2020 C8 Corvette vs Dodge Demon // DRAG & ROLL RACE

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Throttle House
Throttle House - 6 days ago
Finally we are back at the Throttle House Test Track!! And there's plenty more where that came from on the way. And a huge thank you to Mahk for turning up right on time. Go check out more of Mahk's hilarious antics on the Zebra Corner channel.
Hemi power
Hemi power - 13 hours ago
Throttle House The Cars Can’t do anything with these guys driving them.
Hunter Arnold
Hunter Arnold - 2 days ago
Came here from Zebra Corner 💜
iPhone11 Kids
iPhone11 Kids - 3 days ago
Hey you no demon are for drag racing that why it didn’t when do you no about cars watch demonology boat head why are you on USa-video I’m still going to subscribe to you you boat box sand head you look live wroug head Demon is the fastest car in the world in a drag race think look it up now you got people slow H j by n
Twitta Velli
Twitta Velli - 3 days ago
great vod. 8 series coupe vs c8 "neckst"
matt someone with an SRT
I’ll help you with the math on the base C8 performance Spec sheet. The corvette does 0-60 in 2.9 or 3 seconds.. it does 0-100 in 7.6 seconds On the spec sheet. Let’s just say at best it can do 7.2 seconds to 100mph. That means I’m giving it 4 tenths of a second better than the spec sheet. So if it does 60 in 3 seconds.. that means it takes 4.2 seconds to get to 100. I did 3.2 seconds in the Redeye this morning 0-60 in 69 degrees weather.. it did 0-100 Twice in 6.8 seconds With a full tank of gas. That means it takes the Redeye only 3.6 seconds to get to 100mph from 60. 6 tenths That’s a big difference dude. I’m not hating on the Vette. It’s a fast car.. all I’m trying to get across is if the Redeye is launched proper the Vette will pull 0-60. But after 60 it’s lights out. Go head and look at the 0-100mph stats for the Vette. Just making my point man..
joe biker
joe biker - 14 minutes ago
Since the demon is their top model, put it up against a top vette model. OWNED!!!
georgemiller245 - Hour ago
Running drag radials 🤔 against a 400 plus naturally aspirated v8? 850hp plus for the Dodge. Stock tires the vette would win both races.
Jon McCargar
Jon McCargar - Hour ago
Fantastic, fun and somebody can't launch a car properly! Sorry about the out of control comment.
Tyler Ram
Tyler Ram - Hour ago
I feel like the c8 still held it’s own. Huge power difference and not far behind on the roll.
Amaar Kirat
Amaar Kirat - 2 hours ago
We all know that if Demon gets a proper launch it will walk the Corvette...
Christopher Rigas
Christopher Rigas - 4 hours ago
You forgot to take your yellow packaging off the demon. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AAJAA5 - 4 hours ago
Trying to fish subscribers from and appeal to the U.S. citizens? =)
It's over the top acting for the taste of Northern Europeans, and I guess for Canadians too, hehe.
monika laosi
monika laosi - 4 hours ago
This is the content I was looking for
monika laosi
monika laosi - 4 hours ago
just the super charger in the Demon: 2.7L the entire engine in my accord 2.4L
courgargold - 4 hours ago
What good is an 840hp car if the wheels won’t stick to the road? They should make the demon AWD, it would crush.
brabos al
brabos al - 5 hours ago
I feel bad about dodge lovers. GM the king of American cars forever
Sarika Despande
Sarika Despande - 5 hours ago
Get a gt 500 and its all over
Lance Hondrade
Lance Hondrade - 7 hours ago
*The Demon was built for drag racing, and drag racing alone. If you want a Dodge that can take on a race track, go guy a Neon or a Viper.*
Mc Grady
Mc Grady - 12 hours ago
When you get a 700-800-900 bhp American car and you know your ass will be kicked by any European or Japanese sports car around 500 bhp
Octane Street - Apprentice Mechanic
Wow, even on a roll the C8 almost took it. Dodge just keeps putting in more and more power while chevy and ford make their cars better all around. That's cool though, that's what makes Dodge Dodge.
Багаудин Аушев
Demon 🔥🔥🔥
Ana Kasparian's Old Nose
Ana Kasparian's Old Nose - 13 hours ago
😂😂😂 great collab.
Rick Harris
Rick Harris - 14 hours ago
Run the two on the track then you’ll see a different story. When you spinning your not winning.
Joel A. Ramos
Joel A. Ramos - 15 hours ago
Lose gravel tho
Teegan O'Neill
Teegan O'Neill - 16 hours ago
I’m sorry but they shouldn’t compare a track car with a purpose built drag car. Drag cars don’t work without traction.
504daniel - 17 hours ago
id like to see a prepped track run
Francisco Garcia
Francisco Garcia - 17 hours ago
i saw mahk and i felt so good that i watched mahk videos before i discovered this channel idk why i think im weird😂
IbanezGuitarz87 - 18 hours ago
Challenger nothing but a boat to spin tires with...
D4Real - 19 hours ago
that scream of the Demon crossing the finish line is pretty cool. 5:18
xevious2501 - 19 hours ago
You know something. with all the talk of the Dodge, Hellcat Demon etc. i cant think of any drag race video of this sort where the Dodge had won. not here none of the other road and track/ motor trend/ drive shows. none of them. They always have issues with traction. And what gets me, is the fact theyre whole angle is being drag race machines!. Bottom line, if not a rolling start on perfect pavement, theyre worthless.
D4Real - 19 hours ago
just the super charger in the Demon: 2.7L
the entire engine in my accord 2.4L
robbussum - 19 hours ago
I hate when they put guys in a car that don't know how to drive. Then your gonna tell me the slower car is faster. You have to ease into the Demon not jam on the gas. How the hell does a 9 second car lose to an 11 second car. Get some real drivers and re-test. Know every guy with a C8 thinks he can beat a Hellcat and Demon. This video is bullsh!t
Throttle House
Throttle House - 17 hours ago
Every single guy with a c8 WILL beat a demon in a race that’s off the cuff on a normal road surface. The Demon can NOT Put down power on a non prepped surface.
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson - 19 hours ago
And yes no one blames you for not putting all that power down. Especially on that surface. All those little rocks. They even have a hard time on a prepped surface sometimes.
Eric Patterson
Eric Patterson - 19 hours ago
Cold air intake and cam the vette. Then the vette would win lol. All it would take is a cam lol.... the demon won by what? Maybe 2 car lengths in the roll?! Terrible for 313 more hp.
Rodriguez Rodriguez
Rodriguez Rodriguez - 19 hours ago
I will buy the Demon
Tony Montana
Tony Montana - 21 hour ago
As Corvette fan, The demon would have destroyed the c8 if it had its drag package
HyperXR 2777
HyperXR 2777 - 22 hours ago
Xavier Hancock
Xavier Hancock - 22 hours ago
When you don’t use its trans break or warm the tires and just say the corvette wins
Anis Diab
Anis Diab - 22 hours ago
800 hp for nothing its just a carbage
Tyjuan Johnson
Tyjuan Johnson - 23 hours ago
Demon should have won the first one. He can’t drive.
This was definitely staged/rigged
Brody Luna
Brody Luna - Day ago
No that demon would smack that c8 you just dont know how to drive a demon
Sal Cruz
Sal Cruz - Day ago
That new intro of your logo is amazing I love it
Brandon Murphy
Brandon Murphy - Day ago
Only have a 300+ more hp😂😂
Camaro Modz
Camaro Modz - Day ago
cant launch a demon
Eddie Fanning
Eddie Fanning - Day ago
Wait till the z06 and Zora come out....
Tommyboy inc
Tommyboy inc - Day ago
The demon runs an 9.6 on the right surface...the c8 runs an 11....so?
Sebastian Gaming
Sebastian Gaming - Day ago
You should use the computers shifting cuz there’s no way your gonna be able to out shit the computer in the demon just down shift into whatever gear you gotta be in the role then just let the computer do the work
Tommyboy inc
Tommyboy inc - Day ago
This is the dumbest video to represent the two.that dirty ass road with all that gravel and dust theres no way ANY rear wheel drive front engine car would put ANY power down on that surface put these two on a prepped 1/4 ACTUAL strip where the demon was specifically built for and then let's see😂.Im not even a dogde fan boy I just know some B.S When I see it and anyone who knows drag racing knows this such an unfair scenario😂
Tommyboy inc
Tommyboy inc - Day ago
I'd like to see these two on a prepped surface 😂 I think it would be a different story
jfkdotcom - Day ago
...so it beat the dodge off the line in the quarter and almost beat it on the rolling start. and you have a dodge boner why?
Stephen Hodge
Stephen Hodge - Day ago
Main takeaway from this and all videos of Dodge demons getting their ass handed to them, is on thing. With their weight, they should be racing in the truck class.
Fords4life 91
Fords4life 91 - Day ago
I'd still pick a demon over a dumpster 😂
Fords4life 91
Fords4life 91 - Day ago
Put them on a dragstrip...and....what corvette?...what corvette do u speak of?😂
Jason B
Jason B - Day ago
Take that yellow guard off the demon ffs!
Demarkus Crespin
Demarkus Crespin - Day ago
If this fucken dude knew how to launch the demon he wouldnt have lost
Evan Doege
Evan Doege - Day ago
Its a base c8 vs a super charged dodge corvette is better
the_rafa03 - Day ago
You don't know how to launch a demon... lol
Me. once again
Me. once again - Day ago
How did top gear beat a Lamborghini aventador with it?
Alex Nunez
Alex Nunez - Day ago
"YoU cAnT lAuNcH a DeMoN"
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - Day ago
C8 zo6 vs demon I'd like to see that 🤷🏽‍♂️
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy - Day ago
American Brand, Other than CTS-V Cadillac.
Zachary Turner
Zachary Turner - Day ago
3:50. Thank me later.
https://youtu.be/k9ROF45aDJw এরকম একটা ভিডিও আপলোড করুন
gabriel reyes
gabriel reyes - Day ago
What a lot of people forget is that the demon is 2018 stock production drag car. Certified by the nhra. The vet should be actually going up against a viper gts( if there was one for this year but there isn’t).but besides that vet has power to put down with the engine in the back. But that demon stock for stock is always going to better. And for top speed there’s the new charger hellcat redeye.
Ian Holmen
Ian Holmen - Day ago
What’s the point of having a car that can’t launch unless it’s on a prepped track?
Ian Holmen
Ian Holmen - Day ago
The corvette should be awd.and have a manual.
TheTyisAwesome - Day ago
No one:
scackley - Day ago
BAHAHAHAHA... so a car that weighs 1000 lbs less beat a 2 year old car by maybe 1-2 car lengths? Guess the corvette people needed something to be proud of... Put them both on a race track and keep the same fuel and drivers...
Jeffery Plummer
Jeffery Plummer - Day ago
World's fastest production car and it got beat by the Vette. Need to get a new driver for the Demon. Sad!
Ron Matson
Ron Matson - Day ago
Even in a roll race it barely takes the cake with almost 300 some more ponies
Smithz Autoz
Smithz Autoz - Day ago
That better a beast the dodge was on drag radicals the vette was on street tires & the vette dragged him.Racing is from dig Sissys race roll.
KGR Študio.
KGR Študio. - Day ago
Drag racing in Himalayas
Jojo Divas
Jojo Divas - Day ago
I don’t get with those so called Dodge “Fanboys”. This comment section is so peaceful that I am actually surprised. Whenever a Mustang beats a Dodge, it’s gonna be hell over again.
Olebogeng Moagi
Olebogeng Moagi - Day ago
Let's put a demon on a race track(not drag strip), and see its lap times compared to other track focused cars. 😂. Its funny how no one has taken a demon or even a Hellcat to a race track yet..
David Kemper
David Kemper - Day ago
I’ve noticed that all challengers have horrible launch controls unfortunately
وايلي B-52
وايلي B-52 - Day ago
And I don't forget the corvette, the most impressed car.
وايلي B-52
وايلي B-52 - Day ago
They're both strong, and I love them, especially Challenger Damon.
JerseyMikeP - Day ago
The results were a Given Way before , Either race was run. The Big Dodges are Autobahn /GT car ( Demon Only With the Demon Crate Ecu and a Hellcat Widebody Wheel swap,)
They are Only Quick off the Line on a Prepped track, prefferably With M/T ET street Or Hoosier DOT Slicks. Still They are the Fastest way to transport 5 adults in an American Brand, Other than CTS-V Cadillac.
brettwrb - Day ago
Zeeeee, not zed.
Cuah Vertiz
Cuah Vertiz - Day ago
Stfu up that’s fake
Lem0nsquid - Day ago
cool video. as a dodge bro im not bothered much by the corvettes superiority over a muscle car designed to keep the retro, old school style alive. besides, the Viper is what puts the corvette to shame anyway :P
Jashan321 Sandhu
Jashan321 Sandhu - Day ago
He doesn’t know how to drive
Allan Mauricio Flores Ponce
Awesome Channel!!! Great to know you @throttlehouse
Deagan Giannas
Deagan Giannas - Day ago
YOu DonT KnOw hOw tO laNcH a demOn
JerseyMikeP - Day ago
I bet the rear tires were at 32psi instead of high teens/ low 20s like they should of. Also, they probably were Cold AF. Not to mention... Could they Find a DUSTIER stretch of track to run.
Claude V.
Claude V. - Day ago
Not surprising considering how dusty the tarmac was. Still it’s a good idea when you have radials to do at least a small burnout before the launch.
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