Trying 31 BEAUTY HACKS TO MAKE YOU A STAR by 5 Minute Crafts

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Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf - Hour ago
You look like deku
chewy 843
chewy 843 - 7 hours ago
12:35 it gets rid of your headache
gout Colgan
gout Colgan - 7 hours ago
soryy but i am now unsubscribing bc u said do i look like a ginger kid yet??? ummmm offencive 101 whats wrong with being ginger #offended :'( ..............>:(
Bunny Gamer
Bunny Gamer - 11 hours ago
How is the second one a beauty hack? 😂
Sena Razack
Sena Razack - 15 hours ago
You showed us the same hack for your nose 2 times
DarkNinja Yt
DarkNinja Yt - 16 hours ago
Robbie messed up at 7:07
Angie Baucum
Angie Baucum - Day ago
7:12 wrong clip
Love Moonflower
Love Moonflower - Day ago
My opinion for your nose pores is that you should get a charcoal peel off mask
woe - 2 days ago
I feel bad for robbys toothbrush
Jessica Fordham
Jessica Fordham - 2 days ago
can’t do my nails xx. Love u tori and Robby
How is cleaning a pan a beauty hack
Abhigya Bista
Abhigya Bista - 2 days ago
1:14 Is that a beauty hack?!!
Heyits Pim
Heyits Pim - 2 days ago
I put toothpaste on my burn and it sooths it bcs toothpaste is cold my hack do it ok
It’s me Giselle
It’s me Giselle - 3 days ago
The ending was sssooo funny 😆 🤣🤣😆🤣
Caitlyn Kerlinger
Caitlyn Kerlinger - 3 days ago
Robby.... you should propose to Torri on YT!!!!!!! I mean it’s not like ur gonna break up with her u could film the wedding and stuff too!
Elena Crowl
Elena Crowl - 3 days ago
Wrong clip
Xd Ej
Xd Ej - 3 days ago
When i was a kid im such an idiot my aunty is ironing her clother and i touch it then a cry they put a tootphase then it works it gets me better
Arrow Fighter
Arrow Fighter - 3 days ago
Remember the I love men engraved on his desk
Leah Robinson
Leah Robinson - 4 days ago
Rip : Tory's pallet
Hayley Trudeau
Hayley Trudeau - 4 days ago
I’ve tried the one with the toothpaste when they put it on their noses and it doesn’t work
Tom Erb
Tom Erb - 4 days ago
T series sucks balls
Tom Erb
Tom Erb - 4 days ago
Yeah he does
Lulu Strehlo
Lulu Strehlo - 5 days ago
Wrong clip
MsBethanyJoss - 6 days ago
My favorite nfl team is the Seattle seahawks
Reina Cardoza
Reina Cardoza - 7 days ago
Robby I sick I want a shout out 🤧🤧🤧😔😔😔😔😞☹️ I cant breathe and sometimes I can
Paige Fishman
Paige Fishman - 7 days ago
7:13 Yeah you accidentally replayed it.....
MoonLight Cat
MoonLight Cat - 7 days ago
hacks that will make you a star

*cleans pan*

im a star
Mica Bornas
Mica Bornas - 7 days ago
Wow your funny
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard - 8 days ago
Ryan Howard
Ryan Howard - 8 days ago
on the cold water and ice thing..
on the 5 min craft one you can see the paint kind of whare down wen she tuchis it.. am i right? 0:18 is the time
Brenda Blevins
Brenda Blevins - 8 days ago
a im a genger man
Marcus Manigold
Marcus Manigold - 9 days ago
You messed up you did the same clip
Tiliyah Humphreys
Tiliyah Humphreys - 9 days ago
You did this vid on my birthday
Georgi Iliev
Georgi Iliev - 9 days ago
Shelly Wells
Shelly Wells - 10 days ago
I live in Arizona but you will never find me
Aiyana Jarrett
Aiyana Jarrett - 10 days ago
Tori not to hate u look like a hooker
Madeline Green
Madeline Green - 11 days ago
Robby the red nose YouTuber had a very shiny nose until he faked his appearance with foundation🤣💅
eath earthquake by a cupcake
eath earthquake by a cupcake
How does the 2 one and the 3 one do whith makeup
sara chesterfield
sara chesterfield - 11 days ago
This is how old robby is
sara chesterfield
sara chesterfield - 11 days ago
Why you said toob
ThePansexualEmo Bleb
ThePansexualEmo Bleb - 11 days ago
5 minute crafts should sponsor Robby
JasperPlaysBlockate - 12 days ago
the spoon thing replays the video of the nose video hack thing.
natalia o
natalia o - 12 days ago
Robby you get a lot of hate but I love you
The gaming gems Miners
The gaming gems Miners - 12 days ago
he played the same clip lol
Luqman Mohamed
Luqman Mohamed - 12 days ago
I haf 0 pors hehe but i haf relly long lechus!!!
Emilie Paige
Emilie Paige - 12 days ago
i love youre car
Madison Weirdo
Madison Weirdo - 13 days ago
You should make tennis guy t shirts bracelets and pins lol
dani Hernandez
dani Hernandez - 14 days ago
U used the s same clip again cause it looked similar
Jada’s Game of Games
Jada’s Game of Games - 14 days ago
When you say it doesn’t work it does work just not for you
Dede Covarrubias
Dede Covarrubias - 15 days ago
Nose kind of looks batter
Rona - 15 days ago
Robby should collab with Collins key
kaia kat
kaia kat - 17 days ago
Wrong clip lol
madri zach
madri zach - 17 days ago
This is how many years Robby will live
Laura Rish
Laura Rish - 17 days ago
We have the same hair Robby
Gacha Malorie
Gacha Malorie - 18 days ago
7:09 wrong clip lol 😂
Aniyhee Oladapo
Aniyhee Oladapo - 18 days ago
i like what you did you did a little bit of tooth paste so if you need it and you didn't waste it👏👍😘😚😍
Patience Wallace
Patience Wallace - 18 days ago
best ending ever, we need more tennis ball time
Iparrot - 19 days ago
Enough with the clip mistake, it is clogging up the rest of the comments. For fuck's sakes, you don't have to comment about it anymore if the comment is shit-loaded with the same type. Move on.

Also, great video, man! I've always loved your videos!!! ;w;;;
Emily Fluttershy Toy Reviews
I actually have REAL freckles
Kamea Habaadih
Kamea Habaadih - 21 day ago
I'm 19 year old
Kamea Habaadih
Kamea Habaadih - 21 day ago
You are funny
Gacha Wolfies
Gacha Wolfies - 21 day ago
I did put toothpaste on my burn and today its perfectly fine. 😂😕
Alana the wolf or cat
Alana the wolf or cat - 23 days ago
how old will jack 🐕 get (like to age)
Hailey Lowenberg
Hailey Lowenberg - 24 days ago
You put the wrong video
Saylor Kate
Saylor Kate - 25 days ago
Ok who is extra enough to run over the tube of toothpaste to get a tiny squirt out.
Kat Bridges
Kat Bridges - 25 days ago
How does cleaning a frying pan make you a star? :P
SampleofGamers - 25 days ago
i was testing what was better to wash hands for fun i used toothpaste and soap
Princess Zaria
Princess Zaria - 26 days ago
7 :12 he did it over again and he didn’t show us that one
Landon Berry
Landon Berry - 26 days ago
Whoops wrong name :p
Landon Berry
Landon Berry - 26 days ago
Landon Berry
Landon Berry - 26 days ago
Roby please be carful
Allana Repertorio
Allana Repertorio - 26 days ago
wrong clip lol
Isabella Renne
Isabella Renne - 26 days ago
The end was akward
jennifer buchanan
jennifer buchanan - 26 days ago
1:16-1:22 what the actual hell does that have to do with beauty
Miloplayzz 122
Miloplayzz 122 - 26 days ago
7:18 there is something wrong with the clip
Fruit Toast
Fruit Toast - 27 days ago
10:37 EXPOSED!!!
Grace Summercamp
Grace Summercamp - 27 days ago
Grace Summercamp
Grace Summercamp - 27 days ago
1:17 how's that a BEUTY hack?
HI MY NAME IS JEFF - 27 days ago
5:24 u look like a retard😂😂🤣
Kathryn Hamilton
Kathryn Hamilton - 27 days ago
I have a burn the size of Texas on my wrist and I put toothpaste on it and it stopped burning afterwards
Technical Files
Technical Files - 28 days ago
7:10 that's a wrong clip bro.. change it. Reply me plzzz......
Technical Files
Technical Files - 28 days ago
I subscribed you bro.
chill OuT
chill OuT - 28 days ago
chill OuT
chill OuT - 28 days ago
BRING BACK SEBASTIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Dixie Croy
Dixie Croy - 28 days ago
7:17 chu messed up
Macy Stockton-Beesley
Macy Stockton-Beesley - 28 days ago
It says beauty hacks but it involved avpan
Palak Barnwal
Palak Barnwal - 28 days ago
That is true, Indians are use toothpaste when somewhere burn it is temporary medicine for burning.
Elora MG
Elora MG - 29 days ago
🤣 how Robby plays with toys.
Carol Givens
Carol Givens - 29 days ago
you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!You remind me of one of my class mates.HI! i also thinkyou are awsome
gianna Reyno
gianna Reyno - Month ago
What's your PO box number
panos _omg
panos _omg - Month ago
Why are your nails painted?
Nakiya Nelson
Nakiya Nelson - Month ago
7:09 Rob clip Robbie sorry about that that was funny though
litlest pet shop jewel Hernandez
Ellie’s World
Ellie’s World - Month ago
How much toothpaste do you go through
ArabellaPlays Roblox
ArabellaPlays Roblox - Month ago
i know the song its wake me up before you go go
Fire Dragon 789
Fire Dragon 789 - Month ago
greyson lane
greyson lane - Month ago
Whoops robby
Lorelei Sutter
Lorelei Sutter - Month ago
robby messed up his video by showing the same clip twice
Christina D
Christina D - Month ago
We all saw that don't need to tell me
Sacossa Parker
Sacossa Parker - Month ago
Do not do it I just asked Google she said no it will call infection and you will die
DoomedTurtle 255
DoomedTurtle 255 - Month ago
Do a video of how to make Toby
Laci Humlick
Laci Humlick - Month ago
7:17 wrong CLIP ROBBY
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