Smashing People's Androids, Then Giving Them iPhones

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BigDawsTv - 5 months ago
LOL @ the fans who think I actually smashed their phone
Smash that thumbs up for another new video this week!!
Mani pal
Mani pal - 11 days ago
Don't do this kind of prank again.... every person having important contact and personal information in their own mobile phone.....u suddenly smash if have a possibility to crash that this is resistable
Kandi Klover
Kandi Klover - 22 days ago
In comes the reddit/imgur manufactured outrage mob lmao
Kim Morales
Kim Morales - Month ago
can u give me an iphone?? Any iphone model 🙏
Himanshu Sahu
Himanshu Sahu - 3 months ago
Love from India..good job
Alejandrina Martinez
Alejandrina Martinez - 3 months ago
If only I was near
CD Gaming
CD Gaming - Hour ago
What if they are a android person?
misterPAINMAKER - 3 hours ago
6:51 , omg the girl is so sexy.
John Simon
John Simon - 7 hours ago
3:02 do you know that i really need to poop just to end this video and the YouTube Ads Show .-.
John Simon
John Simon - 7 hours ago
What happen if you do that to US MARINES that was done to deployment and just walking around to City and you break her phone lets see what will happen! Maybe he punch you they didnt even scared at terrorist and to you! But i liked the video! Well good :)
franzb69 - 19 hours ago
if someone does this to me, i wouldn't accept an iphone. not even the most expensive one.
Roy piano music tutorial
Roy piano music tutorial - 20 hours ago
Hey broooo....
Lexie Giang
Lexie Giang - 20 hours ago
Oof,but the thing is that does all of the people have androids?
monster dogg
monster dogg - 23 hours ago
Give people creampies then give them a condom
venkatesh boddeti
venkatesh boddeti - Day ago
Boss please come to India
Cabral - Day ago
when they got home they saw an empty box
ChocoMemes - Day ago
Iphone is NOT always better than Android phones
These are really cool people😂😂. If it was me I would hit big daw😂😂
Fifa Player
Fifa Player - Day ago
Ameen Shaikh
Ameen Shaikh - Day ago
Do it in india bro👍
harvy solamo
harvy solamo - Day ago
The girl with a pink clothe is damn so sweet.
Arsenal FC
Arsenal FC - Day ago
This cant be good for the people's hearts.. from heartbroken to the luckiest on this earth in 15 seconds..
Stephen Holden
Stephen Holden - Day ago
Around 8:50 that lady already had an iPhone XR, and he just gave her another one.
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends - Day ago
I would actually pissed off
Muna Farrell
Muna Farrell - Day ago
Take that L, team android 😘
AXOM Empty
AXOM Empty - Day ago
Sir please give me iPhone 11 please help me sir 🙏🙏🙏
Reese Wolf
Reese Wolf - Day ago
This has the worst acting I’ve ever seen
Cora Caro
Cora Caro - Day ago
android is just the BEST honestly.
Sarika Johnson
Sarika Johnson - Day ago
Cut people's pp, then give them Viagra
False God
False God - Day ago
That sux
letiferds - 2 days ago
but... iphone is shh*t :-O
Dhiraj Kumar
Dhiraj Kumar - 2 days ago
I washing your all video
Kamil Kozyra Kozyra
Kamil Kozyra Kozyra - 2 days ago
Breaking people legs then giving them wheelchair
Will - 2 days ago
Like those after takes where you see their excitement! Awesome man!
Eyingthung Ngullie
Eyingthung Ngullie - 2 days ago
I don't know how many rich person in this world can do like Dowson.
He deserve to b the leader of this world.
Mohd Zulfadli
Mohd Zulfadli - 2 days ago
Give me an iphone too!! Please!!
Leonardo Villa
Leonardo Villa - 2 days ago
Why would you smash their phones and then give them an inferior device?
Apple products are well known for being anti-consumer, because that shitty company tries to restrict its users from having full control of their own devices that they bought.
Sheeraz Solangi
Sheeraz Solangi - 2 days ago
Nice work bro
Lackmey - 2 days ago
Destroying people’s brains, replacing it with a computer
Mohammad Medhat
Mohammad Medhat - 2 days ago
The last guy wanted a phone so much lol
Raid Morroco
Raid Morroco - 2 days ago
Any one see the camera7:00
Emma Bozinovich
Emma Bozinovich - 2 days ago
To be honest, I would start cussing them out and make them buy me the brand new one.
Connor De wit
Connor De wit - 2 days ago
What a downgrade
sanghmar167 - 2 days ago
I don't even got Android phone also....why people are so Rich😢😢
Come and distribut in my country 🤭🤭
Akeelah Jones
Akeelah Jones - 2 days ago
that was so kind
Henryk Spark
Henryk Spark - 2 days ago
I would sell the iPhone. I love android 🤣
rubesh kumar
rubesh kumar - 2 days ago
Injecting Corona and giving them a mask !!!!! 🤗
Monty Plays
Monty Plays - 3 days ago
Killing people's parents
Then Adopting them
Fifa Player
Fifa Player - Day ago
adam rayyan
adam rayyan - 3 days ago
Nicas Mtei
Nicas Mtei - 3 days ago
Do we have any testifier who got a brand new I phone? If you are be sincerely and say it
Kyo - 3 days ago
3:32 is this the sweetest person in existence?

seriously who could react that nicely??
Korad Said
Korad Said - 3 days ago
The first girl I can’t believe how kind and calm she was.
Camer for live
Camer for live - 3 days ago
Here Memes
Here Memes - 3 days ago
Dark humor is like fresh water, not everyone gets it!
can u plxx subscribe
can u plxx subscribe - 3 days ago
It was just only one i phone
can u plxx subscribe
can u plxx subscribe - 3 days ago
No one is doing prank on me
704 Mystic
704 Mystic - 3 days ago
the 16K people that disliked didn’t even watch a minute of the video
GamersRise - 3 days ago
This is disgusting, android is so much better than apple
Adam Walker
Adam Walker - 6 hours ago
@GamersRise Never mind the software, not so much beginner friendly, but more customization, easier to develop for, etc.
GamersRise - 19 hours ago
@Chelsea Lowe phone durability, charging convenience, its more affordable, size, and case protection options.
Chelsea Lowe
Chelsea Lowe - 20 hours ago
GamersRise give me 5 reasons
Aj Buchholz
Aj Buchholz - 4 days ago
Am I going to be in the video?
Yea man
*only shows the back of his head*
Sam 130687
Sam 130687 - 4 days ago
BigDaws I wanna work for you guyz. Do you have a job for me
Sam 130687
Sam 130687 - 4 days ago
Second girl is really sweet.
MøonlîghtNůgget - 4 days ago
2:28 I saw something a boy is filming in the grass 🤣🤣🤣
Torin Henry
Torin Henry - 4 days ago
Killing someone then giving them a coffin
preda tor
preda tor - 4 days ago
Im happy with my S10+
I dont like iPhones never used 1.
pierrot la lune
pierrot la lune - 4 days ago
but have you used 2?
Olney Hillbilly
Olney Hillbilly - 4 days ago
But no one wants a piece of shit apple product
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