What does 10 000 BELLS in Minecraft sound like? - Part 33

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Erin Martinov
Erin Martinov - 8 hours ago
Josiah Jimenez
Josiah Jimenez - 9 hours ago
I wanted the songg for fegi just have a beat drop
jack foust
jack foust - 10 hours ago
nikita TV
nikita TV - 11 hours ago
Ты себя озвучивает на канал аида и много кого и я пишу уже второй год идет но это вычислили на канал аида и много кого и я пишу уже второй год идет но это было не давно заметил куки дают, я просто не слышал название или забыл где то слышал, а ты красивая и мила, не надо его смотреть и все такое, что я некогда не грусти пусть все будут помнить его в хорошем состоянии, и я буду добавлять пончик. я умею делать, что я некогда не грусти пусть все будут помнить его в хорошем состоянии, что я некогда не грусти пусть все рой мыслей
XxTedBundyXo - 12 hours ago
alani boone
alani boone - 13 hours ago
Lol pewds spent the whole video bullying a chicken 😂 he had me cryinggg when he ate the raw chicken 😂😭
vipin chandra bhatt
vipin chandra bhatt - 15 hours ago
why you are doing with feigi like that
SloGamingBoy :p
SloGamingBoy :p - 16 hours ago
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda - 17 hours ago
11:50 has Marzia joined?
Ehna Castro
Ehna Castro - 18 hours ago
Joshua The Average Gamer
Joshua The Average Gamer - 20 hours ago
"These Beets can't be Beet, The Beetable shall beetfeated, Become underbeeted." Just appeared to a pun quote.
Quotes never die.
Milly Robinson
Milly Robinson - 20 hours ago
“I will be going into my *soundproof house* where I won’t be hearing *anything*
So *call me* if you will admit who you are working for
*facts and logic 100*
Milly Robinson
Milly Robinson - 20 hours ago
The Sheep: exist and do nothing
Felix: **kills them**
“They were getting violent, I had not choice”
Spence Stones
Spence Stones - 21 hour ago
Wait where's the episode where Sven's bf dies??
JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial
I wonder how pewdipie build Architecture!
BestGamesJustin - Day ago
Pewds it s goona reach 150mil this year:)), one question for pewds an all you reading this:
-how can i improve and reach 1000subs furs?
Cathrina Ramos
Cathrina Ramos - Day ago
So pewds murdered all his animals because Sven's BF died. But hey, thAT's JUST A thEorY
N FynfthhyjikprqWfvibirxdqoeghjs
This yaoi arc was dope maybe we’ll have another one soon
Nicole Perez
Nicole Perez - Day ago
This whole episode is like the father's perspective of Dan's son/father murder joke.
"Father, why have you hung me from so high up? Is it because you knew my dream to fly??
What is the lighter for father?"
Anthony Ibrahim
Anthony Ibrahim - Day ago
What is the song at 5:06 thanks
Navi 12
Navi 12 - Day ago
Giving me Attack on Titan vibes
Chocolateturtle85 - Day ago
Feigi: Says something nice/supportive
dpactootle - Day ago
well, it looks like people like a lot of psychopathic behavior. Torture is cool, if you are not the victim and if you're sick (or pretend sick). Sh%t the f$@k up and don't tell me is just a game... cause is not#%.. this is Minecraft, and is real (boooooo booo)
Topias Anttila
Topias Anttila - Day ago
My favorite flower
Veronica Ussery
Veronica Ussery - Day ago
when that music plays when hes talking to the chicken i keep expecting the remix beat drop... thanks tiktok...
Emma Stark
Emma Stark - Day ago
The music kills me Everytime 💀
Shannon Briones
Shannon Briones - Day ago
Your nothing but a failure

-Pewds 2019
Amy Sierra
Amy Sierra - Day ago
mariethesizzler 9492
Didn't notice it before until now and it pains me to see it he had 69 xp and now he has 10 😭 please did he use them or did he die
Nixon Masih
Nixon Masih - Day ago
Anthony Ibrahim
Anthony Ibrahim - Day ago
Nixon Masih STÉOP!!!
супер slime
супер slime - Day ago
Korey S
Korey S - Day ago
Hiago games
Hiago games - Day ago
The face on the thumbnail kkkkkk
Mykhaylo Gorbushko
Mykhaylo Gorbushko - Day ago
Damn so sad story ahlmost cried
Victor - 2 days ago
Me: He hasn't used creative at all!
Also me: Looks how his XP when from 69 to 10 in 1 ep
*i cri*
Matt Fernandez
Matt Fernandez - 2 days ago
What is the name of the song when Pewd's talks to feigi? Like at 6:15?
MONTERO JONES - 2 days ago
Confirmed chickens 🐓 can fly frick u science
Joshua Rules02
Joshua Rules02 - 2 days ago
Go and sub to my new channal.
Hola - 2 days ago
Estoy viendo ala persona con más millones de suscriptores en el mundo
Brendan Tiku
Brendan Tiku - 2 days ago
Me imagining the intro as a hentai
Also me after this video : submitting a new video to rule 34
Trevan - 2 days ago
This vid makes me cry
Jc Memeton
Jc Memeton - 2 days ago
Was this a... a filler episode?
Raphael Chen
Raphael Chen - 2 days ago
“Beets can’t be an inanimate object that can speak to me.”

that didn’t age well
Chey but WHY?
Chey but WHY? - 2 days ago
Someone should break this series down as if everything in this series an analogy/hallucination for what a legitimate person is going through
Chey but WHY?
Chey but WHY? - 2 days ago
Feigi is Dinkleberg
Felix is Turner
Extreme Gaming
Extreme Gaming - 2 days ago
11:47 nani??!!
Dr1ppy Rexx
Dr1ppy Rexx - 2 days ago
Bells: *ring*
Me: *Vietnam flashbacks*
AXDRUS - 2 days ago
right click your damn crop felix
Alex Life
Alex Life - 2 days ago
Картоховый Рыцарь
It sounds like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etAIpkdhU9Q
Icy Bøba
Icy Bøba - 2 days ago
Top ten anime plot twists
Gacha Girls
Gacha Girls - 2 days ago
Felix: who do you work for!
Feigi : ScHoP oHoy!
Dininiw Dininiw
Dininiw Dininiw - 2 days ago
Felix: Parents
Feigi: children
tobias reijersen!!
tobias reijersen!! - 3 days ago
Your so good
Heidi Pflast
Heidi Pflast - 3 days ago
Pewdiepies mental state in this series sorta reminds me of Okabe in Steins Gate
Ethgoes noob Gementiza
Ethgoes noob Gementiza - 3 days ago
11:49 why is there someone joined
Travis Jones
Travis Jones - Day ago
Ethgoes noob Gementiza thats hes other account
DIESEL DUFFY - 3 days ago
Yo tower looks like a skinne pinces
DIESEL DUFFY - 3 days ago
Rip u r alone boi not u r married
DIESEL DUFFY - 3 days ago
Plue when u have kids XD good luck
w3t T
w3t T - 3 days ago
M I S T E R D. 846-1
M I S T E R D. 846-1 - 3 days ago
Never trust feigi ever
Trivon - 3 days ago
0:23 thanos after killing half his pets
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