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SSSniperWolf - 5 months ago
hellooOoo friends
like for chum bucket
comment for mcdonalds
Gabrielle Croll
Gabrielle Croll - Month ago
SSSniperWolf mcdonalds
Sharp Knife
Sharp Knife - Month ago
Mac doinald roight
Akirayonna Johnson
Akirayonna Johnson - 2 months ago
McDonald's I did both😝 actually
Ellis the kitty queen
Ellis the kitty queen - 2 months ago
I love McDonald’s
Salon Evergreen
Salon Evergreen - 3 months ago
omg i love mcdonlads and i love SSniperwolf :3
Kevin Hazley
Kevin Hazley - 23 minutes ago
Selina Ta
Selina Ta - 5 hours ago
5:52 who also notices how long the girl's arm is like wtf😂😂
callme fearless
callme fearless - 7 hours ago
Btw. The Cinderella is a car seat for a baby not a massage chair. Lol
LILYSwhole SHABANG - 12 hours ago
It could be candy that has been scented hand sanitizer
Alex Newton
Alex Newton - 15 hours ago
Demi Day
Demi Day - 15 hours ago
It’s don’t give up for good, somebody put quit on there it was an accident
Aiden Sowers
Aiden Sowers - 19 hours ago
Anyone see the glitch
Carly Gacha
Carly Gacha - 23 hours ago
”wc” means toilet but it is Dutch.-just so u know
Cordelia Hurwitz
Cordelia Hurwitz - Day ago
Sink for being to small
Jaime Toledo
Jaime Toledo - Day ago
Why did they make McDonald’s sign a round thing?
Leah Baker
Leah Baker - Day ago
Um trash is not good for animals
MintyDrops ETN
MintyDrops ETN - Day ago
I will not shove my opinion up Cinderella
Pencu Sebastian
Pencu Sebastian - Day ago
13 years old and no subs.
WC stands for water closet
Here you go you're welcome Sniperwolf ♡
Alex zamberkides
Alex zamberkides - 2 days ago
Surub - 2 days ago
once i went into the girls bathroom cause yeah no signs. JUST TOILETS IN BOTH like regular public bathrooms.
Shawnata Marshall
Shawnata Marshall - 2 days ago
For good give up don't quit
Stefan Dennis
Stefan Dennis - 2 days ago
Who else saw the glitch ?
charmaine perry
charmaine perry - 2 days ago
Hi Sssniper Wolf
Brian V
Brian V - 3 days ago
5b months agui
Amelia Wills (Student)
Amelia Wills (Student) - 3 days ago
I think this:
# don't quit
# give up
# for good
Is because he's listing things not to do
JANIYAH SHULER - 3 days ago
it said (don't give up quit for good)
Victoria Speakman
Victoria Speakman - 3 days ago
WC on the back of their shirts is Water Closet. = toitet 😆
Sawyer Smith
Sawyer Smith - 3 days ago
WC is wash closet
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash - 3 days ago
The relaxing chair is a car seat kids
Liam Reilly
Liam Reilly - 4 days ago
America trying to kill us
MonkeyJanet - 4 days ago
Do u just ever look at something and say... *I'ɱ α ϝυƈƙҽԃ ɠιɾαϝϝҽ*
garrett murphy
garrett murphy - 4 days ago
It’s don’t quit, give up, for good😜
Juliette Cooper
Juliette Cooper - 4 days ago
Liaaaaaa I'm saving up my moneys 💰 💰 to get some of ur merch. Imma be do happy when I get some
Btw Lia u encourage me to do better, and care about myself more in life, I love u♥️♥️💓💗💕💞💖♥️❤️
Blanca Portillo
Blanca Portillo - 4 days ago
Muhammadh Saamy
Muhammadh Saamy - 4 days ago
Get the suggestion non English bit I do since it's maldivian
And I live in maldive
Miles not elijah Ok
Miles not elijah Ok - 4 days ago
More like nc donalds lol
lolita martin
lolita martin - 4 days ago
she or he
Buddy Huey
Buddy Huey - 4 days ago
Sssniper wolf
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez - 4 days ago
For give don't good up??
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez - 4 days ago
For give don't quit good up??
Grace Overton
Grace Overton - 4 days ago
Ohhhhh for the two toilets ones For short people and the other one if for y’all people
Grace Overton
Grace Overton - 4 days ago
I meant one is for tall people sorry
Madilyn Pietrzykowski
Madilyn Pietrzykowski - 4 days ago
I know right
rakima mcgough
rakima mcgough - 5 days ago
They are says give up for good
Lily land
Lily land - 5 days ago
I think that they mean give up as in give up your bad diet healthy thing
Bubbles_myway - 5 days ago
Whoa that tapppp
Hanane Sadikoune
Hanane Sadikoune - 5 days ago
10:57 I saw that in a sore before.
aubrey calash
aubrey calash - 5 days ago
its is don't guit don't give up for good
Royal Baby
Royal Baby - 5 days ago
You're beautiful

SIKE >:>

you're amazing :>
Nichole Bisby
Nichole Bisby - 5 days ago
Its not the sink and its not the fosset ITS THE GOSH DARN FREAKING PERSON WHO BUILT IT SO FREAK THEM?????
Jenni D
Jenni D - 5 days ago
Wc means water closet
Angela Nancollis
Angela Nancollis - 5 days ago
That is not a dab
Katlynn F
Katlynn F - 6 days ago
When I was 7or6 at camp and a boy walked into the bathroom and I thought it was the girl's and he walked away
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer - 6 days ago
I am so scared
AvaTalksToMuch-UwU Queen
Do you have wolf merch?
Crystal Hitt
Crystal Hitt - 6 days ago
Omg. The Mc Donald's???Ma They STUPID
Pitama Corporation
Pitama Corporation - 6 days ago
The sink is wrong cuz it's not big enough !
Erin Harding
Erin Harding - 6 days ago
WC = water closet
Denki Kun
Denki Kun - 6 days ago
WC is an acronym (idk what it means) but it means restroom in French.
Wolfie Playz
Wolfie Playz - 7 days ago
Me: sees the wrong McDonald's sign
5 yr me: TRIGGERED
Chicken Nugget Squad
Chicken Nugget Squad - 7 days ago
Don’t give up for good, quit?? Is that what they meant
Jasmine Mhoon
Jasmine Mhoon - 7 days ago
5:31 anyone noticed that Fred wasn’t the only one with the messed up ice cream look at the other dudes hand
Itz Debz
Itz Debz - 7 days ago
8:51 WC is Water Closet
J_English Jr17
J_English Jr17 - 7 days ago
The single arch is supposed to be like that I think it's supposed to be like a rare logo
galaxiana aka shari the galaxy wolf
Everything you said made me laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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