Month ago
We need to pray everyone in NYC and everyone in the world. May God bless us all. Watch this link, it is a link of hope.
Peris James
Peris James - Month ago
You guys love playing the number game. I know for a fact that the percentage of Cov-19 death among whites is much higher than 27%. I 've talk to a lot of doctors and nurses and I sure you, the ratio is much higher!
great friends
great friends - Month ago
How do you have a briefing that’s 2 hours long ?
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant - Month ago
Exactly saying fawking nothing
98 Superstar
98 Superstar - Month ago
Exactly.totally defies the meaning of the word briefing.
Blue Bull69
Blue Bull69 - Month ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has announced that she is pleased to now be able to inform the nation - and the world - that her IQ test results came back negative!!!
Charm Garcia
Charm Garcia - Month ago
Now they know; when i start buying face mask on december and wearing face mask everyone are laughing at me because I’m asian ; even my boss; and now they needed face mask and sanitizer they are asking me if i have more lol
Bobby Lozano
Bobby Lozano - Month ago
Random Graham
Random Graham - Month ago
@ Charm Garcia - Ditto, I had the same experience and now I can’t even bring myself to say, “I told you so”..
James Wilson
James Wilson - Month ago
Charm. You ever thought there laughing at you becouse you look better with it on ..........charming O dear not another poser
J-Man The Great
J-Man The Great - Month ago
2006 - Mayor Dumbberg: "We can sell those ventilators, we won't need them because there are a ton of wasteful projects we can fund."
2020 - Mayor deBlahBlah: "We don't have enough ventilators"
Mrs.P 61
Mrs.P 61 - Month ago
No Thanks
No Thanks - Month ago
Jeff - Month ago
How could the same moron that told everybody to go to Chinatown and party After the virus was publicized, Hold a credible press briefing on the Coronavirus?
John Ryan
John Ryan - Month ago
@American Born Patriot. A better debate technique would be to tell me how I am wrong instead of acting like a 5th grader name calling. That is what the MAGA cult does though so I am not surprised.
John Ryan
John Ryan - Month ago
@Kim Scaccia You are just making things up. Trump lied and downplayed it for 2-3 months. And how can you not understand that when in a "war" which is what Trump called it THE PRESIDENT is the leader, nit governors. And I don't watch any corporate news, thanks. I suggest you get off your cult propaganda. You sound like the classic sucker who thinks your side is good and the other side is bad and don't know that they all get their bribe money from the same rich people. WAKE UP!
Kim Scaccia
Kim Scaccia - Month ago
@John Ryan Trump reacted faster than New York's Gov Cuomo, Mayor De Blasio and Pelosi. All 3 of them were telling New Yorkers to still carry on with their lives and look how that worked for New York. May all those who lost their lives RIP It cracks me up when all liberals have is to name call people and label them as being part of a cult or they're racist lol It's obvious when you resort to that you know you've been defeated with proof and don't have a leg to stand on with an argument. People are waking up and seeing the corruptness and lies in the Democrat Party and that's why there is such a big movement of people leaving #WalkAway they're finally waking up!! "We are walking away from the lies, the false narratives, the fake news, the race-baiting, the victim narrative, the violence, the vandalism, the vitriol. We are walking away from a party driven by hate. We are walking toward patriotism and a new, unified America! We are the future of this great nation!" 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 You really need to switch your TV channel off CNN and MSNBC and educate yourself elsewhere. I've literally watched news broadcast from them where they outright lied and then I went back and did research to find video proof and what CNN and MSNBC said was nothing like what was in the video. They like to twist things and make up crap because they know they're no longer relevant and that's all they've got left to keep people watching their boob channels.
American Born Patriot.
@John Ryan A goldfish has longer memories than you do. You must have Alzheimer's.
American Born Patriot.
Together with Dr. Osiris Barbot.
Peter Torbay
Peter Torbay - Month ago
140,000,000 poor and undocumented Americans receive NOTHING from the so-called PPP Payroll Protection Plan. That's the PLAN. _"They are just more useless mouths to feed."_
The rest of US receive only a _one-time_ 12 Fiat Franklin's Judas hush money check to STFU and wait your turn to buy groceries.10% of Americans will never go back to work again. That's the PLAN. When you cash that Judas check, you will be selling your own children into dope and chains.
die fristiegen
die fristiegen - Month ago
There is a possible herbal treatment? Watch the video ->
Love NYC
Love NYC - Month ago
This virus is too tricky! Nobody can tell the exactly harm the first time, the people have underlying problems died first which make people even the experts suggested that the younger people are not likely to die even though China and Italy got through long time ago, now it’s turned out younger people are the same dangerous if exposing themselves. Stay home everybody, stay safe. Everybody is equal to this fatality virus.
M Ppp
M Ppp - Month ago
Young people may recover, however their lungs will partially crystallize, which is a sort of scarring and permanent. This is a condition that will eventually manifest into an early need for oxygen tanks by the time they are 40, disabled and unproductive, eventually leading to an early death. We have seen this condition among ex-chain smokers who thought they were out of the woods.
RyukyuSARs - Month ago
for all new yorkers' reference. Jiayou!!!
*_/// 2 months before, in Wuhan, China. ////_*
the Unrepentant
the Unrepentant - Month ago
*Christians rejoice with joyous celebration when their precious elderly loved one whose life they cherish has **_finally_** been called to attain their eternal reward.* The current generation places no faith in the immortality of the soul. Public officials spurn Christianity and pay obeisance to the Cremation Cult, _faking_ belief so that they will not be characterized _deniers._ The physician, a veritable sorcerer’s apprentice is unable to halt the process that with the aid of drugs, a pacemaker and oxygen, forestalls _rigor mortis_ for at least a decade after a patient is already dead.
James Wilson
James Wilson - Month ago
Warning dont buy anymore Chinese goods
Mor MacFey
Mor MacFey - Month ago
Don't worry i'd never financially support a country that burns people alive in incinerators just because they're sick.
Mikey Nikfar
Mikey Nikfar - Month ago
this guy straight up saying corona virus is racist
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer - Month ago
Forget about going to sit down at restaurants and public gathering at event etc. Going to work and going back home is first. Just so at least we know who we are around and god forbid there’s a rebound, we can find it and trace it.
Matt Spencer
Matt Spencer - Month ago
Also wear a mask, clean yourselves and clothes each day your in public or using public transportation.
M Ppp
M Ppp - Month ago
Trump tried to warn the liberals and they didn't listen. They called Trump racist for the travel ban. Sad to say but New York let the liberals lead them into darkness, Now the liberals try to spin this and blame Trump? Good luck with that liberals. Even after you tried to screw us over we conservatives still pray for you.
BJ - Month ago
CUOMO 2020
Neil O.
Neil O. - Month ago
For mayor maybe.
Testing 101
Testing 101 - Month ago
That might help
mark two
mark two - Month ago
Don't take initial info it might be dangerous? WOW! PPL saying something positive and he says this is dangerous? This guy don't have a clue. They overeated and find out that this disease is WHACK! Now that you know, it's time to MOVE ON. He's trying to make this last the for rest of his term, as a distraction. For the rest of the problems in NYC. Because he just contradict himself. He said thousands of first responders, 100s of police officers, got it and went back to work. While NYC workers are still shut down? I rest my case, this guy is NUTS!
Testing 101
Testing 101 - Month ago
No Thanks
No Thanks - Month ago
Thats a very tunafish thing to say
boyeatsworld - Month ago
Testing 101
Testing 101 - Month ago
There is a cure
SONG SALON - Month ago
boyeatsworld - Month ago
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