My son has been diagnosed with Autism *2 years old*

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Domo Wilson
Domo Wilson - 2 months ago
Thank you guys so much for your patience in me making this video I know it has been three months since I last discussed Domonic possibly having autism but you guys have been his biggest cheerleaders and we love you so much. Thank you guys for making this process so much easier and for excepting Domonic as he is I cannot wait until Domonic realizes how much love he has around the world we truly appreciate you guys and for every autism parent out there you are truly amazing and so are our children. Keep striving for the best! #ProudAutismParent #AutismAwareness
ishie0196 - Month ago
My brother has autism and he is the best! Just PLEASE DO NOT ASSOCIATE WITH AUTISM SPEAKS. They are not a good company.
Fam0uss Cere•
Fam0uss Cere• - Month ago
Domo Wilson i still love your child
John Harden
John Harden - Month ago
I love you domo!!!!
Jess Vargas
Jess Vargas - Month ago
I am also 24 and an autism mom 😍💪 my son was diagnosed at 2 1/2 and i took it so hard i was literally hospitalized the same night because i had a panic attack that was so bad they thought it was a heart attack.. He will now be 5 on february 9th. He is still speech delayed but DOES TALK. he used to be completely non verbal. It is a journey, that you have to educate yourself on because noone else will. Lots of patience and extra hugs and kisses. He has therapies 5 times a week in school. My son is amazing and so sweet and happy. The hardest thing to get through was the meltdowns, when he was 3 they were the worst. Message me if you wanna talk!
Monica Hebert
Monica Hebert - Month ago
I just found your channel and you are so inspiring ❤️ my son Chase was 3.5 when I found out he had autism (high functioning) he is now 6. The same feelings you expressed were pretty spot on with how I felt. Completely different now. Thank you for making this video, I know we aren’t alone but it makes me not feel alone. #PROUDAUTISMPARENT
Sheila Allee
Sheila Allee - 28 days ago
I have a son my self I love him
Artsy Pencils
Artsy Pencils - 28 days ago
My brother has autism, and he is a 12-year-old, they diagnosed him at 2 years old. I think it is a coincidence because his name is Dominic. Your son will be great.
Lots of love!
Nancy Amaya
Nancy Amaya - 28 days ago
OMG I JUST SUBSCRIBE TO YOU AND I DONT KNOW YOU BUT I LOVE YOU, YOUR BABY, AND THE POSITIVE VIBE YOU HAVE .. I honestly felt like I know u personally lol...YOUTUBE NEEEEDS MORE OF YOU ! Keep your head up and everything will fall into place❤️ . Peace and love to the both of you.
Deborah German
Deborah German - 28 days ago
My daughter was diagnosed with autism this may and it was so tough for me but with therapy and all that it’s gotten better thank God
Alex Michele
Alex Michele - 28 days ago
Autism is a spectrum meaning it is different for EVERYBODY. You can be high functioning, low functioning, and everything in between. You could be very very close to "normal" or you could need a lot of assistance in day to day life and everything in between. She is allowed to be worried and scared because not every child with autism will be perfectly okay.
A.N. James
A.N. James - 28 days ago
@Domo Wilson I am so Proud of you and your maturity for dealing with your sons disability. Even though you have the money to pay for the Private School and I personally would keep him there. Do know that you have the option of getting the services free from the School System, that you live in and through the medical insurance plan you have. The School System will provide him with the services at home, then once he turns three years old, they usually put them in Pre-School and they receive the services at school. They offer Speech Therapy, different ways of learning, with manipulates, to make it easier. The School will do a Multi-Factual Evaluation on the child then write out an IEP, which is a "Individualized Educational Program" (report) explaining the Disabilities, and the plan that is mapped out to help child. They will have a meeting with you every six months to update his IEP. The IEP is like his contract for life while in K-12. It also follows them into Adulthood for jobs. It explains in great detail the disability and all measures that will be used to help the child succeed. For instance, the teacher may need to read or say the directions to your child three times, to make sure they fully understand. On test, perhaps where there are eight essay questions, your child is only required to do five. They can use a Calculator for math test and etc. This is just a small example of manipulates that they offer. It is their Responsibility to every child within their School Systems City Limits. It is Free of Charge Also. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My son was very premature. He had very bad speech problems. He started speech therapy through our school system when two at home first. Then started Pre-school once three years old. By the time he was five years old, going to Kindergarten, his speech was at 95 percent. They continued it for one more year and he didn't need the therapy anymore. His speech was 100 percent, by the end of kindergarten. He's twenty-four, working and in college now.. Wick is just Fine!! Blessings From Ohio
Summer Idk
Summer Idk - 29 days ago
Literally every single comment people are saying “my blank is autistic and he’s a genius” I get it you guys are tying to make her feel better but, let her have her time cause even though he’s perfect she’s still going to worry as a mother and has the right to!
Chanel Urrutia-Ordenes
Chanel Urrutia-Ordenes - 29 days ago
I love this, but a child cannot be autistic. A child can have Autism. Just putting out the correct term to use. Positive vibes only 💓
Lanesha Evans
Lanesha Evans - 29 days ago
It’s ok but he is still a little cutie
da-Clark Fam
da-Clark Fam - 29 days ago
girl this has me so happy that your doing okay. i work in the field for children’s and adults that have disability’s. and stuff. - and my uncle has autism and you know what it was high functioning as well. and he had children and lives by him self and stuff. i never let it denfine them. wick is the most cutest in the world xox and he’s so sweet and he can do whatever he puts him mind to.. and his grown so much! never feel like your alone sweetie ♥️
Blanca Carson
Blanca Carson - 29 days ago
He's so big now i remember when you were pregnant with him omg the time went by so fast :(
nicole cavin
nicole cavin - 29 days ago
WE GOT U DOM N WICK!!!!!! NO WORRIES ALL POSITIVITY!! I love u both!!! 💕💕💕
Lynn - 29 days ago
Most community's are learning to be more accepting with deaf,blind and autistic kids. So he may have a more normal life. Hope the best💕
Nadiiiaahh xo
Nadiiiaahh xo - 29 days ago
He is honestly the cutest his presents I'm pretty sure lights up a room!!!♡
Harriet Potter
Harriet Potter - 29 days ago
Why did you put ads on this...... ...
Tyler - 29 days ago
I wish there was a love button!!!
Araba Ackon
Araba Ackon - 29 days ago
I am an autism trainer I look after extreme autism clients all autistic kids have the ability to speak they often don’t because they don’t understand the importance of speech 1. Figure out what he lives the most (food is an easy one fave snack ) something he wants literallyevery day .
2. Start simple if he likes cookies and you know he’s gesturing or showing signs he wants this particular snack say slow loud and clear the word “cookie” (bringing the item to your mouth so his attention is on you and your voice)
3. Every time you say cookie to him wait 10 seconds ( autistic kids process slower when learning new concepts) say it up to 3 times , he may not respond at alllll in the beginning but him paying attention is the most important thing in the beginning.
4.if you see his emotions start getting triggered because he has to go through this somewhat” long “ process it’s okayyy don’t rush keep all the timing consistent because overtime he will learn he gets what he wants when he tries to communicate.
5. If you notice after sone time he just waiting for the cookie then you can movie into refusing the whole cookie and only giving him half or replacing with a healthy less interesting snack (I would refuse the snack but depending on his behaviour he may lash out in a way that you may not be able to deal with or he could hurt himself) so baby steps is essential and a lot of trial and error
THE MAIN OBJECTIVE :getting him to realise that he has to speak to get what he wants —too many consultants will push sign language on autistic kids but it can be extremely limiting in the real world , by the grace of god he is young and already showing signs of deep intelligence and possibly a quick learning speed this is the most crucial time to be enforcing this type of learning and I’m very confident that he talk amazingly
I used this method on a 12 troll autistic kid that had severe autism I started with the word music because every that’s what he wanted and 2years later he can hold short conversations with me , and he’d be able to do a lot more if he started at the age Dominic is I send your prayers of hope , perseverance , joy and strength and I loose intelligence and success into your lives in the name of Jesus amen !! Go mama
Araba Ackon
Araba Ackon - 29 days ago
Woooow I feel silly I should’ve watche legit 5 mins more in from where I way
Araba Ackon
Araba Ackon - 29 days ago
I didn’t listen to the hole vid before commenting
Araba Ackon
Araba Ackon - 29 days ago
Let me know if your confused with anything I’ve written
Keeping up with Fimbres
Keeping up with Fimbres - 29 days ago
“See the Abel not the label”🧩❤️ love u dom I work with autism children❤️
sign 4 peace
sign 4 peace - 29 days ago
My nephew was diagnosed with autism. I wasn't a part of my sister's life when this nephew was I wasn't there to warn her not to get ANY of the vaccinations. Same with the oldest nephew. When we reunited, I bought her vaccination detox tinctures for them. She couldn't believe the results. The one who wasn't speaking....started talking and the other, his speech became clearer. They are both highly intelligent....will be 9 and 11 in March. The youngest is now 6. I was there to tell her NO VACS for him and I gave him Reiki while in the womb. He's the only one of the 3 that can just chill (meaning sit still) for long periods of time among other things. If I go into more, this will be a novel lol. The amount of processed foods eaten plays a huge role also.
I hope this little bit of info helps someone.
Stay Blessed Everyone✨🙏🏾✨
coco jones
coco jones - 29 days ago
stop spreading this bs
Kimberly Idk
Kimberly Idk - 29 days ago
New sub:)
loubna loubna
loubna loubna - 29 days ago
This the problem to always do a dna check background someone donated sperm and probably carries the gene autims
Page Anne
Page Anne - 29 days ago
I love himm❤️❤️
Jennifer Jordan
Jennifer Jordan - 29 days ago
Hey Domo, hi my name is Jennifer and I know what you going through my son Jeffery is high functioning Autism and it was a big shock to me as mom. My mom told me that something is wrong and I should get him tested so I went to therapist. What I was told that I he was ADHD, but I wanted a second opinion and a doctor who specializes in different disabilities and he told me that he that he not ADHD, but high functioning Autism.
Rebeca Garcia
Rebeca Garcia - 29 days ago
I would not say “my son is autistic” the correct term would be “my son is on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD)” or he is on the “spectrum”. Both my sisters are speech language pathologist and I am a special education teacher so your little click bait really hits home because I do teach students who are identified as severe/profound AU with significant speech delays and their parents don’t sound as cheerful and feel the need to make a video. Their struggle is real at home. What a disrespectful video to the ASD community. What was the point of sharing your “story”? It was not informational or helpful in any way!!!
Sherria Donald
Sherria Donald - 29 days ago
He so cute 💕😊
lu lu hicky
lu lu hicky - 29 days ago
It’s not a big deal! So many people are on the spectrum, People act like it’s a disease. Im diagnosed Asd so is my eldest son. It’s just a part of life and he’s young he seems to be thriving so don’t dwell on it
Emily Lashomb
Emily Lashomb - 29 days ago
I work with autistic children and trust me his life will still be very full! Get him in some good programs! I work in a school setting with autistic kids and its amazing how much help is out there to make sure your son gets everything he needs to succeed in life
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung - Month ago
My sister has autism and she’s pretty smart to she couldn’t talk much but now she knows a lot and how to read as well
Roxanne Tijerina
Roxanne Tijerina - Month ago
U r such an AMAZING MOTHER!!!
Malaysia. Starr 06
Malaysia. Starr 06 - Month ago
I have a little cousin who is 5 that has autism and he's such a terrific little boy I love him so much and I know that his mom is most likely going through the same thing as you. I know that kids with autism can be just as great as kids who don't :)
Peggy Bell
Peggy Bell - Month ago
My son has autism, it has its ups and downs. There are many challenges but stay positive.
Brenee French
Brenee French - Month ago
God bless u I was born with being austic I don’t fell differently I’m working and living life don’t give up because god created your babby and u stand by him and be there
Ann Jackson
Ann Jackson - Month ago
My grandson have Austim as well. Everything going to be alright with your son. He going to be just fine. Kids who have austim grows up to be very smart kids. Wick going to be just fine. God bless you and your Wick.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Robbie Fetters Jr
Robbie Fetters Jr - Month ago
I was born with it i know how it is growing up you are one of my idoles gurl
Susan Feitl
Susan Feitl - Month ago
New house tourr !!
k m.u
k m.u - Month ago
I saw it from when he was a baby. it's ok mama domo but is it just me or so many children are being cant be simply genetics.
Savey_ - Month ago
He is so cute and I love him autism makes him even better but you can't really tell it hard to see past that CUTE face and his beautiful personality ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jurnnie copper
Jurnnie copper - Month ago
I swear to god if I hear one single "it's the vaccines" I'm going to go CRAZY
Ik Reageer
Ik Reageer - Month ago
Me, my brother and my dad all have autism and tbh it doesn't really change anything for us. (Sometimes it's difficult though, because we all have it and my mom, me, my brother and my sister also have AD(H)D). My dad only got diagnosed at 40, because he was able to just live a normal life like everyone else.
John Harden
John Harden - Month ago
Don’t make me cry...I love y’all you and your son...
lilmilt28 - Month ago
Almond milk isn’t good for you 🤦🏾‍♂️ poor little fella
lilmilt28 - Month ago
We all have mental health issues they just give bs a name but mom has mental health issues, she can just pass the assessments but being gay isn’t the norm 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔
lilmilt28 - Month ago
Very loving,loves to be held ummm guess he’s short with baby teeth too huh 🤦🏾‍♂️
It's Angie
It's Angie - Month ago
The cuties ever lol.
Staciaa Eaness
Staciaa Eaness - Month ago
Lol himm sooooo cuteee
Tchaikovsky Maye
Tchaikovsky Maye - Month ago
He going to be very lucky he looks just like his mom bless you and him
A Little Bit of Bliss
A Little Bit of Bliss - Month ago
Do you have a list of things you feed him now? My daughter is gonna be 3 next month and shes at mild risk and going into school in a few weeks for 2 hours a day through early intervention.
I want to change her diet and I just am not sure the gluten free and milk free options I'm picking are good!
Your son is so smart ❤
shanequa crawford
shanequa crawford - Month ago
your doing a beautiful job as a mother and me and my daughter does the high five and fist bump too😎😍
MakeupJunkieXo - Month ago
Wick was not trying to share his pretzels!! 😂
Sunnie Dee-Lite
Sunnie Dee-Lite - Month ago
Reminds me of the movie The Accountant. He had high functioning Autism and he was freaking GENIUS!! Once they start something they don’t stop until it’s completed or finished! He didn’t talk until he was like a teen I believe but I’m not sure. That was a great movie. 💜💜
Minor Twinkle
Minor Twinkle - Month ago
My brother has autism. They are not disabled just differently abled and beautiful.
Juana Merrill
Juana Merrill - Month ago
Thank you thank you for educating ❤️❤️❤️ my daughter has a speech delay and I’ve gone threw the motions of maybe she would be diagnosed with autism and she was not but my heart was where you where at .. the light is here and it’s going to be okay
LaShawn Best -LABOR-
LaShawn Best -LABOR- - Month ago
Keep doing what you're doing!!! There is no handbook for stuff like this, and each person has their own journey!!! I have more than one child in my family who didn't speak ONE WORD until they were 3 but has been offered to be SKIPPED grades later in life!!! Hang in there, Love!
blahblah blahblahblah
blahblah blahblahblah - Month ago
I'm not a doctor but i work with kids everyday, and honestly from what i see, your son doesn't seem autistic at all to me.. but again, it is a spectrum and maybe i'm just ignorant or not educated enough to see. anyway, he must be really high functioning one, because he's 2, he's talking and seems to be pretty social.
Im Not a Star
Im Not a Star - Month ago
What black woman uses sperm donor
Leah TheDamnDiva
Leah TheDamnDiva - Month ago
I think my son has Autism he just turned 12 months and you really made me feel so much better 😭 I was crying too girl 😭 I’m laying off those damn immunization shots too
Dazzling Jewels
Dazzling Jewels - Month ago
Do not ever be embarrassed to put him in therapy, one of my close friends has autism and she went through several different types of therapy since 3rd grade and it has helped her so much with social cues and overall her as a person.
Miss Army
Miss Army - Month ago
-Love you Domonic! ❤❤❤ He is so Handsome! 🥰🥰🥰
Wolf Heart Gaming
Wolf Heart Gaming - Month ago
I am so worry for u may god have Faith he will get a girls phone numbers
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