Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Mcdead 33
Mcdead 33 - 2 months ago
I am groot.
Translation: Hit that notification bell!!
Curly Fries
Curly Fries - 6 days ago
I AM GROOT Translation: NO
Tee Vee
Tee Vee - 8 days ago
I am groooot (translation: do a theory on How Sherlock from bbc survived that fall)
Haruka Satsuki
Haruka Satsuki - 8 days ago
But Thor is not being taught he just have the blood of Odin so he can understand any language every language
Crystal Rosado
Crystal Rosado - 16 days ago
I'm groot translation subscribe to matpat!
Shabazeldagon - 22 days ago
+Tseyona Mekonen lol
Gaming Master
Gaming Master - 54 minutes ago
Mat pat is one of the best theory channels that I know that uses statistics and super smart math great job mat
I am groot: you are awesome
Emily Landgro
Emily Landgro - Hour ago
I am groooooot! Iiiii am groot, iiii ammmm groot.
Translation: Hello! I love your videos, you spend so much time on them.
Jaheer Gamer
Jaheer Gamer - 3 hours ago
I am steve roggers
Ani Sage
Ani Sage - 6 hours ago
Wo hui Kang Zhongshan wen!
(I can speak Chinese!)
SerunaXI - 6 hours ago
Well, some tribes communicate just in tongue clicks. Other tribes communicate in "Reeeee"
Dyfan Huws-jones
Dyfan Huws-jones - 10 hours ago
my favourite is star lord and then groot
Vaughn Armour
Vaughn Armour - 11 hours ago
Can confirm that Chinese is hella hard to learn
Indi-dfc Z
Indi-dfc Z - 12 hours ago
Como que en las canarias hablan silbando!!!??
Tengo que ir algun dia😂
Edvinas Sungur
Edvinas Sungur - 13 hours ago
I am groot i AM gRooT

Thai is the hardest language. No Groot is harder.
Froominator Entertainment
Froominator Entertainment - 13 hours ago
Ever wonder why there's usually two villains in the movie, and that the dumb one is mostly tall and the smart one is mostly short?
巴克大侠 - 13 hours ago
I can speak norwegian, english and mandarin chinese... not kidding
michael cooper
michael cooper - 14 hours ago
you ask are you adourable now but nobody understood what you said

btw i love ur vids
Roy - 23 hours ago
I ammmmmmmmm groooot

Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez - 23 hours ago
3:06 I mean Pokémon can communicate soooooo. I guess so?

Doge Bepiscan the Despacito 2 Boi
I am Groot
Translation:thank you i now know how to speak Groot
moshermeadows1102 - Day ago
You know how we Groove dies in The Infinity Wars well I kind of think he's going to come back cuz if you haven't watched the first time he's come back and it's just everything is weird he's just a normal person so he's nowhere near going to die
Ela Emanuela Butkovic
I love groot and roocket rakun
ParanoeX - Day ago
theres actually a lot more than just one whistled language, theres about *40!*
Lisa Lindgren
Lisa Lindgren - Day ago
Marie Principe
Marie Principe - Day ago
i am groot

Translation:I'm not actually groot
British Blueberry
British Blueberry - Day ago
Alec Th3B3stGam3r
Alec Th3B3stGam3r - Day ago
How do I speak game theory
TJOC creation
TJOC creation - Day ago
Who else watched "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard" for 10 hours after this?
killer kid
killer kid - 2 days ago
I would say u are beautiful but I'm not gay
Delta - 2 days ago
Music at 10:04
taylor Walters
taylor Walters - 2 days ago
I aM GrOoOooooOooooooOooooOooooooT
Ace Gonzales
Ace Gonzales - 2 days ago
Read a comic you can tell what hes saying. (Random fact)-(Groots bisexual)....So yes I guess lol :)
shamalamma rubi
shamalamma rubi - 2 days ago
You killed Kenny
You bastards
Skyflicksgaming YT
Skyflicksgaming YT - 2 days ago
I am groot
Translatiom:I SUBSCRIBE
DSJAMES PATRICK mobile - 2 days ago
I am Groot
Translation:du u know da wae??
giovanni sassano
giovanni sassano - 3 days ago
if the hoody has a zipper that's a jacket not a hoody, hoodies have no zipper and you can put your hand throw the one side of the hood's pocket and have out come out the other side with out a zipper blocking your hand path.     as to an example. so plz stop calling jackets hoodies.
Sean Heltne
Sean Heltne - 3 days ago
but can i still learn to translate it
itz josh
itz josh - 3 days ago
I am groot,No I'm already groot,what about star lord?I'm already star Lord.

Lea Karen Mendoza
Lea Karen Mendoza - 3 days ago
He said We are family in the infinity war dad
Travis Enget
Travis Enget - 3 days ago
yeah..but we won the war...
Prince Salam Compania
Prince Salam Compania - 3 days ago
I am Groot
Only my imagination
Seren Gabrielle Montoya
Groot:I am Groot
Groot translation:I have a plan
Starlord:see groot understands
Groot:I am Groot
Groot translation:wut do u mean?
Lps Cookie
Lps Cookie - 3 days ago
You could also do I never said SHE stole my money
Lps Cookie
Lps Cookie - 3 days ago
You said 6 words
adam bump
adam bump - 4 days ago
Let's also not forget emotions that can change what Groot's saying.
I'm Vhon
I'm Vhon - 4 days ago
I am groot I am groot I am groot, I am groot!
eef - 4 days ago
I am Groot
*Translation:Groot (/ɡruːt/) is a fictional superheroappearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in Tales to Astonish #13 (November 1960). An extraterrestrial, sentient tree-like creature, the original Groot first appeared as an invader that intended to capture humans for experimentation.The character was reintroduced as a heroic, noble being in 2006, and appeared in the crossover comic book storyline "Annihilation: Conquest". Groot went on to star in its spin-offseries, Guardians of the Galaxy, joining the team of the same name. Groot has been featured in a variety of associated Marvel merchandise, including animated television series, toys and trading cards. Vin Dieselvoices Groot in the 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy, its 2017 sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and reprised the role in the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War and will do so again in Avengers: Endgame (2019) while Krystian Godlewski played the character via performance capture in the first film. Since his film premiere and animated series debut, Groot has become a pop culture icon, with his repeated line "I am Groot" becoming an Internet meme.*
max mustermann
max mustermann - 4 days ago
12:05 well that sounds like mat is implying that german has less words than english, which is false.
secondly that compound thingy he is referring to is an additional feature. u can speak german without it. its not possible with all words (mainly with nouns). what im sayin, its a bad comparison in this context.
Get wrecked Boy
Get wrecked Boy - 4 days ago
I AM GROOT translation: you don’t like Cheetos!!!
PikaKip - 4 days ago
I am groot
Translation: loki is alive
master nate
master nate - 4 days ago
I am groooot
master nate
master nate - 4 days ago
hahahahahaaa translate that and admire my life's moto
master nate
master nate - 4 days ago
translation: Niño muerte toca no tetas
Charlotte Weitzel
Charlotte Weitzel - 5 days ago
but... Red...
IcyPlayz - 5 days ago
I am Not
I am Who
I am You
George Stone
George Stone - 5 days ago
Think about yoshi in Mario he only says yoshi and Mario, Luigi , and every body else right.
Eviboy - 5 days ago
1:21 you can see a guardians of the galaxy episode
luma jj
luma jj - 5 days ago
I am Groot

Translation: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
28 Warlock
28 Warlock - 5 days ago
I am Groot. I aaaam Groot Iii ammm grooooooott. I amm gggroot
Mad House
Mad House - 5 days ago
In Tagalog there is literally a phrase that goes "Bababa ba?"
Translation: "You going down?"
Lauryn Smith
Lauryn Smith - 5 days ago
I am groot
Lauryn Smith
Lauryn Smith - 5 days ago
You guys decide what that means 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Pigaroo 0000
Pigaroo 0000 - 5 days ago
I want a theater major... :-(
Zach Bush
Zach Bush - 5 days ago
Doesn't mean we can't make a fan based groot language that functions how you explained in this episode. Cause i would love to have an actual conversation that makes sense in groot
Kanapote Takerngkeat
Kanapote Takerngkeat - 5 days ago
I am Groot I AM GROOT!!!!!!!!! Translation: hello EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!
1000 subscribers without any videos
I am groot

I am groot
jennifer harvey
jennifer harvey - 6 days ago
Matpat mandarin has four tones Cantonese has five tones
PrehistoricFanBoy 101
PrehistoricFanBoy 101 - 6 days ago
14:05 I a Groot 1 translates: That’s just a theory!
I am Groot 2 : A film theory!
I am Groot 3 : And... Cut!
S.S. Paws
S.S. Paws - 6 days ago
1:21 third column from the left.
“why guardian galaxy is the best movie ever”
HilkiahGaming - 6 days ago
Hello I would just like to point out that in the original comics the race of groots can speak English when standing on a planet with vegetation.
FAZETHAN05 - 6 days ago
No gotg 2
Dean Shaw
Dean Shaw - 6 days ago
any man who drinks diet coke is gay THAT'S A BIG CHECK FOR YOU *TFT*
Lucy Thomas
Lucy Thomas - 6 days ago
Here’s a theory. Is it impossible for Groot to speak English? Or another language entirely for that matter? I mean, everyone talks to him in English and he understands it, so why doesn’t he just speak it as well so that everyone understands him?
Lucy Thomas
Lucy Thomas - 6 days ago
Wait here’s a theory. So if Groot belongs to a whole species, then why was he named Groot. If they only say “I am Groot” then why is that his name? Odd isn’t it?
Alison tannenbaum
Alison tannenbaum - 6 days ago
1:33 *lick*
Halosty - 6 days ago
Kloggy Jackson
Kloggy Jackson - 6 days ago
Why didint I have you in my English class😔
Mohamed Adel
Mohamed Adel - 6 days ago
I am groot
Translation: I love ft Thor but stop demolishing my childhood
GachaBluewie The Wolfie
A friend (that doesn't know marvel) and I (Marvel fan) were watching guardians of the Galaxy and he said "Hey, who's the tree guy?" And I'm just like "bish, it has been saying its name for the whole damn movie!!!" He replied with "Sooo, will you tell me its name?"
And I just rewind the movie and boom he knows it now.
But that Metal voice tho!!
lily lex
lily lex - 6 days ago
Ok i have been a fan for a few years of game theory and this and i always wondered why do you like diet coke and not just coke like i was always curious.
Meow - 6 days ago
Clearly a guardians of the galaxy video at 1:21
The Aprentice
The Aprentice - 6 days ago
Ik zal Groot!
Bloobloo Studios
Bloobloo Studios - 6 days ago
Why is screams man’s editors working on this one
Ski Guy
Ski Guy - 7 days ago
I kinda like the mat pat that doesn’t talk much
Teapot - 7 days ago
That is not the Russian flag. 3:24
Eddsworld Is the best
Eddsworld Is the best - 7 days ago
When I watch you I get sleep paralysis srry
edge lord 26
edge lord 26 - 7 days ago
I am groot.

Translation: i am groot
Catsrock21322 - 7 days ago
6:24 am I the only person that stopped to check if that was correct?
Mecanic Playz
Mecanic Playz - 7 days ago
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person - 7 days ago
I’m learning more English than English class itself
Daniel Arriola
Daniel Arriola - 7 days ago
When you went through the videos apparently not seeing any Guardians of the Galaxy videos... I saw one. *_LIAR_*
BaconMan 2000
BaconMan 2000 - 7 days ago
I am Groot
Translation: MatPat is Great and every one else on the Team
Cloud T6
Cloud T6 - 7 days ago
1:21 second row down and look to the right for 3 spaces "I've never done a Guardians of The Galaxy episode"
Flamez Sanchez
Flamez Sanchez - 7 days ago
sadly I do not share thou taste in the crunchy cheesy snack for I dost not love thy fav snack, I just simply don't like thous weird taste sorry dear Matty patty lol but seriously I don't like Cheetos
Junior production gaming and stuff
But that make no sense you said Thor learned how to speak Groot,but then you say humans can't,(person reading this comment)"well Thor is a God", Yes that's true but if you watch one of the moive Thor was in talking to Odin, odin said " we are just like humans" then Loki said "but we have powers and live longer" or something along those lines so it could be possible, somehow because If Thor cloud it should not be that hard right.
chihauhua dude
chihauhua dude - 7 days ago
kent rio
kent rio - 7 days ago
I don’t know
Of course it’s possible to communicate with three words, I’ve been using “I don’t know” my whole life.
It's Just Ryan
It's Just Ryan - 7 days ago
Half of the characters you mention in the beginning of this video speak just fine, we just don't understand what they're saying for a legit reason/arc for a storyline. That's totally not the same thing as a character that doesn't talk at all, one that barely talks, or one that we're simply NOT meant to understand.
- Kenny from South Park speaks English just fine. His voice is just muffled by his hoodie.
- Chewbacca speaks Shyriiwook and only certain characters can speak that language and understand him.
- R2D2 speaks in Astromech, which is a droid language and also one that Luke can understand as well.
- Groot speaks the language of the Flora Colossi and is actually saying more than "I am Groot." This isn't even an inside joke anymore.
- Mario is fluent in Italian, but only knows a little English and has a heavy accent.
Gabriel Glavica
Gabriel Glavica - 7 days ago
My favorite is rocket racon
Autumn Giblex Jr.
Autumn Giblex Jr. - 7 days ago
I am one of MatPat’s subscribers
ShyNinjaZ - 7 days ago
Groot can also say :"we" he ONCE saide :"we are groot!"
Yan Chen
Yan Chen - 7 days ago
5:03. The PRC use the simplified system of characters,so Horse would be 马. The one you used are the traditional systems of characters, which Taiwan uses.
Queen Of Discord
Queen Of Discord - 7 days ago
I am Groot
Translation: Sub to pewds
Hanna Maac
Hanna Maac - 7 days ago
OMG I FREAKED OUT WHEN I SAW THE CHAPEL. I go to Duke now and I forgot that you went there too! I learnt it a long time ago, while I was probably still in High School and didn’t connect the dots until just now! I’m a freshman haha.
marxel4444 - 7 days ago
is hollow wood the legal version is speaking like batman?
Zoe the gamer gurl
Zoe the gamer gurl - 7 days ago
0:04 *But actually, Link can talk, but just chooses not to. If you read Zelda's diary, she says that she asked him about it and he said that he just silently chooses to bear any burden. So, there*
Zoe the gamer gurl
Zoe the gamer gurl - 6 days ago
+Zubadub Alinator I know, but when he says "doesn't talk" a picture of Link showed up with tape on his face
Zubadub Alinator
Zubadub Alinator - 7 days ago
Right after he says "or barely talks" like Link
Build the Meme
Build the Meme - 7 days ago
2 words master chief
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