Lyin' 2 Me - Among Us Song

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Karsten Belt
Karsten Belt - 4 days ago
This turned out great! It was an honor working with you on this Charlie 😊
That one Golden Dragon
That one Golden Dragon - 15 hours ago
@Jeppe Piccini e
That one Golden Dragon
That one Golden Dragon - 15 hours ago
@Jeppe Piccini e
That one Golden Dragon
That one Golden Dragon - 15 hours ago
@Jeppe Piccini e
Captinzezo869 .0
Captinzezo869 .0 - 15 hours ago
That one Golden Dragon
That one Golden Dragon - 15 hours ago
@Jeppe Piccini e
Энрика Кравчук
Энрика Кравчук - 19 minutes ago
MUM I`m in TV! I always play orange with wolf ears!! *0*
Isabelle Hayes
Isabelle Hayes - 19 minutes ago
Red sus
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams - 19 minutes ago
Nerro Strider
Nerro Strider - 19 minutes ago
cyryll noob
cyryll noob - 20 minutes ago
nice music
Detective Black
Detective Black - 20 minutes ago
3:08 nice
blazmo babbins
blazmo babbins - 20 minutes ago
I have only one problem with this...
Why does white keep switching between white and cyan?
The Epic Cyan
The Epic Cyan - 20 minutes ago
Holy heck I love the Ace Attorney and Danganronpa references
the pichu master
the pichu master - 23 minutes ago
plot twist: it was brown the whole time
Roman Gomez
Roman Gomez - 23 minutes ago
Lets all agree that we loved the Danganronpa part!
Mary Diaz
Mary Diaz - 23 minutes ago
Love your vids keep it up
Roman Gomez
Roman Gomez - 23 minutes ago
All the weebs loved it when the Danganronpa background came on
End 19
End 19 - 24 minutes ago
You could tell by the writing everyone sus but pink so the opposite?
axel jaramillo
axel jaramillo - 24 minutes ago
wow danganronpa refrence lel 2:15
LEIGHLA LERMA - 26 minutes ago
I love how pink it just said Cute
TheAwesome WiiMaster
TheAwesome WiiMaster - 27 minutes ago
*Starts with sax*
Oh this gon be good
Dontae Castillo-Velez
Dontae Castillo-Velez - 27 minutes ago
You should add some music that you made without lyrics, and with lyrics but no music of these videos. It's just a suggestion.
Star-Lord - 29 minutes ago
I love how Black wasn’t in this music video. Cinematic universe?
La'Daisha Sutton
La'Daisha Sutton - 29 minutes ago
He sus white after he did a mediator scan poor white
Anchalee Mekchay
Anchalee Mekchay - 29 minutes ago
Can you please do another among us song. I love the among us songs u make and the fnaf
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Ellis - 30 minutes ago
Crewmate,hey you watching cams
Me one cams,no I'm watching lazarbeams stream
Jaden Leatham
Jaden Leatham - 31 minute ago
A sequel.. and it lives up to the original
Jack Davenport
Jack Davenport - 32 minutes ago
The space ship looks like a turtle
Buffalo Chicken
Buffalo Chicken - 32 minutes ago
ladies and gentlemen, WE GOT EM
Banana Split
Banana Split - 32 minutes ago
That danganronpa reference tho
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie - 33 minutes ago
I love this song and now heared it for the 100th time please do more among us songs
maybe one with an animation from another map
Spydr007 - 34 minutes ago
Orange lookin' like a cute fox man.
{Cyan girl and her Mini crewmates}
Lol the impostor is the person that everyone trusts
Арсений Ромейко
Gabriel Belay
Gabriel Belay - 35 minutes ago
i think karsten was the imposter..

because he was killing that sax
Luan Carvalho
Luan Carvalho - 35 minutes ago
Was i the only one who notice a Mad Rat Dead insted of Dangaropa ?
ANDREA ELY GUERRERO - 35 minutes ago
Cameron Smith
Cameron Smith - 36 minutes ago
How come nay brown reports bodys
Itz Dragon_ Universe
Itz Dragon_ Universe - 37 minutes ago
Yo bro you should Colab with Charlie green. You both look the same and I think it would be cool!
Ivana B
Ivana B - 37 minutes ago
I started screaming when there was a danganronpa reference. Great song CG5
3rxy - 37 minutes ago
Leo don't know
Leo don't know - 37 minutes ago
TotallyToyebanny - 37 minutes ago
There was a danganronpa reference, that was amazing
Matthew - 38 minutes ago
the 2 first lines are so well written and catchy it is so good
Thorvall Carney
Thorvall Carney - 38 minutes ago
Make this more animational cuz we need to see the eyes cuz it must be more cool and put eyelashes on the girls so we can know the characters are females or males please and thank you but this is so amazing
jackifatti - 38 minutes ago
# mood
# mood - 39 minutes ago
W-was that a danganronpa trial classroom ?
gmodmastergaming - 40 minutes ago
Marshall Gilbert
Marshall Gilbert - 40 minutes ago
The subscribe button was right there! No lying this is the best of all the among us songs!
M3787 - 40 minutes ago
This chorus was gold. I like this type
sky - 40 minutes ago
wait did literally nobody but me get the danganronpa reference near the end?
Brielle Santos
Brielle Santos - 41 minute ago
gotta love them danganronpa references
DaReal Red
DaReal Red - 41 minute ago
1:02 green:sus
Bernardo e as Toicinhas Torradas
Oh my god...
I found the perfect sound
Agnis Green
Agnis Green - 42 minutes ago
I like how in both songs there's someone how's loudly breathing on one of crewmates
Sophia A
Sophia A - 42 minutes ago
0:39 in photo pink it says cute
maria pia iovine
maria pia iovine - 43 minutes ago
1.25x speed

That's all i have to say.
Melanie Ramos
Melanie Ramos - 43 minutes ago
This song soooo gooooood
NICOLAE CĂLIN - 43 minutes ago
Did you noticed at 0:39 how everyone seems to be sus, but pink says cute, even if he was.
maff - 44 minutes ago
1:11 sneaky ace attorney reference
Santiago Luna
Santiago Luna - 44 minutes ago
me encantan tus canciones
- Ellie! -
- Ellie! - - 44 minutes ago
*I was in Electrical. How did I not die-*
Shiromi Torayoshi
Shiromi Torayoshi - 45 minutes ago
Danganronpa reference!
I’m just pointing it out because it seems like no one else has said anything about it.
HL Combine
HL Combine - 46 minutes ago
this is based on a bug you once saw that when a crewmate was kicked out, game kicked an impostor and the crewmates were winning?
JOSIAHGAMES 123 - 47 minutes ago
I must say, this is a very good vid mate
-i will add it on my spotify.
Stanford Black
Stanford Black - 47 minutes ago
This is the best among us video I’ve ever seen
Рафит Хайров
Рафит Хайров - 47 minutes ago
GG5 hi I’m Russian 🇷🇺
Craig Hysell
Craig Hysell - 48 minutes ago
best u made that was about among us 0-0
ioanna michaltsidou
ioanna michaltsidou - 48 minutes ago
It's so good i love it you can neither song among us your so good to that you are the gooder
sohaib mahmood
sohaib mahmood - 48 minutes ago
U just gained a new sub and this music with headphones GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS AND I AMOST FAINTED HOW AMAZING IT IS
AnAceAttorneyFan GreatGame
AnAceAttorneyFan GreatGame - 48 minutes ago
Also Brown: No U.
Jakob Ortega
Jakob Ortega - 48 minutes ago
This was better than I expected XD
Naytylis - 48 minutes ago
essentially what happened:
meeting 1:
brown found body
blue dead
orange unidentified
red unidentified
green unidentified
yellow unidentified
cyan unidentified
pink sus, only one who sticks out (confused eye)
brown unidentified
meeting 2:
brown found body
green dead
orange /sus/ safe, was in security when it happened
red unidentified
yellow/Jerome is egg, sus because possibly near body
cyan/white/Jordan (identified as cyan at the beginning, but later white??) safe, did medbay
pink/Ellie sus again, based on body being outside security makes them be near the body
brown unidentified
meeting 3:
brown found body AGAIN
red dead
orange safe
yellow/Jerome egg, but still sus
white/Jordan safe
pink/Ellie sus
can only be brown, yellow, or pink, most likely pink due to multiple sus, but could be brown due to finding all bodies (we know it’s not him, but in the POV of a crewmate in this game, nothing confirms he is safe)
meeting 4:
brown found body yet again
yellow/Jerome dead
orange safe
white/Jordan safe
pink/Ellie sus
brown sus
no new information
meeting 5:
brown found body yet again
white dead
orange safe
pink sus
brown sus, used hostility when accused
brown chosen to be ejected, but for the video they manage to escape and eject pink, who is the impostor
from a 3rd person perspective, it’s obvious it’s pink for a while, but from a 1st person perspective, there’s reasons to believe it could be brown
Ja Jestem Nachos
Ja Jestem Nachos - 48 minutes ago
Danganronpa refference in this video - *exist*
my heart - *impossible*
Janessa Mills
Janessa Mills - 50 minutes ago
I don’t think I have seen something better
Ryan Sandu
Ryan Sandu - 50 minutes ago
It's not as bad as the nerdout rap.
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose - 50 minutes ago
This is soo good! I love this! Please make ore songs about among us! :D I like the part when the theme is Danganronpa! It's cool!! :O
Pietro Maia: Reborn
Pietro Maia: Reborn - 50 minutes ago
Don't go lyin' to me!
LaLa Bruce
LaLa Bruce - 50 minutes ago
nobodys talking about that animation tho
AnAceAttorneyFan GreatGame
AnAceAttorneyFan GreatGame - 50 minutes ago
Question. Why would he say the person that DID MEDBAY SCAN
is an imposter
Stanford Black
Stanford Black - 51 minute ago
I love this
Addison Bermudez
Addison Bermudez - 52 minutes ago
I love this song 🎵 I can't stop watching this XD
Hasan Aziz
Hasan Aziz - 52 minutes ago
i luv the dr referenv
adamjaw - 53 minutes ago
mincraft songs are ok but this among us song is in credible
supernovasuper Plays
supernovasuper Plays - 53 minutes ago
Brown: *reports about 5 bodies in a row*
Everyone: *hmm not sus*
Khushwant Toor
Khushwant Toor - 53 minutes ago
This song was stuck in my head all through school! 😵
Miguael Terry
Miguael Terry - 54 minutes ago
Why does it say yellow=egg
Victor Dream Web
Victor Dream Web - 54 minutes ago
I liked the danganronpa class trial part let me shoot the blue words >:D
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon - 54 minutes ago
i keep playing this countless times
corgi - 55 minutes ago
I think yellow and orange are cute
Sergio Pineda
Sergio Pineda - 55 minutes ago
iT WaS RiGHt ThERe
Wayne Deacon
Wayne Deacon - 55 minutes ago
smooth dodge orange
Karl Green
Karl Green - 55 minutes ago
2:16 that dangonropa reference tho
Gacha Sisters
Gacha Sisters - 57 minutes ago
*why are the subtitles in Russian-*
Brian Castillo
Brian Castillo - 58 minutes ago
idk why this song makes me yawn like its a fire song but its making me yawn is that normal?.-.
Folopo Malopo
Folopo Malopo - 58 minutes ago
another song? YES
Gabriel Freitas
Gabriel Freitas - 58 minutes ago
Zammy • 10 years ago
Zammy • 10 years ago - 59 minutes ago
Omg the danganronpa part
mega steve1225
mega steve1225 - 59 minutes ago
AMAZING! beautiful as always. thank you for another master piece
KKthegreat601 - 59 minutes ago
Jerome was Rome-ing through the hallways.
There’s no way that wasn’t intended 🤣
Philianne Bugeja
Philianne Bugeja - 59 minutes ago
Ain't no one going to talk about the Danganronpa bullet scene?
Clip: 2:16
Slightly normal Zuko
Slightly normal Zuko - 59 minutes ago
Everyone is?
Vannalemon and Charles Calvin
This is amazing!
Rebecka phillips
Rebecka phillips - Hour ago
You Think The Skeld Shape Like A Turtle? But The Skeld's Space Station Look Like A Star Wars Ship!!! >:)
Commander Gree
Commander Gree - Hour ago
Not bad. Not bad at all.
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