Casually Explained: Magnets

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justchilaxe123 - 4 days ago
0:34 the “could have been worse” under the drawing of electromagnetic waves kills me
Lorenor sorro
Lorenor sorro - 8 days ago
Hi hi 420
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki - 8 days ago

We all know it’s magic
Neki The Original
Neki The Original - 12 days ago
Still waiting for the next video
Corey Pattison
Corey Pattison - 13 days ago
Dude relationships are for the unimaginative. Save yourself some aggregation. Just have female friends. You already know you're not perfect. You don't need a spouse to remind you ever moment for the rest of your life until they cheat on you because they have no idea who they are. It's funny you sell yourself short. But on a serious note you're just fine alone. We don't need more people. So you don't need to reproduce. Read books, exercise, get plenty of rest and try not to be a dick. That's life right there.
Corey Pattison
Corey Pattison - 13 days ago
Your videos are so great and uplifting. They got me through a three week flu. Thank you! Long time subscribed
Amos Walker
Amos Walker - 16 days ago
Lmfao Tasmania
404Anymouse - 18 days ago
disappointed. This video didn't help me pass my third semester electromagnetism class.
Albo Bobo
Albo Bobo - 22 days ago
Your videos are like your personality, don’t look like much but they are wearing on me.
Fred Weasley
Fred Weasley - 25 days ago
Check the video length
AKA - Month ago
When i'm going to be a teacher i'm going to show my kids this video
Henry The Moonrabbit
Henry The Moonrabbit - Month ago
Casually explained has the munchies
eg man does eg things
eg man does eg things - Month ago
This video is exactly 4 minutes and 20 second
Rachel Margraf
Rachel Margraf - Month ago
As a physicist I expected this to be wholly inaccurate, but no, as long as you can tell the jokes from the physics, this is pretty good!
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson - 2 months ago
Yup, still don't know shit about anything, especially magnets
Daniel Thibodeaux
Daniel Thibodeaux - 2 months ago
Gonna need a lot of magnets to attract the hotness of Natalie Dormer
Lilly Weaver
Lilly Weaver - 2 months ago
Congrats, I now understand magnets more than my fucking college chem class got me to. YouTube is my savior.
Yoda - 2 months ago
I died at the drawing of the Australia dinosaur
Lewis Clark
Lewis Clark - 2 months ago
Has anyone told the Insane Clown Posse about this video? (see This shit blew my muthafuckin' mind!
Brent Parsons
Brent Parsons - 2 months ago
Did you know magnets work in space
DinoDoesStuff - 2 months ago
Was that YSAC for the brownie break part?
I’m already Sans Undertale
Oh cool I'm the thousandth comment on Casually Explained's probably first actual video
Amina King Brown
Amina King Brown - 2 months ago
it's a shame that you don't have 7.6 billion sucribers
Cristian Smikle
Cristian Smikle - 2 months ago
Siddharth - 2 months ago
Ninja Pudding
Ninja Pudding - 2 months ago
Insane Clown Posse did indeed get it right.
Sven Beckers
Sven Beckers - 2 months ago
The only thing i learned from this video is that brownies are good for your brain
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson - 2 months ago
You used to live in Tasmania? Sweet!
yes yes
yes yes - 2 months ago
Mr. Jake
Mr. Jake - 2 months ago
how tf do you learn so much
TURKI uwu - 2 months ago
Haha 420 video
lohphat - 3 months ago
You brain does not run off of glucose when in ketosis. Ketone bodies power the brain instead of glucose.
lyxuary lynx
lyxuary lynx - 3 months ago
hey fuck you I learned something. that's not what this chanel is for
Bonish Koirala
Bonish Koirala - 3 months ago
I came here for the Natalie Dormer stick figure.
J S - 3 months ago
I’m confused because I actually learned something.
Riot Pool
Riot Pool - 3 months ago
Look at the video length
Harsh Raj Always free
Harsh Raj Always free - 3 months ago
RayMysteryo - 3 months ago
You’re white?!
Mimicus Records
Mimicus Records - 3 months ago
3:06 is this the answer for how to make a flying saucer?
Joonsu Kwon
Joonsu Kwon - 3 months ago
the induced current is opposite the movement of the electron so the magnetic field should point downwards but funny video nonetheless
NASSAfellow - 3 months ago
Who else was expecting the food to go up in flames?
Salmon Fish
Salmon Fish - 3 months ago
magnets how do they work
Ryan Lasek
Ryan Lasek - 3 months ago
Watching this before high school physics and after high school physics is a very different experience
Andrewtheantivirus - 3 months ago
Casual grade a under a
Simen Tobiassen
Simen Tobiassen - 3 months ago
The microwave oven is a dielectric ("electric"/voltage field driven) device - kind of the opposite of magnetic.
Dielectric heating:
Tab Golem
Tab Golem - 5 months ago
Casually Explained: Magnets...
Joyce: The Upside Down reopened.
devjock - 5 months ago
So I get why electromagnets do the thing they do.. DC current in, magnetic poles on the edge of axial coils.. Simple. We get it. It's the thing that makes transformers and relays and solenoids do the thing they do.
BUT, explain to me why wrapping wire around an axial magnet (ea; a magnet shaped like a cilinder with the poles on the ends) doesn't induce a permanent DC voltage (or current) in the wire? Like, I get why the field lines go in a loop from north to south pole, and I get the right hand rule, so why doesn't a stationary magnet with a coil around it equal free energy? What's the "stuff" actually travelling the magnetic field lines?
SeverSFSs - 5 months ago
Look up electromagnetic potential. One of the things you'll realize is the path is just options for the current to travel and doesnt do so until an option is opened up for it to interfere with. In fact electrical currents can actually pass right through the insulated cables theyre being passed through. Such as power lines for the electricity for your house. The only reason the electricity doesnt escape the insulated lines is because its a more difficult option for the current than following the wire inside the insulation itself. This is why you can get electrocuted by touching insulated power lines.
Kirithan - 5 months ago
I can never tell what I can actually learn watching these videos
Brandon Prentice
Brandon Prentice - 6 months ago
I was really hoping for a Insane Clown Posse magnet reference
Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie - 6 months ago
So that’s how some people are magnetic... they do that thing you explained around 3:40 ish
Jay Bofa
Jay Bofa - 6 months ago
Do you even strong nuclear, bro?
Caoimhin Mclaughlin
Caoimhin Mclaughlin - 6 months ago
Fuckin nerd
Corey Pattison
Corey Pattison - 6 months ago
I calibrate my microwave with brownies. Not really. I just eat them.
Corey Pattison
Corey Pattison - 6 months ago
Just repulsive....
Bloody Nice
Bloody Nice - 6 months ago
If only Joyce could see this ...
Anthony Moreno
Anthony Moreno - 6 months ago
Thanks for the brownie break
ben rafaeli
ben rafaeli - 6 months ago
This dude keeps a piece of paper in his microwave
Kobi Jaro
Kobi Jaro - 6 months ago
I feel like I'm really starting to get to know him. For example, I know his name is James (probably) and he owns a microwave (confirmed).
Waldo - 6 months ago
Naved - 6 months ago
He used to live on a island LUL
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