Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the U.S. Navy! (Bomb Squad Called)

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DALLMYD - Month ago
I feel incredibly lucky and honored to have the oppurtunity to make a sponsored video with the US Navy. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who made this happen. I went from filming scuba diving videos with my phone and a camera I found to having an oppurtuntiy to team up with the US Navy! I'm not sure how all this happened, but today was a fun day! Help me do more things like this by clicking the thumbs up button and sharing this video! I can't wait for more adventures like this! Huge thanks to everyone who has served.
Mark Dougherty
Mark Dougherty - 7 days ago
I was stationed at NAB Coronado from Aug 1972 until I got out in Dec 1973. The building that is now used for The EOD Team use to be a repair facility for small navy water craft. The reason for the large garage door is that there was large A frame crane that was operated by crew of Seabees. They where EO's. Generally there were a crew of 6 seabees, one bulldozer operator and 5 riggers. One of the riggers operated the crane controls and the other 4 would rig the boat to raise it up to move the boats from the boat ramp, or from the slab or from inside the building to wherever the boat needed to go. The riggers also acted as signal men to help guide the crane to where the boat had to go. The repair facility had every type of rated sailor to handle whatever repairs that needed to be done. You had ship fitters, welders, electricians, carpenters, fiberglass workers. You name it we had the person that could do the repair work. After I got out of the navy in 1973 I went to work for a moving company. In March 1974 they were hiring civilians so I was hired and went back to the same facility I worked at when I was in the navy to work along side my former shipmates. I stayed there until Aug 1980.
Aaron Elmendorf
Aaron Elmendorf - 11 days ago
Awesome video loved every minute of it keep up the awesome content and everything you guys do!!!
War Thunder Gaming
War Thunder Gaming - 21 day ago
Were you at 900 feet?? What cert level does that take???
Trenton McClellan
Trenton McClellan - 26 days ago
DALLMYD so you gonna join the navy now and be an EOD tech?
Shani Awan
Shani Awan - Month ago
Love you bro Amazing videos Love from Pakistan
FBI Madafakaa
FBI Madafakaa - 9 minutes ago
soumya naik
soumya naik - 42 minutes ago
US Navy hunting for oil when they found that they have oil in their base
databbs - 2 hours ago
It would be funny if somebody was standing in the edge and then they fall down into the water😂
Ness Whistler
Ness Whistler - 4 hours ago
You're a diver who gets seasick?! Lol
Kat Bloo
Kat Bloo - 6 hours ago
this video is making me hard to breath
Savannah La Grande
Savannah La Grande - 7 hours ago
I almost had to move to the Big Island and it's so exciting how you got to be there to explore underneath that ship !
Pimpona plays Ramos
Pimpona plays Ramos - 9 hours ago
When I saw bomb squad called in My I head I thought about them just dropping bombs on them
sick_Savage_ gang
sick_Savage_ gang - 9 hours ago
Come to Buffalo like so he can see
Dominick Mitchell
Dominick Mitchell - 11 hours ago
Great whites are just playfull.
William The Warrior
William The Warrior - 12 hours ago
Hi I’m 11 turning 12 and I would like to learn how to scuba dive.i wondered if you had any tips
Nine Awsome Cousins.
Nine Awsome Cousins. - 17 hours ago
I was stressing this whole time he was underwater.
Zach Peralta
Zach Peralta - Day ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Jake hops in the water at 4:42
NeblexTheGamer - Day ago
imagine being sea sick and you’re a scuba diver
OsO-_-Void - Day ago
The bird scooter was probably Danny Duncan
PrisKillaRiot - Day ago
Whooooa welcome to my home of sunny san diego!!!
Shane Long
Shane Long - Day ago
1:10 i like how there is a gallon of milk in the background 😂😂
Alexander Kane
Alexander Kane - Day ago
He let somd good eating go
agnel official media
Good job bro ..
CDarty16 - Day ago
So technically you were sponsored by America?
Naruto - Day ago
Damn 9 million I remember your gta vids and bo2 damn been here since under like 20k you’ve grown hella
yama gaming
yama gaming - Day ago
Babyloveheartsmith - Day ago
This was very anxiety inducing
Hannah J.C
Hannah J.C - Day ago
Wow they are sooo brave while me even if I stepped on something or like a rock oh hell nawh I’m not gonna swim in the ocean imma just eat while watching y’all swim and have fun
serena wang
serena wang - Day ago
Guy Fernarni
Guy Fernarni - Day ago
you know too much 😎🔪
Anime Watcher
Anime Watcher - Day ago
are there aliens there?
Subscriber - 2 days ago
Imagine getting sponsored by the U.S. Navy
Grandma Gaga
Grandma Gaga - 2 days ago
That’s so cool to see the Midway from underwater, Ive been on the ship before!!
Egg doggo
Egg doggo - 2 days ago
Go to Kentucky lake
Frederic van Duinen
Frederic van Duinen - 2 days ago
Jake keeps saying he can't see nothin', so he sees something??
Think like a boss Think like a boss
Y that’s a new craft kill you what do you mean
NightCrusher76 - 2 days ago
*i found a scooter!!*
Suzy T
Suzy T - 2 days ago
ᗰIᑎT-Iᔕᕼシ - 2 days ago
Once, when my mom was a child, she went on a a vacation with her parents and two sisters. They were in their boat, all calm and fishing and stuff, and then suddenly there was big waves beginning. They didn’t know what was happening and then they saw this. A gigantic black submarine coming out of the water. They immediately realize that it was a submarine from the marine military or something like that.
Ring Leader
Ring Leader - Day ago
Damn that sounds cool!
Em - 3 days ago
rip little lobster dude in the cage
Romelo Laspinas
Romelo Laspinas - 3 days ago
Is this just practice?
xXDark_ MatterXx
xXDark_ MatterXx - 3 days ago
Weren’t the lobster already gonna die
Celestina Valera
Celestina Valera - 3 days ago
ᎠᎪᏒᏦ - 4 days ago
Yay, propaganda...
Shortwave Espionage
Shortwave Espionage - 5 days ago
Dude, the Navy is cool af.
cole outlaw
cole outlaw - 5 days ago
2:34 just casually lifting a boat trailer with the skiff
Juliette Gannon
Juliette Gannon - 5 days ago
JaKe Is ThE sOn Of PoSiDeN !!!!!!!!!!
Juliette Gannon
Juliette Gannon - 5 days ago
M jaziee
M jaziee - 5 days ago
mantaaf ini chenel
Kimberly Hunter
Kimberly Hunter - 5 days ago
That’s awesome that you were able to dive with the guys, My Fiancé is retired from Navy, Served 22 years, excited I show him this video, Really glad I found your channel.
StarFlower99654 - 7 days ago
There's a whole bunch of hotness right there. Did the water boil when they dove in?
Stick Man is my hero
Stick Man is my hero - 8 days ago
Those dudes lookes like straight up bad ass
Trinity Stover
Trinity Stover - 8 days ago
that is cool
Hoai Saykeo
Hoai Saykeo - 8 days ago
Is the USS Midway the aircraft carrier
gateroverrade - 9 days ago
Was I the only one waiting for a BOOM!!
Tomboy turfle
Tomboy turfle - 9 days ago
Ellie Bon
Ellie Bon - 9 days ago
That was so nice to free them lobsters! I feel like most ppl would just let them die ... good job for that!
Brodie The beast
Brodie The beast - 10 days ago
Found Rare Jem when found your channel
Susie Marashdeh
Susie Marashdeh - 10 days ago
Ok but whys nobody talking bout THAT BOOTY
Aarav swamy
Aarav swamy - 10 days ago
I love how the guy who is driving the boat has a flower popsocket on his phone
Nevaeh Brewer
Nevaeh Brewer - 11 days ago
Pewdiepie: this video is sponsored by hulu.
Him: Hold my 5 U.S Navy Bombs
Damine - 11 days ago
dont join the Navy i was Navy unless shit change from when i left in 1992 it is extremely racist and stupid hazing of actual training for anything
Christian Lindsey
Christian Lindsey - 11 days ago
I'm in njrotc
Max/En3rgy Airsoft
Max/En3rgy Airsoft - 11 days ago
Wtf PLS MORE ♥ ♥ ♥
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