Smashing People's Androids, Then Giving Them iPhones

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BigDawsTv - 14 days ago
LOL @ the fans who think I actually smashed their phone
Smash that thumbs up for another new video this week!!
Maeed Anim
Maeed Anim - 5 hours ago
Hey budddy plsssss giv me an iphone plsssss .... Plsss plsss
That Guy
That Guy - 7 hours ago
Senthil Varshi
Senthil Varshi - 16 hours ago
I need i phone bro pls could u send for me.
Safa.K. Hassan
Safa.K. Hassan - 16 hours ago
Can i get new phone ?
Zerlasht GHOUS
Zerlasht GHOUS - 17 hours ago
You are rude
Fire Red dragon
Fire Red dragon - 7 minutes ago
please me send in Philippines calamba hahaha joke i sub you guys
Robin Singh
Robin Singh - 9 minutes ago
I hope you lived in india cause I need an iphone
Darine Rezwa
Darine Rezwa - 10 minutes ago
*plot twist*

it was actually just bricks in boxes after all
The Handyman
The Handyman - 13 minutes ago
I don't understand, y r u giving them new fones wen the 1's they had where ok, or just make them think u through there's & then give there's back & that's it.
Katana_Unique Heartily
Katana_Unique Heartily - 19 minutes ago
fck! give me those old phones!
Savage Dan
Savage Dan - 21 minute ago
Throw mine too
Zianab Rifaqat
Zianab Rifaqat - 22 minutes ago
Wowwww they are so nice to give them expensive phones
Assad Shaban
Assad Shaban - 30 minutes ago
Sir send one iPhone for me 😉😉
Daniel 12345
Daniel 12345 - 30 minutes ago
Smashing people's phones and giving them trash
angry brit
angry brit - 30 minutes ago
Guy smashes good phone and replace it with a crapple phone iOS garbage 😂 I'll stick with Samsung
jave Gabriel Cabangcla
jave Gabriel Cabangcla - 34 minutes ago
Can i have 1 pls
EnFurious - 36 minutes ago
What if when he puts the phone in the bag but it fell on the side of the bag 😂😂
Matty Lynch
Matty Lynch - 38 minutes ago
Imagine he messed up and actually threw there phone
We chat
We chat - 50 minutes ago
People's say that girl is still confirming "are you sure".
Jiilka Maanta
Jiilka Maanta - 51 minute ago
omg i wonder these peoples patience
you throw some ones pen in my city
you are insured so fast
Ahalim Halim
Ahalim Halim - 52 minutes ago
Mat saleh setakat iphone apa la sgt.... Mcm 33 sekupang ja hahaha
SREE CHARAN - 53 minutes ago
Bro we too need iPhone
Fritter Old
Fritter Old - 54 minutes ago
that girl wanted to say what (what)?
Tamil Selvan
Tamil Selvan - 56 minutes ago
Super bro I am biggest fan of yours videos bro...
Katarina Popović
Katarina Popović - 57 minutes ago
but what if they don’t like iphone lol
We chat
We chat - 57 minutes ago
Why people's are so calm
MSR GAMING - 59 minutes ago
Beta esa kabhi india me mat karna
Fritter Old
Fritter Old - 59 minutes ago
Take their girlfriends and give them inflatable dolls
BalabaK Gg
BalabaK Gg - Hour ago
Holy crap..... Apple a12 and IOS,, play pubgM on it...damnnnnn. Give me one
Ngam panmei
Ngam panmei - Hour ago
I wish you would to me
I disagree but you’re to sexy to get mad at
Smashing people’s heads with a hammer, then giving them spaghetti
Arjun Reghunath
Arjun Reghunath - Hour ago
His next prank : F*****g people's wives and giving them mine
Franz Santiago
Franz Santiago - Hour ago
I want one too huhuhu
Sam _milk
Sam _milk - Hour ago
But what if they don’t like I phone
Arjun Reghunath
Arjun Reghunath - Hour ago
Come and Try this in india bro and you are dead the second you throw the phone😂😂
And in here most people likes android 😅
Brandon Hawkins
Brandon Hawkins - Hour ago
The girl was so nice y’all should find her @
Vampieré Gamer
Vampieré Gamer - Hour ago
How they get so much money man....
Hồ Anh Tiến
Hồ Anh Tiến - Hour ago
Giàu vờ lờ
joey llagas
joey llagas - Hour ago
i do everything need ser for giveaway ser
Azhar Shah
Azhar Shah - 2 hours ago
Whaaaaaat happen
VoltranicX - 2 hours ago
Breaking people's arms

*and give them prosthetic arms*
joey llagas
joey llagas - 2 hours ago
i hope ser that you have a giveaway and i hope i win shout out to me ser joey llagas of Philippines i realy love you're video i hope i got like that sir
khan dreams
khan dreams - 2 hours ago
Nice video sir
Kick Punch gaming
Kick Punch gaming - 2 hours ago
You didn't even worried if there is a minecraft hardcore for 5 years in that android phone
Aryan Choudhary
Aryan Choudhary - 2 hours ago
Please give me also
Nejiz_Pro - 2 hours ago
Wow man your so good friend your helping people :)
Andrew González
Andrew González - 2 hours ago
Just love how you make people's day by doing this
어머나세상에 - 2 hours ago
ㅇㄴ사람들 자기폰이 떨궈졌는데 반응 개조용히 나라면 난리났는데
David Cui
David Cui - 3 hours ago
Hide the Cameraman in Bush!!!
Ashish Gadhvi
Ashish Gadhvi - 3 hours ago
I also want i phone bro
A W N Channel copy B A Z Channel
Wow iPhone
nalini panwar
nalini panwar - 3 hours ago
Damn. I would have killed you if you smashed my Samsung S9 and gave me a shitty Iphone
SHASHI TV KANNADA - 3 hours ago
Why people loves I phone
MikeM CrayZeyes
MikeM CrayZeyes - 3 hours ago
This is awesome. You need a fanny pack.
S. Ioowanphi-O Kyndiah
S. Ioowanphi-O Kyndiah - 3 hours ago
RAJ - 3 hours ago
*Man.. atleast give them to beautiful girls*
Handsome boy27
Handsome boy27 - 3 hours ago
R.I.P Cellphone
RAJ - 3 hours ago
*I would break his leg if he does that to my phone! and fuck iphone, i love android..*
Nick Wenzel
Nick Wenzel - 3 hours ago
Lol they think the prank is over when he pulls their phone out of the fanny pack then SURPRISE BISHES FREE PHONE
Vanquisher2012 - 3 hours ago
3:26 Lamelo Ball walks by!
Lesley Maruhom
Lesley Maruhom - 3 hours ago
Making people smoke a 1000,Then giving them new lungs
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel - 3 hours ago
I'm happy for them students; but I low-key wish Daws came to my campus and gave me a free iPhone. Lol I'm a struggling college student, I'm having family issues with no job because I'm FT college student and I recently broke my phone. 😭
VIRTUALRUSHER 24 - 3 hours ago
People who got pranked:only smite
Me when im got pranked: hey my phone!
Mrs.nirmala Theivasigamani
Idk how u guys are calm
If I was there I would have kicked him when he threw my Android
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