Irish People Try Disgusting Alcohol Shots - Round 2

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The TRY Channel
The TRY Channel - Month ago
What did you think of the shots this time? Vile & icky or not disgusting enough!? Give us some suggestions for more...unique shot ideas in the comments below! 🍸Did someone say...round 3? 😈
Jeremy C
Jeremy C - 5 hours ago
Not disgusting enough. I might have been able to get through all of these myself, but that first video? Zero chance.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper - 4 days ago
There's an American brandy that Churchill apparently liked I think it's branded E&J it's cheap and shouldn't be consumed in quantity. Personally I prefer Courvoisier. I haven't seen a brandy episode on try so you could broaden it.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper - 4 days ago
If you really felt vindictive a durian fruit syrup mixed 50/50 with grain alcohol would probably be the worst thing short of shots of raw sewerage you could give them. They may no longer want to be friends with you after that.
None None
None None - 4 days ago
So, prairie fires don't taste that bad, but the trouble with them is the fire they set in your... prairie a little later on.
Andrew Harper
Andrew Harper - 13 days ago
You could have made things worse using artificial sweeteners. For something truly revolting try linseed/flax oil with lemon juice and wheatgrass. Any booze you add to that is unlikely to make it palatable.
novargas1793 - Day ago
Tabasco is spicy? 😂😘
Madame Salamander
Madame Salamander - Day ago
Get shitfaced and barf up an all-purpose marinade. #lifehack #kitchenhack #dinnerpartyofthedamned
Paul Hausser
Paul Hausser - Day ago
Éadaoin absolutely love the hair, well done. The everybody bleeds song killed it though. Might as well shave yourself bald now! lol, nah just kidding, you're still adorable girl:)
Justin Rhodes
Justin Rhodes - 3 days ago
My mans cough at 8:22 was hilarious 😂😂
Short Zumba Workouts With Camille
The ladies lipsticks are on POINT! 🙌🏽🙌🏽👊🏽
Magne - Johan Nilsen
Magne - Johan Nilsen - 5 days ago
The "Prairie fire" is called a "Fire starter"
Deborah Fauvor
Deborah Fauvor - 6 days ago
Just have them try Mallort.
Miles B.
Miles B. - 6 days ago
Tad Deffenbaugh
Tad Deffenbaugh - 7 days ago
You need to do the cement mixer shot
Erin Rabideau
Erin Rabideau - 7 days ago
Ok- James and Sean are together, but I’m definitely getting chemistry from Dónal and the guy in the pink shirt. Is that happening?
gh0st1976 - 7 days ago
They should make the first shot as a new version. Forget the Tabasco. Just use Melindas Ghost Chili sauce. THEN it is spicy.
s lloyd
s lloyd - 7 days ago
What we found out is Sean’s taste buds are broken.
Doug Golden Golden
Doug Golden Golden - 8 days ago
How about Irish people react to drunk history
Doug Golden Golden
Doug Golden Golden - 8 days ago
I would have fixed them surfers on acid
A - 9 days ago
I am literally drinking Bloody Mary (w/ Aboslut Vodka) while watching this. Seriously though, tomato juice and soy sauce are both very savoury so it makes sense that some people think they taste similar.
NGMonocrom - 10 days ago
_"Kelly's piss??"_
You *wish* that was Kelly's piss! LOL !
Luca Ortolani
Luca Ortolani - 10 days ago
I can drink shots all day long lady
Kyler Rogers
Kyler Rogers - 11 days ago
Thinking of Irish from Red Dead Redemption.
Kyler Rogers
Kyler Rogers - 11 days ago
0:00, That girl with the black hair on the right reminds me of "BlackxRose".
IvoryRabbit - 13 days ago
What brand of lipstick do you girls wear? Its gorgeous! And does look like it wears off!
Saffire Wolf
Saffire Wolf - 13 days ago
Yes they know Big Mouth!!
Bianca Chavarria
Bianca Chavarria - 14 days ago
Danesha Harney
Danesha Harney - 14 days ago
The void 😂😂😂
Dion Hutchinson
Dion Hutchinson - 14 days ago
The girls are the funniest their reaction very funny🤣🤣
Jeanne McCool
Jeanne McCool - 15 days ago
Richard and James/Sean dynamic are the funniest parts of this vid. Also, there are way worse shots out there, you're pretty safe lads.
PonyPrincessGames - 15 days ago
Irish people turn into Americans when drunk.
Linda W
Linda W - 15 days ago
jason gust
jason gust - 16 days ago
I would of liked to see them try Jeppson's Malört based out of Chicago.
NocturnalSickness - 16 days ago
Now i want a Bloody Mary with Bacon! xDD
Kiaya Hargis
Kiaya Hargis - 16 days ago
Wheres the mayonnaise
Deborah Fauvor
Deborah Fauvor - 17 days ago
I 👍 soy sauce, but strangely enough, not Absolute vodka.
SandyRiverBlue - 17 days ago
Sean is a cutey then, isn't he.
demon queen envy sin
demon queen envy sin - 17 days ago
You don't bleed if your on birth control
No Body
No Body - 18 days ago
Is nobody gonna comment on the dude dipping the shot lol
Mikael Näslund
Mikael Näslund - 18 days ago
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I REALLY ENJOY YOUR VIDS!!!!!! A shot you missed is the Swedish northern lights :) Swedish moonshine, Cointreau and magnesium powder :) It burns with blue yellow and green flames, quite like the northern lights. And the magnesium powder helps rather well with the shrinking scull the morning after ;) Thank you for your suffering in the name of science!! :)
Epoch Fatalist
Epoch Fatalist - 20 days ago
*Those aren't shots. It's kitchen supplies with a tad of alcohol on top. Weak sauce, dog!*
ROB.T. - 20 days ago
[Laughing in American]
matt v
matt v - 20 days ago
WOW! Vampire Tea Bag????
Melissa Fiscal
Melissa Fiscal - 21 day ago
Everybody bleeds.....I’m dying 😂😂😂😂
john cooper
john cooper - 21 day ago
southern or northern irish people ?
Nix - 21 day ago
I myself, am not a fan of tequilla. However, a Prairie Dog is whiskey and tobasco...and it's not a bad shot.
Krys Field
Krys Field - 23 days ago
Is watching this at a bar (headphones) and doing shots too!
And this legally blind photographer would so love to get macro pics of some of those shots!
Ilana Graham
Ilana Graham - 23 days ago
Leather jacket guy?
Kip Lindsay
Kip Lindsay - 24 days ago
I think y'all should invest in more than one trash can. No having to pass back and forth..just saying
ADAM OF GREYSKULL - 24 days ago
My god I love Leather Jacket Girl 🤘🤪🤘
Starnerd - 25 days ago
Mayo soy sauce vodka and Tabasco in a shot I want to see who hates life first
Sassy Clayton
Sassy Clayton - 25 days ago
YES LOL!! This one is too too funny love you all at the TRY
Fsilone - 26 days ago
1:36 the face you're looking for
powbobs - 27 days ago
I never would have guessed MC was a spitter.
Matt Howell
Matt Howell - 27 days ago
I think you have a great show here. I had a few that might be interesting to try... 3 Wise Men, Duck Fart, Dead Baby, and Black Death
Matt Howell
Matt Howell - 27 days ago
Apologies on the Black Death again... I typed that before I see in this episode you did it...
DevInvest - 28 days ago
“You IDIOT..”
WolfsbaneFilms - 28 days ago
Disgusting Shots II: Irish Bugaloo
PhatKid68 - 29 days ago
Ever see how Eadaoin watches people talk - like she's deaf and a lip reader?
donald stone
donald stone - 29 days ago
*eye bulge* "Ok, well, that was unpleasant!"
SophieAmazing - Month ago
I just want Éadaoin to do my makeup. That’s my new life goal. She is always so flippin pretty it’s unfair.
Urban Sidhe
Urban Sidhe - Month ago
This is the first video I've seen with Eaodoin and MC. More vids with them please!
Emily Hewett
Emily Hewett - Month ago
*vampire teabag*
obsidianorchids - Month ago
1:34 Just loool
Mr Schmorgus
Mr Schmorgus - Month ago
03:21 - Without a doubt, the best part of the entire clip.
But when are you adding swedish shots? :) We have plenty.
Like 90/10 vodka and lingonberry!
Finland and northern Sweden outdrink Ireland any day, so why not do it ;)
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