Australia Retain The Ashes | The Ashes Day 5 Highlights | Fourth Specsavers Test 2019

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Sandeep Unni
Sandeep Unni - Day ago
England got absolutely fucked up the ass
Hamish Kelly
Hamish Kelly - Day ago
Starc was very unlucky this test
Qi-Eazy _
Qi-Eazy _ - 5 days ago
3:42 me n the boys when one of us pulls a 10/10
game lover
game lover - 14 days ago
Aus 🔥💪💪💪
Luke Higgins
Luke Higgins - 14 days ago
My favourite day of 2019
Lord Megatron
Lord Megatron - 21 day ago
Pat!! Oh my word!! Best test bowler right now
Potato Gaming
Potato Gaming - Month ago
I felt bad for Jos Buttler it was probably there only hope at the end.
Rocky Kumar
Rocky Kumar - Month ago
Steve Smith is reason behind winning of ashes
Ashwani Rajput
Ashwani Rajput - Month ago
Marvelous series 😍 😍😍😍
Who is good steve smith like. Ben stokes comment
Utsav Arora
Utsav Arora - Month ago
Australia won 1st test and 4th test because they won the toss and bat first if England would have bat first they would won these 2 matches
Utsav Arora
Utsav Arora - Month ago
Australia ne ashes kase retain karli England ne 5th test jita to series tie raha to kisi ke pas nai rahni chaiye ashes
gaurav awasthi
gaurav awasthi - Month ago
Ball uchal ni rahi ..
David Goat
David Goat - Month ago
India should've easily beat this England team in 2018...
Khadija Sharna
Khadija Sharna - Month ago
4:15 Labuschagne with the bat all series. Its labuschagne with the ball.
Steve Smith : I retained the ashes man. You think I am a joke?
Publius - Month ago
Winning the Ashes? Marvellous. The look on the English crowd’s faces at the end? Priceless.
Gentle Gaming
Gentle Gaming - 2 months ago
England is shit lol
Roy Hughson
Roy Hughson - 2 months ago
those celebrations at the end bring a tear to the eye
ADRIAN G - 2 months ago
Test cricket has everything. It's why we love it.
Kizza M8
Kizza M8 - 2 months ago
When I whole up In Straya this was one of the happiest moments of my life
srinivasan sundaram
srinivasan sundaram - 2 months ago
India India
Jaideep Mehta
Jaideep Mehta - 2 months ago
That swinger from hazlewood😱😱😱😱😱
And that flipper from lyon
noob hunter
noob hunter - 2 months ago
Students in England to teachers : what is ghost
Teacher : his name is smith
Ajay Bansal
Ajay Bansal - 3 months ago
Why is no one talking about how good Cummins has been bowling
prutality - 3 months ago
3:09 to 3:15 why did that sound so bad off the bat
Asad Abbasi
Asad Abbasi - 3 months ago
0:08 Nasseer Hossain : It's a Day, Australia could Retain the Ashes..
Actually in his Mind.. 'Madarchod Australia' could Retain the Ashes..😂😂
Jaiswal Jaiswal
Jaiswal Jaiswal - 3 months ago
Pat Cummins my favourite bowler
Ashutosh Shrivastav
Ashutosh Shrivastav - 3 months ago
Potty is better than England
Ashutosh Shrivastav
Ashutosh Shrivastav - 3 months ago
Australia left England crying like a baby
Balvinder Singh
Balvinder Singh - 3 months ago
Did Australia win the ashes .
Jhal Dabba
Jhal Dabba - 3 months ago
Everone is giving credit to smith please dont forget pat cummins he has been exceptional
Lankeswar Kumar
Lankeswar Kumar - 3 months ago
Smith has played fantasic but dont forget starc cummuins lyon
Samreen Yousaf
Samreen Yousaf - 4 months ago
I love steve smith but Australia can't play
Muhammad Shoaib
Muhammad Shoaib - 4 months ago
win and loss are the part of game congratulation austrilia good play englan you can regain the ashes next time
Smith Maxwell
Smith Maxwell - 4 months ago
Fegelein - 4 months ago
always a pleasure to beat the Poms
Assassins Unite
Assassins Unite - 4 months ago
Still haven't won in England since 2001 bring back ponting
Balvinder Singh
Balvinder Singh - 4 months ago
Australia won the series and retained the Ashes too
Harsha Puthraya
Harsha Puthraya - 4 months ago
It Takes The Whole Innings To End Steve Smiths Innings
William Ollivant
William Ollivant - 4 months ago
Jack Leach should be higher in our batting order, he actually is a quality defensive batsman
venu gopal
venu gopal - 4 months ago
When it comes' to test cricket.. no one can beat Steve Smith.... youuuu beeauuuuttyyyyy.
chittur101 - 5 months ago
Good to see test cricket becoming interesting again.
Ted Striker
Ted Striker - 5 months ago
3:29 absolutely incredible
Arun Misra
Arun Misra - 5 months ago
Deserving Aussies win,best of luck to both,go for the Ashes...
Simon Aka Digital0.1
Simon Aka Digital0.1 - 5 months ago
The only reason we didn’t win out right was Ben stokes..! Hang in he’s a kiwi.!!
And Archer....ooohh hang in he’s a West Indian so basically Rest of the World 2 - 2 Australia.
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 5 months ago
There's a lot of players that don't play for their birth country.
Shaanuka Guaranteed
Shaanuka Guaranteed - 5 months ago
I was just searching for the worst cricketers of all time and came across this website:
Guess who they put for no 2 🤣🤣🤣 how wrong they were
PI2019-007 - 5 months ago
STEVE smith is best TEST batsman and this is coming from an Indian. Respect for this guy and nothing else! Comes after a ban of 1 year and just smokes the best team in the world in their own backyard!
Glamex - 5 months ago
First time as an Indian celebrating AUS victory... Bcoz of ENG rude in #WC19
karan a
karan a - 5 months ago
who is watching after archer 6
Cricket Legends
Cricket Legends - 5 months ago
David Lloyd : "Magnificent game of cricket here at Old Trafford, marvellous scenes as Australia retain the Ashes".
akOMEpO - 5 months ago
Once again, Jofra Archer hasn’t got Steve out.
hen ko
hen ko - 5 months ago
Teacher: what is depression Student: it's Steve Smith to England
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 5 months ago
Nice collection!?
Ankit Khedkar
Ankit Khedkar - 5 months ago
East or westkohli ki maa chod
Ankit Khedkar
Ankit Khedkar - 5 months ago
Why rohit not playing for England as a opener
hen ko
hen ko - 5 months ago
Come on Australia. Full support from no 1 team India
Rehan QURESHI - 5 months ago
good Smith
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide - 5 months ago
I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?
adityan aravindan
adityan aravindan - 5 months ago
we are australia cricket
Ayesha Sami
Ayesha Sami - 5 months ago
Ashes has kept the both game rivals on fire since ages.
Ganesh Sankar
Ganesh Sankar - 5 months ago
Rohit to open in tests- review by CrickyIndian
Makisnane 97
Makisnane 97 - 5 months ago
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