Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne - Good Form (Music Video Teaser)

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abdul rahman ibrahim
abdul rahman ibrahim - 14 hours ago
Im real
Ill Williams
Ill Williams - Day ago
Niki Minaj, have you heard the new GUMBO format? There is a Channel called Will Shau that has a GUMBO mix of you and Tyga's song 'Dip' with Pardison Fontaine 'Backing It Up' that's stupid fire! Imagine doing an album then doing a GUMBO album of it. 2X revenue.
Erica Byrne
Erica Byrne - Day ago
Cardi b got 64 MILLION MF views this garbage got 2.4 😂😂😂😂😂
ريتا بنت لبنان
Yaas waw😍
Pierre Stephan
Pierre Stephan - 2 days ago
Bei dir hat Gott alles richtig gemacht. Du bist perfekt deine DNA ist einfach perfekt.Bei dir passt alles. Kannst du Deutsch Rappen.
Some Guy
Some Guy - 4 days ago
Cardi B looks great in this vid.
illa - 5 days ago
Wanna sign me
J Gamble
J Gamble - 6 days ago
Who watched this after the video came out?
Dominik Mikló Almási
Dominik Mikló Almási - 7 days ago
jawara lindsay
jawara lindsay - 7 days ago
Lil wayne was the only reason i watch this where the hell is he?
BaRbiE GaNG - 7 days ago
It just said 30million what happened???
Hody Free trap beats
Hody Free trap beats - 7 days ago
wacko - 7 days ago
turns out its actually hold up not hola lmao
Hazara United 2
Hazara United 2 - 8 days ago
Cardi is better still
Karenpoe Gaming
Karenpoe Gaming - 8 days ago
Rap 💯 %
HTan - 8 days ago
My new remix "Nicki Minaj - Good Form (HTan Flip) ft. Lil Wayne" is out everywhere now🌋
Would love to know your thoughts ♥️ 👇
K&J SQUAD - 9 days ago
nicki manj i was born on the same day as u my birthday is saturday
Amelia - 9 days ago
Hola hola hola ❤👐
Levent A
Levent A - 9 days ago
She is so fucking ugly.
Levent A
Levent A - 8 days ago
+tea tea you too
tea tea
tea tea - 8 days ago
😂okay Gorilla... have a great day
Levent A
Levent A - 8 days ago
+tea tea this black monkey can't look better than me.
tea tea
tea tea - 8 days ago
Levent A I’m pretty sure she looks 1000 times better than you..
geraldine R
geraldine R - 10 days ago
Treytrey Robinson
Treytrey Robinson - 10 days ago
Oh my goooooooood😢😢😢😢😛
Skydiver Games
Skydiver Games - 10 days ago
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The Great Prophesized AntiChrist
nicki's tied as my 2nd favorite woman with people like rasheeda & lucy lawless & others... nicki minaj keep on pissing a lot. ha dumb gross sexy back my bullshit & my own scene. everyone should invest in cloning so we can all have our own nicki & stuff.
A - 10 days ago
So this is music trailer
Roger Francois
Roger Francois - 10 days ago
Blablabla ya bitch apart from singing trash what do you know?
lovenstar official
lovenstar official - 10 days ago
good job nicky
everybody please watching my new video have a dream here ineed more viewa thanks to your support love all
NTEZIRYIMANA Paterne - 10 days ago
you Dude my lovable Girl,I love the way you act in videoz ..keep it up Nicky
smart Black girl
smart Black girl - 10 days ago
1 Like= 1 nicki fan
tyler lewis
tyler lewis - 11 days ago
Nikki u done girl take your money and what remain of your dignity and leave music to the musicians
Kristin Renee
Kristin Renee - 11 days ago
This video was LIT👏👏👏❤
Butiq Escapes
Butiq Escapes - 11 days ago
money money cars cars bla bla bla bla teaching your kids how to be whore thots with no brains.
Narmani orange
Narmani orange - 11 days ago
Reminds of- nevermind she queen.
DALLAS FAN - 11 days ago
Walid Merghemi
Walid Merghemi - 11 days ago
rodney Ates
rodney Ates - 11 days ago
Anyone can write some bullshit
rodney Ates
rodney Ates - 11 days ago
Sounded lame as fuck from that video. Lyrics are trash
James Cars1
James Cars1 - 11 days ago
This song doumb
James Cars1
James Cars1 - 11 days ago
Martin O Neill
Martin O Neill - 11 days ago
Nicki needs the D
Sherwin Samuel
Sherwin Samuel - 11 days ago
Suscribe to pewdiepie
Andranik Xachatryan
Andranik Xachatryan - 11 days ago
Please subscribe to my youtube channel
Raymand Doks
Raymand Doks - 12 days ago
I love Nicki cos 1. She don't take herself too seriously 2. She's got barz!! 3. She flips her style so outrageously to suit any song. Now that's entertaining.
freetypebeat instrumental
i just made your next hit nicki. hit me for beats
22KPAR1X Cyberdyne
22KPAR1X Cyberdyne - 12 days ago
Young money is outdated! Yall niggas been out so long... you be old money! Freshen up yo lyrics and pop some new bands for my hungry ears. Dont be whack like m&m. Let all your old shit bounce like 1999.
Matthew Molens
Matthew Molens - 12 days ago
Her music is shit and she's a fucking hound
Sylvester - 12 days ago
Wtf was this..
Cheryl Cobia
Cheryl Cobia - 12 days ago
Her shit be sounding the same
Jay Sain69
Jay Sain69 - 12 days ago
Aw yeah
LEA ROWLANDS Rowlands - 12 days ago
Kaspars Morozs
Kaspars Morozs - 12 days ago
fucking mumble rapper!
Alexander the great
Alexander the great - 12 days ago
وجهك طيز
Anna Kay
Anna Kay - 12 days ago
Is it just me or Nicki is the Queen of Hip Hop, Pop, RnB, etc. EVERYTHING
Rubin Regmi
Rubin Regmi - 12 days ago
Nicki ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ fan
The Ging
The Ging - 12 days ago
Nicki rocks! Love u from San Diego
MrNewff - 12 days ago
Fuckin annoying
Lee Weild
Lee Weild - 12 days ago
Kids don't listen to this garbage!!
Andile Ma-Ash Msani
Andile Ma-Ash Msani - 12 days ago
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KAWANGWARE KINGS - 12 days ago
From Africa Kenya
siddiqui anwarul hasan
siddiqui anwarul hasan - 13 days ago
Love from Mumbai, goregaon, India
Dan Kemp
Dan Kemp - 13 days ago
Sing or Talk Annoying - 2modes
shane smith
shane smith - 13 days ago
New York trying to rap bueno!!
Filomena Sosa
Filomena Sosa - 13 days ago
You have fucked up...Minaj
You fucking rolling around with fake ass bitches ahA no wonder your a fake ass bitch too. Lord please forgive me for listening to her tranny trash ass...Amen
Iced VVS
Iced VVS - 13 days ago
I like this.
Ming Lee
Ming Lee - 13 days ago
I'm not hearing her song on the radio. Haters.
Ariana Grand Butera
Ariana Grand Butera - 13 days ago
Cardi can take the fucking F
terre planetes
terre planetes - 13 days ago
WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Can someone explain me why the video teaser is on trending but not the full video???
Mamilionea Music
Mamilionea Music - 13 days ago
Is go to be fire
Kader Kanca
Kader Kanca - 13 days ago
Valenciex - 13 days ago
Excited for Thursday ! ;-;
dindunuffin? promise
dindunuffin? promise - 13 days ago
Humanity is lost.
ioxide - 13 days ago
Влад Квятковский
Lowe niki minaj
Remix King
Remix King - 13 days ago
Ok if yall fux wit good music liten to this....Remix King Gr Thunda #Niggatainment wake up call:
Mark Fraga
Mark Fraga - 13 days ago
steven161183 - 13 days ago
😴 This bitch.........
Letícia Santos pereira
Letícia Santos pereira - 13 days ago
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk algum brasileiro ? Rola rola rola rola rola rola kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk @romagaga
Ciara O’Leary
Ciara O’Leary - 13 days ago
I love you Nicki
Emeke Nkadi
Emeke Nkadi - 13 days ago
Did anybody think that instead of YouTube stealing views it's just removing fake views and subscribers?
Armykilsy Suga eres de jimin
Tendencia 50
KeepinitRealLiz - 13 days ago
This song 😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mike Barrett
Mike Barrett - 13 days ago
only took 145 hours for make up.
AxeGamin - 13 days ago
She said, *"wanawanawanawanawana bitch she dont wanna"* cuts off...
Thandeka Ngcobo
Thandeka Ngcobo - 13 days ago
If you start randomly have to replay !!!
Jeeya - 13 days ago
Would love to see if Nicki Minaj could create art without hooker wear and calling herself and other women a bitch for one album's worth of music. I don't think it's possible. Which is sad. She's a clever girl.
puntsize - 13 days ago
More shitty music saying the same stupid thing.
Chance Steinberg
Chance Steinberg - 13 days ago
Her album wasn’t that good! Cardi has her shook!!
JustCustomizeit! - 13 days ago
This bitch is trying way too hard man fuck give it a rest!🤦‍♀️
Drew Skee
Drew Skee - 13 days ago
Songs trash and Ariana grandes song “thank you next” just slayed any song that came out the last 4 weeks and the next 8 weeks
Maricel Marica
Maricel Marica - 13 days ago
Why u keep uploading fake aung ia annoying
Cyka Blyat
Cyka Blyat - 13 days ago
Another bag of shit, modern music sucks
Rachid zouine
Rachid zouine - 13 days ago
Nicki fuck cardi b
bossman local
bossman local - 14 days ago
Why this trending but not the actual song?
Apple Abston
Apple Abston - 14 days ago
YouTube explain to me how the teaser is on trending but the actual video isn't and it blew the views comparatively out the water?
Em Barb
Em Barb - 14 days ago
Still trending wow😍 why full version not?
Wavy - 14 days ago
God you are so fucking trash
DigitalNinja - 14 days ago
What a load of shit
ice soz
ice soz - 14 days ago
Good thing Nicki’s part is the teaser, I hate when they put all the good parts in the teasers.
Jordan - 14 days ago
I really wish I was born in a different generation. :(
The 3rd Option
The 3rd Option - 14 days ago
Jesus Christ is awesome✝️
Twerk Productions
Twerk Productions - 14 days ago
Whom is here before one billion views?
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