Key Glock - Monster (Official Video)

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kashif espinosa
kashif espinosa - 3 days ago
The producer on this beat 🔥🔥🔥... key glock just merc it 💯💯💯
Eric Post
Eric Post - 5 days ago
Key go hard
Eres Un Manso
Eres Un Manso - 5 days ago
thanks young dolph 4 never let keyglock being mumble he deserves all that
Antonio Cook
Antonio Cook - 6 days ago
slide on another levl yeah big boss shit baby i get in daily
DelLeon Thomas
DelLeon Thomas - 8 days ago
Don De Dieu
Don De Dieu - 8 days ago
Sooooo haaarrrdddd 🔥 🔥
zStormsHD - 12 days ago
“Hoes from A-Z they all treat me like a king” TALK THAT SHIT GLOCK🗣🗣🗣
Annmarie Thompson
Annmarie Thompson - 13 days ago
Just start listening to this song its low key one of key glock's Best's song
W Y Z A - 10 days ago
Annmarie Thompson it’s the best one
Kaseim Ezell
Kaseim Ezell - 13 days ago
Kareem Lakatoo
Kareem Lakatoo - 17 days ago
Wah yuh telling yuhself all the way from Trinidad big boss shit baby
Desean Pruitt
Desean Pruitt - 18 days ago
my lit playlist
my lit playlist - 18 days ago
Im poping hot bacon you know i am not basic no i am not basic just look at what got created ... ah monster a mf monster shout out to my grandma she know she raised a hustla and i will neva ever ever ever trust a nigga or a bitch!
Josiah Vingara
Josiah Vingara - 20 days ago
I love dis music video bro when I listened to this song the video caught my attention not even the somg
Faisel Jubitana
Faisel Jubitana - 21 day ago
Yeah YEAH!!🔥🔥🔥
Kevin Rodriquez
Kevin Rodriquez - 24 days ago
On gang this song was made for me 🔱💯💯
Mark steven
Mark steven - 25 days ago
Key Glock goes soo hard on this, he is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *Authentic Views COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees
Brett Engel
Brett Engel - 25 days ago
Shout out to mah grandma she know she raised a hustla😤😤💯
Paul Martocci-smale
Paul Martocci-smale - 28 days ago
Let the band play
[Verse 1]
All these cameras flashin' and my diamonds dancin'
I came out the slums, I'm the one that made it happen
Now I'm gettin' back ends, I used to get them bags in
Came out the trenches, now a nigga livin' lavish
I'm finna buy a mansion and turn it to my palace
Bitch, I'm cold as Aspen, I'll pop you like an aspirin
Big Glock, I'm Jurassic and all my bitches nasty
Told these hoes, they know I'm too real to have a bitch that's plastic
Nah, that ain't me, I like natural physiques, uh
Pretty and petite, and she cocky just like me
Yeah, I put her on my team, she came straight from overseas
Yeah, hoes from A to Z, they all treat me like a king
Big boss shit, baby, I get it in daily
AP got my wrist achin', I'm poppin', hot bacon
You know I am not basic, no I am not basic
Just look at what God created (God created, God created)
[Verse 2]
A monster, a motherfuckin' monster
Shout out to my grandma, she know she raised a hustler, yeah
And my mama told me never, ever, ever, never
Ever, never, ever trust a nigga or a bitch, uh
That's just how it is (Yeah)
That's how you get killed, thinkin' everybody real
It was hard where I lived, I was robbin', payin' bills, yeah
Yeah, in these streets for real thinkin' about my next meal, yeah, yeah
Big boss shit, baby, I get it in daily
AP got my wrist achin', I'm poppin', hot bacon
You know I am not basic, no I am not basic
Just look at what God created (God created, God created)
A monster, a motherfuckin' monster
A monster, a motherfuckin' monster
XIV - Month ago
the video editor spending 20 minutes making the video
fina lena
fina lena - Month ago
Stilllllll here mannn
NORTEskXIV - Month ago
Oooooooooooooooooo this slapssss
NORTEskXIV - Month ago
Scott Farlee
Scott Farlee - Month ago
This shit hard 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Juen Schuster
Juen Schuster - Month ago
Good thing dolph aint retire.. Salute PRE
Gerald Johnson
Gerald Johnson - Month ago
Gerald son
WhynotTayvon - Month ago
Go sub please, I’m dropping the real video at 300
Nate Nelson
Nate Nelson - Month ago
Dude hard! Don’t listen to much of the new generation
Melody Medina
Melody Medina - Month ago
Anyone know where I can get the outfit the female was wearing in the beginning?
LixO - Month ago
Abdirahman Osman
Abdirahman Osman - Month ago
Only rapper hard than Glock in the city is Dolph the other niggas trash On God
Ej - Month ago
Repeat x100
Myers Carlson
Myers Carlson - Month ago
Club music
Loe Draco
Loe Draco - Month ago
Still listening 🔥🔥
Ashley Foster
Ashley Foster - Month ago
God created a moster
Dexterツ - Month ago
nigga has the best beats in the game
Andbfb Shhdbs
Andbfb Shhdbs - Month ago
This song is so hard been hip since the first day it came out I still play this song everyday fr🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jade Powell
Jade Powell - Month ago
Jane Dough
Jane Dough - 2 months ago
Someone needa do a Nick i Minaj monster n this remix. Omg
Elite Chief
Elite Chief - 2 months ago
Yeah This Shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯
Pookie Corleone
Pookie Corleone - 2 months ago
Shout Out To My Grandma She Know She Raised Ayee Hustler 🕺🏾📌💯💯
D R - 2 months ago
Playing this every day since it came out 🔥
Olajubu Peter
Olajubu Peter - 2 months ago
Look at what God created Monster mfnkn monster
Joseph - 2 months ago
Big Boss Shit Baybee!
Dribble-_-god Jay
Dribble-_-god Jay - 2 months ago
H G - 2 months ago
Repeat mfer🔥🔥🔥
Eric Murphy
Eric Murphy - 2 months ago
Real boss shit glizock
Rory Mcdonald
Rory Mcdonald - 2 months ago
Who is listening this every day
This performance is amazing
1:28 🔥💜💕
Ruler Izaguirre
Ruler Izaguirre - 2 months ago
That's how you get killed , thinking everybody real 💯
Faze_ Ak
Faze_ Ak - 2 months ago
This shit hot
Jermaine Scott
Jermaine Scott - 2 months ago
Pooh Savage
Pooh Savage - 2 months ago
I bump this DAILY‼️‼️ thank God my mama and grandma raise me to be ready for these streets ‼️‼️💪🏾💪🏾
Tenese Simpson
Tenese Simpson - 2 months ago
he said speak things into existence, key glock u my baby, we gonna link one day just watch!!!
DenverHustla - 2 months ago
Just look at what God created
Blogmylifekns Blogmylifekns
Anton Kent
Anton Kent - 2 months ago
Subscribe to my channel @Añt Brêezy💔🎶
Lu Fixx
Lu Fixx - 2 months ago
Pretty and petite and she Caucasian like me
D R - 2 months ago
Playboí Barbíe.
Playboí Barbíe. - 2 months ago
Lu Fixx cocky*
John Doe
John Doe - 3 months ago
When the beat drop I automatically get the adrenaline rush lol
magical unicorn
magical unicorn - 3 months ago
Too hard
Willie Johns
Willie Johns - 3 months ago
OG BUSH BOSS - 3 months ago
2020 Banger! Boss Up God Created A Monsta
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams - 3 months ago
Hello because see smoke a Op is just what my Uncle said ill be now @keyglock we finna bite pop
Kaffi Q Nubian
Kaffi Q Nubian - 3 months ago
2020 and I'm still hitting this song hard💯💯💯💯💯💯
Spider FaterClan
Spider FaterClan - Month ago
Me too 💯
Jilal Rowe
Jilal Rowe - 3 months ago
You are so damn cute ye👅👄you are a hustler
Lucker Beats
Lucker Beats - 3 months ago
soo lit !
Allsortsofthings GG
Allsortsofthings GG - 3 months ago
1:43 that’s a big pistol
Elliott Davis
Elliott Davis - 3 months ago
Idk why but lately I’ve been liking Glocks stuff more than dolphs
Bobby Graves
Bobby Graves - 3 months ago
For real you ain't triping
Johnnie yg
Johnnie yg - 3 months ago
Dan Carr
Dan Carr - 3 months ago
So underrated. Every track he puts out is a MONSTA!👻🤖
40-Year-Old Man
40-Year-Old Man - 3 months ago
This is real rap
kxxn - 3 months ago
diamond foster
diamond foster - 3 months ago
Xojscaoe has been some weird
Lauren K
Lauren K - 3 months ago
Golden eye vibe in the back ✨
Lauren K
Lauren K - 3 months ago
Thinkin' everybody real!
Paris Nicole
Paris Nicole - 3 months ago
My ish RN 🔥🔥🤞🏾🤯
ZuseGang StufGangEmt.
ZuseGang StufGangEmt. - 3 months ago
Check it out 🔥🔥
EXPENSIVEWASTE - 3 months ago
"Just look at what God created, a monster, a motherfuckin monster!!"
Not religious but I felt that. 💯
Playboí Barbíe.
Playboí Barbíe. - 3 months ago
“Nah That Ain Me, I Like Natural Physiques, Pretty & Petite 🧚🏻”.
D R - 2 months ago
Straight up
Milelon Mckinley
Milelon Mckinley - 3 months ago
This song showed me.... you is better than dolph and dolph got hits.....but he never made a song with bars like this keep going 🏃lil bro
Underground kingz
Underground kingz - 3 months ago
This dong hard
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