American vs. Canadian Snacks Taste Test

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Tori C
Tori C - Day ago
Sydney Neveux
Sydney Neveux - 2 days ago
Wish they used old Dutch ketchup chips 😒
Kat Germain
Kat Germain - 2 days ago
Jewie Lewie = best
grace jackson
grace jackson - 4 days ago
YESSS!!!! you did CANADA proud Lily
Karissa Dionne
Karissa Dionne - 6 days ago
It’s Joe Louis lol
Nightmares5520 - 7 days ago
Jos Louis I'm Canadian the s is silent it's like Joe Louis
Khol Hugs
Khol Hugs - 6 days ago
Dacker Lollergasm
Dacker Lollergasm - 10 days ago
I'm just going to say we: hawkins cheesies are gross. They were the candy you tried to trade away at halloween
Joshua Nickle
Joshua Nickle - 13 days ago
I don't think that that is true about the flamin' Cheetos..... I can go to a convenience store anytime and pick up a bag of those in Canada
Corey McCarthy
Corey McCarthy - 14 days ago
hawkins cheeses from belleville ontario
AMANDA DANIELLE - 15 days ago
Lilith Demon
Lilith Demon - 18 days ago
Ketchup chips are my absolute favourite chip, next to munchies
Lilith Demon
Lilith Demon - 18 days ago
aw dang it ! now I'm craving Hostess snack cakes now!!
Yousef Hassan
Yousef Hassan - 22 days ago
i live in ontario but i don't like hawkins cheezies
Link8723 - 25 days ago
Hawkins cheezies are my childhood
Austin Hunter
Austin Hunter - 25 days ago
I’m from Canada and I’m two and a half hours away from Toronto and I can get the Hawkins cheezies at any store
Danielle Winter
Danielle Winter - 26 days ago
Hawkins cheesies are the best! We always brought them to our friends south of the border when we visited
Simon Poulin
Simon Poulin - 27 days ago
I'm from the town where the company makes Jos Louis. And THEY ALSO MAKE THAT HOSTESS CAKE. That first taste is Canadian vs Canadian haha.
KatieKaaat - 29 days ago
We love spice but some ingredients aren't legal here like they are in USA. Apparently that was the case with the spicy cheetos but idk lol
Aidan Brogan
Aidan Brogan - 29 days ago
brianna delaney
brianna delaney - Month ago
man the hawkens are a staple in newfoundland
Fakhria Noori
Fakhria Noori - Month ago
My family called them joess moes... No idea why
Lara Scarlett
Lara Scarlett - Month ago
um hi yeah um so canadians have hot cheetos
EchoInstance - Month ago
Hawkins r the best.... my favourite
DarkCrawler_Mods - Month ago
ABKSkates - Month ago
We got butter fingers
Chrome Reddits
Chrome Reddits - Month ago
i like hawkins like way better
Muskaan Bansal
Muskaan Bansal - Month ago
Hawkins were literally the goldmine for kids' halloween candy
chris porter
chris porter - Month ago
I'm born and raised, 47 in Oshawa, just east of Toronto, and I've never heard of Hawkins either.
Jacob Brant
Jacob Brant - Month ago
Hawkins cheesies factory is in belleville ontario and i love them
Billy Lee Goodman
Billy Lee Goodman - Month ago
I think the reason that they say Hawkins Cheezies are too cheesy is because they are not used to a cheese flavoured snacks that actually taste like cheese.
Jessica Emmalee
Jessica Emmalee - Month ago
Joe louie
sharon olsen
sharon olsen - Month ago
She's almost right about the reese's ... the ratio in the mini cups is best .. and yes I AM the definitive authority on this ... ( lol ... : ] )
Ty Swiney
Ty Swiney - Month ago
Us has ketchup chips just not in lays brand
SilverMillennium Kaguya
I don't get why in every "Americans try Canadian snacks" video they always try ketchup chips, if you're going to make Americans try Canadian chips give them Hickory Sticks, they're the best.
Satan :’/
Satan :’/ - Month ago
It feels like she likes Rhett-
Jaylee Wyatt
Jaylee Wyatt - Month ago
I cant believe shes never seen cheezies before! They are a Canadian delicacy!!! Lol
Cay K
Cay K - Month ago
2 100 bitter Americans disliked this 😂
Riley Goodwin
Riley Goodwin - Month ago
I’m from northern ny so we have all canadien and American foods
Sydney Fogler
Sydney Fogler - Month ago
YALL DONT KNOW ALL DRESSED I live in maine and we’ve had all dresses foreverrrrr and it’s soooooo good I literally can’t believe you haven’t had it
Alden Yeager
Alden Yeager - Month ago
You can get both cheezies and flaming hot in Canada, get somebody more Canadian next time
Anyasfamily - Month ago
Ur not a real Canadian of u don't know what cheezies are
Stefanie Ortiz
Stefanie Ortiz - Month ago
Y’all never had wachusett ketchup chips? I’m from Connecticut and every corner store used to have those!
Josh Bolton
Josh Bolton - Month ago
Moon Pie would have been like a Wagon Wheel.
Jonathan Michaud
Jonathan Michaud - Month ago
We don’t have sour cream onion lays
Jonathan Michaud
Jonathan Michaud - Month ago
In Canadia
Super Moosie
Super Moosie - Month ago
Lilly fits in SO well with y’all. She should be on more often.
Candy Too
Candy Too - Month ago
Hawkins cheesies rock!
Payton Larue
Payton Larue - Month ago
It’s jo louies
Lycankind - Month ago
Canada definitely does not have better food nor candy. come to texas, new york, California and New Orleans...etc and you'll see....
Luciano Rodriguez
Luciano Rodriguez - Month ago
Man coffee crisp just reminds me of my grandfather
Grimtouch - Month ago
as a canadian she makes me proud...just outgoing like me...and just a true canadian...:)
Ariana Markus
Ariana Markus - Month ago
I know this video's from like five months ago, but I'm pretty sure the ketchup Lay's were available in the U.S., just maybe only certain parts of the U.S.
I know I could go to the store and buy them if I so desired, and I'm pretty sure it's been that way for quite some time now
amara o
amara o - Month ago
What parts of Canada doesn't know about Hawkins hard cheesies? I've seen them my whole life.
ShirsVoice - Month ago
AMERICANS DON’T KNOW ALL DRESSED?! Im SHOOOOOK 😭😭😭😭 you don’t know what you’re missing
Summer Fangers
Summer Fangers - Month ago
The Jos things are more like degdogs
Krista Chafe
Krista Chafe - Month ago
I think Hawkins cheezies are mostly in Newfoundland
Krista Chafe
Krista Chafe - Month ago
It’s just pronounced “jo Lewie”
Mathew Anctil
Mathew Anctil - Month ago
🍁Welcome to Canada boyzzzzz you'll need to get used to the real cheezies Hawkins lol 😂🍁
Eric Hammer
Eric Hammer - Month ago
Both chips are lays, so it's just powder flavor preference.
Jam&Nick Kematch
Jam&Nick Kematch - Month ago
True Canadian has munched on Hawkins Cheezies while watching hockey or baseball. You just gotta know to know.
MDestron2282 - Month ago
For those in the US that are curious. All dressed are basically really watered down nearly tasteless BBQ chips. I was incredibly disappointed the first and only time I bought a bag. No idea why Canadians talk them up so much.
Emily Peters
Emily Peters - Month ago
As a canadian I will say Hawkins cheetos are the best
toronto is hardly canada
TheNamesSlick - Month ago
Why did they use flaming hot cheetos instead of just normal cheetos to compare with the hawkins? Like dont get me wrong I like hawkins more if it was compared to just normal cheetos. But I would far more rather anything with spice added to it, than just a straight cheesy flavor
joshnoble14 - Month ago
Flamin Hot Cheetos don’t go away I’ve never heard that.
Hope Phillips-Nystrom
Hope Phillips-Nystrom - Month ago
y'all must go to rocky Mountin house in alberta yall can see the rocky mts its the best you have to go to big rock
Salty Biscuit
Salty Biscuit - 2 months ago
I don’t like Lilly Singh.
A DOG - 29 days ago
Isabelle Scott
Isabelle Scott - 2 months ago
I’m from Van Isle and the Hawkins Cheesies are extremely popular
Darthhooktu - 2 months ago
This woman is not representative of the Canadian food palate. Hawkins is a canadian company and is part of our junk food identity.
Hayden McClung
Hayden McClung - 2 months ago
As being an Albertan Hawkins cheezies are everywhere same with Saskatchewan
Matt's Movie Mayhem
Matt's Movie Mayhem - 2 months ago
you charge too much for a shirt
emma3400 emma3400
emma3400 emma3400 - 2 months ago
I pronounce Jos Louis the same way Lilly does. That's how I always thought it was because everyone else I know calls it that

Also, the Canadian side of Niagara Falls IS WAY BETTER!!! We have like a whole amusement park type thing there. Like Ripleys Believe It Or Not, Guinness World Records, mini golf, gift shops, and lots lots more. I've been there I think a total of 4 times. It was so fun. I totally recommend it!
yallowapples - 2 months ago
The Canadian equivalent of a Mae West is definitely a Lune Moon.
yallowapples - Month ago
The Huxley Agnostic Maybe I’m confused about what a Mae West is because I thought there was no chocolate in that
The Huxley Agnostic
The Huxley Agnostic - Month ago
No chocolate in a half moon. It's closer to a Twinkie.
Kira Chinici
Kira Chinici - 2 months ago
coffee crisps are my favorite candy
It’sme Bail
It’sme Bail - 2 months ago
Hawkins cheezies are my fave 😫
Denise MacDonald
Denise MacDonald - 2 months ago
Some of y’all ain’t bilingual and it shows 💁‍♀️
Alessandro Alfandari
Alessandro Alfandari - 2 months ago
Coffee crisps are the best, and I don’t even live in Canada.
aidan mills
aidan mills - 2 months ago
Canada has wavy chips
KC C - 2 months ago
Cheesie’s are popular in BC. Not a fan tbh…
Courtney Dewit
Courtney Dewit - 2 months ago
Cheezies are amazing. No contest.
E B - 2 months ago
Lilly Singh is just awful
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