Am I Dating Someone? | Answering Your Questions

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Bo Atchison
Bo Atchison - 7 minutes ago
Do you stick man on do you really don't have a mouth because stickmans do not talk
Liz Nguyen
Liz Nguyen - 40 minutes ago
OMG THIS A COL VID but please like this comment thank you
Amy Twigg
Amy Twigg - Hour ago
Make a music video to Rebecca
Nallely Luperena
Nallely Luperena - 2 hours ago
my old music teacher ms. carry she loves the musical wicked
Maisie & Gracie
Maisie & Gracie - 4 hours ago
W-w-woah... you literally are tiana😱
Riley Pie
Riley Pie - 4 hours ago
I wanna play the Doctor
Glenn Bickford
Glenn Bickford - 4 hours ago
i am ausie i am exetied to see you sorry for my spelling
John Macharia
John Macharia - 7 hours ago
Do. You love yoa. Boy frend
Junior Gaming
Junior Gaming - 8 hours ago
That is the Oodds1sout
Avril Lie
Avril Lie - 10 hours ago
You ' re deding
Sandra O' Neill
Sandra O' Neill - 15 hours ago
OTAKU LAND - 15 hours ago
Zac Brown Band Fan #1
Zac Brown Band Fan #1 - 15 hours ago
I’m so sorry about your dog
Sir. Bob
Sir. Bob - 17 hours ago
What is social media? All i do is play random horror games all day :P
The Mini Potato
The Mini Potato - 18 hours ago
I can play the piano for you 😉
MewGaming 827
MewGaming 827 - 19 hours ago
6:00 I feel the same... if your favorite is squirrel to like this comment
Melissa Lim
Melissa Lim - 19 hours ago
Collab with boyinaband. It’ll be fun!
Yanni Tsimiklis
Yanni Tsimiklis - 20 hours ago
Boyinaband and you can make a music vid. Jaiden and James did it
Natalie Solomon
Natalie Solomon - 22 hours ago
What was your other boyfriends name😡
Martha Carrillo
Martha Carrillo - 22 hours ago
The odd ones out!!!
Martha Carrillo
Martha Carrillo - 22 hours ago
Have you watched Steven universe the movie? It’s really good
Keremy Hoshor
Keremy Hoshor - 23 hours ago
LukeSquad - Day ago
Meow royale
Meow royale - Day ago
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather - Day ago
My Mom played in Phantom Of The ... uhhh I don’t know to spell it
Cookie_ _playz
Cookie_ _playz - Day ago
The princess question got me *SO* hard
Kumar Stanley
Kumar Stanley - Day ago
Brett Jenkinson
Brett Jenkinson - Day ago
My dog died
《《Hobi Snickerss》》
"So close that you can SMELL the deodorant brands"
*proceeds to smell a french fry*
Elizabeth Rucobo
Elizabeth Rucobo - Day ago
Friendly Alt
Friendly Alt - Day ago
hello my fellow ravenclaw and gryffindor's
ArtInMotion - Day ago
Charly Playz
Charly Playz - Day ago
I walked 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄
Jana Barry
Jana Barry - Day ago
I play a recorder! And i suck sorta im working on playing angels we have heard on high
But one question are you Christian? Im just asking
Wendy Layug
Wendy Layug - Day ago
Do you have any siblings
Beverly Hormann
Beverly Hormann - Day ago
2 questions 1. Why did you pick YouTube?
2. I'm sorry for your loss. So and I was thinking you should do a video about all your Pokemon. Who is your favorite president?
allie •
allie • - Day ago
Alexander Escalante
I main Corrin
ErickSP - Day ago
The best smash main is Pikachu, no questions asked...
Isabella Senn
Isabella Senn - Day ago
Rebecca wiring was the old ones out
Madeline Mathewson
Madeline Mathewson - Day ago
Are you and Jams
Madeline Mathewson
Madeline Mathewson - Day ago
Favorite animated YouTube videos or studios are odd ones out and let me explain studios U2 are awesome they are the best ones ever
Katie Yearwood
Katie Yearwood - Day ago
I'm so sorry about UR dog
Amelia Mondragon
Amelia Mondragon - Day ago
GanonGhidorah - 2 days ago
Your favorite movie is Jurassic Park?!
...Would you like to have dinner with me?
Alexander De la o
Alexander De la o - 2 days ago
Do you like us
Pepe Castro
Pepe Castro - 2 days ago
I'm Griffin door it's better
Zoe Martinez
Zoe Martinez - 2 days ago
Omfg she is a Texas girl loves OHSHC and likes squrtle and relates to tiana and loves Disney parks good god she is perfect
Salvatore Demasi
Salvatore Demasi - 2 days ago
I love your video
kayla swanson
kayla swanson - 2 days ago
Disney Characters: *begins with gravity falls*
Me: *nostalgic choking*
Vicky Currie
Vicky Currie - 2 days ago
At least you didn’t jump-scare on the ghost story,unlike Adam
Vicky Currie
Vicky Currie - 2 days ago
My favourite anime is blue exorcist
Lexi Bexi 08
Lexi Bexi 08 - 2 days ago
Look, don't be Something Else, give Boyinaband a call.
Marlena Martinez
Marlena Martinez - 2 days ago
I am in ravenclaw
I like PP 8——
I like PP 8—— - 2 days ago
Charmander is my fav
Marie Gacusan
Marie Gacusan - 2 days ago
did you ever granny😀
Virginia Gikori
Virginia Gikori - 2 days ago
Wot do you want to be when you grown-up 👏👏👏 wen did that happen I'm asking because it's scary💨💨💨💨💨🙏
Yeah Ight
Yeah Ight - 2 days ago
I saw Theodd1sout?
SheerPoint42 - 2 days ago
5:57: *beefwee
Samantha Wager
Samantha Wager - 2 days ago
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