Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert

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Arianna Taz
Arianna Taz - 48 minutes ago
Good thing I don't have a fortnite account. UwU
Rapidfire103 - 58 minutes ago
Wow they went camping in a sandy place.
Goldenapple 710
Goldenapple 710 - Hour ago
Now survive in ocean
World Rider
World Rider - Hour ago
im going to tell my science teacher that u don't need heat for a fire but only need flame, fuel, and oxygen because Chris said so. I bet my science teacher would DEFINETELY understand.
Living Corpse
Living Corpse - Hour ago
This isn’t the moon the dunes themselves don’t stay in the same spot let alone footsteps 😂😂😂😂
HOT ROD - Hour ago
Me beast: what do you want me to do have some q and a in my room
Chris:what do you want me to do look at memes in my computer
Lol I know a YouTuber who does this things
jin11 gt
jin11 gt - Hour ago
If I got a golden ticket I will sell it for 10k xd
Jassz Storms
Jassz Storms - 2 hours ago
end of da vid
I don't even play Fortnite. My brudder does doh.
Besides, I already subbed.
Aussie Yeet
Aussie Yeet - 2 hours ago
What dessert
Deimos - 2 hours ago
kim h
kim h - 2 hours ago
U guys r awesome. It was my daughter who got me into watching. Love ya guys 👌👊💯
kim h
kim h - 2 hours ago
I want a golden ticket lol
yeet boi with cheese
yeet boi with cheese - 2 hours ago
Did this man just go camping. Holy crap
Ashley Winters
Ashley Winters - 2 hours ago
do a 24 hour challange in the woods
Look at My profile pic
Look at My profile pic - 2 hours ago
Who ever die doesn’t got the money
J- Play
J- Play - 2 hours ago
i sub but i dont have fortnite account maybe in the future
Peter Buonora
Peter Buonora - 3 hours ago
Bbbb Batman
Aiden Vlogs
Aiden Vlogs - 3 hours ago
Chris vapes 8:48
Cameron Playz
Cameron Playz - 3 hours ago
6:46 They def high asf bro LMAO
Chris Kaletta
Chris Kaletta - 3 hours ago
Should I sing you a nursery Santa go to bed?
Daniel Ortiz
Daniel Ortiz - 4 hours ago
Taking your clothes off is a bad idea because you want to guard your skin from the intense sun because when you get sun burn it dehydrates you even more so keep your clothes on in the desert👍
Blue Shark
Blue Shark - 4 hours ago
To Chandler really say there was a dog in the middle of the desert
Anthony Carreto
Anthony Carreto - 4 hours ago
Why do you have pants in th the desert🤔
Yeah Justin
Yeah Justin - 4 hours ago
What's a fornite
Gh4731ost - 4 hours ago
jokes on you i dont have a fortnite account
Jenniffer Barolli
Jenniffer Barolli - 4 hours ago
Beast I commented on ur newest vid I’m gonna comment on every vid until u campaign for pewdiepie he is loseing......
Mikko Valencia
Mikko Valencia - 4 hours ago
MrBeast returns home

Mom: Why are you black
Josh Theurer
Josh Theurer - 4 hours ago
Nokito Sembrano
Nokito Sembrano - 5 hours ago
can u give me 400 dollars
Kiera Thomas
Kiera Thomas - 5 hours ago
We all know that the only reason Chandler "stormed" off was to secretly poop again
Akram El-Masry
Akram El-Masry - 5 hours ago
this is called " camping "
XxSandyChan - 5 hours ago
Anything for them views.
Cruzc1gaming - 5 hours ago
I actually wonder who went through the desert and left cheetos on the bushes
Gerardo Garcia
Gerardo Garcia - 5 hours ago
These are the new try guys
Fingerlickinchicken - 5 hours ago
Haul out a 4wheeler on a trailer and some Jerry cans with gasoline
Ruby Mariano
Ruby Mariano - 5 hours ago
Pls give me ps4 mr beast pls
Andrew Payne
Andrew Payne - 5 hours ago
1:27 a key element for fire is flame? WOW! Who knew?!?!
Jackaboy Ice
Jackaboy Ice - 5 hours ago
Flame,fuel,and oxygen
Causally blows carbon dioxide on fire
Sigma Memes
Sigma Memes - 5 hours ago
i dont have a fortnite account LOL
TFB_Jarrodrs1980 3
TFB_Jarrodrs1980 3 - 5 hours ago
Chandler complaining while eating everything
Adam Hair
Adam Hair - 5 hours ago
Hansel Bantasan
Hansel Bantasan - 6 hours ago
Omg chandler is always eating lol
Motion magic
Motion magic - 6 hours ago
Chandler: I’m burning alive! *Drinking Mountain Dew *
elizabeth19777 - 6 hours ago
Strand yourself in a boat with your friends for 24 hr! :D
maddie does life
maddie does life - 6 hours ago
Mr. Beast: I bought the moon
Lynn Flethcer
Lynn Flethcer - 7 hours ago
they've played minecraft
Chill Tsuyoi
Chill Tsuyoi - 7 hours ago
i think Chris feels important
Jose Baltazar
Jose Baltazar - 7 hours ago
Isn’t the sand hot
iHieu 99
iHieu 99 - 7 hours ago
Chad Butler
Chad Butler - 7 hours ago
How would you steal my dog if I don’t have one? YOU ARE WRONG
darksoulsgameing713 - 7 hours ago
jonathan lopeznerio
jonathan lopeznerio - 7 hours ago
cris is sad
zhlachla3n - 7 hours ago
.they need bear gryls
Daily Videos
Daily Videos - 7 hours ago
3:29 its aqua man
Brianah Allen
Brianah Allen - 8 hours ago
Haighley - 8 hours ago
How about *"I stayed in the queen mary ship for 48 hours"*
BRANDON LISH - 8 hours ago
that is fucking nothing, you only eat three times a day, that would be the easiest thing in the entire world. you guys are just dumb asses
PANDA ARMY - 8 hours ago
No wonder Chandler pooped 33 times
Ryan Baker
Ryan Baker - 8 hours ago
Garret: Whats it gonna take to get the ticket rings mrbeast.
Mr Beast: Did u buy it off him. Garret: Yeh only $4000.🤪😂
BlakeTH - 8 hours ago
Chandler had a Mountain Dew
The Factoids
The Factoids - 8 hours ago
Chandler: why u keep on bullying me
Pennywise The dancing clown
2:01 then the vid gets claimed
Darhk - 8 hours ago
nimra masood
nimra masood - 8 hours ago
Yooo was chris trying to roast pewdiepie @ 10:20 lmao
Mario Cook
Mario Cook - 8 hours ago
lol you don't have to boil the water js. lol, there's a heater bag in the MRE for a reason
Steven Martin
Steven Martin - 8 hours ago
i got one for 8,000
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson - 9 hours ago
5:00 I laughed pretty hard at that face
Hamster Boi
Hamster Boi - 9 hours ago
Next do last one to leave mt.everest wins a jacket
Jaxson Waters
Jaxson Waters - 9 hours ago
Waterysea 39
Waterysea 39 - 9 hours ago
Ha. I don’t play Fortnite I don’t have to subscribe
Olivia Jessup
Olivia Jessup - 9 hours ago
Are you guys at jockeys ridge
Juliana Paixão
Juliana Paixão - 9 hours ago
Ok but how did they find a bunch of sticks in the middle of the desert
Amber WolfGamer
Amber WolfGamer - 10 hours ago
Hey, where is the 🌵?
Gaster Sans
Gaster Sans - 10 hours ago
hyperbeam 94
hyperbeam 94 - 10 hours ago
new sounds good
hyperbeam 94
hyperbeam 94 - 10 hours ago
Chandler: gimme a spoon
chris: bitch I'm on my period I will kill you
Micah Lingard
Micah Lingard - 10 hours ago
Chris: yeah.. _well...._
Kenya Howard
Kenya Howard - 10 hours ago
Kenya Howard
Kenya Howard - 10 hours ago
Kenya Howard
Kenya Howard - 10 hours ago
usmc pettit
usmc pettit - 10 hours ago
Chris feels responsible
Joseph Nigro
Joseph Nigro - 11 hours ago
If you guys send me a golden ticket I’ll be amazed
Louis Klubien
Louis Klubien - 11 hours ago
what are the golden tickets?
storm harte
storm harte - 12 hours ago
I dont care i dont play fortnite i am a fortnite hater
Pipiz Panz
Pipiz Panz - 13 hours ago
You know the

I don’t have a dog.. Sooooooooo

I don’t need to subscribe
memeABC 123
memeABC 123 - 13 hours ago
How Mr beast has money for his videos. 6 mid rolls
ItzReFolixッ - 13 hours ago
im gay because your my dad
sabiikitty - 13 hours ago
17M views and 17M subs cool
Freedafaz - 14 hours ago
I bet Chris feels so happy
Audrey Tambe
Audrey Tambe - 14 hours ago
F•R•I•E•N•D•S!!!! Yees!
ValdoIsCool - 16 hours ago
Wouldn't have it been easier to get the drone up the mountain and have a nice view?
Dylan Finnerty
Dylan Finnerty - 17 hours ago
The key elements for fire are flame, fuel and oxygen
Blows carbon dioxide into fire
The Chasma Emoji
The Chasma Emoji - 19 hours ago
Day 365 of watching Mr Beast
Carmencita REYES
Carmencita REYES - 19 hours ago
i have no fortnite lol
Asmaaelg Asmaaelg
Asmaaelg Asmaaelg - 19 hours ago
Do somebody know which country this is in?
Chop chip Cookie
Chop chip Cookie - 19 hours ago
Does this remind anyone of papa jake
pokemon FAN
pokemon FAN - 20 hours ago
Wow! You get new subscriber.
Kristof Santos
Kristof Santos - 21 hour ago
Live My tag bruh
Live My tag bruh - 21 hour ago
This is legit just camping lol
David ROMD
David ROMD - 22 hours ago
Me:*watching Chandler have drama with Chris*You know what I will use code Chris.
Me:*watches more* well you know what I will use code Tareq
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