Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Mcdead 33
Mcdead 33 - 5 months ago
I am groot.
Translation: Hit that notification bell!!
Blockman Amir 0098
Blockman Amir 0098 - 14 days ago
+big chungus memeber He's doing a jokr
Gandolf Phoenix
Gandolf Phoenix - 15 days ago
Where is it though?
kakushigames35 gaming/music
shikagoco naromayaclo shimayla bulaup! (Starfox cerinian to English=I have already click on the notification bell!)
Mirage Shereng
Mirage Shereng - 17 days ago
Mcdead 33 I AM GROOT Translation:FINALLY
EatFloorPizza115 - 23 minutes ago
He says 4 words in the end he says “we are griot”
JinX Fibel
JinX Fibel - 2 hours ago
I had a diet coke ad while watching this video #NOTSPONSORED
Chill_Skrubalツ - 7 hours ago
“You got some acorns on you.”
Saverio Gwyn
Saverio Gwyn - 7 hours ago
Yes, your new language is adorable.
ABIGAIL McMillan - 10 hours ago
Arwen Miah
Arwen Miah - 10 hours ago
I am *GROOT*
( Subscribe to MatPat *NOW* )
Lisa Rodrigues
Lisa Rodrigues - 11 hours ago
Who is the character who doesn't talk in Harry Potter ?
Dannymatronic - 12 hours ago
frick, the doulingo owl followed me to this video
Juicy Studios
Juicy Studios - 12 hours ago
1:21 3rd row, 3rd over there’s a video called “why Guardians of the Galaxy is the best movie ever”
TK Pixel Bit
TK Pixel Bit - 12 hours ago
I am groot
Translation: Suicide is the only way
白饭 - 12 hours ago
I am Groot.
Guess the meaning,and comment
niTr0 stealth
niTr0 stealth - 13 hours ago
I am groot! I am groot i am groot
Alfonso Calderon Jr
Alfonso Calderon Jr - 14 hours ago
I am groot.
Translation: why the hell would you want to know how to speak groot.
Defective M&M
Defective M&M - 15 hours ago
*Duolingo has joined the chat
Michele - 16 hours ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am groot
Honey where is my super suit
Gabriel lazy Bones
Gabriel lazy Bones - 22 hours ago
I am groot!
Translation: I am not groot.
Gabriel lazy Bones
Gabriel lazy Bones - 22 hours ago
I an groot.
Gabriel lazy Bones
Gabriel lazy Bones - 22 hours ago
Alright manderine lesson from a local chinese boi. Say the f word in chinese. It is ew but pitch it up words now u swared in chinese.
RJ Hamler
RJ Hamler - Day ago
I am groot. I am groot. I am groot. I am groot? I am groot. I am groot. I AM GROOT! I am groot? I am groot.
Yofi Nugroho
Yofi Nugroho - Day ago
Hello groot
QuAnTuM GaMeZYT - Day ago
I amm groot:
Translation:why am I here
Tammie Alisio
Tammie Alisio - Day ago
I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot

Translate: stupid freaking Siri can’t even work right
AzTeX Twistt
AzTeX Twistt - Day ago
95% of comments: I am Groot translations.
5% of comments: Chinese speaking people talking about the language.
Literally just me: Hey, I can play oboe. Wow!!!!
[][]Glitch[][] G
[][]Glitch[][] G - Day ago
Tori's Adventures VJohnson
It’s sad that I am allergic to cheetos
ELZED YT - Day ago
I am groot
Death Trooper
Death Trooper - 2 days ago
I AM groot?
Tektr0_ Plays
Tektr0_ Plays - 2 days ago
Yechnically in french its 4 words? Je m'apelle groot.
Cosmic - 2 days ago
He also says we but okay.
tutorials for life
tutorials for life - 2 days ago
Heeeeeeeyyyyyyy. Length matters.
Caroline Inoue
Caroline Inoue - 2 days ago
i hate Chirs prat
علیرضا صالح زاده
But here's the thing. The171500 number you got is the number of the sentences not words
der Lean
der Lean - 2 days ago
I dont like cheetos
Titus Chow
Titus Chow - 2 days ago
Help meh I’m Chinese and I don’t wanna learn mandarin
Benjamin Shields
Benjamin Shields - 3 days ago
Ima be real, I didnt like that intro. At all. It felt so disconnected from the video and pretty pointless.
But you prolly eont see this anyways
Eric Shen
Eric Shen - 3 days ago
6:41 - 6:46 I couldn't hold back my laughter
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez - 3 days ago
I wonder if Yondu speaks Silbo Gamero's language
rezkhy adami
rezkhy adami - 3 days ago
You must be a genius.
Marquis Krueger
Marquis Krueger - 3 days ago
Spanish or vanish
Ethan skates
Ethan skates - 3 days ago
No where near cute
The SpaceCat
The SpaceCat - 3 days ago
Mat, you have always been cute
ricky rhubarb
ricky rhubarb - 3 days ago
So you just explained that animals can and do talk but we just don't understand
Andor Ferencz
Andor Ferencz - 3 days ago
I can!
I am groot!
רועי שר
רועי שר - 3 days ago
You are always cute mat❤

I cant believe I just said that that...
Xprogamer210 - 4 days ago
You forgot to say gamora 😂
huck challenge
huck challenge - 4 days ago
but if you forget the end
i think the world need a i am groot book
Spiff - 4 days ago
Fun Fact: In college I shoved a goose through a paper shredder!
Filbo Vulcan
Filbo Vulcan - 4 days ago
I'm sad he never mentioned Portal's Companion Cube
MISSINGxNO - 4 days ago
WE are groot.

Love that scene. :)
👇??? Plz??
Puppetzer plaazzz
Puppetzer plaazzz - 4 days ago
i am GROOT?
Mason Carter
Mason Carter - 4 days ago
I am groot
Translation: subscribe to pewdiepie
Jess Rowan
Jess Rowan - 4 days ago
I am groot
Jellyz_ PG3D
Jellyz_ PG3D - 4 days ago
Jrlopez1027 - 5 days ago
If Groots a language then imagine of you had a name like English or Spanish or something
Jrlopez1027 - 5 days ago
Duolingo bird: *IM ON IT*
Caleb Rubino Origami
Caleb Rubino Origami - 5 days ago
I adore you matpat but Diet Coke taste like ass
Wesley Morrison
Wesley Morrison - 5 days ago
trash panda?
MuffinCountry - 5 days ago
Wenn  ist das Nunstück git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaltd gersput!
Ramen Master
Ramen Master - 5 days ago
Love filmtheory
Block Gaming
Block Gaming - 5 days ago
lol kenny cant even appear on a film show without dieing "You killed kenny you bastards"
Cylum -
Cylum - - 5 days ago
I am groot:
Translation:Subscribe and on notifications!
Agent Mr. Flame
Agent Mr. Flame - 5 days ago
There is also bumblebee
Aw geez , Rick
Aw geez , Rick - 6 days ago
I'm gay
iona reburiano
iona reburiano - 6 days ago
I am groot i am groot

Translation; i love baby groot
Nugget Jimenez
Nugget Jimenez - 6 days ago
CallMeDaddyC - 6 days ago
I am Steve Rogers
Ender Shadow10
Ender Shadow10 - 6 days ago
Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best Marvel movies! It's up there with the Iron Man movies.
Jackie Gabel
Jackie Gabel - 6 days ago
Star Lord all so can
Now what groot is
Say 😬
Noob and David
Noob and David - 6 days ago
"I am Steve Roger's"
John Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald - 6 days ago
Tbh matpat s Job must be hard because it’s not like just playing games it’s doing maths and Morse code and maths and launguages so give him it
M. CHANIF - 6 days ago
Indo mana tolol
Josie noneyobiz
Josie noneyobiz - 6 days ago
I liked solely for the intro.
The gaming blader
The gaming blader - 6 days ago
I'm nothing without you
Some Guy
Some Guy - 6 days ago
when we stare at a phrase online, or read words, we do not feel them as if they were spoken, only as we read and perceive them, this can always cause issues in trans-communication, a variable lack of this, not found in Telepathic communications
being autistic, my lack of vocal diversity and facial expressions always caused issues with me trying to converse, when i talk, i think in my head alongside what iam saying, like trying to convey 100 things at once, with 1 sentence that sounds blurbed and monotone, misunderstood.
Sardonyx fusion9
Sardonyx fusion9 - 6 days ago
I AM groot.

Translation: if you don’t give this video a like you hate marvel (then you hate most of humanity)
Krystal Klear
Krystal Klear - 6 days ago
Eric Zhang
Eric Zhang - 7 days ago
Wrong! You have made a guardians of the galaxy vid before it was about how guardians of the galaxy is the best movie with groot on the thumbnail!
Diego Brando
Diego Brando - 7 days ago
Fun fact: vin desal has a copy of his script, translating all of groots lines
The Rick Awesome
The Rick Awesome - 7 days ago
Hi. It’s Duo
Looks like you missed your groot lesson. You know what happens now.
The Rick Awesome
The Rick Awesome - 7 days ago
Can we get 10k subscribers no videos?
my alarm went off right after he said ring-a-ding-ding
NOT_TACO_BELL - 7 days ago
I am grooot
Says in Europe
No Name
No Name - 7 days ago
I am groot
CogitoErgoCogitoSum - 7 days ago
You dont want to compare Groot to a constructed language because that is unfair? Why? Because Groot is a real language?
CogitoErgoCogitoSum - 7 days ago
So the number of WORDS in English is similar to the number of SENTENCES in Groot?
Amina Krupalija
Amina Krupalija - 7 days ago
I am groot i am grooooot
I am grooooot i am groot
I am groot i am groooot
I am goooooort
Winny Gani
Winny Gani - 7 days ago
XxRose petalxX
XxRose petalxX - 7 days ago
The YouTube YouTube bit was adorable!!!

McStinky's stuff 2.0
McStinky's stuff 2.0 - 8 days ago
Are You Talking About *Tree* !?
αиgιє ναlєитιиα
I am groot

*_Translation: Literally all the comments are the same so don't bother_*
Echo940 - 8 days ago
1:21 you can literally see a guardians of the galaxy video if you pause the screen!
X150 ELI
X150 ELI - 8 days ago
When Yoda tries to interpret Groots voice- Groot I Am
Semitex - 8 days ago
I am groot: I
I Am GroOt: AM
I aM grOOt: GROOT!
Hannah Evans
Hannah Evans - 8 days ago
Ok, so let's ignore the fact about the breaths actually making the language. Groot ALWAYS says I am Groot. Never I am, or I Groot or any other combination. So, theoretically, the words in whatever sentances he's saying aren't always going to add up to a multiple of 3 right? So how would you indicate which words are just there to make your sentance up to a multiple of 3?
Supertails9000 Gaming
Supertails9000 Gaming - 8 days ago
Can you explain how each Pokémon can all say something different but all Pokémon understand
UNSTABLEAVI - 8 days ago
*Location: Russia*
Groot: I AM GROOT!
Translation: We are Groot.
MichaelBFDII wong
MichaelBFDII wong - 8 days ago
Cantonese: hold my taxi(的士)
Erinn Yori
Erinn Yori - 8 days ago
There is another language that has no words or noises, Sign Language
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