Megan Thee Stallion - Shots Fired [Official Audio]

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Lashauna Bowie
Lashauna Bowie - 2 hours ago
And if not .
Lashauna Bowie
Lashauna Bowie - 2 hours ago
Rick ross
Major Myst
Major Myst - 2 hours ago
Imagine the hate Tory would get if he dropped a diss track 🤔
Isasleep ASMR
Isasleep ASMR - 2 hours ago
He dropped a whole Diss album....
Crrisstobal - 2 hours ago
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Riley Russak
Riley Russak - 2 hours ago
the breonna taylor line hit different. my mom worked with her and when i would go to work with her and talked to breonna she was such an angel, like the sweetest girl youd ever meet. its so sad knowing how she didnt get any justice and the officer charged were from the shots that went into a different apartment. i hope shes happier and getting a better life then we could give her
Phillip Huigen
Phillip Huigen - 2 hours ago
"I pull up one deep, niggags bring thier whole click."
I know the feeling, roll one deep all the time. I ain't tripping, ten toes in it.
Dc Ejay
Dc Ejay - 3 hours ago
Biggie sample 🔥🔥🔥🤧🤧🤧
XXTyler CraftsXX
XXTyler CraftsXX - 3 hours ago
I swear every song she does is a remix
Always Truthful Keisha
Always Truthful Keisha - 3 hours ago
Keep yourself out of rich b**ch business. Okay Meg
Lisa S. Murphy
Lisa S. Murphy - 3 hours ago
Okkkk Megan love it ♥️♥️
Killuminatti 05
Killuminatti 05 - 3 hours ago
Haulin- rick
Haulin- rick - 4 hours ago
Eminem was here
Kai Goon KBE
Kai Goon KBE - 4 hours ago
Sounds like she panickingggg .... 🐸☕
Hi Buddy
Hi Buddy - 4 hours ago
Bro she so unoriginal she copied boys in the hood now she copying who shot you
YEET - 4 hours ago
Tory better use hit em up to respond
Joseph Bowman
Joseph Bowman - 5 hours ago
How Megan gon remix “Who Shot Ya” and she the one that got hit🤦🏽‍♂️
gift from Virgo
gift from Virgo - 5 hours ago
Rogerious Centeno
Rogerious Centeno - 5 hours ago
Can’t call yourself real if you testify
Coletin Denney
Coletin Denney - 5 hours ago
Tory is the goat 🐐
rodbanks - 5 hours ago
Megan snapped
Yagga - 5 hours ago
She ruin the beat for me
khalil B
khalil B - 5 hours ago
This diss track weak asf. How u talkin sh*t about a nigga that u got on ur knees for 🤣🤣 She stay taking L’s
YvngTor - 5 hours ago
Tory gonna destroy her why would she do this Tory is know for rap battles 🤣
Boy Reyes
Boy Reyes - 5 hours ago
Song made me stop halfway and go listen to who shot ya instead 😂
Hector Mendoza
Hector Mendoza - 3 hours ago
Ong bro she didn’t even live up to biggies song
thekidfoo - 5 hours ago
wait for him clap back before you say anything
D.Martin Zone
D.Martin Zone - 6 hours ago
She said wtf she said
joshua oludoyi
joshua oludoyi - 6 hours ago
Dam she said “hit me when I was down bad”......😅 that was true tho
Google meets
Google meets - 6 hours ago
Tory is better this is so bad Yall are overhyping this lady
Travian’s world
Travian’s world - 6 hours ago
This is lit
Travian’s world
Travian’s world - 3 hours ago
@Hector Mendoza don’t ever try that
Hector Mendoza
Hector Mendoza - 3 hours ago
Nope she ruined a classic
SammyD ___
SammyD ___ - 6 hours ago
Do I not know rap or is this kinda mid
Silence - 6 hours ago
I like meg butt after hearing Tory side of the story...idk🤔🤐
Richard Golphin
Richard Golphin - 7 hours ago
Yo Tory, it's best you take that Z out your last name and just stay in little ole Tory Lane 😂😂😂😂
TEXAS MADE80'S - 7 hours ago
Let me go to the lyric video bc honeeyyyy....I heard a bunch of shots fired❗ Oh well, tory did it first. So what's wrong with her comebk!
Raul Barrera
Raul Barrera - 7 hours ago
Damn she ruined this beat too🤦‍♂️ plz stop using classic old school beats
Jadakiss Pinkett
Jadakiss Pinkett - 7 hours ago
The fact you all cannot see meg mentioned breonna Taylor to point out the obvious parallels of the fact that they are both black women shot in cold blood by power hungry men who have yet to be brought to justice baffles me. They were in very similar situations and meg lives to tell the tale so it’s her responsibility to speak up for women like breonna who weren’t so lucky to escape. Y’all got D-‘s in world literature huh?
Vishesh Thapa
Vishesh Thapa - 7 hours ago
So no one gon mention the
"who shot ya" pianos
And btw that Jack Harlow "whats poppin remix " was clever 🔥🔥🔥
Mizzy Forever G
Mizzy Forever G - 7 hours ago
Word to biggie🙏
Mahdyrt IG
Mahdyrt IG - 7 hours ago
If tory lanez respond to her with a tupac hit'em up beat it'll be legendary
Joshua Dreyer
Joshua Dreyer - 6 hours ago
How are you not in Harvard?
Love Love
Love Love - 8 hours ago
Tenisha Hutchinson
Tenisha Hutchinson - 8 hours ago
I thought she murdered him from all the hoohaw I've heard but nooooo she didn't
Marcel Frąckowiak
Marcel Frąckowiak - 8 hours ago
Who shot ya beat Remix
MC Tone
MC Tone - 8 hours ago
Should’ve address the situation on this beat but great diss though but I still got Tory by 5 points lol
Matthew Fuller
Matthew Fuller - 8 hours ago
How do you remix who shot ya when you’re the one who got hit 😂
Malika Blowe
Malika Blowe - 8 hours ago
We all know who shes dissing
Trevon Futch Jr
Trevon Futch Jr - 9 hours ago
That ding got me thinking my car door was open 😭😭
Quintessential X
Quintessential X - 9 hours ago
Damn torey you gonna take that 😂😂😂😂😂😮😮
Anthony Walton
Anthony Walton - 9 hours ago
This is the alternate universe i needed to live in and I’m glad I’m here
Kapeliela Kahakai-Garmon
Kapeliela Kahakai-Garmon - 9 hours ago
Ight this that real rap hit🌟 and she firin back! Sheesh. Don’t let upp
BrooklynKidStew - 9 hours ago
The breonnpa Taylor bar was ok not super clever. She lowkey ruined who shot ya
Destiny Love
Destiny Love - 9 hours ago
For the video she should play the part of what happened in the backkk seat
Or do the whole video on what happened dat night
Megan Yu did what had to be done
Manu Neiufi
Manu Neiufi - 9 hours ago
She ruined a classic 😐
Devante Wallace
Devante Wallace - 9 hours ago
How she going to disrespect a biggie beat like this ?
amanda gutierrez
amanda gutierrez - 10 hours ago
lala gashi
lala gashi - 10 hours ago
This is cold❤❤❤❤❤
Maria Hammie
Maria Hammie - 10 hours ago
Lexie miller
Lexie miller - 10 hours ago
Yasss Queen!
Traevon Theodore
Traevon Theodore - 10 hours ago
Tory Lanez betta
Queen Fatima
Queen Fatima - 10 hours ago
Now I want to hear Megan remix 2pac hit 'em up..who shot me but the b**** didn't finish now you bout to feel the wrath of a misses 🪚🔪
Siberia Swan
Siberia Swan - 11 hours ago
That line about Breonna Taylor. 😥😥
Julio Jr
Julio Jr - 11 hours ago
Ik yu did not just use biggie beat for this bru.
Owen ReaperReviews
Owen ReaperReviews - 11 hours ago
oliver _jiggerz
oliver _jiggerz - 11 hours ago
She's the best female rapper out rn ong lmao
Dylan Wetten
Dylan Wetten - 11 hours ago
We know who shot ya, you snitched on him😂😂 very unsavagelike behavior
Z e ø
Z e ø - 11 hours ago
Should of dissed him with a “hit em up remix”
Kazino Beats
Kazino Beats - 11 hours ago
I guarantee you if Tory sees Megan in public he gone turn the other way. This might be the next Tupac and Biggie beef😂😂😂😂😂
Steve Branch
Steve Branch - 12 hours ago
Yall the same people that called him a clown and weirdo for speaking on the situation but it's ok for her to do it ? 😭 make it make sense
Juan Ortiz
Juan Ortiz - 12 hours ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 she's 10 toes down!
fallen_ qt
fallen_ qt - 12 hours ago
he shot her but she still out here twerking make it make sense💀💀
Sharxp on ps4
Sharxp on ps4 - 13 hours ago
Tory is innocent
RunMeTheMoney - 12 hours ago
CERTIFIED GUNMAN 818 - 13 hours ago
How u take a gangsta beat talking all that but she a snitch
RunMeTheMoney - 12 hours ago
Y’all be calling anyone a snitch at this point
obama james
obama james - 13 hours ago
The Beat itself is murderous!!! DAMN
Celeia Garmon
Celeia Garmon - 13 hours ago
mentioning Breonna Taylor's name in a song like this ? weird.
ahmad olley
ahmad olley - 2 hours ago
@TEXAS MADE80'S u can’t use her name on who shot ya remix that’s weird
TEXAS MADE80'S - 7 hours ago
I feel like it was needed...n the way breonna died! It's a reminder to them! We haven't 4got n it could of been me! #JUSTICEFORBREONNA #SAYHERNAME
d money
d money - 13 hours ago
d money
d money - 12 hours ago
@RunMeTheMoney 😈
RunMeTheMoney - 12 hours ago
You have your own emoji 😍
playboi arizonnaaa
playboi arizonnaaa - 13 hours ago
How u gon remix who shot ya but you the one who got shot
Kdot - 13 hours ago
Tory lanes better use the hit em up beat
epsteins bitch
epsteins bitch - 14 hours ago
I kinda feel bad for kelsey
azmi haider
azmi haider - 14 hours ago
This is garbage...
Goochcast ✅
Goochcast ✅ - 14 hours ago
Honestly this was wack 🤷🏿‍♂️
Goochcast ✅
Goochcast ✅ - 14 hours ago
Niibi Pappoe
Niibi Pappoe - 14 hours ago
He didn't even diss you like wtf I thought u were better than this Meg this music industry has fucked w a lot of artists
Do it!
Do it! - 14 hours ago
The last shovel of dirt in the pit that Tory himself dug 💥🔥
ewright2017 - 14 hours ago
Ehhh this was alright but if your going to use a beat from a legend you have to come just as hard as they did if not even harder
Jeferson amaral
Jeferson amaral - 15 hours ago
Viciado nessa 🇧🇷
boston mike
boston mike - 15 hours ago
Torey got body bagged#!!!
Abie Beyda
Abie Beyda - 14 hours ago
Torys album> Megan’s whole career
Jmar385 _
Jmar385 _ - 15 hours ago
Damn why your songz are nothing but samples you from Easy E, BIGGIE, 2Pac,, Junevile, Frank Ski, Jasmine Sullivan, Webbie, Micheal’le, Al B Sure, OPP. Megan The Sample😭😂😭
Mrlilchico - 16 hours ago
Praise to the Most High
Munira Isrolia
Munira Isrolia - 16 hours ago
Know Yourplace
Know Yourplace - 16 hours ago
😐 could’ve better lol i mean from this one song didn’t go as hard as I thought she would
seiom jvony
seiom jvony - 16 hours ago
Megan drops “Shots Fired”, Quando drops “End of Story” when will this drama end 😞
Creamus Jones
Creamus Jones - 17 hours ago
Dokum Charu
Dokum Charu - 17 hours ago
The beat is Notorious B.I.G's who shot ya?
Abie Beyda
Abie Beyda - 14 hours ago
@seiom jvony no
seiom jvony
seiom jvony - 16 hours ago
Stuff Stuff
Stuff Stuff - 18 hours ago
How are you gonna make a song over “who shot ya” when you’re the one who got shot?
J Kenll
J Kenll - 12 hours ago
Female logic (backwards af)
CEO of Swag
CEO of Swag - 14 hours ago
Fatima Z Yamoun
Fatima Z Yamoun - 19 hours ago
Megan just continues to impress me. Only female rapper that aint cringe and actually writes her own lyrics - cough cough Cardi
J Kenll
J Kenll - 10 hours ago
Yo! This had 5 different ghost writers rushing through it before their lunch break was over. Do research so you can sound credible.
Viyrcx - 19 hours ago
This who lil baby lost to😳... bruh
devonte 94
devonte 94 - 19 hours ago
A 22cal 🤣🤣🤣
Jax 2020
Jax 2020 - 19 hours ago
Shout out for Breonna Taylor !!!
GK - 19 hours ago
Triddash 🤣🤣🤣
вчера беше малак днес направо е друк
Eh ehe eh eh eh. Goot goot eh!!!
HAUSOFJAH-Tarot DracoFlorez
Anybody need a reading
ELIJAHHG - 19 hours ago
Im not feeling it honestly, it comes off as petty.
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