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Ally Mills
Ally Mills - 6 hours ago
"Should we leave?" 😂😂😂
CrazyLama - 23 hours ago
3:13 thats what she said
akulasanjana - Day ago
Why does that mask look like Dwight in the CPR episode in the office
Dave 69
Dave 69 - Day ago
I rly like Stevie :P Czech Republick fan. GMM
April Finucane
April Finucane - Day ago
Emily's hair is gorgeous!!
Prog Fr
Prog Fr - 2 days ago
Funny because I use schnitzel to replace swear word XD
Justin Gonzalez
Justin Gonzalez - 2 days ago
That guy pisses me off
Zombie Unicorn
Zombie Unicorn - 5 days ago
Oh the adult jokes that where made In this vid 😂😂😂
IoKnight - 5 days ago
3:41 Barry Lewis reviewed a modern one of those and it worked rather well.
Clint Brooks
Clint Brooks - 6 days ago
9:05 “Eat my shitzle” 😂😂😂
Cameron Eischen
Cameron Eischen - 11 days ago
egg scrambler... birth control?
Nick Saccary
Nick Saccary - 11 days ago
Fake Shattered Backboards?
Solivagant_Kairi - 11 days ago
Sally face is that you!?!!?!
skotch420 - 11 days ago
Rhett with that mask on looks like Jim Carrey when the mask wasn’t working
Mininessie - 12 days ago
Is Jordan gay?
Brutal Bro
Brutal Bro - 12 days ago
Schnitzel is actually just pounded out thinned meat with a fine breading among other various prep processes. Not just chicken, otherwise you might aswell just say Chick fried steak lol.
Jenny Karpe
Jenny Karpe - 12 days ago
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira - 12 days ago
Late 80s how old is Stevie. She looks like she is mid 20s wtf
Sir Kitten Lord Of Tuna
Sir Kitten Lord Of Tuna - 13 days ago
Stevie is sooo pretty ❤️
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher - 13 days ago
the mask reminds me of the main character's mask in the 1960s art thriller film Eyes Without a Face. it inspired the Billy Idol song
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher - 13 days ago
how old is Stevie? she looks way younger than the guys
Honey Man
Honey Man - 14 days ago
Texas Chainsaw Masacre?
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher - 13 days ago
Jason Voorhees to me
sarah - 16 days ago
Jordan is so sweet
peyton the undertale lover
God has left us
peyton the undertale lover
They turned the cotton candy creep into a shirt saying hi daddies
Austin Laiche
Austin Laiche - 16 days ago
Young in the late 80's???? How old is Stevie??
Gabeboss Gaming and more
Gabeboss Gaming and more - 16 days ago
are we all forgetting when that dude said it feels good on the human nipple
Glass Dragon
Glass Dragon - 17 days ago
All those beautiful ladies lookin' good, as usual. Stevie, my fav, what an adorable laugh. Emily, love your hair. Christine, looking like sunshine. And Jordan, your hair is as curly as mine! ❤
Dapper Dusk
Dapper Dusk - 17 days ago
The wax vac got recalled I believe
BarbaricAvatar - 18 days ago
Emily is VERY eager to laugh at what Jordan has to say. Are they dating or.... ?
Random Dude
Random Dude - 18 days ago
That long straight haired girl needs to get off the show please
DrizzyBones - 20 days ago
those ear candles work, that ear vaccum ad is a lie lol
cris rodriguez
cris rodriguez - 22 days ago
Is Jordan cotton candy Randy, wearing a cotton candy Randy shirt?
Ja' Crispy
Ja' Crispy - 24 days ago
I love the ranked episodes
Kat Love
Kat Love - 25 days ago
F is for family is way better than the horse bojackson. Feeeck that show, man.
Chloe Fletcher
Chloe Fletcher - 13 days ago
you mean Bojack Horseman
Femebel - 26 days ago
A schnitzel is pork with breadcrumbs on it
Jonny McDobbsy
Jonny McDobbsy - 26 days ago
9:02 wonderfulness!
Elite Club
Elite Club - 27 days ago
I'm suprised Rhett didn't say that Egg Scrambler was his high school nickname
luvisr9ge - 27 days ago
1:44 💀💀💀
maddie nellis
maddie nellis - 28 days ago
"It could make a good torture device. If you just put your eye on it." Just...think about that.
RockismyAir - 28 days ago
BoJack is awesome.
anything funny
anything funny - 28 days ago
The face mask looks like rick from rick and morty that’s kinda why I clicked on the video 😂😂
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn
Tyrisha-Ky Eden-Winn - 28 days ago
If I'm up late overthinking stuff, I just eat
Cassandra Chandler
Cassandra Chandler - 29 days ago
That arm workout thing is in the gym. It’s called the rowing machine
Unsubscribed Animation
Unsubscribed Animation - 29 days ago
The sock slider.
William Campbell
William Campbell - Month ago
Whos the real extra guy
GaTech379 - 24 days ago
William Campbell I think your talking about Jordan
michaelgrella - Month ago
Schnitzel is not made with chicken
Dylan Bellamy
Dylan Bellamy - Month ago
Cotten candy randy is now exposed
Josh Wilson
Josh Wilson - Month ago
i feel like Jordan and the red head make these episodes funnier.
Deadpool Lee
Deadpool Lee - Month ago
Is it me or do other people like watching info mericals
PlushPlay boiz
PlushPlay boiz - Month ago
They have the best intro ever
Eric - Month ago
The crew is much darker than Rhett and link
Eric - Month ago
6:25 it could make a good torture device if you put your eye in it
Eli LaChapelle
Eli LaChapelle - Month ago
He looks like Michael mires
Michiko Yeung
Michiko Yeung - Month ago
*yeah I was doing The Legolas*
Chad DeMatteo
Chad DeMatteo - Month ago
Hey guys. Can y'all ship me that rejuvinator mask? I'm training as a wrestler and that would be great ring gear for me!!!
Conrad Duddingston
Conrad Duddingston - Month ago
Stevie is drop-dead gorgeous.
Isaiah Flores
Isaiah Flores - Month ago
Y’all see how link was looking at the red head ?
GaTech379 - 24 days ago
He wasn't looking at her any different than anybody else, he just looks at people weird
Safir - Month ago
Who the heck doesn’t like scrambling eggs? It’s so fun
steven smith
steven smith - Month ago
I actually would buy that ear cleaning tool.
Bjeredik Gamdschie
Bjeredik Gamdschie - Month ago
A SCHNITZEL IS MADE OF CALF OR PIG MEAT! NOT CHICKEN! But I love your videos. This just made me mad...
A Sapoluu
A Sapoluu - Month ago
Stevie a lil cutie
Athence - Month ago
Stevie looks like Barbie's best friend Mitch
parity bit 0
parity bit 0 - Month ago
Hawaii chair!!
Noah Lubrano Vlogs
Noah Lubrano Vlogs - Month ago
2:25 um...alright
dhROOV - Month ago
Actually there is a Lat Pulldown machine that does the same thing as that schmitzel thingy but it's upward facing
That male crew member is fricken hilarious 😂
凱琳 - Month ago
Isn't Schnitzel pork and not chicken
Directioner315 - Month ago
9:36 I found a new muscles that's what more is, chaiceps 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Niko -Not a Cat-
Niko -Not a Cat- - Month ago
B I G C H U N G U S - Month ago
Anything that can scare your family should be a 4
shadow Queen
shadow Queen - Month ago
Jurassic Blaster
Jurassic Blaster - Month ago
Phantom of the soccer moms, I lover he references
Some Random kid
Some Random kid - Month ago
Jordan in his cotton candy randy shirt
Some Random kid
Some Random kid - Month ago
Bojack Horseman?
SavingThemLost. - Month ago
"they discontinued (the egg scrambler) because people were sharing needles."
Ah yes, the eggs crisis of the 80s
the pumpkin king!!
the pumpkin king!! - Month ago
God - Day ago
rhett and lir
The Duo
The Duo - Month ago
I have a confession. I’ve used the wax vac
EdvardH - Month ago
nice video, but how tf does rhett crack an egg
T0xic - Month ago
tced 3
tced 3 - Month ago
You can use that mask for Halloween
Dog.Eared88 - Month ago
I have a giant crush on Emily lol
C Martin
C Martin - Month ago
If I wanted to rejuvenate my face I'd just stick the 9V battery on my tongue
THE pacifists
THE pacifists - Month ago
The show has such a different energy now and i love it
Da Cat Named Eve
Da Cat Named Eve - Month ago
Actually, I didn't learn how to make scrambled eggs first, which is kind of ironic, since we have chickens for the eggs.
TaliTV - Month ago
I like that they bring up lord of the rings once in a while
x_Jazzy_Chan_x - Month ago
Anyone come down to the comments after that chai to see if that made anyone else wanna die??????
edited; 2 seconds later: the flappy arm joke, this man. I can't explain my horror in words
Mayo Monkey
Mayo Monkey - Month ago
Schnitzel is actually fried pork Weinerschnitzel is fried veal, yes baby cow
Dark Eye
Dark Eye - Month ago
that mask looks like the anonymous mask, just add a mustache
penguin boy
penguin boy - Month ago
It looks like a murder
Scp 173
Scp 173 - Month ago
Carol Garcia
Carol Garcia - Month ago
Does the egg scrambler work with Cadbury eggs?
bldarkman - Month ago
Who is that woman with the long hair? She’s gorgeous and has a great sense of humor.
J Davis
J Davis - Month ago
Lots of baddd jokes here...
TATisAfatCAT !
TATisAfatCAT ! - Month ago
Lol my grandma has wonder arms
Dakinom Design's
Dakinom Design's - Month ago
Schnitzel is not chicken its SCHWEIN VERDAMMTE SCHEISSE
Ethan Gardiner
Ethan Gardiner - Month ago
6 min in and I noticed Jordan's shirt
Heavenly Nocturne
Heavenly Nocturne - Month ago
dude. I know the fangirls are squeezing lemons all over this.

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Broken Terrors
Broken Terrors - Month ago
I was eating
Andre - Month ago
Stevie's Ear commercial story had 9 likes
Jayden Spence
Jayden Spence - Month ago
Hahaha love it
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