Found 5 Explosive Devices Underwater with the U.S. Navy! (Bomb Squad Called)

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DALLMYD - 9 months ago
I feel incredibly lucky and honored to have the oppurtunity to make a sponsored video with the US Navy. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who made this happen. I went from filming scuba diving videos with my phone and a camera I found to having an oppurtuntiy to team up with the US Navy! I'm not sure how all this happened, but today was a fun day! Help me do more things like this by clicking the thumbs up button and sharing this video! I can't wait for more adventures like this! Huge thanks to everyone who has served.
James Gunning
James Gunning - 23 hours ago
That definitely would have been a fun day my son is stationed there
Random Guy
Random Guy - 11 days ago
Did you go under the uss Yorktown
Phase28 - Month ago
DALLMYD do you know any where in England to scuba dive or some equipment for biginers
multidnls_ yt
multidnls_ yt - Month ago
Great video
Wolf_girl_devil Gamer
Wolf_girl_devil Gamer - 2 months ago
I’m sad cause my grandfather was in the us navy and I tried not to cry a little bit I still cried a little bit
Bleach -
Bleach - - 7 hours ago
THE PARTY GAMER - 15 hours ago
Max Dukhovskoy
Max Dukhovskoy - 19 hours ago
Next vid: found rocket booster underwater!(NASA Called!)
Dann McKenzie
Dann McKenzie - Day ago
This is a pretty damn cool video.
I’m Respect—x
I’m Respect—x - Day ago
Honestly this is bad ass😳
Blake Adamson
Blake Adamson - Day ago
im from australia im a huge fan of you
DeAnna Ray
DeAnna Ray - Day ago
I enjoyed this video thank you Jake!
Molly Gobbel
Molly Gobbel - Day ago
wow this guys from my city...
Elaine Soto
Elaine Soto - Day ago
I f you can get sea sick in a boat can you get sea sick in the sea???????
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - Day ago
GJ 14
GJ 14 - Day ago
2:32 I thought he's going to twerk😂😂
Its_ Gacha_icykurt
Its_ Gacha_icykurt - Day ago
What carrier is that
Julia Ruiz
Julia Ruiz - 3 days ago
I feel like they want you as one of there soldiers you would be a good one but I love watching your vids and keep up your good work you inspire me btw
Ash White
Ash White - 3 days ago
Scared of sharks...says the man who swims in croc and alligator filled waters...🤣
RoboRat - 4 days ago
O wonder how much the Navy pays for a sponsorship, probably less than a mobile game company lol
len kagamine
len kagamine - 4 days ago
You should eat the lobster
Kenzie Chaney
Kenzie Chaney - 4 days ago
I want to make a connex box house!
Kenzie Chaney
Kenzie Chaney - 4 days ago
My step dad is an under water welder and he does carpentry when he's not diving. He flies and stays all over the world. Before this, he was Navy sea bee. This is amazing. I wish he could do this someday!
Scammer Master
Scammer Master - 5 days ago
San Diego woohoo. Why you didn't record kissing statue
Big Daddy
Big Daddy - 6 days ago
Did you have intercourse with several male sailors as is tradition in the Navy?
GreenPredator #FLSR
GreenPredator #FLSR - 6 days ago
Yeah man cool
Gabriel Morales Hernandez
Ur probably a hero to all those lobsters
Kyle Butt
Kyle Butt - 6 days ago
Go army beat Navy
Claire Sellens
Claire Sellens - 6 days ago
Me when he said there are occasionally alligator 😱🤭🙅🏻
Air Wolf
Air Wolf - 7 days ago
This is bad ass Fr
Tman OutDoors
Tman OutDoors - 7 days ago
Glad to see he is supporting his local pride groups
oliver himmeroeder
oliver himmeroeder - 7 days ago
that fun
Adrian Kawai
Adrian Kawai - 7 days ago
The first time i spot the cage i thought it was a tank 🤣
Lxrz ッ
Lxrz ッ - 7 days ago
12:32 he didn’t let the other lobster gooo nooooooo 😭
jhare18 - 7 days ago
Your Environmental Friendly contents tells it all.......its ROCK.
jhare18 - 7 days ago
Good Job....setting the lobster free.
jhare18 - 7 days ago
Hey guys OXO underwater are extremely dangerous. NAVY EOD teams are the right guys to render safe OXO, stay a distance when they are working. They are doing one of the most dangerous job in the world. Remember if OXO blows up it will ..........Stay safe guys.
Susan Maser
Susan Maser - 7 days ago
Wow what an amazing honor to be diving with the U.S. Navy divers and to be sponsored by the U.S. Navy. WTG!
Aurora Vlogs
Aurora Vlogs - 7 days ago
No one really going to talk about the guy lifting a boat 😂
Henry ponce
Henry ponce - 7 days ago
i *slept* on that carrier
Harambei 123_jr
Harambei 123_jr - 7 days ago
Wow uss midway. I live in San Diego
Team Lost Blood
Team Lost Blood - 8 days ago
no flipin way he lifted the trailer
The_HowlOfTheNight11 - 8 days ago
My bro used to work in the navy
Rachel Conroy
Rachel Conroy - 8 days ago
My dad served on the Midway in the 70s.
Connor Saxton
Connor Saxton - 8 days ago
you guys are the best really good people :)
PNW SciTech
PNW SciTech - 8 days ago
Navy EOD - had a BLAST?!?!?!
Catherine Slzr
Catherine Slzr - 8 days ago
Currently binge watching all your videos 😅
Bea West
Bea West - 8 days ago
Hooyah Navy!!
:)) my fam.
David Rice
David Rice - 8 days ago
It would be awsome if you got to go back out with these guys! Can we get a one year anniversary meet up? Its just around the corner
MsPinkwolf - 8 days ago
Thanks for saving the sealife
Kaleb Mellott
Kaleb Mellott - 8 days ago
My dad got bitten by a bullshark and it was an accident so you dont have anything to worry about xd(im just joking)
Cody Stewart
Cody Stewart - 8 days ago
I love your YouTube channel I watch it really every day
xX jeffery Xx
xX jeffery Xx - 9 days ago
I like how in this vid it’s just a bunch of scuba bros vibin
Andrew26 Cool
Andrew26 Cool - 9 days ago
Where was the bomb squad
Andrew26 Cool
Andrew26 Cool - 9 days ago
I am claustrophobic and this is scary for me. I don’t know if that has anything to do with claustrophobia but it makes me uncomfortable
M L Curtis
M L Curtis - 9 days ago
When you found the BIRD-you had a helmet in your hand--what happen to it?
zwoosh - 9 days ago
how the hell do you get the U.S. Navy to sponsor a youtube video?
Christopher Nieman
Christopher Nieman - 9 days ago
So jealous!!! What I would give to be able to do this!
FroggieBOi 512
FroggieBOi 512 - 9 days ago
hey jake me and my dad are wanting to get into scuba diving. do you have any affordable gear that i should checkout?
animations and stuff
animations and stuff - 9 days ago
xxfollyxx - 9 days ago
Marzuq Janwar
Marzuq Janwar - 9 days ago
can you mention to me the name of that vest its very cool tho
Manjusha Gopalakrishnan
I didn’t know you can get sponsored by the navy
Soba - 10 days ago
no matter what their names were... They are all Petty Officer Dingleberry to me.
Giralamo Sirvanarola
Giralamo Sirvanarola - 10 days ago
That was exciting good on you!
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Yung tachanka 69 - 5 hours ago
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Yung tachanka 69
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Yung tachanka 69
Yung tachanka 69 - 5 hours ago
Henry ponce
Henry ponce - 7 days ago
i slept on that carrier for cub scouts
Littlemanblue609 kik
Littlemanblue609 kik - 10 days ago
11:46 one of the lobsters legs broke off ._.
billy holly
billy holly - 10 days ago
Go Navy!!
Troy Walt
Troy Walt - 10 days ago
The more I watched this kind of videos the more I think fishermen are assholes, this cages could literally trap lobsters for decades and there are probably hundred of thousands of them in the ocean. Best thing to do is to eat less fish and sea food and complement in omega 3 instead.
Ceezy Fa
Ceezy Fa - 10 days ago
1:56 I feel that one
janシ - 10 days ago
Hayden Jennings
Hayden Jennings - 11 days ago
3:13 lookin kinda thicc!!
YANKEE RICO - 11 days ago
Nick Froeming
Nick Froeming - 11 days ago
Nice. Yall got to explore midway. How cool.
Cole Coursen
Cole Coursen - 11 days ago
Hi man your so cool
Kaapo - 11 days ago
Navy wanted him to find the lost aliens from area 51 raid.
Lowqy Experience
Lowqy Experience - 11 days ago
God damn they all look like shredded actors I’m pissed
Rhys Kolesar
Rhys Kolesar - 11 days ago
I was on the uss midway before.
Earth - 11 days ago
So inspirational look at DALLMYD man.
Dries Verhaag
Dries Verhaag - 11 days ago
The midway is a pretty nice museum, went there on vacay
Google Account
Google Account - 11 days ago
They really made a navy class based on the modern warfare perk EOD wtf that’s crazy
Grier Booker Richards
Grier Booker Richards - 11 days ago
Bomb squad not called!
ninja nyan
ninja nyan - 11 days ago
• Eclipse •
• Eclipse • - 12 days ago
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