Irish People Try Disgusting Alcohol Shots - Round 2

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The TRY Channel
The TRY Channel - 9 months ago
What did you think of the shots this time? Vile & icky or not disgusting enough!? Give us some suggestions for more...unique shot ideas in the comments below! 🍸Did someone say...round 3? 😈
1rkhachatryan - 19 days ago
We are still waiting for part 3 lol!!!
Jokerfan45 - Month ago
Do it! It's been 8 months!
jbrose40 - 2 months ago
The TRY Channel The shots in the other video was way worse. Various cooking sauces had nothing on the mayonnaise!
Neo Plan
Neo Plan - 3 months ago
I miss "Flying Hirsch" - Red Bull with Jägermeister.... 😜
jivesublime - 3 months ago
You could have a cooking challenge. Men and Women cook a dinner and feed it to the other , However the other being served can chose what ever drink he or she chooses , in between cool aid and that 95 proof grain alcohol. Then roles exchanged for second round.
Booger Wattage
Booger Wattage - 4 days ago
hahahahahahaha 1:52
TrackMediaOnly - 13 days ago
Cheap whisky and cheap grenadine. It tastes like what you would imagine socks and ass tastes like.
Riccardo De Leo
Riccardo De Leo - 14 days ago
Jamie Ventura
Jamie Ventura - 28 days ago
Video gets better than it already was after having a drink lol
Jon Summerville
Jon Summerville - 28 days ago
Black Death (the version that we made 28 years ago) was Dark Rum, Sprite and Black food drink enough of it and both your mouth and your next trip to the throne turn Black...
Ben Slade
Ben Slade - 29 days ago
Give'm oyster shooters next time. They're rancid.
Riley Smith
Riley Smith - Month ago
"It's like a grandmothers sock" he says.... Hooo hooo... jesus, that's disgusting.
mccdi - Month ago
I hope they pay you people well.
Nathan Tripathy
Nathan Tripathy - Month ago
MC has such an attractive attitude
harold wilkes
harold wilkes - Month ago
We had the "booger" shot - straight tequila with a raw oyster - trick was we didn't tell anyone it was an oyster.
Ismail Chothia
Ismail Chothia - Month ago
no ciara or leather jacket guy what a waste of a video
Shelly Hudson
Shelly Hudson - Month ago
U broke the nice Irish people with the first shot lol
geramy pace
geramy pace - Month ago
Cement mixer shot
Vida Hasselburg
Vida Hasselburg - Month ago
Please make a million more of these
Vida Hasselburg
Vida Hasselburg - Month ago
Donal after that first shot made the sound my cat makes when he’s coughing up a hairball. 😂😂😂😂
McKellar - Month ago
You guys are doing awesome with this Irish, youtube channel! You're already giving The American version of React & Try Not To channel developed & founded by the brothers Rafi & Benny Fine...their channel a run for their money. You guys just became competition to the American version of their channel.
loki110872 - Month ago
And my junk is in love.
Rich - Month ago
3 Prairie Fires in 3 minutes without puking used to get you a free T-shirt.
Rob Hussey
Rob Hussey - 2 months ago
They should try a MacIntyre Tartan! Its 151 rum and tabasco! Knock ya on yer arse it will!
MarkH10 - 2 months ago
How many subs did you lose after her outro??
vntgzl - 2 months ago
“it looks like a little tumor” lmfaoooo wat
Mhurgle - 2 months ago
Been watching alot of these now, and I'm a soberist but golly the shadenfreude and serotonin I'm getting is really *makes giddy noises* phew I am loving this.
Matt Alibozek
Matt Alibozek - 2 months ago
On my 21st birthday I ordered a shot of Jack and got a suffering bastard not knowing it which is whiskey and Tabasco sauce it was disgusting probably similar to the first one you try prairie fire... Props to you guys for even trying these shots.. No Mayonnaise this time hopefully haha
Rich Felon
Rich Felon - 2 months ago
Is the first girl Kate Dennings!!!!?????
TheCoolProfessor - 2 months ago
What kinds of idiots came up with these recipes?
Guage12187 x
Guage12187 x - 2 months ago
I remember swapping kalua with black rum in a White Russian. Turned the whole drink a concrete grey. Taste great....and uber sweet
TexanUSMC8089 - 2 months ago
Prairie Fires shouldn't be on a disgusting shot video.
Christoffer Håkansson
Christoffer Håkansson - 2 months ago
Dude.. you guys ( and girls) if you ever come to sweden.. Lets go pub-ing... love your energi and karma..
evil brat
evil brat - 2 months ago
I have got to say the ladies had it right. Half the population bleed. BUT REALLY? A Bloody Tampon? Good thing I have me "Red Wings!"
Timothy Brunes
Timothy Brunes - 2 months ago
Where do yall find these things. I can honestly say I have never heard of any of these shots.
ear wax
ear wax - 2 months ago
Try some Jeppson's Malort.
The shot of choice for alcohol games.
Kathi Kepler
Kathi Kepler - 2 months ago
Mary Claire is the female version of leather jacket guy. She's so funny and has great personality. I love ❤ watching her.
MelodynRime - 2 months ago
Wow you guys are so brave. All of it looked absolutely disgusting.
WildMunchies - 2 months ago
Any drink that makes you slap the table is a good drink
Yves Yuri Bien-Aime
Yves Yuri Bien-Aime - 2 months ago
Rum & worcestershire sauce... EEEEEEEEWWWWWWW... 😭🤢🤢🤢🤢
Shane Adams
Shane Adams - 2 months ago
You guys and gals are hilarious
Love watching you all
Riven1974 - 2 months ago
Jack Daniel's, Southern Comfort & Tequila aka Gasoline... Your welcome from Northern Ontario Canada!
Brian Fowler
Brian Fowler - 2 months ago
Was this filmed before the Swedish alcohol video or after?
Omar Soliman
Omar Soliman - 2 months ago
This one is legendary!! Another one of your best!
CMDR 0m3g488
CMDR 0m3g488 - 2 months ago
Try Malort, Brennivin, Opal, and Fernet Branca!
George Jetson
George Jetson - 3 months ago
Love Irish girls😍😘😘😘
Tristram Fuller
Tristram Fuller - 3 months ago
Eadaoin's reaction after the first drink is cute. Should see her more often in the future videos.
Alexis Rodriguez
Alexis Rodriguez - 3 months ago
So... where's the Malort?
troop seyden
troop seyden - 3 months ago
I'm automatically looking for Ciara in every try video now, look what you did to us!!!
ryan burris
ryan burris - 3 months ago
That first shot that table smack had me dying it was the most definitive no I've ever seen
Last Drop Falls
Last Drop Falls - 3 months ago
I can't stand prairie fire's. That's what people give ya just to fuck with ya on your birthday.
S andy
S andy - 3 months ago
Not nearly disgusting enough. You definitely need a third round
O.M yemen
O.M yemen - 3 months ago
pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse do more of these
O.M yemen
O.M yemen - 3 months ago
please please please do more of these
Susan Poisson
Susan Poisson - 3 months ago
I'm only 2 mins in and dying already....
Mercury - 3 months ago
Prairie Fire
Liquid Steak
Black Death
Bloody Tampon
jaybIrd17_ - 3 months ago
Every time someone tries to say tabasco is spicy I just laugh in there face..... and I don’t like spicy food
bluebuddhamusic - 3 months ago
Patti LaBelle, “We all bleed and pee”.
Arachnoid - 3 months ago
Have Dermot on the panel when you surprise him with peanut butter flavored
Arachnoid - 3 months ago
Hey, at least none of the shots had mayo in or peanut butter
fastcarfastbike - 3 months ago
why no alien brain hemorrhage
Blake Butler-creagh
Blake Butler-creagh - 3 months ago
get jacksepticeye on as a special guest
John Desch
John Desch - 3 months ago
patron tequila,kahluha,and creme de menthe( green) and godiva chocolate liquer....guess what its called :)
Nick Koshman
Nick Koshman - 3 months ago
You need to try the rocky mountain beer fucker. Its Jack daniels, tequila, southern comfort, and a dash of hot 100
Aries StarWind
Aries StarWind - 3 months ago
So im thinkin it was tequila and tobasco. (Buurp! Burp) lolol
KayKovo - 3 months ago
Lolol please do more😂
Brian Morgan
Brian Morgan - 3 months ago
Then there's Absynthe and sardine oil. Mmm mmm mmm!
Brian Morgan
Brian Morgan - 3 months ago
How about rum and oyster juice? Hmmmm?
Kely Trindade
Kely Trindade - 3 months ago
I trully love the lads and the other gals but a drinking video without Ciara and Lolsy its kinda insulting ya know 😁
Laurie Schon
Laurie Schon - 3 months ago
ABSOLUTELY VILE! We don't drink those here. jello shots, yes.
MamaRoach 75
MamaRoach 75 - 4 months ago
All of those drinks: Nope, nope, nope and NOPE... ☠😅
Xan Aran
Xan Aran - 4 months ago
So mean, the other group had all that coagulated shit floating in it... they were too nice to this group. #teamJESUS
Jon Forsythe
Jon Forsythe - 4 months ago
How have you not had Jeppson's Malört in this series yet?!?
C. ladimore
C. ladimore - 4 months ago
these are the smallest shots i have ever seen.
Fred Ferd
Fred Ferd - 4 months ago
OH, Canadian Sunset - Yukon Jack, Tabasco Sauce, and Lysterine
Laura LaRocco
Laura LaRocco - 4 months ago
Patrick Kelley Jr
Patrick Kelley Jr - 4 months ago
Prairie fire should be either Old Granddad or Wild turkey. Not Tequila.
Khonsu Rastafari
Khonsu Rastafari - 4 months ago
It's official, I dig Irish women !!!
Steve Esposito
Steve Esposito - 4 months ago
I want a shout out when you do part 3 with Malort! Dont even need to add anything in. #chicagohandshake
Alicia Gallegos
Alicia Gallegos - 4 months ago
Lolololol 😂😂😂 1:52
Sahra S
Sahra S - 4 months ago
Dónal sharpson’s little heehee after a nasty 🤢 drink 🍹 is hilarious 😂 every time yet cute like a baby sneezing 🤧 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
mar zav
mar zav - 4 months ago
1:37, haha. Made that face before. HAha
Joe Doe
Joe Doe - 4 months ago
Eadaoin is such a sweetheart ! Would love to meet you! My Grandfather was born in Ireland.
Dominic Pizano
Dominic Pizano - 4 months ago
Potion class
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