Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here's How My Body Reacted...

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Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike - 14 days ago
I'm Answering comments on here since the premier ended!
ssell87 - Day ago
@Madeline Fleming both, take your body weight and times it by 12 that is the calorie intake to maintain your weight. To gain more weight increase that number to loose weight decrease that number. Be proactive in following your food groups and portions. Avoid fast food, they tend to make your diet more protein dependant. Try to remember too much of a good thing is bad for you; If your use to 6 or 7 cups of coffee try to cut back to 1 or 2. It's the same with alcohol if you go out occasionally, energy drinks, sugar and salt. This is just basic advice I've learned, diffinatly consult a nutritionist or dietitian for more in depth meal plans, because if you find that something is not working out as expected they will help you adjust it to fit you because everyone is different.
BrothersInTheCreed - 7 days ago
Why is red meat bad?
MattGaming201 - 13 days ago
can you please do it video on enhancing your jawline and if that’s even possible. in this video he claims that it’s all fake and now i’m confuses. like this so Doctor Mike can see this. :) thanks as always
Golden Lioness
Golden Lioness - 13 days ago
*Doctor Mike!!!!* This might be off topic BUT.... What do you think of chiropractors? I have heard they are harmful but also really good for you and now I’m a little confused 😅 EDIT: also...this is slightly awkward but wth XD what causes gassiness? XD
Christy H
Christy H - 14 days ago
The gas might have been the sudden increase in the amount of soy you were eating
Kenji Dagdag
Kenji Dagdag - 51 minute ago
So in short Doctor Mike got good.
Plus eating vegetables makes your semen healthy -Google
M M - 2 hours ago
Go carnivore for a month
autumn82443 - 3 hours ago
I love that you do this it is so cool
And an awesome idea idk why but you are just awesome
Crystal Songui
Crystal Songui - 4 hours ago
Lol I had no idea honey was not considered vegan. That makes no sense.
Mario Espinosa
Mario Espinosa - 6 hours ago
DR. MIKE! Try Intermittent fasting! I'm a medical student doing research in it and I think it has many benefits! You could try starting with the 16/8 Time-restricted feeding!
Emmie 23
Emmie 23 - 6 hours ago
Instead of eating processed foods or just vegetables maybe you should’ve tried cooking more from vegan cookbooks they’re some great ones the exist now.
Ayeon - 7 hours ago
Interesting~ the gas issue would have made me stop too
Three Spirits Trio
Three Spirits Trio - 8 hours ago
I can't even go vegan due to my Lactos Intolerance And my Gluten Alergy cause of my Autism
Music Love
Music Love - 8 hours ago
True papaya enzymes with chlorophyll for digestion. I use chewables
LatashaTrueHeart - 8 hours ago
Chapter 7, around 6:13, I had that experience the year I ate fruit and veggies. 😳 Seriously, cooked veggies like broccoli, squash, and zucchini will mess you up! I struggled, too! 😅😄😂😋
Latika Banerji
Latika Banerji - 12 hours ago
The peer pressure is real.
Liza Khomenko
Liza Khomenko - 12 hours ago
Bro why no vegetables?!?!
Sam Natvig
Sam Natvig - 14 hours ago
Dr Mike,
I can not stop building gas in my stomach and burping. I know I already have GERD, but the burping is beginning to get a little concerning. I’m planning to see a doctor about it soon but is there any input you have on this as well?
Alida Schmitt
Alida Schmitt - 15 hours ago
If you feel ill, try some selfmade tea with oranges, lemons and ginger. I try to drink 3-4 liters of it for about 2 days and thats it. No honey needed. 🤷‍♀️
S - 11 hours ago
Hi that sounds amazing, recipe details please!
Becca in Denver
Becca in Denver - 17 hours ago
I know you say you eat plant focused but your gut bubbling like that? You blew out your fiber load. There's a couple of good other YouTuber videos where they realize when they eat vegan they went from 40g of fiber up to 60g or more. When they started watching fiber, their stomach symptoms dropped off.
But if you really were eating primarily plant-based, switching from 5 oz of chicken to 5 oz of tofu or seitan is not going to blow up your stomach. Because if you are really eating primarily plant-based, you are likely getting 60 g of fiber anyways.
Try it again but watch your fiber. From your snacking habits as shown, it looks like a really, really far stretch to say you eat primarily plant-based. 50-60% of every meal or snack should be plants to really put yourself in that box.
Mahalo Aloha
Mahalo Aloha - 17 hours ago
Every vegan knows, that Mike didn’t do it right. He would have saved himself a lot of grief had he spoke to a vegan doctor or a vegan nutritionist to get the basics of proper food combining and increasing the volume of food intake. People are so used to smaller portion sizes but every vegan knows that this changes once you understand the logic behind it.
Mahalo Aloha
Mahalo Aloha - 17 hours ago
Omg. Gas and bloating means you were having poor food combinations. Always eat fruit in the morning with oatmeal or just a big fruit smoothie. Never eat fruit after you eat something. Fruit, because it is a fast colon transit food will digest faster than the food you have already in your gut, and it will cause a “bad science experiment” in your gut. Also I’d like to bring it to your attention that if Doctors don’t recommend pregnant woman to eat fish (because of high amounts of mercury), then why do you think it could probably be better for a grown human? Fish is more toxic than it was 60 years ago. If you do your homework you’ll realize this. Going vegan is something that requires you educating yourself ( i.e. being OK with eating more often because the food digests faster ), being OK with more healthy trips to the bathroom, and reading books like The China Study, which is the largest human conducted study on Nutrition that spans all over the world. And also catching up on The World Health Organization and definitely spending some time on .... (Physicians committee for responsible medicine)
This is my solid advice🤙😉
broken_angelakakey - 17 hours ago
It’s fiber Oml lol
broken_angelakakey - 17 hours ago
We all make mistakes
broken_angelakakey - 17 hours ago
I’m vegan I have been 3 months
broken_angelakakey - 17 hours ago
amaqjuaq Khan
amaqjuaq Khan - 18 hours ago
Long ad with very unaffordable products thanks doc
csdragonfly - 18 hours ago
Ummm... are you dumb? "Apparently honey is not vegan!" ?!?!?! And "you don't have to milk a bee to get the honey" or some shit like that!?! Either this youtube career is destroying your doctor brain cells or you're just plain dumb. Sorry but think before you speak and/or do your research about issues you clearly know nothing about. Appart from saying a vegan diet is actually healthy, everything else is talking nonsense. Just cause you went vegan for a month, doesn't mean you know shit about the vegan diet. In fact, you know nothing. You could have done a little research to complement your "knowledge", though. Waste of my time.
Ivy Winwood
Ivy Winwood - 18 hours ago
It takes the body awhile to adjust to all the fibre that has increased. I noticed that my digestion got better after 2 months. Before veganism, I had IBS flares quite frequently, since changing my lifestyle, my IBS is in remission and I only have a flare when I eat triggering food. Drinking fennel, ginger, or peppermint tea half an hour after eating can help with digestion and will help later on in the day.
SayLin Music
SayLin Music - 19 hours ago
30 day vegan challenge baby solves all your problems~
Skyler Ashley
Skyler Ashley - 19 hours ago
Haha. So bee it. 🍯
Georgia Pilbrow
Georgia Pilbrow - 23 hours ago
I would say that the key with the gut issues is to TAKE IT SLOWWWWW 😊 I’m vegan but I didn’t make the change over night - first I went pescatarian, then vegetarian, then cut out dairy and eventually went fully vegan over a period of 3 years. Going from 0-100 with all the fibre, or with any diet change tbh, is always less ideal than making small changes over a longer period of time 🥬🥬🥬 honestly well made video love it
Kirsten Leigh
Kirsten Leigh - Day ago
This video is super interesting to me! If you haven’t already, I’d love for you to look into the Gerson Therapy and give your thoughts on it!! In the 1950s Dr. Max Gerson published a book on how he cured cancer using mainly juicing and the success rate he had with his patients but died of complications after being poisoned twice.
His therapy isn’t practiced here and was actually banned in 1946 by the FDA from being practiced in clinics across the US (not sure if it’s still banned) but it is practiced in other counties. And I just find it honestly very intriguing and would love to hear your thoughts on the whole thing if it’s something you find interesting.
Olivia - Day ago
I just hope that the world doesn’t become so obsessed with veganism that in the future people are shamed for not following the diet😶 I know people who are vegan and they always talk about how its good for the environment and it kinda makes me feel bad for eating lots of meat/fish... (but I do have a nut allergy so I need to get protein from somewhere)
St. Susy
St. Susy - 21 hour ago
@Olivia I understand you probably have a different outlook on "limiting" your diet because you've been forced to do it for your allergy. For me, when I went vegan I gained so many new ingredients I never used before and actually just broadened my diet so much. I'm sure it can be scary to try new things with an allergy but you're most likely already used to checking ingredients on things everytime before you eat, so that wouldn't be a new thing for you. Not much more trouble after finding your everyday items that work for you. Veganism cannot cause dairy intolerance. Sure it can help the body to identify what has not been working for it, after being without it for some time. Only around 35 percent of the people are actually okay with dairy. I mean it's food for babies (not even our own species) and then we should wean off of it. Good news is that there are vegan alternatives to the products you've gotten used to eating. You don't understand why you would limit your diet any more than allergies already dictate, but the core of veganism isn't about self. You wouldn't be doing it just for yourself. Sure it can feel great for yourself too, but you should be doing it for the victims and then it really doesn't feel limiting because it's just a good choice you're making and you can still eat delicious food. I don't find it limiting, I find it liberating. Liberating for myself, for not feeling guilty anymore and living more at peace. And foremost, liberating to the victims of animal industries. The planet, animals and people that all suffer for something that is truly unnecessary.
Olivia - 22 hours ago
St. Susy I understand. It’s just hard when you have an allergy bc I hate putting anything in my body that I’m unsure of or there’s hidden ingredients I can’t see (if that makes any sense). So all these strange vegan substitutes and dishes with about a million things in scares me😅 I also don’t understand why you would choose to limit yourself to certain foods when I’m already limited and it’s beyond my control. Plus I have a friend who went vegan and she’s now developed a dairy intolerance😳 last thing I need is more food issues😂
St. Susy
St. Susy - 22 hours ago
If talking about the facts makes you feel guilty for your actions, maybe it's a good idea to start changing your actions. That's where almost every vegan was before they went vegan, realising that your actions don't align with your values. Change is always a bit uncomfortable, but feels much better to know your actions and values match and you're doing less harm to everyone and everything around you. 🙂 There's plenty of other protein sources other than nuts. Pretty much all plants have protein in them and among the top are grains and legumes. Protein is not a problem for vegans. And you can still be vegan with a nut allergy.
abigail rae
abigail rae - Day ago
But why no potatoes or beans 😥. I'm just glad you tried it. Took me some time to figure it out. Still am 😄
L Jaanisoo
L Jaanisoo - Day ago
Some vegans think that honey is vegan and some don't.
Alexa MacCormack
Alexa MacCormack - Day ago
Hey dr.mike! Can you please watch the documentary “what the health” and talk about it? I really want to know your opinion
Rodrick Steal
Rodrick Steal - Day ago
Who is that charming man
Audrey Webb
Audrey Webb - Day ago
I LOVED Thrive... while I was in Texas. Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Alaska. If you are in the Lower 48, I highly recommend THRIVE!!
abigail rae
abigail rae - Day ago
I've never noticed a huge difference in stomach or digestion when I became vegan. It could also be that I've never liked cows milk and I was vegetarian for a year previous so I was already more adapted. I'm still learning to make meals I love and quick stuff. Definitely not perfect. The whole honey thing I agree it is healthy and has benefits, you can say the same for other things. It is a lot of work at restaurants, but it's more the subtle things that are difficult like if it's made with eggs or milk products. I lost 10-15 pounds becoming vegan, definitely not expected since I was already a regular bmi. I was actually seeing an increase of weight prior to the months I became vegan. After 117 lbs it stayed steady, I think it's just my ideal weight. Don't have a butt no more tho (don't do squats either)... Lol, sorry about this weird rant y'all.
Becca in Denver
Becca in Denver - 16 hours ago
It's a fiber load thing so your vegetarian time likely gave you a gradual ramp up to being vegan because you were already consuming a lot of fiber-full proteins like legumes.
Becca Robb
Becca Robb - Day ago
Buffalo cauliflower wings.... the worst!
James Fisher
James Fisher - Day ago
See vegans he's not religious about it. He cares about health
Cheryl Huse
Cheryl Huse - Day ago
You were having detox symptoms that’s why you got sick. Even though you ate a lot of junk vegan food most vegans don’t eat this way.
Nando garcia
Nando garcia - Day ago
Only faggots are vegans
Clarissa Peyton
Clarissa Peyton - Day ago
Doctor Mike: "I was having tremendous gas and bloating it was sooo embarrassing!"
Every woman: *"I love you but yeah talk to me when you also have blood flowing out of you and you have to deal with that every month for the rest of your life....."*
Rachel McCalla
Rachel McCalla - Day ago
You're so funny!!😂😂🤣
Karl Pilkington
Karl Pilkington - Day ago
This guy is a fucking psychopath, Jesus. Went vegan just for a video with no mind to why someone might want to go vegan
sarahott - Day ago
Sorry, but you didn't do "Vegan for 30 days". Honey is an animal product. Do your research about why it's cruel to take the bee's food source away from them. Absolutely you were disqualified.
Deam523 - Day ago
As a Beekeeper, I believe honey is vegan because the way honey is made is natural. honey is created when bees take pollen and ad enzymes they create that break the pollen down into honey, a substance that bees can eat. I prefer that if you are vegan and want to eat honey get it local, because the honey from local Beekeepers tend to be more fresh and more "vegan" than company brand.
MsRosecrystal - Day ago
Another not so healthy part of your 30 days, in my opinion, is the ultra processed foods . Ultra processed is not good and we are told to avoid it as you said, but how is it good in the vegan diet?
Deathvoltaje - Day ago
Dude any food tastes better with souces, even MEAT, meat is delicious because of seasoning and souces, anyway, dude you claim to be a doctor and planning food as a nutritionist, but in how you started eating, YOU didn't plan it at all, and only watching what you were eating in this video I was wondering, when are you going to be sick? 3 week? 4 week? after it?, DUDE, no vegetable, no seeds, no avocados, nod flax seeds, nothing FRESH, i didn't see yout vit b12 supplement which I hope you did have, there are some successful VERY good vegan couches, for nutrition and for ATHLETES, you REALLY do not know how to plan a vegan diet even though you are claiming to be, I would never ask you to plan my vegan diet, and last, flattulence is a must for people that never eat too much fiber, your organism is slow to procces it, it will take 1 to two month to disappear if you just suddenly started becoming vegan instead of doing it slowly, as you should have done, but because of a challenge, or any other youtuber that did the challenge, you just started right away, Honey is not vegan because as you said, is an animal product, and is morally bad for vegans, because the honey is in a way STEAL from them, normally it should just be 50% of the honey, because is used as food, but in most places, they just get all the honey and replace it with syrup for the beess to eat, in wich is very bad for them in the long term, that is why is morally bad.
NOW I challenge you to go talk with Vic the Vegan, famous vegan youtuber, and ask him to make a vegan diet for you, and FOLLOW it, you will note the difference.
Julia Diers
Julia Diers - Day ago
that salad in the background looks delicious af
Bradley Anderson
Bradley Anderson - Day ago
Cows are vegetarians so eating them is vegan isn't it?
Carla Bisschoff mypoetry
I am not vegan but use a lot of vegan products due to dairy allergies(the casein protein) and most products are usally just lactose-free. I am thankful for the vegan community
Queen Zombie
Queen Zombie - Day ago
Please make the second video on the ethics and stuff of it
readyfortigers - Day ago
Cinnamon Toast Crunch isn't vegan. No General Mills or Kellogg's cereals are.
krishnam mimani
krishnam mimani - Day ago
Real life Mc-dreamy😍
Collin L
Collin L - Day ago
I would generally avoid fish particularly because of PCB bioaccumulation and the huge environmental impact of commercial fishing. In terms of cardiovascular health risk factors, chicken is just as bad as red meats. It might be better in terms of cancer prevention and water usage but that's it. Cheese is also the leading source of saturated fat in the Standard American Diet. Eggs have the highest concentration of cholesterol out of any foods. The shocking thing about eggs is if the egg industries try to advertise them as being healthy then they could be sued for false advertising simply because of cholesterol levels. Gas can happen but I believe that can be mitigated by slowly introducing new foods and consuming probiotic foods or supplements, I never had much of an issue with it. I do support a whole foods plant based diet which is inclusive with some meat on occasion but it's always recommended to minimize it's consumption. Something like once a month should be the standard not 3 times a day.
Eve Kenny
Eve Kenny - Day ago
I love the flutes
Daniela Nastuta
Daniela Nastuta - Day ago
Do 30 day challenge of vegan keto. 😂
Daniela Nastuta
Daniela Nastuta - Hour ago
ScarScar V wow! Good luck 😉 I can barely find any good recipes 🤦🏼‍♀️
ScarScar V
ScarScar V - 8 hours ago
Im doing 100 days of this day 26rn..i know it sounds wild
Kate Mey
Kate Mey - Day ago
Talk about food combining next!!
Emiri Green
Emiri Green - Day ago
With honey, it's up to the individual vegan 🤷
Emiri Green
Emiri Green - Day ago
When I started eating more healthy and more of a plant based diet I had the same problem with gas/digestive issues. I freaked out and had to call my mom 😂😂😂 (p.s. it was fiber, good old mom wisdom came to the rescue)
Rahul G
Rahul G - Day ago
Been a vegan for 17 years which is since my birth
Ciera Lyn
Ciera Lyn - Day ago
Your experience is pretty common for first time vegans. A lot of will power is used, there’s a lot of gas, and it’s easy to be calorie deficient. But once you get past that phase and learn what foods fill ya up, I get more motivated for the gym because my food is prepped and I don’t have to think so hard. And the gas DOES go away lol it’s not like that long term for most people. It’s just the body getting used to it. I’m plant based but I do use honey for tea occasionally especially when sick. I just try to do organic sustainable. also I personally don’t do a lot of fake meats alternatives because it gives me indigestion and gas
4ss4ss1n - Day ago
IMO honey is a very good supplement to a vegan diet, even though it isn't vegan.
4ss4ss1n - Day ago
He has a better camera then Pewds. Change my mind.
Mademoiselle Elisia
😂😂😂 Honey is definitely not vegan
Mila Me
Mila Me - Day ago
omg the fish looks disgusting
Rita Gocllari
Rita Gocllari - Day ago
The bloating and gas is mostly caused by the extra fiber, especially when you are just getting started, but it goes away with time.
Dana West
Dana West - Day ago
He ate junk food and improper food combinations and didn't have good results 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ you gotta find someone who knows what they're doing
ZonianNitrate - 2 days ago
a plant based diet is great for average people, but larger people like me who are 6'4 and exercise 5-6 times a week need to eat between 3 and 4000 calories. There is no way i can eat enough vegetables and fruits to satisfy my metabolism. Meat is a must, especially red meat.
gjul221 - Day ago
Actually, you can definitely go all plant-based if you wanted to. This guy is one example: There's also a film called Game Changers about this topic too :)
Alex Abrashev
Alex Abrashev - 2 days ago
Damn his girl friends are hot af..
gjul221 - 2 days ago
Thank you for doing this and sharing your experience! I always enjoy hearing about people’s experiences with “vegan diets” and acknowledge the efforts! ☺ For me, it’s clear and simple. The success of the “vegan diet” is 100% dependent upon WHY you are doing it. When doing it for health reasons, it is considered a “diet” and THIS is why most fail. It’s just not strong enough of a motivator for us for some reason. When doing it for ethical reasons, it is a mind/soul connection and from this place, the success and thriving rate is the highest. That’s why people say veganism is a lifestyle (vs. a diet), because the motivation to help (not harm) others (animals) is a very natural human desire (like how we feel best/most on purpose when we serve/help others). The dietary decisions are effortless to follow when you are doing it for ethical reasons, and you never feel like you’re sacrificing anything so it’s way easier. That was how it went for me anyway. It seems to be a common experience where
1. The awareness of animal suffering triggers something inside
2. You literally can’t be a part of it anymore, and
3. You just figure it out, practice, get better at it, etc. because you know it’s for the long haul, and ultimately every part of your life gets better, AND exploring all the vegan stuff becomes fun. I guess it’s just like any other diet or anything else in life- if it’s important to you, you commit, learn and grow :)
Gamedestroyers - 2 days ago
Awesome video Doctor Mike. Now switch it up and do the 30 day carnivore diet.
Eva Maya
Eva Maya - 2 days ago
Why is it that when people talk about veganism they talk more about health then animal abuse??
Eva Maya
Eva Maya - 2 days ago
TsukinekoHeika - 2 days ago
Although some Vegans don't include honey, technically honey is not an animal product. Bees are insects, not animals.
St. Susy
St. Susy - 23 hours ago
Yes, honey is an animal product and therefore not vegan. Bees are indeed insects, and insects are animals, educate yourself, please.
Meghan Perkins
Meghan Perkins - 2 days ago
If I don’t eat enough in a day then I’ll get extremely gassy so maybe that was it? Also it would be interesting to see a video on your thoughts about preworkouts, fat burners and other common supplements
Alivia - 2 days ago
Whole foods plant based diets for the win!
Bonnie Hundley
Bonnie Hundley - 2 days ago
You have to tailor foods that work for you. In my case, going vegan, as in healthy whole foods vegan (not a junk food vegan), really truly fixed my forever GI problems. I mean it was practically miraculous for me. So, hell yeah I suggest it to people. Try it for yourself.

Ha ha, this is such an advertisement for Thrive Market. Good one, Dr. Mike. Hey, promotion power is excellent.
Clara Grosner
Clara Grosner - 2 days ago
Dr. Mike hard but his shirt buttons works harder
Terry CoolRunner
Terry CoolRunner - 2 days ago
Rookie mistakes a plenty 😂
Mandy - 2 days ago
So glad you tried the vegan diet! I have been plant based since 2009, I can tell you that the flatulence decreases eventually :) Did you feel the flatulence was less pungent though? Mine have NO smell, I kid you not... Ask my fiance, he's grateful, considering the frequency
ofeliaht - 2 days ago ... possible a good way to start on a more vegan diet..? and at the end maybe engage with it.. hold you like to try some indian food Doctor Mike?
•Tails• - 2 days ago
Vegans are literally 50/50 on if it’s actually vegan. So your good lol
Sonia Anastasia
Sonia Anastasia - 2 days ago
Dr. Mic doesn’t condone an unhealthy vegan diet, yet continues to eat unhealthy processed food during his vegan challenge 😂 I wonder why you didn’t succeed hmm 🤔😂
JanetMolina - 2 days ago
A f'n men about the honey. I've been saying this forever.
Barbara nno:p
Barbara nno:p - 2 days ago
what does a f'n mean?
Amarendra Mishra
Amarendra Mishra - 2 days ago
Indian cuisine is the best if you want to go vegan.. coz vegan is boring without any spices
Calii Cracker
Calii Cracker - 2 days ago
After eating red meat I often find myself feeling heavy and almost exhausted. I LOVE fish so and I have wanted to switch to eating mainly fish for a very long time but I haven’t done much research. Would you say minimizing my meat intake almost entirely and replacing it with fish would be healthy?
Cat S
Cat S - Day ago
Fish are really full of chemicals. From pollution.
Aygün Kadıoğlu
Aygün Kadıoğlu - 2 days ago
Solutions to the bloating problem:
1) increasing the fiber gradually.
2) drinking water between the meals.
HickLife - 2 days ago
I like meat. It's delicious. It makes me feel great. Pretty much every meal I have has meat in it. I could never be vegetarian, let alone vegan. The end.
Charlot Mae Nitti-Lowrance
"restrictive". okay, sure. 😂🤦‍♀️
Rahmspinatkeks - 2 days ago
it's also not the healthiest diet and for babys and small children under 12 i would absolutly say it is one of the worst, ending up in significant malnutrition because they just need different amounts of vitamins and things like iron that otherwise cause anemia or a delayed development of the little body and mind. So if you must: Vegetarian for children yes under regular checks of a doctor, vegan no. I can not tell you how many children I have seen in my office whith significant issues because of a "healthy vegan diet" in the recent months. Please just give them the food their bodys are ment to get and that they need to develop and if they are old enough to decide for themselves that they don't want to eat that anymore let them see a doctor and if they are fit for the diet change go for it. Just stay healthy and care for your kids...they can't decide so it is your responsibility...also: get them vaccinated. Thanks
Queen Bea
Queen Bea - 3 days ago
Buffalo cauliflower bites are damn GOOD
abigail rae
abigail rae - Day ago
He didn't show his reaction. Kinda disappointing. I need to try them soon 🤤
Aubrynn Hughes
Aubrynn Hughes - 3 days ago
Maybe the bloating is from the increased amount of fiber. I’m not sure if I’m right. I’m probably not lmao
Queen Lazy
Queen Lazy - 3 days ago
He’s a doctor, but he still goes to his doctor......
Katie Calco
Katie Calco - 3 days ago
I wish he said more positives, I feel like your video is going to scare off a lot of people going vegetarian or vegan.
Katie Calco
Katie Calco - 3 days ago
When going Vegan it takes longer than 30 days for your body to get used to it....
Katie Calco
Katie Calco - 3 days ago
love the video but for most veganism is not a diet it is a lifestyle
Carneval - 3 days ago
Did you at any point during this experiment feel a strong urge to virtue signal?
Carneval - 3 days ago
You eat TRASH, Dr.
Carneval - 3 days ago
Look at all the vegans in the comments acting like they don't fart all the time. What a bunch of lying POS.
heekie - 3 days ago
I think his first mistake was not trying to cook his own meals, the beginning sequence was quite worrying as there were no whole foods, mostly processed vegan snacks. The problem with veganism and the internet is that most people believe a vegan diet is automatically healthy but that's not true, you can gorge on oreos and cereals and it still be considered vegan.
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