The Try Guys Try 13 Future Technologies At Google

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Alex Hodson
Alex Hodson - 3 hours ago
Wait, Penguins aren’t tall???
Frozen fantasy
Frozen fantasy - 3 days ago
Those great white shark application is not opening in my Phone.... what's the problem
Do it For hurambe
Do it For hurambe - 5 days ago
I couldn’t find any of this stuff on google
PopcornGirl150 - 7 days ago
I’m sad

Keith didn’t think of the joke I O you google
MOLLY WEST - 8 days ago
Why did Eugene sound so disappointed when he said “you’re a man”😂😂😂
Keerthana Turlapati
Keerthana Turlapati - 9 days ago
Lalla - 10 days ago
The way that Eugene is barely holding Keith's hand...... That's it
Just wanted to show u that
Amanda Jayne Aw
Amanda Jayne Aw - 15 days ago
i find it entertaining to rewatch every single try guys video during lockdown
Jaqueef xd
Jaqueef xd - 20 days ago
The expert guy reminds me of deacon from fallout 4
Milanapple Juice
Milanapple Juice - 20 days ago
I bet all on all the fried chicken in the world that Keith will try and use the google animal thing to put a triceratops in the office.

edit: I just realized their mascot a triceratops because it has "tri" in it......Tri- TRY GUYS OH MAH GOSHHHH
Hana Luna Kusuma
Hana Luna Kusuma - 24 days ago
I know this was posted like a year ago but I just realized my phone had all these features
M Ali
M Ali - Month ago
Hi you're new here? Subscribe them and me to please
Maya A.
Maya A. - Month ago
Me at Costco:
Emma Kostka
Emma Kostka - Month ago
Rip this google event is what took the spot from our choral fest at shoreline
Aiyoof !
Aiyoof ! - Month ago
Sometimes i wonder if the try guys will go far enough to be like "the try guys try being world leaders for a day"
MoonFace Productions
MoonFace Productions - Month ago
What they do not show in the back room of that convention and the terrifying things that they have created.
Hibba Ch
Hibba Ch - Month ago
The video is called the try guys try 13 Future Technologies and the video is 13:03 long with 3 million views, and I was born on 3/3 omg my head hurts
XXX Tarnation
XXX Tarnation - Month ago
The future is going to be weird🤔
Emily Williams
Emily Williams - Month ago
Keith always gets excited and ends up screaming
Princess Nylle Beran
Princess Nylle Beran - Month ago
Keith is just the best face dancer ever. 💛
Ellena Waddington
Ellena Waddington - Month ago
why was that dude's shirt blurred out?
Celeste Wong
Celeste Wong - Month ago
I want to work at Google now
why just why ??
why just why ?? - Month ago
Could you design a room in AR just to see if that lamp will look good there?
Brooke Merrifield
Brooke Merrifield - 2 months ago
Omg there isn’t just one size of penguin they come in all the sizes tiny medium and large!
MISSed Bandwagon
MISSed Bandwagon - 2 months ago
I really enjoyed the singing group, lol.
Molly Elyn
Molly Elyn - 2 months ago
Why did Zach do the Candid Competition outro? 😂😂😂
FoxSin_Ban - 2 months ago
This video is sponsored by Google!
*One of them casually pulls out an iPhone*
Louisiana Hanlon
Louisiana Hanlon - 2 months ago
the whale lady knows whats up
Louisiana Hanlon
Louisiana Hanlon - 2 months ago
why the fuck are ppl spending money on making fucking apps for ppl to learn to dance than trying to fix this broken planet!!!!!!!!!!
hoo hoo
hoo hoo - 2 months ago
Why have I not seen this before??!?!??!?
Jess Slater
Jess Slater - 2 months ago
im rewatching this because it got nominated for a streamy, i can tell how much zach’s hairline has improved!!
Diane Slaney
Diane Slaney - 2 months ago
i want the musical fruit
Parul Shanker
Parul Shanker - 2 months ago
OMG Google sponsored you guys???? You are So huge.
Fatimah Nadeem
Fatimah Nadeem - 2 months ago
sarasa ravi
sarasa ravi - 2 months ago
You guys were sponsored by THAT'S AMAZING 👏👏
jeanselina - 2 months ago
LOL the description " 🐝BEES 🐝: available anywhere nature exists"
11 Emiliano Echegollen
11 Emiliano Echegollen - 2 months ago
Why does google have an acapella group
kyladraws - 2 months ago
i can hear apple screaming
Ian Page-Echols
Ian Page-Echols - 2 months ago
I saw the Fungineers in there for a second!
keystorius minimusest
keystorius minimusest - 2 months ago
really appreciate them supporting small businesses like "google"
Iamconfusion - 2 months ago
11:26 omg we have those exact chairs at my school
Jumbomuffin13 - 2 months ago
I fr didn’t know the Google AR thing existed
The Majestic Manatee
The Majestic Manatee - 2 months ago
Right. Now let's have an ACTUAL conversation about privacy and their reveneu model.
Jacon Loredo
Jacon Loredo - 2 months ago
Keith is lucky hes white because that privilege is going a long way for him.
Kim Camps
Kim Camps - 2 months ago
oh my gosh ned, you look so tired, sleepy goody tonighty neddy
Hatteberg Er
Hatteberg Er - 2 months ago
The dancing one is just a more advanced just dance
Srisarvani cHiLls
Srisarvani cHiLls - 2 months ago
When are these coming out to the public?
hbh Tcr
hbh Tcr - 2 months ago
Wait....I didn’t know how big penguins are
Ada Pitts
Ada Pitts - 2 months ago
Look. Technically Keith is kinda right about the penguins. Ancestral peguins were over 7 ft tall as babies so kinda
Stephanie Bartles
Stephanie Bartles - 2 months ago
8:30 modern day Mozart
OMEGA WAFFLES!!!! - 2 months ago
can someone edit the try guys touching the fruits but no sound coming out just normal sounds of them wildly tapping fruits
Myles Hamlyn
Myles Hamlyn - 2 months ago
Does anyone else see the intro and think 'sitcom intro'?
Tiffany Simmons
Tiffany Simmons - 2 months ago
Yeah yeah yeah cool video guys but what’s the music fruit persons shirt have that needed to be censored
kashish jhunjhunwala
kashish jhunjhunwala - 2 months ago
Literally nobody:
Keith: i/opening experience
kashish jhunjhunwala
kashish jhunjhunwala - 2 months ago
Employee: my area is cloged i cant come to work today
Boss: checks google maps
Rosa Cuevas
Rosa Cuevas - 2 months ago
Wtf this is fucking crazy
Critlent - 2 months ago
Wait No Children?!
Saffron Lealle
Saffron Lealle - 2 months ago
I freaking love Keith so damn much it's REEEDONKULUS!!!
NhatAnh0475 - 2 months ago
7:35 Are you sure it deadliest? I see other natural disasters that worst then this.
evan blm
evan blm - 2 months ago
the most common
NhatAnh0475 - 2 months ago
2:05 No I don't fuc**** see it.
Willy Engel
Willy Engel - 2 months ago
Laasagnaa - 2 months ago
10:22, why is his shirt blurred?
evan blm
evan blm - 2 months ago
Roger Blake
Roger Blake - 3 months ago
Meanwhile a secret team of engineers and executives were developing a product for the Chinese government that would've stomped on free speech. Google ain't woke.
Amir Ettahri
Amir Ettahri - 3 months ago
10:37 why is his shirt blurred
evan blm
evan blm - 2 months ago
ChesterSnap - 3 months ago
What does the fruit music guy have on his shirt that needed to be blurred?
David Reyes
David Reyes - 3 months ago
It's an I/O-pening experience
The Kai
The Kai - 3 months ago
10:53 why is the t shirt blurred out lol
Neff - 3 months ago
like Minecraft
slashnburn13. Slytherin
slashnburn13. Slytherin - 3 months ago
11:30 I am using those exact headphones right now. There made by Skullcandy and the are great.
evan blm
evan blm - 2 months ago
Jayden Gonsalves
Jayden Gonsalves - 3 months ago
Everyone but Zach: *makes good sound*
Zack: oeoejekefbdoebsksbaksslchskavek
SereniTea _
SereniTea _ - 3 months ago
I'm trying to find angry iOS users being pissed that Android is actually better than iphones
evan blm
evan blm - 2 months ago
not me
Limited bee72
Limited bee72 - 3 months ago
Anyone notice that on the dance thing Eugene said how bad everyone else is but he did not even have a go????
Subhan Hassan
Subhan Hassan - 3 months ago
ned: Ive made some graphing calculators

me: I did that at 8
evan blm
evan blm - 2 months ago
um k
Kansas - 3 months ago
google propoganda
Tory S
Tory S - 3 months ago
what i've learned from 9:08 -> try guys try a capella?
Cobalt Bandalore
Cobalt Bandalore - 3 months ago
Eugene's hat is three things
1. Useless most of the time for what hats were intended for
2. Purely for decoration and style
3. Defies fucking physics and gravity
Simrun Karim
Simrun Karim - 3 months ago
All I can think about is the movie "The Internship" lol
Isabella Wockenfuss
Isabella Wockenfuss - 3 months ago
"Did you say he was a death composer ?"
"Yeah he was a deaf composer"
Lucas Wang
Lucas Wang - 3 months ago
Eugene is the best at everything
Colton Silverstein
Colton Silverstein - 3 months ago
It’s just dance
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