I Told DDG I Like Him & This Happened!!!!!

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Steven Tran
Steven Tran - Month ago
Trevor Joseph
Trevor Joseph - Month ago
DDGs face 😝
Carmenita Ebony
Carmenita Ebony - 2 months ago
7:00 10:00
SimplyMoet自害 - 4 months ago
ElijiahAyy - 4 months ago
7:38 his face says it all 😭😭
Goth Sinister
Goth Sinister - 4 months ago
PRANK FILES T.V. - 4 months ago
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Chill House
Chill House - 5 months ago
Lmao u goofy you would never have a chance with him
Desiree Rechea
Desiree Rechea - 5 months ago
He said 😬
Dono Gates
Dono Gates - 5 months ago
Wow dat is proof she was jealous he was signing others girls
boi if u don't
boi if u don't - 5 months ago
@8:32 I'm glad I found this video cause it proves everything.
boi if u don't
boi if u don't - 5 months ago
@5:03 my nigga was right foo 😂 she was jealous bout the nigga signing other bitches
LeBeautiful - 5 months ago
this is probably the most important video
Soccer Skilz
Soccer Skilz - 5 months ago
Hella funny that she called him a 6 but will smash him 😂😂😂
Crazy Ninja
Crazy Ninja - 5 months ago
there is something wrong with this girl
Pisces R'us
Pisces R'us - 5 months ago
well that was awkward
King Shali
King Shali - 5 months ago
Let's get Riley down to 5k subs.
ッ210YVNGIN - 5 months ago
Lovejen24 - 5 months ago
The fact she didn’t want him to sign other girls on here tells you that’s he really was jealous
mark f
mark f - 5 months ago
she dissed him cause he rejected her lol typical woman
AopGunshotzzz - 5 months ago
4:19 I see the salt
Son of God
Son of God - 5 months ago
😂😂😂okay so this where the root of the problem is at.....I understand now lol
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Jess Bakre
Jess Bakre - 5 months ago
Eli J
Eli J - 5 months ago
But you haven’t been nice to ddg
Kathya R
Kathya R - 5 months ago
This is so cringy 🥴💀
Mr Mears
Mr Mears - 5 months ago
Remar Harris
Remar Harris - 5 months ago
He said I wanna see how you act when you grow she op fr
Jalen Crisp
Jalen Crisp - 5 months ago
no cap, she cute as hell, anyways, she DONE
Ro_ _
Ro_ _ - 5 months ago
Yo she was really mad bruh 😡. She tried to juice it and he never fucked with her like that. Damn she fucked herself up
Gina Contreras
Gina Contreras - 5 months ago
_D1. ANT_
_D1. ANT_ - 5 months ago
*9:04** ddg literally said "if I wanted to mess with you I just would of messed with you"*
Calantha Thompson
Calantha Thompson - 5 months ago
Mannnnnn when DDG made that YIKES FACE when she kept saying “I think we can... I think we could..,,,” , I died.
Pause at 7:40
Naga God
Naga God - 2 months ago
Facts he wasnt interested at all
Israel Washington
Israel Washington - 5 months ago
*Yea....this didn’t age well* ..😭🤦🏾‍♀️
Maltii - 5 months ago
How many people are watching this video in Apri or 2020
Angelina McCuller
Angelina McCuller - 5 months ago
Whos watching this after DDG video "This the End"?
YSN DRE - 5 months ago
8:27 🤣😭 all you need to see
Yoshiforreal - 5 months ago
1:04 hahahahah stupid ass
Rose Samael
Rose Samael - 5 months ago
She said he a six that’s why he went and sign seven 😭😬
Snapped Cylinders
Snapped Cylinders - 5 months ago
she’s capping she liked him😹😹
FlyKid - 5 months ago
Kvngxantt - 5 months ago
Have y’all notice how she said ddg wanted her but he still dub her in this prank
Lazarus Diamond
Lazarus Diamond - 5 months ago
I reported this because DDG ended her career in one video
Julian Trotter
Julian Trotter - 5 months ago
Your stupid Riley
Kennedy Hart
Kennedy Hart - 5 months ago
Giiirrrllll you know damn well ddg look waaayyyy better than a 6 she was def butt hurt. Her boyfriend the ugly one
its gacha cookies
its gacha cookies - 5 months ago
And what makes it worse is she admitted ddg helped her In this video FUMBLE
thats my typa june
thats my typa june - 5 months ago
This is the type of girl that I'll hit and dip. Like seriously she doesnt appreciate ddg
Blacka TV
Blacka TV - 5 months ago
DDG:ya done done #getrileyto50k
shareena lachance
shareena lachance - 5 months ago
Why did u post this
shareena lachance
shareena lachance - 5 months ago
Sound like you were being pimped fr
shareena lachance
shareena lachance - 5 months ago
Geoku - 5 months ago
She was just mad at the end she knew she liked him that’s why she did him like that at the end
itsKW - 5 months ago
Someone save the video before she deletes it
Zeus Music
Zeus Music - 5 months ago
lmaooo she said he wanted her in her new vid ... but here he literally said shes like his child .. literally compared her to fendy 😂 she was mad jealous when he said he was signing other girls daaamn the whole time the proof was in the pudding and no one knew
Life0f_ Kayyy
Life0f_ Kayyy - 5 months ago
Remember ur using his camera
Roderick Phillip
Roderick Phillip - 5 months ago
This was not a freaking prank bro am really getting mad
Roderick Phillip
Roderick Phillip - 5 months ago
You know when ddg likes someone and it's not you baby girl
Mr. Nothing
Mr. Nothing - 5 months ago
People wont like me because I don't like myself....correct answer. People who honestly love who they are..don't have time to hate on other people...get it ..idiot
YG ROANO - 5 months ago
Who came also came now
Janiah Jones
Janiah Jones - 5 months ago
she really did like him 😩
Kim Dixon
Kim Dixon - 5 months ago
She was liking and feeling him girl BYE you done you and your hungry Family 💯 . we for DADDY hi DDG. Love you and I'm old school Did you see KENKEN you can't come close to her girl BYE get her ass to zero.
Noni T
Noni T - 5 months ago
This didn't age well lol
KoKo Bandz
KoKo Bandz - 5 months ago
1:34 Okay
CC Drip
CC Drip - 5 months ago
But I thought he was the one making the moves "riley" but he full on refused your ass 🧐 #theture #facts
Power Miller
Power Miller - 5 months ago
Proof she's a bad liar #getRileyunder50k
ok exi
ok exi - 5 months ago
Yea she was jelly she didnt want him signing other girls wow
Dark Caesar
Dark Caesar - 5 months ago
Wow this video is very cringy.
Teresita Cafe
Teresita Cafe - 5 months ago
She big CAP lmao you know damn well you liked him he said no & you wasn’t expecting that 😂😂
Pablo Dominguez
Pablo Dominguez - 5 months ago
Teresita Cafe React To SaneGang Twaun No Comparison
Thalia natalieee
Thalia natalieee - 5 months ago
Disrespectful asf “ your a 6 if it wasnt for the jewelry would you even be cute “ atp
Janet Gallardo
Janet Gallardo - 5 months ago
DDG: Why would you think ppl wouldn’t like you?
Damn, she really had him fool. Guess we all found out why! Love ur videos especially in this Quarantine 🙄
BottleOf Wine
BottleOf Wine - 5 months ago
4:33 " I'm excited to see how she act when she grow" I guess he knows now😂 that bish been plottin
ariana grande
ariana grande - 5 months ago
lmaoo her ass know she lying hard af she wanted him back and he knew he ain’t want her 🤣🤣
JodeyDrip - 5 months ago
I can tell he edited this because of 2:14
He used that sound all the time😂😭
Pablo Dominguez
Pablo Dominguez - 5 months ago
Get Riley To 50k 💯
Emma Harrmann
Emma Harrmann - 5 months ago
She really didn’t want him to sign other girls did ya hear ts man???
Emma Harrmann
Emma Harrmann - 5 months ago
“So does that mean your gonna sign other people?” LMFAO WTF THIS BITCH DEAD WAS SO JEALOUS!! SHE HID IT WELL
jay man
jay man - 5 months ago
Oh this is when he bought you the camera 😆😆😆
It’sjustKobe TV
It’sjustKobe TV - 5 months ago
She said “he shorter then me” he is taller what you mean??
Jab Jackson
Jab Jackson - 5 months ago
Riley I’ll beat yo ass don’t ever disrespect him at the end u u just mad he don’t like u bitch
z - 5 months ago
And she said he always liked her??? Whats this video then?
Kiefer Priest
Kiefer Priest - 5 months ago
Snake 🐍
Natalia Livingston
Natalia Livingston - 5 months ago
Clout chaser
LTK_ Viled
LTK_ Viled - 5 months ago
*Oh how the times have changed*
Saucekid J
Saucekid J - 5 months ago
If he like you why did he reject you in the vid
Tina Marie
Tina Marie - 4 months ago
Cuz he knew it was a prank duh
Trent Upnext
Trent Upnext - 5 months ago
Saucekid j fr bruh
Jamila Blair
Jamila Blair - 5 months ago
U see ddg made it clear that he wanna do business...idk y shd feel he like liked her
Cbreezy2006 - 5 months ago
Y’all see this video has more like than the others cause it has ddg
medped - 5 months ago
What a jealous BITCH
medped - 5 months ago
This is sad but she do look like a snake
Vontae Sims
Vontae Sims - 5 months ago
the old days , now you’re a meanie🥺
Elocin Findley
Elocin Findley - 5 months ago
Again? Why is she talking sooo much
Elocin Findley
Elocin Findley - 5 months ago
She wanted to be the only girl he signed 😂
Jayy Fam
Jayy Fam - 5 months ago
Who here after ddg exposed her?
Queensboi - 5 months ago
This video is clearly proof that you lied Riley. Be the bigger person and apologize.
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