LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

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ItsWisdom - Hour ago
when ethan and grayson did the sad scenes i was tearing up. i was laughing at the pickle scene but when noah’s voice started breaking down i lost it😭
Rachel Fung
Rachel Fung - 10 hours ago
Esmeralda = Emma and that did happened, cuz in there Q&A they said they kissed the same girl ☕️
Illeana Lopstain
Illeana Lopstain - 13 hours ago
When u guys were doing the 123 thing u sound like turkeys and y grayson dont call a 14 year old babe ty
AL4ND YT - 18 hours ago
So easy I can cry too for nothing
Lovey Martinez
Lovey Martinez - Day ago
When Ethan was doing the sad scene I started to tear up 🥺❤️
sarayu reddy
sarayu reddy - Day ago
anyone else uncomfortable no?

...ok just me
Nxbihx Algahim
Nxbihx Algahim - Day ago
My 3 favorite people in one video🥰🥺
Gacha Annie
Gacha Annie - Day ago
Noah: walks calmly
Also Noah: IM FALLING!
Gacha Annie
Gacha Annie - Day ago
He’s so freaking cute!
Bubbly Fovvs
Bubbly Fovvs - 2 days ago
Noah's voice cracks, lmfao
julia - 2 days ago
can noah say blob on da face????????
My weird Self
My weird Self - 2 days ago
That PiCkLe scene tho😂
Suraiyah Nanhuck
Suraiyah Nanhuck - 2 days ago
The pickle... NOAH THE PICKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O_o - 3 days ago
Ezmerellda be living a pretty good life ngl
Roslyn Parris
Roslyn Parris - 3 days ago
Lopez Brothers
Lopez Brothers - 4 days ago
The trio I never knew I needed
Me: *actually crying while watching this* so I am not alone 😭😂
zaybree pieper
zaybree pieper - 5 days ago
noah’s voice cracks make it so much better
Amber Donaldson
Amber Donaldson - 5 days ago
Noah: "I love crying!"
Me: same
Eva van der Heijden
Eva van der Heijden - 6 days ago
Omg i love how noah is shy to say he is 14 and after that they do a scene where they say WhErE iS oUr SoN?!
Skyler Waters
Skyler Waters - 6 days ago
13:15 Oscar Performance right there 👏
Maya - 8 days ago
I remember sitting in math class on tuesday and i had a computer so i sat in the corner of the room watching this video
Janis Leung
Janis Leung - 8 days ago
this is literally my dream come true thank yt for recommending lmao
Rebecca Vos
Rebecca Vos - 9 days ago
No one:
No one at all:
Noah: I love crying!
Rebecca Vos
Rebecca Vos - 9 days ago
I’m from South Africa 🇿🇦. Isn’t shoprite a South Africa store?
angelina little
angelina little - 9 days ago
17:57 noah: “i love crying” me too noah.. me too.
Minnie O'Rourke
Minnie O'Rourke - 9 days ago
noah and grayson playing parents is everything!!!
Juliana Linker
Juliana Linker - 11 days ago
I crying laughing at the pickle scene
Gaia Mulligan
Gaia Mulligan - 12 days ago
i literally started crying at the sad scene
sydney - 13 days ago
"babe don't panic on me"-gray 2019
Emily Mulvihill
Emily Mulvihill - 13 days ago
“i’m” *chuckels* “14”
Sheldon Arnold
Sheldon Arnold - 14 days ago
Soapy Limelight:D
Soapy Limelight:D - 14 days ago
Noah: I love crying.
The boys: ...
Soapy Limelight:D
Soapy Limelight:D - 14 days ago
Grayson's give at like 12:03 I'm deada
Soapy Limelight:D
Soapy Limelight:D - 14 days ago
It's actually at 12:01😑😂
Rosie Y.
Rosie Y. - 14 days ago
Who keeps laughing while they were crying? or is it just me?
Kimsegii XoXo
Kimsegii XoXo - 14 days ago
Noah:"Where is our son!"
jessica Ramos
jessica Ramos - 14 days ago
Noah: I love crying
Me: sameeeee
M'kayla Ainsworth
M'kayla Ainsworth - 15 days ago
I wish I was this good at improv 👏
emma foith
emma foith - 15 days ago
17:55 noah saying “i love crying” is so relatable snndkdjxx
Amaris Santos
Amaris Santos - 15 days ago
Are anyone’s time stamps on YouTube not working? Like it just sends u to the top??
Stranger Things addict
Stranger Things addict - 15 days ago
Dolan twins: saying random stuff and being weird
Noah: **cringes**
Also Noah: being polite and amazing
laylah - 15 days ago
noah: i love crying
m o o d
Kk Queen
Kk Queen - 15 days ago
Bro Ethan talking about the car crash made me cry
Damfy - 15 days ago
17:56 me procrastinating at 3 am
lucy kim
lucy kim - 15 days ago
its 3 am and my mom just walked in on me laughing so hard at this entire video
Ava Zacha
Ava Zacha - 15 days ago
no one:

Noah: 'i lOve cRYiNg" XD
Alex Herrera
Alex Herrera - 15 days ago
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Noah: "I LoVE CrYiNG"
julia - 16 days ago
17:56 same
Kyley Girl
Kyley Girl - 16 days ago
Grayson(20+) to Noah(14): Babe please!!
Me: Call the police!
I don’t know if anyone takes this as hate but it’s not, I love all of them❤️
emmaheart - 16 days ago
Its funny how the improve is them arguing its like i'm watching one of there blogs lol 😆😂🤣🤣🤣
Rosalie Picon
Rosalie Picon - 17 days ago
Noah: I love crying
Emma Kirby
Emma Kirby - 17 days ago
Noah is so good at acting, I want to be like him.
Ava Marie
Ava Marie - 17 days ago
Anyone else binge watching every video of Noah on YouTube in 2020
Kelsey L.Dowdy
Kelsey L.Dowdy - 17 days ago
12:30 always gets me. one of the best ethan moments ever
Dols Dolans
Dols Dolans - 18 days ago
12:49 grayson calling noah babe is so iconic
ellierosebeck - 19 days ago
most actors: *quoting old people* Noah: *quoting Tom Holland*
Barburito Guac
Barburito Guac - 19 days ago
Who else is on a marathon watching Dolan twins.....
Nikola Lenart
Nikola Lenart - 20 days ago
haha we play this game in my drama class😂
JJ - 20 days ago
Grayson: I didn't mean to
Ethan: go to your room
Cami X Gam3r
Cami X Gam3r - 21 day ago
I just got done watching season 3 of stranger things and this pops up on my home page!! Can anybody explain that?
Annalise Brencsons
Annalise Brencsons - 21 day ago
Savage Unicorn
Savage Unicorn - 21 day ago
I laughed way too hard at this 😂
British Sfx
British Sfx - 22 days ago
17:56 same Noah, same
Emma Lopez
Emma Lopez - 22 days ago
Omg I'm dying about the pickle scene. 😂
Sophie Holdsworth
Sophie Holdsworth - 22 days ago
noah said he’s 14 but i swear he’s 18 now
XxLauraxX - 21 day ago
Sophie Holdsworth hes 15 😂
Addy Tope
Addy Tope - 23 days ago
i NEED the dolan twins to act in a movie so i can watch it
Anything ST !!
Anything ST !! - 23 days ago
I love you Noah I will die for you
Chill Cat
Chill Cat - 23 days ago
Every scene Noah did involved him suffering. That was some funny improv
kaiya mae
kaiya mae - 24 days ago
When E was acting I was full on crying to just show him that I can act better lol
Keenanlf31 - 25 days ago
“Esmerelda” LMAOOOO
moonlightxo - 25 days ago
“sup guys”
“what’s up guys eHhEHghyga”
“dude that was so uncalled for”
Heather Shipley
Heather Shipley - 26 days ago
That moment when you still see Noah different from watching liza’s YouTube series 😳
Jasmin Xoxo
Jasmin Xoxo - 26 days ago
I started tearing up on the sad scenes
Wolfy Gamer
Wolfy Gamer - 26 days ago
Alexandra Ratsoy
Alexandra Ratsoy - 27 days ago
Her: He's probably cheating on me right now
Him and the boys: 7:57
M.A.N. I.A.C
M.A.N. I.A.C - 27 days ago
I just noticed that they actualy tilt their head toward each other when they're on the couch. Thats so kinda cute :))
Nai - 27 days ago
Noah: I l o v e c r y i n g.
kim namjoon kim seok jin jinmon
3 of my fave people in 1 vid lol

Noah: love him so freaking much
Gray: love him
E: love him
Kiara P.
Kiara P. - 27 days ago
I have a crush on Noah and when I saw this the first time I was like yassssss dreams do come trueeeee
Erin Megan
Erin Megan - 28 days ago
the pickles scene was everything
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