Doing My Makeup In An Escape Room

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Ana Banana
Ana Banana - Day ago
escape rooms seems so fun.
Ana Banana
Ana Banana - Day ago
now the escape room is going to have to change the game because you gave it away 😆
David Holdsworth
David Holdsworth - Day ago
James you are so pretty like lowkey jealous. Slay queen!~
samantha_vargas - 3 days ago
Imagine James in a life or death situation and he gotta put on his makeup first lmaooo
Tiger Wolf
Tiger Wolf - 4 days ago
I've never tried an escape room, but I REALLY want to.
Hani Hanis
Hani Hanis - 5 days ago
Be honest. Who has a little crush on james. Please tell me im not the only one.
Tara Wheaton
Tara Wheaton - 6 days ago
Escape rooms are amazing well I have only escaped 1 it was cause I had my good cousins to help me but how do you do your makeup
Ghost Artorias
Ghost Artorias - 6 days ago
A woman trapped in a mans body 💯
Krystal Brizuela
Krystal Brizuela - 7 days ago
Tell me why in the beginning he said “welcome back to my you-ooh channel”😭
Anna Strader
Anna Strader - 10 days ago
he should make kids clothes. i really love him and want a hoodie but i don’t wear women’s clothes
Madison Lykins
Madison Lykins - 11 days ago
sarah wow
sarah wow - 18 days ago
why does James look like Michael Jackson in the thumbnail
Kathryn Vlogs
Kathryn Vlogs - 22 days ago
He said u video
SHELDON COOPER - 23 days ago
i running of breath just by hearing him talking.
Jessica Shoffner
Jessica Shoffner - 23 days ago
James:hey sisters welcome back to my U Chanel
Me: omg I said that to sister😂
F.B.I - 26 days ago
Your gayer than a rainbow
The super sisters
The super sisters - Month ago
Anna oop
Angelic Rebels
Angelic Rebels - Month ago
I would say do your makeup on a rollercoaster but I really don't know if that's a good idea 😆...
Ritika Seth
Ritika Seth - Month ago
Big fan dude.. From 🇮🇳
Jaki Poloai
Jaki Poloai - Month ago
Im getting anxiety watching this! 😂 i hate escape rooms!
Alessandrabeauty - Month ago
real talk, james’ forehead looks really good in the into
Harry Nguyen
Harry Nguyen - Month ago
I used to watch one or two of your videos I didn’t understand why people don’t like so much but now I understand why you’re so awesome
angie c
angie c - Month ago
Did u see Josh disguise in makeup like u
sarah hummel
sarah hummel - Month ago
omg sister u look so good!!! That makeup tho😍😍😍😍
Shaylin Samson
Shaylin Samson - Month ago
Geeez I just noticed that I've knew who u were for a long time and didn't watch ur vids but now I like ur vids
a - l o G R E Y
a - l o G R E Y - Month ago
i love the irony of make up taking so much time and scape rooms where you have to hurry
Camryn Pukesh
Camryn Pukesh - Month ago
He looks so pretty in this vid I’m so jealous
Martha Cruz
Martha Cruz - Month ago
James: *trapped in a box and can drown*
Also James: *i cAnT dO My eYEbRoWS nOw*
Ari & Miguel
Ari & Miguel - Month ago
OMG i love escape rooms. me and my husband have done 8 together in florida. cant wait to go back home to cali to do the escape hotel in hollywood that place looks FIRE.
Ari & Miguel
Ari & Miguel - Month ago
"oh no i heard"
*inserts clip*
Noah Boy
Noah Boy - Month ago
Your so pretentious and queer.
Sub Boi
Sub Boi - Month ago
Reply “hi sisters” for a free cookie🍪
Kristin Ortiz
Kristin Ortiz - Month ago
I love escape rooms 😍😍😍
nicole johnson
nicole johnson - Month ago
James is so fucking hot 🔥🔥
Coli Black
Coli Black - Month ago
I am literally obsessed with his eyes he has such pretty hazel brown eyes
#Sister Jolie
#Sister Jolie - Month ago
I am wearing your merch right now
#Sister Jolie
#Sister Jolie - Month ago
Your makeup looked really good
Kiana Carlisle
Kiana Carlisle - Month ago
Everyone in a horror movie: HELP US GET OUT OF HERE!!!!
Sister James: Hi sisters let me do my makeup quickly
GachaHooked - 5 days ago
Kiana Carlisle I love horror movies but James..... *scares me*
Niki Cole
Niki Cole - Month ago
This is my favourite vid!
Savannah Bowlin
Savannah Bowlin - Month ago
Omg he looks soooooo good no joke
BTS Lover
BTS Lover - Month ago
Dude your makeup is amazing how you do that😀😃❤
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