Australia Retain The Ashes | The Ashes Day 5 Highlights | Fourth Specsavers Test 2019

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Donald Clark
Donald Clark - 4 days ago
Can't follow our cricket team when they have cheating cry bully fucks playing.
Brett Page
Brett Page - 4 days ago
The one thing more precious than retaining the Ashes? The English crowd at the fall of the last wicket. Priceless.
chittur101 - 6 days ago
Good to see test cricket becoming interesting again.
Ted Striker
Ted Striker - 7 days ago
3:29 absolutely incredible
Arun Misra
Arun Misra - 7 days ago
Deserving Aussies win,best of luck to both,go for the Ashes...
Simon Aka Digital0.1
Simon Aka Digital0.1 - 7 days ago
The only reason we didn’t win out right was Ben stokes..! Hang in he’s a kiwi.!!
And Archer....ooohh hang in he’s a West Indian so basically Rest of the World 2 - 2 Australia.
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 3 days ago
There's a lot of players that don't play for their birth country.
Shaanuka Guaranteed
Shaanuka Guaranteed - 8 days ago
I was just searching for the worst cricketers of all time and came across this website:
Guess who they put for no 2 🤣🤣🤣 how wrong they were
PI2019-007 - 8 days ago
STEVE smith is best TEST batsman and this is coming from an Indian. Respect for this guy and nothing else! Comes after a ban of 1 year and just smokes the best team in the world in their own backyard!
Glamex - 8 days ago
First time as an Indian celebrating AUS victory... Bcoz of ENG rude in #WC19
karan a
karan a - 8 days ago
who is watching after archer 6
Cricket Legends
Cricket Legends - 8 days ago
David Lloyd : "Magnificent game of cricket here at Old Trafford, marvellous scenes as Australia retain the Ashes".
akOMEpO - 8 days ago
Once again, Jofra Archer hasn’t got Steve out.
hen ko
hen ko - 9 days ago
Teacher: what is depression Student: it's Steve Smith to England
Charming nowhere to hide
Nice collection!?
Ankit Khedkar
Ankit Khedkar - 9 days ago
East or westkohli ki maa chod
Ankit Khedkar
Ankit Khedkar - 9 days ago
Why rohit not playing for England as a opener
hen ko
hen ko - 9 days ago
Come on Australia. Full support from no 1 team India
rehan Qureshi
rehan Qureshi - 9 days ago
good Smith
Charming nowhere to hide
I love these videos. They are so freaking interesting!?
adityan aravindan
adityan aravindan - 9 days ago
we are australia cricket
Ayesha Sami
Ayesha Sami - 10 days ago
Ashes has kept the both game rivals on fire since ages.
Ganesh Sankar P
Ganesh Sankar P - 10 days ago
Rohit to open in tests- review by CrickyIndian
Makisnane 97
Makisnane 97 - 10 days ago
Joe Root
Joe Denly
Mohd Khan
Mohd Khan - 10 days ago
I don't understand how Australia retained the ashes? Their only leading by 2-1. England can draw the series by winning the next match.
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 3 days ago
Because in any ashes series if its a draw say 1-1 over 5 tests the team that won it last time retains the ashes so in this case it's 2-2 Australia won the ashes last time so Australia retains the ashes. It also work in international test cricket as well example India def the West Indies so next time India plays the West Indies in a test and the West Indies draw the series with India, India retains they trophy against the West Indies because india won the test series last time those 2 team meet each other.
Lord Aizen
Lord Aizen - 10 days ago
New to cricket. I don't understand how they're playing 5th day, even after aus won the series
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 3 days ago
@Ask to seduce Miss ms dhoni best moment is when he said no to DRS.
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 3 days ago
No Australia didn't win the series but they won or retained the ashes the series was a draw. They play 5 tests to see who wins the series or draws the series a team that wins the series win the trophy or urn if the series is drawn the team that won the ashes last time retains the ashes so in this case the series was drawn 2-2 so Australia won the ashes last time so Australia retains the ashes .
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 10 days ago
Best moment of ms Dhoni in ipl 2019
Morgan Alvarez
Morgan Alvarez - 10 days ago
Jofra Archer rubbish
Morgan Alvarez
Morgan Alvarez - 10 days ago
Ha Ha England rubbish serves them right for being arrogant and cocky well done Australia
mustaneer tere hero
mustaneer tere hero - 10 days ago
steve smith little don bradman
Mustaque Nadaf
Mustaque Nadaf - 10 days ago
What is this rubbish name " Ashes"
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 3 days ago
The trophy is a urn and the original ashes urn in lords cricket ground the urn has burned baill ashes in it that's why it's called the ashes
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly - 10 days ago
I am speaking from the future, did you see the crowd at the last test match, the crowd full of English supporters, a crowd who still arrived to support their team although they can not win the ashes, the Asian trolls who contribute to this forum would have the casual viewer believe that England fans are fickle and desert their team when they can no longer win, English fans are loyal till the end.
VASANT Tambe - 10 days ago
Come on Australia. Full support from no 1 team India
James Ciavarella
James Ciavarella - 10 days ago
Why didn’t use show the first 2 wickets was it cause the England batter couldn’t last one ball
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 3 days ago
The first two wicket is on day 4 go watch 4th test day four to see those wicket.
Star Sky
Star Sky - 10 days ago
Sorry England but curse curse😂😂😂😂
mahabub alam
mahabub alam - 10 days ago
Smith was the man to look at.
k.Farhad Reza Sopnil
k.Farhad Reza Sopnil - 10 days ago
Out warner, in khaja
Klistern2 - 10 days ago
Roy gets out in the same manner every time. Need to look at that..
Mario J
Mario J - 10 days ago
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Australia Retain The Ashes | The Ashes Day 5 Highlights | Fourth Specsavers Test 2019
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Nihon M
Nihon M - 10 days ago
Joffra Pretend Englishman Archer talked big then went MISSING!!!
Anybody file a missing persons report yet?
AbOut MObiles
AbOut MObiles - 10 days ago
If Smith Stays In This Test Series.
Eng Cannot Win Any Inning too
Joanna - 10 days ago
Homosexual Britain. fullstop.
Disha Srivastava
Disha Srivastava - 11 days ago
Steve all innings in ashes is more than 50 runs
Lowest score 82
Karlo baat 😃
England ke to pasine choot gay 😅😅😅
Joanna - 10 days ago
We are England we win by cheating We are Loser Cricket
bofursgun - 11 days ago
Smith and Australia simply too good for England here.
naik rasta
naik rasta - 11 days ago
Look how important is the reverse swing in test cricket. Batmen like Roy,Buttler,Overton and others all out of reverse swing,,Good show by Aussie Bowlers like Wasim and Waqar..
Sport Razzi
Sport Razzi - 11 days ago
A well deserve win
Scott Reilly
Scott Reilly - 11 days ago
6th on trending wow
Joanna - 11 days ago
How many ppl want to see Australia win this series?
bofursgun - 11 days ago
joanna They already have, sweetheart. Off you go and do some cooking and ironing and leave the sport to the men. There's a good girl.
Wayfaring Stranger
Wayfaring Stranger - 11 days ago
After the way the English fans have acted this series I'm so glad Australia retained the Ashes.
bofursgun - 11 days ago
Wayfaring Stranger In what way have the English fans acted?
Sanchit Chadha
Sanchit Chadha - 11 days ago
I hope this team plays last Ashes 2019
 • David Warner
 • Travis Head
 • Marnus Labuschagne
 • Steve Smith
 • Mitchell Marsh
 • Tim Paine(c and wk)
 • Mathew Wade
 • Mitchell Starc
 • Pat Cummins
 • Nathan Lyon
 • Josh Hazelwood

 • Rory Burns
 • Joe Denly
 • Joe Root (c)
 • Ben Stokes
 • Jos Buttler(wk)
 • Jason Roy
 • Chris Woakes
 • Sam Curran
 • Jofra Archer
 • Stuart Broad
 • Jack Leach
Joanna - 11 days ago
Congrats Australians
radam sagar
radam sagar - 11 days ago
Hats off to the Smith for his calm work. And well support from the bowlers at other end
Francis Edwards
Francis Edwards - 11 days ago
All summer England fans particularly acted like they were better than everyone else. So high and mighty, yet here they are with egg on their face and Steve Smith made you all look like absolute bellends.
cquilty1 - 10 days ago
@Francis Edwards Bad sport sore losers like you aren't even cricket fans but just general USa-video trolls and casuals making crap jokes about holding beer, or something stupid like "hold my Labuschagne." Never known such a pathetic bunch of unoriginal, unfunny, sad hateful racist little sore losers in my life. If the result or tiebreaker doesn't suit them or a decision goes against them, it's the "England are cheats/they got lucky, the umpires are on their side, or the ICC are corrupt" blah blah blah crap. I thought most CRICKET fans were intelligent and thoughtful, but sadly I'm wrong as they are trying to spoil the game with hateful negativity. Had the team you supported won the world cup the exact same way England did, you wouldn't be talking shit like you are now and you know this is 100% true. This summer has been spectacular, the greatest ever I think, and a load of morons like you can't simply enjoy wonderful exciting cricket and are trying to spoil it because their team wasn't involved, but it's not working and it won't work. No respect left. Shitheads.
Francis Edwards
Francis Edwards - 10 days ago
bofursgun I like how you’ve taken time to watch some of my four year old videos. Thanks for the view, by the way. I hope you find something better to do in life!
Francis Edwards
Francis Edwards - 10 days ago
@bofursgun Why would I care that a Kiwi, an Irishman, a few South Africans and a West Indian won a world cup? I like Test cricket. Just because you don't agree doesn't mean I need to stick to something else! Aus have won the world cup 4 times, why would I be salty England drew a game then got there through sheer luck? I'd rather my side win on merit!
Pianist - 11 days ago
Happy to finally have a glimpse of Justice.
siraj u
siraj u - 11 days ago
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 11 days ago
The ball that dismissed Josh butler was an absolute peach. Great inswinger. Currently Aus has d best pace attack in d world.
Yogesh Kumar Gautam
Yogesh Kumar Gautam - 11 days ago
Next match, The Cheaters Australia will be lost.
Anonymous alien
Anonymous alien - 11 days ago
We are England
we win by cheating
We are Loser Cricket
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 3 days ago
So True
Richard-Anthony Gilbey
Richard-Anthony Gilbey - 11 days ago
Homosexual Britain. fullstop.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 11 days ago
Steve Smith AND bowlers Cummins & Hazelwood were the key differences to Australia winning the Ashes! Though no doubt Ben Stokes will be knighted for his help in winni
Sporbell TV
Sporbell TV - 11 days ago
Can you please guys subscribe ❤️
I hope to reach 1000 subs
Kannan Kan
Kannan Kan - 11 days ago
Snehal Chaudhari
Snehal Chaudhari - 11 days ago
Steve Smith back in the team and Australia win this match this is a real match winner ✌
Ganesh Sankar P
Ganesh Sankar P - 11 days ago
Read this to know about what CrickyIndian thinks about Rishabh Pant
Unstable Wun
Unstable Wun - 11 days ago
I got them smelly warm carrot wet farts again Steve Smith is a filthy little cheating piece of Sh"t
Vampyres graveyard
Vampyres graveyard - 3 days ago
You can say the same thing about stuart broad.
Bruno Gibbanov
Bruno Gibbanov - 11 days ago
Steve Smith all-time greatest cheat
Harsimran Kohli
Harsimran Kohli - 11 days ago
Steve Smith is always better in test than any other batsmen around the world right now...
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