Surviving 24 Hours Straight In A Desert

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Rayven bird
Rayven bird - 2 hours ago
Ya no
Erica Gramann
Erica Gramann - 3 hours ago
I ate MRE’s and loved them
MUNCHKIN Princess - 3 hours ago
Taerq: if I get sick I'm suing
Judge: why are you suing Chris

Tareq:he gave me ashy water

Judge: you're fine is 40 billion dollars for giving ashy water
wyat1711 wyat1711
wyat1711 wyat1711 - 3 hours ago
This is how many challenges chandler has lost
Kaston Charlton
Kaston Charlton - 3 hours ago
Is chris smoking in the background at 8:47
Weng Antivo
Weng Antivo - 5 hours ago
Chris is amazing...
Chloe Tesch
Chloe Tesch - 7 hours ago
مدرّك FOR HONOR - 8 hours ago
ما يدري انها وناستنا
Gaming Focus
Gaming Focus - 9 hours ago
This is how many times Chandler pooped.
Melody Flores
Melody Flores - 10 hours ago
If I was spending there for 24 hours I will die
Tom Haggas
Tom Haggas - 11 hours ago
8:46 Chris is vaping In the background
MBA D I Y - 12 hours ago
We’re did chandler got a Mountain Dew???
MESTERIOUS NIGHTS - 12 hours ago
You can't delete my fortnite account cause iam play pubg haha
Marsmello Mastercraft
Marsmello Mastercraft - 13 hours ago
One room
Nothing happens
Mahdi Chowdhury
Mahdi Chowdhury - 13 hours ago
At 0:09 the viking almost fell
Rick Parks
Rick Parks - 14 hours ago
chandler = useless
Valorie Carter
Valorie Carter - 14 hours ago
Hey do you have face book
Ezra Vlogs
Ezra Vlogs - 16 hours ago
Chris vapes.
Stacie Plummer
Stacie Plummer - 16 hours ago
What am I supposed to do? Look at memes on my computer? 😂
Mystery Games 321
Mystery Games 321 - 18 hours ago
i dont have one account
Skye Games
Skye Games - 22 hours ago
MrBeast:Were out of food
Chris:I'm hungry
TruenoG7 - 22 hours ago
chandler is useless.
Ahnyah Salaam
Ahnyah Salaam - 23 hours ago
I loveee jake and chad
ODST playz 1161
ODST playz 1161 - 23 hours ago
You should try the Australian outback so far from what I can tell most Americans who came here quit
idk - Day ago
Chandler is wearing a friends tshirt so he's basically wearing a shirt with himself on it

If U know, U know
I’m Paige
I’m Paige - Day ago
This is how much Chandler pooped
Mallrick - Day ago
they are high af lmao
BTS Stray Kids
BTS Stray Kids - Day ago
Love Chandler’s shirt! wait I just realized “Chandler” I’m done with myself
chandler has pooped so many time that i can't count
lizeth Amezquita
lizeth Amezquita - Day ago
Yung Buhl
Yung Buhl - Day ago
Surprised you guys didn’t get abducted by aliens
jimy zylar gaming
jimy zylar gaming - Day ago
morgz cant do this
he did it on a beach
Double LL
Double LL - Day ago
Coyotes don't eat people
Antonio Spearman
Antonio Spearman - Day ago
Chris:key elements for fire are flame fuel and oxygen
Also Chris:*blows carbon dioxide*
Danae Cunningham
Danae Cunningham - Day ago
Did you know there is more bugs than grinds than sand
Hamayun Ahmadi
Hamayun Ahmadi - Day ago
Whats the song in the intro?
Trinity Carluzzo
Trinity Carluzzo - Day ago
Dear mrbeast,
I am one of your biggest fans and I would love if I could one day meet you but I know that it would be impossible
I hope that you can respond but if you can’t that is ok
Sincerely~ me
Gamer Hamno
Gamer Hamno - Day ago
Love it
xFear x Flowx
xFear x Flowx - Day ago
what is the song at 13:30 ?
Likely - Day ago
who saw chris SMOKING?!?!?!?!?
Reagan Wren
Reagan Wren - Day ago
MrBeast: what am I supposed to do? A, Q & A in my room
• S W 3 G G •
• S W 3 G G • - Day ago
i aint ryin to be mean but is it just me or does chanler looks gay
M1y Mohsin
M1y Mohsin - Day ago
I don’t play fortnit
peter graefe
peter graefe - Day ago
This is how much Chandler ate
Bubblewrap - Day ago
7:24 they found a wandering trader
No Voice
No Voice - Day ago
I would say Chris doesn’t get paid enough for this buuuuuut

He really does
Xxwolf gaminxX
Xxwolf gaminxX - Day ago
My laptop fell on my head XD
Lucy Fewson
Lucy Fewson - Day ago
everyone needs a Chris in their life
Steven Miller
Steven Miller - Day ago
I love ur channel
Chloe Nation
Chloe Nation - Day ago
I know everyone gangs up on Chandler but he’s my favorite....... yea
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