Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

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Mcdead 33
Mcdead 33 - 13 days ago
I am groot.
Translation: Hit that notification bell!!
Tupac Minion
Tupac Minion - 17 hours ago
Dom Bot
Dom Bot - Day ago
K m8
Kaitlyn Cyr
Kaitlyn Cyr - 2 days ago
What if some of the islanders couldn't whistle?...I can't...
Krombobulos Micheal
Krombobulos Micheal - 2 days ago
uu ss
uu ss - 2 hours ago
So this is music theory to teach language that is great.
Caleb Baker
Caleb Baker - 3 hours ago
. . . So how does Star-Lord understand Groot? And Thor? They’re humans.
Caleb Baker
Caleb Baker - 3 hours ago
Well, yeah, one’s a god, but still. Pretty human looking.
Emma Southworth
Emma Southworth - 3 hours ago
My cat somehow hit the subscribe button :3
Quinn - 3 hours ago
my gay ass dying when i saw hayley kiyoko, happy 20gayteen ✌️
Peter-Andre' Pliassov
Peter-Andre' Pliassov - 3 hours ago
1:18 "Huh. I haven't done a Guardians of the Galaxy episode."
Yes, you have. It's right there on the screen at 1:21.
Wyatt Read
Wyatt Read - 4 hours ago
Yes you are matpat
The Bricker
The Bricker - 5 hours ago
Well, this is my top 5 of the Guardians.
5. Gamora
4. Drax
3. Star-Lord
2. Groot
1. Rocket Racoon
Somethingelse Yt
Somethingelse Yt - 5 hours ago
I am groot

Translation: the fitness gram pacer test is a mult-
BethBatt 666
BethBatt 666 - 9 hours ago
Green Bricks
Green Bricks - 11 hours ago
1:19 "I haven't done a Guardians of the Galaxy episode..."
1:21 "why GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY may be the BEST..."
Stop deceiving us like this, MatPat
Josie - 11 hours ago
@matpat Idk if you came across this in your research but some languages (like Arabic) are root languages where even a small change in vowel can change the word. Arabic in particular has multiple vowels (I wanna say 6) that to me (a native English speaker) all kinda sound like the letter 'A' it's totally possible in my mind for Groot to be using subtlety different vowels that to us sound the exact same but aren't at all. Just a thought
Ahmad Loves San Sonic
Ahmad Loves San Sonic - 15 hours ago
I love groot
#KittyCatDays - 15 hours ago
3:27 you got that Russian flag wrong. I see it daily so I know.
Awtar Singh
Awtar Singh - 16 hours ago
What about Tom and Jerry
sunmi's washing machine
sunmi's washing machine - 16 hours ago
Lol I thought it was groot aka the Dutch word for "big"
Avengers Playz
Avengers Playz - 16 hours ago
How to speak Groot?
I am Groot. I am Groot, I am Groot, I am Groot. I am Groot? I am Groot!!! I am Groot. We are Groot. -We are Venom- *wait*
Trailer Crunch
Trailer Crunch - 17 hours ago
Whenever groot speaks groot, he reminds me of my Chemistry teacher
AnxietyAli 101
AnxietyAli 101 - 9 hours ago
She is Groot
Ziana - 20 hours ago
That is not a panda. It's a raccoon.
Maartintornillo - 21 hour ago
Silbo is whistled Canarian Spanish, what the hell are you taking about?
Cade Scott
Cade Scott - 21 hour ago
You the Best
Victoria Kieschnick
Victoria Kieschnick - 21 hour ago
Music teacher: timbre is not pronounced like a tree falling, it's "tam-ber"
Now you know
Epic Player
Epic Player - 21 hour ago
this is a comment
Oliver Yates
Oliver Yates - 21 hour ago
I saw a guardians of the galaxy video at 1.21
RandomStuff - 22 hours ago
Shadow S. Korosu
Shadow S. Korosu - 23 hours ago
But what about when he said "We are Groot"? What exactly does that mean, in terms of the language?
Melody Lee
Melody Lee - Day ago
*blinks in Cantonese with our nine tones*
Baiioo Hai
Baiioo Hai - Day ago
Am I adorable now?
*You were always adorable*
John M
John M - Day ago
I am groot.
Translation: Rest In Peace Groot.
Baby Blueberry and Baby belly
0:34 ok i know this is weird but i kind of thought that was adorable
Everything Studios
Everything Studios - Day ago
Do a film theory on yourself plzzz!!!
Catnipkitty - Day ago
Your not adorable
Your just a guy who’s obsessed Diet Coke
the obvious red cub
The Emma Michelle Channel
So um what character in Harry Potter doesn’t y’all? 0:02 ?
the obvious red cub
JaysArtEscape - Day ago
But you calculated for the phrase I am groot as meaning a whole word. But it has been proven that saying I am groot just once can translate to a whole sentence or more
Adelynn Heitzman
Adelynn Heitzman - Day ago
*Refers to music through only five note values* *All musicians pull an Office "No" at fortissimo*...... And you call yourself a theater major Matpat...
jeannine decicco
jeannine decicco - Day ago
I am groot.
You are Steve Rogers
Andy10187 Powell
Andy10187 Powell - Day ago
Ryan Okken
Ryan Okken - Day ago
Bumblebee too
raeleigh dial
raeleigh dial - Day ago
what if you can't whistle? I guess you cannot "speak" there language if you can't whistle
Twattle theGayCoin
Twattle theGayCoin - Day ago
They have their own spoken language. They use the whistles when working in the mountains.
Nate Morin
Nate Morin - Day ago
“I am groot!”
translation: *there are only 2 genders*
oh my
Amaia Hernando
Amaia Hernando - Day ago
Hey Matpat, what sung ya use for the intro?
Asuka Benish
Asuka Benish - Day ago
I can't believe you did this...
Mary Phillips
Mary Phillips - Day ago
Matpat is getting closer to vocaloid
Seriously omg this would be so much easier to explain if you quantify it to Vocaloid parameters
Hamad Alyaseen
Hamad Alyaseen - Day ago
You already are adorable matpat
Dom Bot
Dom Bot - Day ago
I am groot

Translation:waluigi for smash
Borna Ljevar
Borna Ljevar - Day ago
I am Groot.

I am Groot.
TheMilkyNipple - Day ago
There's no way. I've been speaking the english language for almost 24 years and being in college I hear new words every day. 173,000 words sounds like like an extreme low-ball
jumpy32308 - Day ago
9:19 I know oboes are bad but, harsh
Mohamad Debek
Mohamad Debek - Day ago
Im groot

Im you
Jayvon Sanal
Jayvon Sanal - Day ago
Hey speaking of morse code, is that image of the blinking trophy on the theorist gateway in morse code as I think it is?
2MUCHlife - Day ago
Rocket was best
Pinka Pop
Pinka Pop - Day ago
I am groot
II amm Grooot
(Everyone talking I am groot)
Rio gam3r
Rio gam3r - Day ago
Toorg ma i. The twig.
Rio gam3r
Rio gam3r - Day ago
BestFraz - Day ago
Where the hood a-... Nevermind.
Not Kaelen
Not Kaelen - Day ago
But Matpat, the way Groot talks, he’s saying full sentences. You calculated for words. He would say “I am Groot” and it would mean “Buy yourself some Game Theorists merch before it’s sold out.” And with your version of “I am Groot” you would have to say “I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot”
Max Parker
Max Parker - Day ago
Mourn from ds9
ImBored101 - Day ago
0:34 Yes
kristian Allred
kristian Allred - 2 days ago
This reminds me of gibberish
Spike Schoffman
Spike Schoffman - 2 days ago
DeeZee Gaming
DeeZee Gaming - 2 days ago
Ngl I was half expecting you to speak in those few words the whole video while using subtitles
Cudamations Studios
Cudamations Studios - 2 days ago
3:22........................Russia what happened?!?!
ThaBestAnimations - 2 days ago
70% of comment section- translating groot's language
20% of comment section- random memes and comments
9% of comment section- people talking about THERE theories
1% of comment section- turning the comment section into percents
M Srez
M Srez - 2 days ago
Mat im waitong for the Avengers End Game theory?
jneadeau - 2 days ago
panda corns
panda corns - 2 days ago

Arsenic Trioxide
Arsenic Trioxide - 2 days ago
3:26 BREAKING NEWS *new* country discovered in Europe with new a blue, white and red flag.
Robert Alston, Jr.
Robert Alston, Jr. - 2 days ago
He forgot ferb
Matthew Liechty
Matthew Liechty - 2 days ago
When MatPat is discussing the way in which somebody might speak a language, he seems to be implying that none of the ways in which you could deferentially communicate a phrase are based off of objective terms and phrases while that philosophy of linguistic language is false. Something communicated in a language is given its meaning not because of what was communicated but only within the way it's interpreted. Therefore, no matter what anyone says, or what anything happens to be, it is a language as long as it is interpreted as one.
Professor Prototype
Professor Prototype - 2 days ago
Manderian mother calls down her son
Son: I will be down soon ma
Lazy Llama
Lazy Llama - 2 days ago
1:21 yeah you have next to dipper and rick and deadpool
King of the Mod Wolves
King of the Mod Wolves - 2 days ago
Translation: Groot didnt always have this weird language, earlier in his comic history from his origins as a villain to his break out appearances in Annihilation and the new modern team of the Guardians first major appearance, groot was very capable of full english sentences, and to be honest, he was well written! my personal favorite Groot line was a scene where they guardians were crawling through the sewers, Groot being rather miffed about the situation, as he himself is technically a monarch, says "Crawling through the sewers is futile, FUTILITY IS BENEATH GROOT"
Jackson Brady
Jackson Brady - 2 days ago
I saw game theory in a dictionary today
Hawaiian Thanos
Hawaiian Thanos - 2 days ago
Memes will live
MadArtz 14
MadArtz 14 - 2 days ago
As soon as MatPat said, "you don't like Cheetos?", I realised I was eating Cheetos at the same time.
Needeth Holy Water
Needeth Holy Water - 2 days ago
Incorrect Cantonese is the hardest in my opinion not counting the dialects. Because of the many tones and other things that I can’t explain
Twattle theGayCoin
Twattle theGayCoin - Day ago
I'd say Tibetan. Have you *seen* the way how they write stuff? Plus they have tones just like Cantonese. I'd recommend you watch Nativlang's video on it.
dakota cline
dakota cline - 2 days ago
they use tear duct occalation (sorry i can,t spell)
dakota cline
dakota cline - 2 days ago
they covered this in an episode of ultimate Spider-Man, vision explained it
The Nicky Life
The Nicky Life - 2 days ago
Am I groot?
Andrew Gould
Andrew Gould - 2 days ago
Matpat how would you say I am Groot in I am Groot
Andrew Gould
Andrew Gould - 2 days ago
Even without the Hardened Larynx or however you say that MatPat the time, it would take to learn this language would be Extremely long due to the number of Variables and even small mistakes can change the meaning completely not to mention the fact that after 15 Humans will have A ton of trouble learning a pretty basic language unless they devote a ton of time into it and that is for a basic language.
Andrew Gould
Andrew Gould - 2 days ago
meant 15 Years
Naomicat Sanchez
Naomicat Sanchez - 2 days ago
I don't know why i started to die at 7:19 😂😂😂😂
Octavia Mundy
Octavia Mundy - 2 days ago
eelel the fan
eelel the fan - 2 days ago
SweatyNerd 69
SweatyNerd 69 - 2 days ago

Translation: if I see one more translation comment ill lose it
TheDragonairs Gamer
TheDragonairs Gamer - 2 days ago
Why Diet Coke?
Simon Ström iyase
Simon Ström iyase - 2 days ago
That whistle thing is true but they only whistle so they don't have to scream if they are far from each other, they still use other languages like Spanish
Twattle theGayCoin
Twattle theGayCoin - Day ago
Yea. Ppl are thinking they only speak in whistles.
Bailey Vandenberg
Bailey Vandenberg - 2 days ago
*Mat, addressing Chris:*
"You know I never forgot about you... *SLURP*"
Emily Barclay
Emily Barclay - 2 days ago
Wow the Mandarin word for ‘mum’ is made of the radicals ‘woman’ and ‘horse’? Why?? 😂
Filip Jicha junior
Filip Jicha junior - 2 days ago
I laughed just upon seeing the thumbnail.🤣
Славянка - 2 days ago
3:22 MatPat what the fuck, that's not the Russian flag!
שחר ליפשיץ
שחר ליפשיץ - 2 days ago
Reagan Bembridge
Reagan Bembridge - 2 days ago
You should do something about Fantastic Beast!!!!
[}team Virus{]
[}team Virus{] - 2 days ago
we've only really seen one of groots species, groot, so maybe its like pokemon and they only say what there called. but good vid (atleast in the mcu)
cherry blossom gaming
cherry blossom gaming - 2 days ago

Meaning: I also hate chinese
hyan sy
hyan sy - 2 days ago
I mean 1:21
hyan sy
hyan sy - 2 days ago
1:22 pause it and it will show GROOT🤯
How many subs with no vids?
This is extremely important information, make sure you take notes everyone, this'll help you pass your GCSES it will 👏
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