What happened with my HEAD SURGERY...

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Raette Benson
Raette Benson - 18 hours ago
Hi egg head
Rochelle Mccraw
Rochelle Mccraw - 20 hours ago
Stepia Nuriyadi
Stepia Nuriyadi - Day ago
I dont know ssundee is a father know i know
Christina Jensen
Christina Jensen - Day ago
Apollo - 2 days ago
I don’t see a difference
Shanti Halder
Shanti Halder - 3 days ago
Matt Jacob B CASTRO
Matt Jacob B CASTRO - 3 days ago
Medecine isnt sick it recovers you when or if your sick!!!😂😂😂
Linda Morule
Linda Morule - 3 days ago
I am a bot
Benjamin Knowles
Benjamin Knowles - 4 days ago
How did you get the name ssunde
Just another Bigfoot with internet Access
Why does he look like a grape🤣🤣🤣
Nguyên Nguyễn
Nguyên Nguyễn - 6 days ago
I felt so bad for russel edit and drinking coffee for so long
Omar Player
Omar Player - 6 days ago
3:07 He is ineasta
Macy Lombardo
Macy Lombardo - 6 days ago
not to be rude ,but when he woke up the next day he looked like a wii character
Penguin PlayZ
Penguin PlayZ - 7 days ago
Kids at school teased me bc they said they looked soooo hard and still couldn’t find my hair line
Saulito Sandoval
Saulito Sandoval - 7 days ago
Good hairline
Charlie Kelso
Charlie Kelso - 8 days ago
not gonna lie, that hairline is fire🔥🔥🔥
johnie jrandy
johnie jrandy - 8 days ago
bro your hair line looks great
Ck Model_horses
Ck Model_horses - 10 days ago
Who else misses Ian’s long hair?
Emry J Toralde
Emry J Toralde - 10 days ago
a big head means a better futher...
reason:cause your smart brain is big
Emry J Toralde
Emry J Toralde - 10 days ago
i look like a egghead!! hahahahahaha
Yoseth Alvarado
Yoseth Alvarado - 11 days ago
U got hairline surgery??
Kevin Monk
Kevin Monk - 11 days ago
Ally Stephenson
Ally Stephenson - 11 days ago
When your a kid that knows pretty much everything about you too but you can’t sign up for anything it’s all grown-up stuff this is what happens to you ughhhh
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson - 11 days ago
I’m only ten but I got ideas
Frogs N, Fish
Frogs N, Fish - 11 days ago
Honestly that new hair is kinda fresh do
Sakeena Nix
Sakeena Nix - 11 days ago
cut ur beard
Sakeena Nix
Sakeena Nix - 11 days ago
Blake Theobald
Blake Theobald - 12 days ago
I think your hairline is great .you should ignore the haters and be who you are and not care what other people think of you keep working hard.
apple supha
apple supha - 12 days ago
Ngl ur favourite pic looks like a fat kid who parents said we'll get KFC McDonald and domino at the same time
shadan145 - 13 days ago
Why dont you make a red light green light game with your subs and who ever that moves loses but who ever that finishes till the end gets to shoot a player of their choosing
basel elsamani
basel elsamani - 13 days ago
Talha Kundi
Talha Kundi - 14 days ago
i remember the ponytail
Sheila Ruysseveldt
Sheila Ruysseveldt - 14 days ago
sunddee i,am jour bikist fan
Axel100cool - 14 days ago
You can make a video about recreating tik Tok dances
xTOTEMx - 15 days ago
Guys Ssundee did NOT cut off the old Ssundee. He is completely unchanged, just as good as before. Whoever babbling this old Ssundee difference nonsense is just one of those random jerks who want likes on their comments.
BERSTBUDA 10 - 13 days ago
I miss the old ssundee 🙂
Thepug Gaming
Thepug Gaming - 15 days ago
mattcordae - 15 days ago
Ian!!! What Happened!!
Joesuazeem Joesua
Joesuazeem Joesua - 15 days ago
I'm liking this video even though this is weird
azhan zfrn
azhan zfrn - 17 days ago
Bro u look like wolverine
Blaster1738 - 17 days ago
End of the world.
Ssundee: my hair line is finally fixed!!!
4th Wall Breaker
4th Wall Breaker - 18 days ago
Ian: I have hair!
Me: . . . Uh... was 2016 a joke to you?
Qui Gon Jinn
Qui Gon Jinn - 19 days ago
He became the foot he was originally supposed to be
Shyam Aryal
Shyam Aryal - 19 days ago
Nice hair I am a kid
Game Boy vlogger
Game Boy vlogger - 19 days ago
Steve Wong
Steve Wong - 20 days ago
Idiot idiot idiot idiot
david thomas
david thomas - 21 day ago
Can you try playing crazy craft again?
Ivan Valencia
Ivan Valencia - 21 day ago
Or a eight head
Yumine Dream
Yumine Dream - 21 day ago
Really late to the party but damn ssundee really was my childhood seeing his growth is really something. Seeing that first picture really brought me down the memory lane man i do miss ur long hair
Cristina Silva
Cristina Silva - 22 days ago
Bring back murder run plz
marcos ramos
marcos ramos - 23 days ago
Russels funny
Stoegerz - 25 days ago
Ssundee kinda looks like sauce when he had really short hair
Jazz1011 - 25 days ago
I’ve got to admit before your first surgery your hair looked like it was trying to duplicate vegeta’s widows peek but gave up on the second half of it
Michael delos santos
Michael delos santos - 26 days ago
he looks like an eggman
SquagoonClone - 26 days ago
*[Category: Gaming]*
Sim_oxn - 26 days ago
Well at least somone likes there hair lines XD
Tyler Brink
Tyler Brink - 27 days ago
I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but in one of the pictures, SSUNDEE looked like Kamski from Detroit: Become Human
Hayavadanan Raghavan
Hayavadanan Raghavan - 28 days ago
Actually I m just 15 and I'm already starting to go bald I don't know why 😭😭
Hit the like button 1 like =1 hair for me
屮艸芔茻 - 29 days ago
Zack Hughes
Zack Hughes - 29 days ago
This is so hilarious I can’t stop laughing when I saw the egg head it just went out
Cookie - 29 days ago
you look like a young ragnar lothbrok now
The Weird-O's
The Weird-O's - Month ago
Poor tussle
Britannia Hansen
Britannia Hansen - Month ago
I like your hair a lot better than your old long hair
Bl4Z3 for you
Bl4Z3 for you - Month ago
If you like his channel like the and this comment😂👍
Lil Ak
Lil Ak - Month ago
Is it just me or is Ssundees beard look like jake Paul’s but brown instead of blonde?
Renee Byrne
Renee Byrne - Month ago
you look good
RedStone captain
RedStone captain - Month ago
shave ya beard
Tae Lee
Tae Lee - Month ago
That's my hairline dudes.
-Ssundee 2020
Jaxon Gates
Jaxon Gates - Month ago
No I don't want to do it because if we have to
Jaxon Gates
Jaxon Gates - Month ago
Do we have to do that
Jky 17
Jky 17 - Month ago
omg a fivehead...😂
Critical - Month ago
“27 hours a day” lol
Austin Lawson
Austin Lawson - Month ago
Time to grow it out like the OG Ssundee
amal dure
amal dure - Month ago
puppybunnysquid - Month ago
In terms of the job thing, I'm purely curious as to how that will turn out. I did submit a Google forum, and I do not expect to be selected. I'm more interested to see how it turns out and the results.
gewoonxandro - Month ago
1:02 lil pp
My dogs life
My dogs life - Month ago
Tbh you probably wouldn’t look bad if you were bald
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise - Month ago
Can someone let me know where he got this surgery done
SammyD Awesome
SammyD Awesome - Month ago
Alright I haven’t been here since like 2014 it’s been a long time but Im very happy for you and your family I wish you all the best of luck for your future I’ll ketch up on a few vids but I’m not a fan of fort nite so I most likely won’t watch this lol just letting you know if you see this ssundee I’m so happy for you and your family!
SaltyQtip !!!!
SaltyQtip !!!! - Month ago
Wut happened to dean
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