Am I Dating Someone? | Answering Your Questions

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William Mabe
William Mabe - 5 minutes ago
At my school we are actually sorted into houses I'm slitherin
gabe gaming
gabe gaming - 6 minutes ago
Why do your hands not have fingers
rxsegxld - 13 minutes ago
“There will always be a place in my heart for Ouran Highschool Host Club.”

Davoo - 30 minutes ago
BeyPlan - 44 minutes ago
collab with Dave from Boyinaband?
astral - Hour ago
becca dave from boyinaband will hook you up bro music and youtube is him
Fist Power
Fist Power - Hour ago
I still don't know how is she going to do the succ without a mouth after her date
Strange Dares
Strange Dares - Hour ago
I can help you with a music video. My channel may not be about music but I'm good with instruments and can right you an original song. And I can help you with your ghost problem.
not the gamingpet
not the gamingpet - Hour ago
I’m also ravenclaw also I love ourian host club
Ricky Trager
Ricky Trager - Hour ago
Your story telling and animations is hilarious. Thats why I love you. Your so relatable. Good luck on your aussie trip.
ThE CoOKiePeoples
ThE CoOKiePeoples - Hour ago
1:42 me: THE little shop of hamsters???
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NoAh Is On ChArLiE’s BeD
Lucia Gallagher
Lucia Gallagher - Hour ago
Into the woods sLaPs
mickey - Hour ago
Winnie Chen
Winnie Chen - Hour ago
Yassss ravenclaws unite!!
Maurganne M
Maurganne M - Hour ago
When’s your next video
Ushijima Reina
Ushijima Reina - Hour ago
I love host club yesssss
Phillip Hendrixson
Phillip Hendrixson - 2 hours ago
Becca did you hear that there will be a cats the musical movie this Christmas
Michael Gipson
Michael Gipson - 2 hours ago
ethanchaotic - 2 hours ago
I watched both of the into the woods and I loved both of them
Rrree Kid
Rrree Kid - 2 hours ago
Rebekah: Sweemey Todd
aiden Inc 2TM
aiden Inc 2TM - 3 hours ago
Maybe she does have a boyfriend! But she's not ready
No one's gonna like my comment so I liked it
Freezytoons - 2 hours ago
Your right no ones gonna like it *likes comment
ComicSansGirl Lmao
ComicSansGirl Lmao - 3 hours ago
We are so much alike...
ComicSansGirl Lmao
ComicSansGirl Lmao - 3 hours ago
Sans Eevee
Sans Eevee - 3 hours ago
Why is my Initials a thing to help with a burn out
Alma Jones
Alma Jones - 3 hours ago
5:07 is a arcade reference lol
Drew - 3 hours ago
RavenClaw squad where you at?
Jason kool
Jason kool - 4 hours ago
Dave From boyinaband: Now this looks like a job for me
niels dekker
niels dekker - 4 hours ago
I love you and your channel
Emily Clegg
Emily Clegg - 5 hours ago
Host club fangirls unite!
Didn't find a username
Didn't find a username - 5 hours ago
*I'm not in a relationship*

Coming messages : *+100000*
Kitty Cat 11
Kitty Cat 11 - 5 hours ago
Rebecca, you'd be perfect to sing this song!!!
You're voice is beautiful, and i think you would do really good with this song
Sally Kim
Sally Kim - 5 hours ago
I really wanna meet both of u
U and james
Jordan Holley
Jordan Holley - 6 hours ago
The fact you said Jurassic Park was you favorite non animated film, made me subscribe.....oh, and host club....
marily andino
marily andino - 6 hours ago
Rebeca is my best you tuber
Kien Noobmaster69
Kien Noobmaster69 - 6 hours ago
Ever seen reese's beanut butter cups
FoxyThePirateFox - 7 hours ago
I feel your pain on cats you not alone 😢😢😢
Mae yhanna Deliman
Mae yhanna Deliman - 7 hours ago
Aww we have the same favorite anime 😊😊😍😍
Elizabeth Flinner
Elizabeth Flinner - 7 hours ago
Your videos make my morning
Hamilton Trash
Hamilton Trash - 7 hours ago
Could you react to Hamilton? Or at least listen to it?
Inging Arojchaporn Palarit
you can colab with boyinaband for a music video well if fyou want to
Galatic_PugLife J
Galatic_PugLife J - 7 hours ago
2.3 million people watching actually
Btw. I'm aussie!
AlphaBot - 7 hours ago
Omg I jumped when I saw Noah be he looks just like my dog Athena he must her brother lol
Toxic Angel
Toxic Angel - 7 hours ago
How did you get to where you are now?
*I walked.*
xXCaid3nXx - 8 hours ago
Hi... thanks for uploading your videos, they are really cool, you've inspired me to create my own yt channel based on gaming, I'm not asking for subs, I want to get there legit, so far I only got a computer and a headset but I wanna be a youtube like you when I grow up, it's my courier choice, but I keep asking myself things like, what I'm I can't get enough subs and go homeless and stuff like that, but I'll always know I should never give up. Thank you!
valindak - 8 hours ago
Yay i live ther!!! Yes its trou!!! >:)
Grace - 9 hours ago
FreeLos - 9 hours ago
If you're gonna make a song with s youtuber have BoyInABand he helped a lot of youtubers make music
Infinity And Beyond Gaming
Collab woth boyinaband
Raging Roblox Master
Raging Roblox Master - 9 hours ago
YOU SHOULD ASK THIS YOUTUBER CALLED YuB when he is making videos and he hears a beat he starts rapping i wouldn't say his raping is perfect but its good
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