Awful Instagram "Facts" (ft. Danny Gonzalez)

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Ryan Trahan
Ryan Trahan - Year ago
꧁ Stitch ꧂
꧁ Stitch ꧂ - 14 days ago
Tyan Rrahan
ッyoitzpat - 15 days ago
Ryan Trahan coooool
Eiki Kato
Eiki Kato - 24 days ago
Ryan Trahan did u do know, lion smelly
lol owo
lol owo - 24 days ago
Batman Caesar
Batman Caesar - Month ago
He’s trying to brain wash us
Ricky Barron
Ricky Barron - 3 hours ago
Right around 16:33 when he says “really weird” the other guy in the vid leans away as Ryan kinda leans closer while the other guy scrunches up his nose like Ryan smells bad lol XD
Greg The Greg
Greg The Greg - 18 hours ago
Hessa Selah
Hessa Selah - Day ago
the 4,00,00 is actually the indian nmber system
its called lakh
pink99644 - Day ago
0:01 Poor baby, praying for dear life and nobody is there to help him 😆
Boa 41
Boa 41 - 2 days ago
Avenged_AK 47
Avenged_AK 47 - 3 days ago
Why does it feel like its Danny’s video xD
Sasha Mensh
Sasha Mensh - 3 days ago
It makes me lowkey uncomfortable that Danny looks like an adult, Ryan and Danny can never be near each other again Danny isn’t allowed to look older than someone
balls vlogs
balls vlogs - 3 days ago
Ryan gives me mad rick astley vibes
Willard Jr
Willard Jr - 4 days ago
16:09 ok so I think that what it means is they created 1,013 original movies where Hollywood only remakes old movies and releases sequels
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - 5 days ago
Ryan Trahan should do more videos like this, his new videos are meh
ASLAN THE GREAT - 5 days ago
isa - 6 days ago
da viNKI?
Lil Kooky
Lil Kooky - 6 days ago
lol im indian... but i may does claim that i is born and raised in americaaaaaaaa
Crazy Sky
Crazy Sky - 7 days ago
...... thooth.
GoldTU8EYT - 7 days ago
This video is the reason I know about Ryan
Weronika The Gamer
Weronika The Gamer - 7 days ago
cat pe Da to glow
I’m a rat I’m a ra-at
Akash Walavalkar
Akash Walavalkar - 9 days ago
i am confused. the numbers are not in indian system neither are they in international system
Kieran Hawkes
Kieran Hawkes - 9 days ago
pee of cat glow black light under
Carlos Egurrola
Carlos Egurrola - 9 days ago
Demønic Wølfie
Demønic Wølfie - 10 days ago
With the way 2020 is looking its probably the last five years
Arush Desai
Arush Desai - 10 days ago
Also, Incredible India is the tourism slogan of India so
Arush Desai
Arush Desai - 10 days ago
Ok the video is really funny

Do Americans speak american?
lictxn - 10 days ago
I was so interested so here you go
They use their sense of smell to check queen quality, sort out friend from foe, locate their hive or new hive after swarming, and find forage. Their sense is so acute that they can they can catch a scent while in flight. Bees are able to detect scents with their mouths, antennae and tips of their legs (tarsi).
Dr.SoonToBe - 11 days ago
Dr.SoonToBe - 11 days ago
Indian or whatever 😂😂😂😂😂
Cookie :D
Cookie :D - 12 days ago
Hold up, when Danny thinks of the word "flapping" does he think of this? 7:34 also, Bryan looks like a pokemon trainer...
Cece Baldyga
Cece Baldyga - 12 days ago
CrazyJamesYT - 12 days ago
Statusix. in
Statusix. in - 13 days ago
*I'm from India* 💗
I really enjoyed this video 😂😂😂
cemix - 13 days ago
indias national pride is so epic. i love those guys
Ilina J
Ilina J - 13 days ago
the Vinci or da vinki
Chloe Randall
Chloe Randall - 14 days ago
The first little bit (mABYE 0:10) U can see Danny and Laura in the background
aastha jha
aastha jha - 16 days ago
I'm Indian and I'm embarrassed.
Sara Shuleska
Sara Shuleska - 16 days ago
Yasaman Mostafavi
Yasaman Mostafavi - 17 days ago
SATAN - 17 days ago
gachaskittles - 18 days ago
Ryan laughs at everything Danny says and its adorable
gachaskittles - 18 days ago
My two favorite youtubers collabed😂❤️
wilson fisch
wilson fisch - 18 days ago
well educated americans laugh at Indians' attempts at english and grammar
Chula Chica
Chula Chica - 18 days ago
Bandana Banana
Bandana Banana - 19 days ago
The duo we all needed.
Angus Lavy
Angus Lavy - 19 days ago
The Vinki?
Alexa Bolen
Alexa Bolen - 20 days ago
14:33 When your mom pulls into the McDonald's drive thru
Ethan Kirl
Ethan Kirl - 20 days ago
The pat cee does glow
Bobataco - 20 days ago
Times Danny actully laughed at Ryan’s joke: 2:46 3:32 3:51 5:49 9:39 12:33 16:58 17:41
Times Ryan laughed at one of Danny’s jokes: that would take forever
Gabriel Gilbert
Gabriel Gilbert - 7 days ago
hahaha thats one great comment!
Jimmu The Death
Jimmu The Death - 20 days ago
"Leonardo the Vinci" has the same energy as, "Jabba the Hutt".
Lina - 21 day ago
here we can see ryan just casually biting his lip while staring at danny and laughing at literally everything he says or does
Bobataco - 20 days ago
Suvidh Sudheer
Suvidh Sudheer - 22 days ago
yes the language indian
Analisa Tarbin
Analisa Tarbin - 22 days ago
Thooth hehehehe
ori-stella bolotsky
ori-stella bolotsky - 22 days ago
6:06 k what
3vilfrickinfl0w3r :0
3vilfrickinfl0w3r :0 - 22 days ago
lamo everyone who disliked is part of the facts club
Julia Driedger
Julia Driedger - 23 days ago
Thoth 2020
your emo father
your emo father - 24 days ago
"leonardo the vinci"
dont you mean....

d a v i n k y ?
Noob Master Of The West
Noob Master Of The West - 24 days ago
the cat pee does glow
Kylee Marie
Kylee Marie - 24 days ago
At 5:48, they probably were writing it how they would write their numbers. I know in Nepal they write their commas by two's so it is probably the same in India
Serenity Loudin
Serenity Loudin - 25 days ago
you can see a girl in the background cover her mouth and like, turn away when she saw Ryan
Imjake - 25 days ago
That 20 minutes was so short
Ava's tube!
Ava's tube! - 26 days ago
Doctor: What can I do for you?
Creator of Indian fact genius:
I broke my thooth!
Help herbert reach 200 subs
"Black light"😂😂😂
why tho
why tho - 26 days ago
3:07 my brain is so broken I immediately thought dA ViNkY??
CaptainDan21 - 26 days ago
Cursed Claws
Cursed Claws - 26 days ago

Me seeing the thumbnail: stinky knee ewww
Jorden S
Jorden S - 27 days ago
that instagram page hasn't posted since april 27th
Leah curtiss
Leah curtiss - 27 days ago
I love how the first line he sounds like kurtis
IamAlex - 28 days ago
Im in mexico

we are underwater....
Aditya Talwar
Aditya Talwar - 28 days ago
"Indian" is not a language. It's hindi
Joon nam ARMY5570
Joon nam ARMY5570 - 29 days ago
Best collab everrrrf
Purple default
Purple default - 29 days ago
Marvelfan2020 - 29 days ago
Wait Danny was in the mall with Laura
Keclo Jaxyn
Keclo Jaxyn - 29 days ago
*"Indian or whatever"* 😂😂😂 oh god danny no
Lego Wicket
Lego Wicket - 29 days ago
Im watching this with a ruptured thooth
Lil Rotta
Lil Rotta - 29 days ago
10:23 ok not to be rude, but its pretty obviously supposed to be kilogram.
Brooke Macgillis
Brooke Macgillis - Month ago
its 2020 so Mexico is practically a wholeass ocean now.
jetpacke - Month ago
davina - Month ago
ryan looks and acts like that one scared/awkward young lad that the older classmates (which i would never thought be danny. but eh here we are) like.
davina - Month ago
ohh thats why my pet crocodile always sticks his tongue out when hes hanging out with my indoor boyfriend. i thought he was just rude or something. lol. so relatable
Peppa Fox
Peppa Fox - Month ago
What Ryan said: Bulls, everyone loves them!
What I heard Ryan say: *Balls*, everyone loves them.
Paris Girl
Paris Girl - Month ago
Maman Gul
Maman Gul - Month ago
these are pages which are obsesseddddddddddddd with india
03MrSwiftGuy - Month ago
8:01 ill explain im from.india
so an indian can go to the mountains and pray for a long period of time and does not need to eat or drink (i think
gacha with love
gacha with love - Month ago
LilyAwesome - Month ago
i have not do understood anthing yes do me huh?

meaning: I don't understand anything that was said in this vid XDDD (I was joking I'm not actually Indian but I don't understand a single fact that was said :3)
Lia Neel
Lia Neel - Month ago
0:08 *danny just in the back*
Joelle Bohannon
Joelle Bohannon - Month ago
you can literally see Danny and his wife in the background after Ryan disappears😂😂
Joelle Bohannon
Joelle Bohannon - Month ago
Ryan: *disappears*
Nutcracker: *appears*
Shivani Pathak
Shivani Pathak - Month ago
Oh... So it's because of these pages why people are surprised at my understandable English...
Blep :P
Blep :P - Month ago
I apoligize for the dumbness of our contury T - T...

Actually it was probably translated into English from Hindi..or somthing..cause IF you know hindi and translate every the same order as the hindi sentace...then it would make no sense •-•..
Blep :P
Blep :P - Month ago
They might be actual facts but badlly translated :^
Mrduck - Month ago
I know how much gum you gotta eat 32.00 calagrams
Chilly Chill Services
Chilly Chill Services - Month ago
Widows xp User
Widows xp User - Month ago
But the cat pee does glow tho
Minty Toca
Minty Toca - Month ago
did danny really ay indian or whatever huh
Extrox - Month ago
Greg's and cowboys

tiasa das
tiasa das - Month ago
5:49 they actually use the Indian system of numbering, so its actually 4 lakhs, which is 400 thousand as per International Number System. ALSO Danny, there's no language called INDIAN (smh)... but love you both anyway:)
Aviral - Month ago
I don't understand why everyone is mocking india for no reason.
Aviral - Month ago
Not everybody speaks bad English here in India. Most people here just don't give a fuck about other countries but we are always ahead in helping other countries.
The Shadow
The Shadow - Month ago
Thank god you finally did a collab with another actually funny YouTuber
Sachi B
Sachi B - Month ago
Tim Swanson
Tim Swanson - Month ago
I swear when Danny said the. Bee knee smells he sounded like he was the bee movie
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