RESPECT | Official Teaser Trailer

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Marcos Fagundes
Marcos Fagundes - 6 hours ago
achei bom!!
Jose Santos
Jose Santos - 6 hours ago
hahahaha muito bom
Jose Pedroso
Jose Pedroso - 6 hours ago
hahahahahha blz
HOOP DREAMZ MUSIC - 6 hours ago
I see the blood sacrifice she made has been paying off...
Fernando Matos
Fernando Matos - 6 hours ago
top demais
Bryan Castro
Bryan Castro - 6 hours ago
you cant models
Lorena Santos
Lorena Santos - 7 hours ago
good ness
Cibele Pereira
Cibele Pereira - 7 hours ago
hahaha muito bom!!
Victoria Simone
Victoria Simone - 7 hours ago
muito bom esse filme
Fernanda Blunt Krasinski
Fernanda Blunt Krasinski - 8 hours ago
Give her an Oscar, Golden Globe, anything.. J HUD is a Queen
Babynoodle - 8 hours ago
Can't wait 😭
Kimber Ortega
Kimber Ortega - 8 hours ago
Jennifer was preforming at a benefit and in the program it mentioned she would be playing Aretha. My mom was skeptical (she loved Aretha.) after the concert she said “she can play Aretha.”
Niall James
Niall James - 9 hours ago
I smell an Oscar with J.Hud's name all over it!
Alex Yiasemis
Alex Yiasemis - 11 hours ago
only jennifer hudson could pull off a role like that
Paulo Henrique
Paulo Henrique - 12 hours ago
A unica digna de interpretar a rainha da música (ARETHA FRANKLIN)
R Garsedlat
R Garsedlat - 12 hours ago
If she delivers a decent acting performance, the Oscar will be hers... for Whoopi and Angela...
d mitchell
d mitchell - 13 hours ago
"QUEEN OF SOUL" would've been a better title....
Jack B
Jack B - 13 hours ago
theater people: LIESL TOMMY!!!!!
Tobi Kluijver
Tobi Kluijver - 16 hours ago
She wins the oscar
Damon Burgman
Damon Burgman - 19 hours ago
And there was a new MCU (music cinematic universe) i like it 😃
tina turner
tina turner - 19 hours ago
Nothing looklike Aretha at all
STEVE P - 20 hours ago
Jennifer looks just like her.
Shelby Brooks
Shelby Brooks - 20 hours ago
Yes Mam. I will be in theaters to watch with the family.
Grant420 - 21 hour ago
Mai Ngọc
Mai Ngọc - 22 hours ago
cant wait !!!
Alessio Wabori
Alessio Wabori - 23 hours ago
Perfect timing! 🎯
Tirtsah Yisrael
Tirtsah Yisrael - 23 hours ago
Cynthia whom? 🤔 👀 🤣 I'll be purchasing 4 tickets 🙏🏾😂
MrBambinoc - Day ago
Maybe beyonce should have done it
MrBambinoc - Day ago
Decaler mouth euh such notes
trapLA - Day ago
Dope! Reposted on www.trap.LA
Undead Games
Undead Games - Day ago
I got made fun for listening to Respect during a test. During our tests at school they let us listen to music. I put on my Aretha Franklin Playlist on and didn’t realized that I had been playing my head phones on max and the entire class could hear me. The thing I went to a Majority black school and I’m a Filipino American male. The black girls in my class made fun of me for listening to her and they didn’t even know who she was.
Дмитрий Сахно
Not even close. Fired this "actress"
Davidhorley1066 Horley
Thay all need respect all
Another ACADEMY AWARD for her and now for BEST ACTRESS
Nick Mesogianes
Nick Mesogianes - Day ago
So far we got BoRap in 2018, Rocketman in 2019 and now this movie for 2020. Are we trying to make an MCU but strictly for music legends?
kermit thee frog
kermit thee frog - Day ago
we also had JUDY in 2019!
Jarvis Butler
Jarvis Butler - Day ago
This is the only movie I will go to the movie theater for and even get Corona for brother f*****
Jarvis Butler
Jarvis Butler - Day ago
Oh my God is my Powerhouse Diva she is taking this to the next level she is going to win the Oscar!!!!!!!
The Tyliek Show
The Tyliek Show - Day ago
Jennifer looks like Aretha
Michael J
Michael J - Day ago
"I'd like you to call me Miss Franklin". R E S P E C T !!!
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson - Day ago
The best thing that happen to her was not winning idol I love this woman
Kwame Kwame
Kwame Kwame - Day ago
Kwame Kwame
Kwame Kwame - Day ago
Kwame Kwame
Kwame Kwame - Day ago
Kwame Kwame
Kwame Kwame - Day ago
Being FRANK - Day ago
Going to be hard doing a MJ bio since its racist to get a white dude to play MJ in his latter years.
foccha - Day ago
“I’d like you to call me Miss Franklin.”
That line sent shivers down my spine. She knew she was a boss. Perfection!
Ronnie Diaz
Ronnie Diaz - Day ago
I'm fairly certain this role was made for Jennifer Hudson.
3Danimationmaster - Day ago
Lowkey hope there's a scene in this where it shows her in the blues brothers, would be so nostalgic :')
Moss7373 - Day ago
Jennifer Hudson has her own style of singing an SHE must shine threw.. I adore her vocal, BUT! I don't really feel her... that something is missing I don't feel it...Oh, well sing sister
Moss7373 - Day ago
everybody STOP! that's what Aretha wanted right, BUT! look up Denetria Champ baby!!!!! this lady will give you Aretha hands down. when you know, what you know something it's time to say well no pass on to someone else; because i need a break an my people eye pallet needs to be cleanse, if they look at you; they will get tried of looking at you. sing to much.... in to much ... talk to much... to common then people will get tired of you, Oscar hungry, Grammy hungry, Noimee hungry... just STAR! struck ...STOP please before you become to common; take a break.. this industry will choo you up an spit you out badly. STOP being so hungry for FAME!!!!!! I've song with James Cleveland, Rev. Issac Douglas, Dorothy Norwood, Shirley Caesar etc... an my 2nd cousins the Clark sister, very famous you got to know went to hold them, fold them, run and walk away... don't be come to commo to your fans
sindel kahn
sindel kahn - Day ago
I can't wait to see this movie
Kwame Kwame
Kwame Kwame - Day ago
Delphine w.
Delphine w. - Day ago
Nah too much like Effie. And I really would like to hear a voice more similar to Arethas in this. Jennifer has an ok voice but it’s not the same type.
Emma Furbee
Emma Furbee - Day ago
Israël Âme
Israël Âme - Day ago
Just want you to know, Detroit will be watching this very carefully.....and it betta be right
Mmny Mmny
Mmny Mmny - Day ago
Can’t wait to see this!
Rachael Wells
Rachael Wells - Day ago
Anyone who gave this a thumbs down is either tone deaf or doesn't appreciate real music ♥️
𝘪𝘵'𝘴 𝘘𝘶𝘦𝘦𝘯 シꨄ
Crazy thing is all of them were in Empire, except Marlon.... ❤❤❤❤
Michael Glaberman
Michael Glaberman - Day ago
This is going to be so whitewashed. Oh well, race hustlers gotta hustle, right? Yawn...
twerkin the city huh
For chrissakes you misspelled "respect"!!!!!
Aidai Sevigny
Aidai Sevigny - Day ago
NOW THIS IS THE ARETHA MOVIE I WANNA SEE. National Geographic who...
BrazyKar - Day ago
My Grandma Will Love this movie when it comes out!!! Aretha franklin was her idol!! r.i.p Aretha you impacted so many people’s lives!!
JUSTICE - Day ago
Going to be a great movie
asa3009hazel - Day ago
Oooo I can't wait!!!!!
Stu Berda
Stu Berda - Day ago
Awesome this will inspire so many girls of the same color that have never heard of her for some reason
Troy Hirst
Troy Hirst - Day ago
How do you misspell respect in the ad for this movie
So Unique
So Unique - Day ago
So glad they got a foundational Black American great singer to play a foundational Black American icon! I will definitely support.
lalabear Muhammad
lalabear Muhammad - Day ago
I could already hear this before even clicking on the thumbnail
helna - Day ago
Shen Terrell
Shen Terrell - Day ago
Yes!!! Can't wait for this 🙌 It is good to see a foundational Black American like Jennifer Hudson play her.
Xibur Tibro
Xibur Tibro - Day ago
Man baby girl got me getting goose bumps
Jessica - Day ago
Travis Kehler
Travis Kehler - Day ago
CHARM - Day ago
She has a strong beautiful voice!!
LifeguardSai - Day ago
I’m excited
tony torres
tony torres - Day ago
Sounds great
Tasha Mac
Tasha Mac - Day ago
Why not Fantasia 😤
Julian Salazar
Julian Salazar - Day ago
i’m excited to see marc maron in this
Alexa Avery
Alexa Avery - Day ago
There were some things about Aretha that I'm not a fan. Somebody else should have played her instead of Jennifer Hudson. Also not a fan! 😣
mood indigo
mood indigo - Day ago
oh yea like who?
Dream Scott
Dream Scott - Day ago
You really got a lots of nerves! No one can play Aretha but Jennifer Hudson.
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