We Need to Talk about These TubeNews... (The Jack DeFilms Show)

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Wildcat - 3 hours ago
Sydney Black
Sydney Black - 7 hours ago
Can I have a Wubba Lubba Dab Dab shirt please?
- TH4TDUCKY0UKN0W - - 13 hours ago
0/10 not talking fast enough
Raven Phoenix
Raven Phoenix - 19 hours ago
Sucks I missed this vid when it came out.
Randon Stuff
Randon Stuff - Day ago
I mean i will walk into it.
Andrew Ventura
Andrew Ventura - Day ago
A simpler time.
TNerdy - Day ago
Why does jack look like he record this whole video while being drunk
Der JohnPolp12
Der JohnPolp12 - 2 days ago
0:05 im keeping that for myself to spam it
Ben Per
Ben Per - 2 days ago
Dafuq is this?
GwynieBoy - Day ago
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson - 4 days ago
Yo, that's finna woke
royalkitana - 5 days ago
0/10 arms were not swung enough
Magma Hot Designs
Magma Hot Designs - 5 days ago
Where is the secret link Jack?
jonathancilantro - 7 days ago
i couldn’t watch this video. the pillow kept staring at me.
hi im giles
hi im giles - 7 days ago
trevor philips took over your channel what happened
Angus Noble
Angus Noble - 7 days ago
I will never understand how people can think Keemstar is bad but still watch PhillyD. They do the exact same thing, Keem is just less subtle about it.
The Space Of Ades
The Space Of Ades - 5 days ago
@Angus Noble Oh, sorry
Angus Noble
Angus Noble - 5 days ago
@The Space Of Ades I'm implying both of them are bad people
The Space Of Ades
The Space Of Ades - 5 days ago
I get what you're saying, but you're also implying that Keemstar isn't a bad person.
Finn C07
Finn C07 - 8 days ago
Yo, that's finna woke
Merge Plays
Merge Plays - 8 days ago
*yo thats finna woke*
J M - 9 days ago
60mil. Lol
Stal 9
Stal 9 - 9 days ago
Sad we never got a scare themed tube news
potassium prime
potassium prime - 9 days ago
He looks like a young Trever Phillips
Glumbor Tango
Glumbor Tango - 9 days ago
I was disproportionally sad there was no secret link. 🌟🕳🕳🕳🕳
Huseyin Arisoy
Huseyin Arisoy - 9 days ago
Jack I can see the RLM influence in that tube news alert reaction
Fork Draws
Fork Draws - 9 days ago
yo thats finna woke
Ryn McKin
Ryn McKin - 10 days ago
“It’s like Pixar if Pixar made good movies” I’m unsubbing
VariaBoi - 10 days ago
ok now im curious, what did boogie actually say? or did he not say anything? i dont remember anything happening
šemsudin dino poplava
šemsudin dino poplava - 6 days ago
Nothing happened
weeze la soup
weeze la soup - 10 days ago
yo thats finna woke
Dax Daximus
Dax Daximus - 10 days ago
Points for using kamehameha
Matthew Helfrich
Matthew Helfrich - 11 days ago
Yo that finna woke
Hazey - 11 days ago
i love jemma narbles
Liam Coulter
Liam Coulter - 11 days ago
God, I thought this was a new post, Jack content is eternally relevant on YouTube lol
Jojo Reyes
Jojo Reyes - 13 days ago
Hmmm the boogie thing certainly aged.
npnovak911 - 15 days ago
Omg this is two years old and it's still a perfect parody of the PDS.
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi - 15 days ago
This is finna woke
FurretYT - 16 days ago
I searched " Let's just jump into it" and this was the first thing
tape - 16 days ago
Arda B.
Arda B. - 17 days ago
that never grow up pillow matches the backround really well
Jonah’s Junk drawer
Jonah’s Junk drawer - 18 days ago
Yo that’s finna woke
Akhil Diwana
Akhil Diwana - Month ago
Legend says he’s still jumping into it.
Maxord - Month ago
He missed the opportunity to replace "You've just been Phil'd in" with "You've just been Jack'd off."
Aakanksha K
Aakanksha K - Month ago
Is that a dildo balloon on the couch...
The Master
The Master - Month ago
Yo that's finna woke
Mashrur Wahid
Mashrur Wahid - 2 months ago
Jack predicted Boogies full on breakdown
EvilGuy? - 2 months ago
Emoji movie coming to Netflix on feb 8th... literally the best bday present I've ever had
kevin drunen
kevin drunen - 16 days ago
yo thats finna woke
Oreo_Emporio - 2 months ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how the footsteps in the dance at the very end were synced to the song
angus malcolm
angus malcolm - 2 months ago
Still more reliable than fox news
Jasper - 2 months ago
Is he
Tiny Dino Productions
Tiny Dino Productions - 2 months ago
Boogie hits 10mil he should personally drop kick every one of his subs
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage - 2 months ago
Yo that’s finna woke
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja - 2 months ago
Is that an Arkhalis in the background?
Tyler Barton
Tyler Barton - 2 months ago
“śhwłœæmtdæb so let’s just jump into it”
kale - 3 months ago
*yo that’s finna woke*
misscrackwood - 3 months ago
2 years later, this video is still gold!
Ronan Moore
Ronan Moore - 3 months ago
Tastic Smursday
Bryan Breezy
Bryan Breezy - 3 months ago
Ian E
Ian E - 3 months ago
“Yo thats finna woke”- Jacksfilms
Andrea Milone
Andrea Milone - 3 months ago
Fresh new video in my suggestion
Bangla Music
Bangla Music - 3 months ago
Bangla Music
Digia - 4 months ago
Jack. Why the fuck. Do you not use I spent element instead of making a GOD DAMN BLIGHTED PHOTOSHOP EDIT IF A TWEET
Grengajer - 4 months ago
*Y O T H A T S F I N N A W O K E*
OverallAverage - 4 months ago
Why do he look kinda hot here tho
Foolishcious Gaming
Foolishcious Gaming - 4 months ago
Yo the Boogie part is getting a little too real for my liking
Hanana Hana
Hanana Hana - 2 days ago
Boogie has been on a super downward spiral, he called anyone who dislikes/criticizes his content "worse then actual nazis because at least nazis believe in something". Most of the criticism coming from him lying about dieting and exercizing and saying it's actually impossible for him to lose weight because he has a fictional metabolic issue. He tried to say that limiting his caloric intake wouldnt work because even with exercize he would have to eat 0 calories a day to lose weight.
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come - 2 days ago
@Kabir Kumar Oh? And Indian? Stop shitting in the streets nigga. Fuck all yall rapers
JoA - 3 days ago
@나라 Muse What's wrong with that?
Super Smash Pixels
Super Smash Pixels - 5 days ago
@나라 Muse I see.
나라 Muse
나라 Muse - 5 days ago
@Super Smash Pixels I dont believe he realized what he was saying, but he was being pretty stupid. I'm not sure if this part is true so dont take my word for it, but I heard that he started to also be really rude online.
assaf chen
assaf chen - 4 months ago
I think philip defranco is a scumbag and an awful person
Zintlix - 4 months ago
2 YouTube dudes
Have a fued
Too rude
Lily Almanza
Lily Almanza - 4 months ago
This gem deserves more attention
scoopishere - 5 months ago
I click on the video and boy howdy there is already so much to unpack.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - 5 months ago
GreenTea - 5 months ago
Wow how times changes, it really isn't far from reality where boogie says stuff like that nowadays.
Botch Films
Botch Films - 5 months ago
So let’s just jump right into it
lootmaster1337 - 5 months ago
Great job phil de filmo, glad you got to afford a new 4 million dollar house thanks to your patreons and sellout stuff.
meme big boy
a spider
a spider - 5 months ago
iiiiiiittttttsssssss time for tube news
Khiwa2019 - 5 months ago
Boogie known for his calm rational....lmao
Dylan W
Dylan W - 5 months ago
Notifications squad where you at
AM2PM - 5 months ago
I was hoping Phil would at least comment on this.
anonimus 500p
anonimus 500p - 5 months ago
Thank me later.
R.I.P. Sonic
R.I.P. Sonic - 9 days ago
0:05 and 0:35 sound exactly the same lol
Nikifuj908 - 3 months ago
Thank you for letting us jump into it
the_real_ papyrus99
the_real_ papyrus99 - 5 months ago
Thank you
Slime Creep
Slime Creep - 5 months ago
yo this tubenews thing is finna woke
Talking Sandvich
Talking Sandvich - 5 months ago
lmao remember when Pewds *only* had 60 mil?
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield - 3 months ago
@Talking Sandvich. Remember when he _only_ had 50 mil?
Fort Nite
Fort Nite - 6 months ago
That tweet sounds like something boogie would say on stream
Ernesto Gastelum
Ernesto Gastelum - 7 months ago
Back here after their interview
crazedADDICTION - 7 months ago
thanks algorithm
NotToo Straight
NotToo Straight - 7 months ago
This got recommended to me after watching Philips podcast with him totally thought this was a new vid of his XD
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