Calboy - Caroline (Official Video) ft. Polo G

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Braxten Castle
Braxten Castle - 9 hours ago
I lowkey thought polo g said gay but he said gang
Rahman iddrisu
Rahman iddrisu - 13 hours ago
Now hearing voices in my head like randy Orton.🥶
Sandy Montoya
Sandy Montoya - 18 hours ago
I subscribed cuz you have so many good 🎵 songs
muhammad mahmood
muhammad mahmood - Day ago
spiderman far away from home trailer
natrell_awsome jk
natrell_awsome jk - 4 days ago
"like we playing "OPERATION" rearrange your organs"LEGENDARY
Medo_Neymar11 - 4 days ago
1:04 best verse in the whole song🔫🔫
Polo does indeed capalot
Like if Polo G the goat
Venom Ruins
Venom Ruins - 9 days ago
rogue assasinator
rogue assasinator - 16 days ago
"Now I hear voices in my head like randy ortan"
Zoar Clan
Zoar Clan - 20 days ago
This was made the day before i turned 10
ben walker
ben walker - 24 days ago
Polo gs verse makes the song
Still bumping this in 2020. These mfs MURDERED the beat.
Dema 爆笑
Dema 爆笑 - Month ago
Time flys cant be believe it has been a whole year🧡🧡🧡
Nick Organ
Nick Organ - Month ago
x22 report
Wanda Austin
Wanda Austin - Month ago
They both are talented and i dont have no picks but Chicago rise. Hats off to both young men. love it
Its_shea101 _
Its_shea101 _ - Month ago
This snapped 🔥🔥🔥
Flex Painn From The Lo
In order to stand out would inquire I'm in some sort of line or "passage way"
Duyen Tran
Duyen Tran - Month ago
They didint have to snap like this..
Duyen Tran
Duyen Tran - Month ago
This is a banger
Furaha as a follower of Jesus
Calboy verse🥺🔥🔥
TheFrost King
TheFrost King - Month ago
Darik Martinez
Darik Martinez - Month ago
stummycash - Month ago
12,000,000 view
Darik Martinez
Darik Martinez - Month ago
j - Month ago
was not ready for capalots verse polo went off
Ronnie love
Ronnie love - 2 months ago
ngl polo g part its fire he brought the heat to this song who still listens to this to this day?
steven salazar
steven salazar - 2 months ago
If this don’t make u wanna make it what will
Rashawn Robinson
Rashawn Robinson - 2 months ago
Damn Polo G changed drastically
Within a year
KeoneArt - 2 months ago
Ya dragged tf out of Polo’s verse, shit wasn’t even that fire...
Chris Dope
Chris Dope - 2 months ago
Notice how hard they tried to make make callboy not look short so they made him stand on stuff and keep a distance from polo g😂😂
luv Frxsty
luv Frxsty - 2 months ago
Polo g’s verse was 🔥
Nikolas Giang
Nikolas Giang - 2 months ago
This shit makes me want to rob a store😈💯
GuttaKidRay Gaming
GuttaKidRay Gaming - 2 months ago
I still love this song🔥🔥🔥
Zé Luís
Zé Luís - 2 months ago
pop flash?
Ezekiel Gaines
Ezekiel Gaines - 2 months ago
People that heard polo say randy orton
JahTheMann - 2 months ago
Had to come back a year later Bc dis song too 🔥
Stelios Dim
Stelios Dim - 2 months ago
like if Polo G is a GOAT
LUCCI CAPONE - 2 months ago
Calboy got some bangers man. My lil homie put me on.
Niels de Vos
Niels de Vos - 3 months ago
Polo g is zo dominant in a feature
Jaheed Robinson
Jaheed Robinson - 3 months ago
Randy Orton wow
Claire Naive AF Thornton Sheild-Maiden
I love this also.. bravo mate you are very talented, an I hope you're free from drugs an guns an racists .. stay safe
Josemaria Braimah
Josemaria Braimah - 3 months ago
came back here for that polo g verse🥶
calvin Koikoi
calvin Koikoi - 3 months ago
nice song nigga
draco x
draco x - 3 months ago
Bro who vibing to this in 2020?
Yannis Ander88
Yannis Ander88 - 3 months ago
This is legendary, everyone should listen carefully, it's deeper than we think it is 😈🤯🔥
Tanner Price
Tanner Price - Day ago
Yannis Ander88
Yannis Ander88 - 2 days ago
@TTG Moody 🤷‍♀️😂
TTG Moody
TTG Moody - 3 days ago
What if I already think that way? does that mean it's deeper than deeper 🤔🤣
DripSav. - 19 days ago
nolimitish - 26 days ago
N 😭😭
Jeremiah Gordon
Jeremiah Gordon - 3 months ago
100%True song 😍
calvin Koikoi
calvin Koikoi - 3 months ago
djamal _silva
djamal _silva - 3 months ago
This nigga is so underrated
Maldono - 3 months ago
DolphinJuice - 3 months ago
Ngl one of the best songs ever
solo life 10.0
solo life 10.0 - 3 months ago
2 artists from Chicago litt
Wayne Chuksy
Wayne Chuksy - 3 months ago
Souad Gomes
Souad Gomes - 3 months ago
Furaha as a follower of Jesus
Kiotti Watts
Kiotti Watts - 3 months ago
ItsGhostWtf - 3 months ago
Still one of the most underrated song from both of them🔥
Karee Mosley
Karee Mosley - 3 months ago
Who here 2020
DTrillionaire .Gaming
DTrillionaire .Gaming - 3 months ago
This song is so tough
Julio Tristan
Julio Tristan - 3 months ago
This song fire as hell
Devon Wright
Devon Wright - 3 months ago
bros dem in the kitchen whipping Caroline
Charm Doll
Charm Doll - 3 months ago
DB thegreat
DB thegreat - 3 months ago
Pretz - 3 months ago
"Like we playin operation rearrange your organs" 💀💀
T Lowe Gang
T Lowe Gang - 3 months ago
Lil Durk and Chief Sosa's Sons
Manor Kaedy
Manor Kaedy - 4 months ago
Bro this song is dope 🔥
MadreGoCrazy - 4 months ago
“Rearranged Your Organs”🔥🔥❗️
CartierTee - 4 months ago
Where Calboy get the jacket from the red one da say love??
Young Future
Young Future - 4 months ago
0:42 polo said if u not gay u not important hmmmmmm🤔
Casual_DropoutYT - 2 months ago
If you ain’t gang
DemiThug - 4 months ago
U suspect he said gang goofy
D Harris
D Harris - 4 months ago
Margaret Quaye
Margaret Quaye - 4 months ago
Nagheer Brown
Nagheer Brown - 4 months ago
2020 and still on my playlist
TheLifeofAdrian - 4 months ago
Lil duck like KD ain’t no stopping him from scoring
Spiritual Aksel
Spiritual Aksel - 4 months ago
2021 Gon b like 2016 fuck 2020
Abd - 4 months ago
did polo carry this???????
Legend Garc
Legend Garc - 4 months ago
“If you gay you not important” 🔥
Casual_DropoutYT - 2 months ago
DemiThug - 4 months ago
It’s gang you wierdo
Hatim Ayach
Hatim Ayach - 4 months ago
This song is hella underrated No cap
Gabriel Vargas
Gabriel Vargas - 4 months ago
Polo needs to bring this flow back
GØMĘŽ GÅMĮNG - 4 months ago
Who is here still in quarantine
Big Diff Eli
Big Diff Eli - 5 months ago
SHAH REZA - 5 months ago
Polo g carried this
Trillari - 5 months ago
The lyrics in the description say my brother on s while im preforming. Lmfao
Trillari - 4 months ago
DemiThug well it shouldnt say of i didnt think it did
DemiThug - 4 months ago
Trillari nah it said “ he on S” not “ he of S”. Unless the whole sentence was a typo. Polo g and his homies refer to sedville as S or sed
Trillari - 4 months ago
DemiThug its a typo
Trillari - 4 months ago
DemiThug its: Lil' Blast, that's my brother, he on X while I'm performin
DemiThug - 4 months ago
S for sedville lil boy
vincent jordan
vincent jordan - 5 months ago
Why Polo gotta murder every single beat he touch! Damn the Man’s made for this music shit ! I dare somebody to find a song he didn’t do good at
Joseph Healy
Joseph Healy - 5 months ago
Ur allowed to like this if u came here for polo g’s verse
AEK Athen
AEK Athen - 5 months ago
polo g hits hard in this song no cap
Jose DeJesus
Jose DeJesus - 5 months ago
617 Syh
617 Syh - 5 months ago
They both my favorite rappers but Calboy snapped too
The Messiah - Beastdoc
The Messiah - Beastdoc - 5 months ago
Now im hearing voices in my head like Randy Orton
king man
king man - 5 months ago
He deep
Quantrell Huff
Quantrell Huff - 5 months ago
Lookin "Left & Right"
Karim Aponte
Karim Aponte - 5 months ago
Fire song
Jaden Kowlasar
Jaden Kowlasar - 5 months ago
Y’all heard that “voices in my head like randy orton” shi has me like 😳
Quezz Leshawn
Quezz Leshawn - Month ago
Outta nowhere
Jaden Kowlasar
Jaden Kowlasar - 4 months ago
Clown Mo it’s a reference to Randy ortons entrance music in wwe the song was called “voices in my head”
Ghostface G
Ghostface G - 4 months ago
What does it mean can you explain to me
Daniel Roberts
Daniel Roberts - 5 months ago
This hot sound stupid how it all flow together
Rondo Glo
Rondo Glo - 5 months ago
This should’ve just been polo g song
Uproarking - 5 months ago
Ur here cuz ur a polo g fan and wanna know all his songs even the ones he ft in
Ayoola caleb
Ayoola caleb - 17 days ago
Fr Fr!!
Shundar - 2 months ago
Looool literallyyyyy
LIte BEats
LIte BEats - 3 months ago
Sebastian Ayala heh
Sebastian Ayala
Sebastian Ayala - 3 months ago
LIte BEats bandwagon
DemiThug - 4 months ago
LIte BEats listen to polo g we ball remix
hi unknown
hi unknown - 6 months ago
Yall get into it
Spike Killer
Spike Killer - 6 months ago
Now I hear voices in my head like randy Orton
My Youtube
My Youtube - 6 months ago
Straight from Jamaica 🇯🇲 check mi out #2020
Christina Marie
Christina Marie - 6 months ago
This beat is way up!!
Kaden Snavely
Kaden Snavely - 6 months ago
Now I’m hearing voices in my head like randy orton🔥🔥🔥🔥
SUB TO BK-EXIT - 6 months ago
so nobody gon talk about that beat at 1:10 ? that shit hard asf
k1ng Mikey
k1ng Mikey - 6 months ago
11 million views and it was dropped 11 months ago🔥🔥😈
Jean Paul
Jean Paul - 6 months ago
No one can beat the swag of Asian Cal Boy, she is not like other trappers who are using *Authentic Views Com* to get they Views up. Thumbs up who agrees👍
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