Lauren London gives emotional tribute to Nipsey Hussle

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rmims475 - 3 days ago
1:59 see white figure
rmims475 - 3 days ago
Nip shows up next to her look closely🙏💙💙💙💙😇😇😇
Evangelist Betty Bailey
Evangelist Betty Bailey - 13 days ago
Lauren I can only image the grief and pain that you felt at the time of your companion's departure but all things passes from our spirit in due time which is God's timing. Nipsey played his role as a mate to you to the fullest he gave you his best so hold tight to those precious memories and cherish them forever. Lauren he left a part of him here in the earth through his son and I'm sure he will do a lot of things that will be a constant reminder of Nipsey. I want to say that I have seen you in quite a few movies but "This Christmas" is a definite favorite of mine, your acting skills are superb. My sister sow some of your time talking to God about your hurt He is not only a healer and a deliverer but He will remove the unneeded agony and stress out of your life. Continue entertaining us through the movies that you make and we will keep watching them. God bless you from your sister in Christ in Hammond, LA.
Terry Holmes
Terry Holmes - 15 days ago
She’s a great actor
Carmen Rodriguez
Carmen Rodriguez - 21 day ago
R.I.p homie
mouse minnie
mouse minnie - Month ago
And the Best Black actress award goes to....😆
Quentin Justice
Quentin Justice - Month ago
As soon as she said his soul Nipsey appears behind her as a ghost like figure
noh ermias
noh ermias - Month ago
Ci Chris
Ci Chris - Month ago
I thought she and him were married. I’ll never accept that title of “long time girlfriend”, but everyone is different. RIP.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee - Month ago
His spirit was next to her
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - Month ago
I honestly thought her speech would be a little better but ok
Nothing was emotionally about LL, they all faked crying..I never seen so many unemotional people in my life..U notice they keep saying Nipsey Hussle not his government name so the character was killed off..IJS
Zachary Magpul
Zachary Magpul - 2 months ago
if he researched everything, im assuming he would have had a gun...n all his friends would have had guns... IF they were legal in california. but no, another law abiding citizen dead obeying gun laws n another criminal with a gun doing the killing. wake up california
anthony carter
anthony carter - 2 months ago
Barcelona Diago
Barcelona Diago - 2 months ago
Where are the real tears🤷‍♀️
iamNA - 2 months ago
Priscilla D
Priscilla D - 2 months ago
Am I the only one who seen that on the right side of her at 1:51?
theforce10001 - 2 months ago
I just feel like saying a few words..
I’d hit that
Floyd Kromkaf
Floyd Kromkaf - 2 months ago
Blahaaaaa!!! Wow. What a joke. Please, please, how fake can these people be? She can't even fake cry. Not one tear. wow. "The marathon continues'. You ain't kiddin
mulligan's mayhem
mulligan's mayhem - 2 months ago
So f@@ked up so sad.
God bless
seeji sings
seeji sings - 2 months ago
was he her sacrifice??? its always family or a lover...if she wasn't big known she Big known Now. wouldn't be surprised if her career goes thru the roof now...js.
Sharna Shields
Sharna Shields - 2 months ago
Everyone knew who she was before this
AestheticsisLife - 2 months ago
The marathon continues of black on black crime and black people continuing with the beta victim mentality to attempt to gain special privileges and live up as the most disgraceful, least resourceful, most selfish minority race in America. A race where fathers abandon their own sons and their continent sports 9.3 million modern day slaves, how can we expect them to contribute value to society? Hopeless.
AestheticsisLife - 2 months ago
rae21 black on black crime took 5,000 lives in 2015. Nearly 70% of African American households are raised by a single parent. Affirmative action allows blacks to get into schools with lower scores and credentials than even smaller minorities like Asian Americans. Proportionally by their race, African Americans are the most reliant on US welfare. Blacks complain about things they suffered in the past even though every great empire had slaves and the US got rid of slaves very quickly compared to other empires. The bloodiest war where brothers killed brothers was performed to end slavery even though they merely bought what Africa sold. Now, blacks still sell each other with 9.3 million slaves in Africa, zero in all white countries. You get your facts straight and do some research, please.
rae21 - 2 months ago
@AestheticsisLife sure I'll run on your surface level, biased and fabricated "facts". Do some research hun.😘
AestheticsisLife - 2 months ago
rae21 you must think so deeply that you disregard facts 😂
rae21 - 2 months ago
You are a sad, pessimistic individual. And you obviously lack the capability to think deeply.
WorldWide EntertainmentCrib
I don't know if I should say she's acting or nahh, but where I come from woman normally go crazy when they lose a husband something's not right with all this energy.
Corrine Martinez
Corrine Martinez - 2 months ago
Christina Arua
Christina Arua - 2 months ago
Amanda Loyd
Amanda Loyd - 2 months ago
Jade Raé
Jade Raé - 2 months ago
Amanda Loyd time stamp?
Tatinjaezmom - 2 months ago
😮😮😮 starting @1:49 look closely between Lauren n Nipsey sister do u see that behind the sec mic😶😶😶
Rakena Patterson
Rakena Patterson - 2 months ago
I think the guy in the blue and black shirt seen something watch his face!
Rakena Patterson
Rakena Patterson - 2 months ago
I saw it to!!!!
Ess Rae
Ess Rae - 2 months ago
Keyira Francis
Keyira Francis - 2 months ago
Still gives me chills watching this... Praying for Strength... 🙌 Lauren ❤😍
Marcus Mcdougald
Marcus Mcdougald - 2 months ago
If your reading this i love u....peace nd love
Erik Anderson
Erik Anderson - 2 months ago
Showing Love from Mississippi #ripnipseygeeyouknowhatsgoingon‼️
Ms McCormick
Ms McCormick - 2 months ago
May he rip but if u live by the stupidity of gangs, u will die cuz of that stupidity. Sure, he was great yada yada but the takeaway should be that gangs are for idiots.
Chris V.
Chris V. - 2 months ago
“It’s not on you, it’s in you” damn
bella esposa
bella esposa - 2 months ago
Lauren is the definition of a real faithful woman . You can tell by the way she expresses her feelings for him like she’s definitely in love with this man. Life goes on Rest In Peace nipsey
ZOE SMITH - 2 months ago
Nipsey is there standing next to her 💯
Karms Lloyd
Karms Lloyd - 3 months ago
At the end of the day this represents the breakdown of the black family.
Salma Omar
Salma Omar - 3 months ago
RIP nipsey hussle you was my favorite rapper ALWAYS #1
The Dentist
The Dentist - 3 months ago
I stay on my hustle just like I’m Nipsy
Sam Ola
Sam Ola - 3 months ago
* The Illuminati. ✍🏻
* The Kennedy Assassination. ✍🏻
* MJ 12 and the UFO Cover-UP.✍🏻
* Area 51.✍🏻
* The Anti Christ.✍🏻
* The World Trade Center Disaster.✍🏻
* Gun Control.
* The Constitution.
* Skull and Bones Society.
Is this really an agenda? Protect yourselves mentally,devil is on a mission ✌🏾
Christine Castrillon
Christine Castrillon - 3 months ago
This is a good woman my respect to her she's NOT SENDING RITUALS OF DEMONS and all the💀EVIL💀
💀SPIRITS💀 like his "family" shame on his
and the rest Full of darkness DEMONS EVIL SPIRITS EWWWW
this young woman IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CALLED UPON ✡️GOD✡️🕎🛡️⚔️♥️ the ONLY saviour of every soul dead or alive
WAY TO GO YOUNG LADY .... the rest is full of darkness EVIL 🎭demons🎭 EWWW believing in dead people
poor man's soul 🤦
Sherrie Parker
Sherrie Parker - 2 months ago
Shut the front door! Y'all folks have serious issues.
D channel
D channel - 3 months ago
Who be disliking all of these videos like for wat? Smh
Heem OfficialYoutube
Heem OfficialYoutube - 3 months ago
Guess im the only one in the comment section reading her body language and can tell shes not sincere i couldn't even here it in her voice she wanted his riches i give it 1 and a half maybe 2 years before she be with her next superstar boyfriend
James Paige
James Paige - 3 months ago
I used to be a hater before I actually learned something about him and I’m truly sorry about that. This was the kind of man who would want to talk it out with a hater like me and figure out how to make things better.
flyonalbatross13 - 3 months ago
Trump curse is real...Bye Felicia!
Cecilia Carmen Arauz
Cecilia Carmen Arauz - 3 months ago
Beautiful touching heart ❤️🙏🏻
Devon Lambert
Devon Lambert - 3 months ago
What is in u don't let them take from u -Hustle R.I.P
Tanya - 3 months ago
This breaks my heart. God bless her, their kids and entire family. 🥺💔❤️
Jady Lux
Jady Lux - 3 months ago
“girlfriend” THATS HIS WIFE !!
TCB * - 3 months ago
This is like an episode of Saints & Sinners
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