Down With the SICK

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Ryan Jarman
Ryan Jarman - Hour ago
THE test isnt actually that bad It mainly clears up your sinuses
Positivity Axolotl
Positivity Axolotl - Hour ago
He used to be white but now he's green
¿Sparks? - Hour ago
Random guy
Random guy - Hour ago
*looks in 7 directions at once
PixelCookie37 - Hour ago
I guess you’re
AceGamesand More
AceGamesand More - Hour ago
I forgot there's no vidcon cause there's a pandemicxD
Me to I just got tested And I have the Cough Cough it sucks
Clorox Temmie
Clorox Temmie - Hour ago
“I’m stoopid”
Alexandre de Freitas Junior
Winter wear? On summer?
Alexandre de Freitas Junior
Oh yeah i'm dumb
Serio Games
Serio Games - Hour ago
Just get a youtooz. It will make you better
Kevan E
Kevan E - Hour ago
Daang she reallt is sick
Peter Zou
Peter Zou - Hour ago
She turned into Emma langevin real quick
A. Rustici
A. Rustici - Hour ago
Fat Rapper
Fat Rapper - Hour ago
Gaster Sans
Gaster Sans - Hour ago
What is a odalalie
AlexGaming12YT - Hour ago
U upload as much as I do
BOBAMILK - Hour ago
I feel like since covid everyone thinks that if your sick it means covid-19 like NOOOO!!!!! people can be sick and not have covid I mean yes there is a possibility that you could have covid but like it's not just like yes you are sick so you have covid-19 cases closed
I’m sick to
Lolla Kate
Lolla Kate - Hour ago
hi im sorry your sick
chip the mini bot
chip the mini bot - Hour ago
should i call 911
X_Sudey - Hour ago
So how sick are you?
Among x Us
Among x Us - Hour ago
Benedict Delim
Benedict Delim - Hour ago
Kawaii_Orange_Juice - Hour ago
Rebeca sounds like she drank 53 bottles of whiskey and 12 bottles ah Gin, she sound drunker then mah mom when she gets drunk so-
Cookie Cake
Cookie Cake - Hour ago
She’s Losing her mind
Dee Costello
Dee Costello - Hour ago
David Wehlau
David Wehlau - Hour ago
Get better soon, love you! Take all the time you need!!
trigger-warning - Hour ago
I have chicken pox... yayyy
Orion The folf
Orion The folf - Hour ago
You sound like you were drunk oh my god I love this
Smezda - Hour ago
Same thing happened to my mom you probably have the flu
Dryya - Hour ago
Me, who lives in Florida: ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK
CVW Brogle
CVW Brogle - Hour ago
Oh no
Plague Doctor
Plague Doctor - Hour ago
She sounds drunk lol
Andy’s Place
Andy’s Place - Hour ago
Oh come on you just had to be sick ugh well i mean it’s fine ok
Bionic Pug
Bionic Pug - Hour ago
I've been dealing with a nasty cold since last Tuesday...not fun.
Hope you feel better soon ~
kat afton
kat afton - Hour ago
I hope you feel well Rebecca ^w^
Funtime Studio's
Funtime Studio's - Hour ago
I'm also sick -_-
Gaming with k1ngK0ng03
I was eating dinner now I don’t want to eat cuz of the throw up
Peyton Camacho
Peyton Camacho - Hour ago
We are your adorable explainer babiessssss
Reagan Cockroft
Reagan Cockroft - Hour ago
*Covid-19 exsits*
puddiingy - Hour ago
yOu FrEAkInG aDoRaBlE eXpLaInEr BaBiEs
Monica Goodwin
Monica Goodwin - 2 hours ago
I hope you get better soon
Conime - 2 hours ago
Guys I think she might have been drunk jk jkjk
Hee Jun Lee
Hee Jun Lee - 2 hours ago
how did rebecca go from being a sick ol rebecca to a texan drunk grandma that fast woah
Swoozhyツ - 2 hours ago
I'm super lateeee
iisushii - 2 hours ago
why does she sound drunk in her sick accent
Red sharder Boi
Red sharder Boi - 2 hours ago

(c" ತ,_ತ) 21
E.C PokaDot
E.C PokaDot - 2 hours ago
Is it just me or does the merch look like raven claw uniforms but with her as the logo
Twisted Fox
Twisted Fox - 2 hours ago
Jordy Sosa
Jordy Sosa - 2 hours ago
Love your videos!
Gacha Wolf
Gacha Wolf - 2 hours ago
Feel better soon
Dev the pro gamer
Dev the pro gamer - 2 hours ago
Andrew Abbate
Andrew Abbate - 2 hours ago
I love how it’s Ravenclaw but just ms.Rebecca
angelic demons
angelic demons - 2 hours ago
I don't care about the bad drawing I just hope you get better
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez - 2 hours ago
Shes so funny i can’t even- she’s too funny like- 💀🤣😭😂
FON FON ARMY - 2 hours ago
Read in accent

Do ya know if ya have co-wonA
If ya do just------------------- eat soup i dont know do i Look Like A DwAcTer. Lwook im sick two bwut nwo cwonA. Jwust fever
It’s livie
It’s livie - 2 hours ago
Sad. Just sad.
Faylen Lockheart
Faylen Lockheart - 2 hours ago
If you caught Big Apple Fever that's probably why you're sick😁 cuz you know the thing about apples and doctors 🤣
Miguel Salisbury
Miguel Salisbury - 2 hours ago
I hope you get better.
Spartan 118
Spartan 118 - 2 hours ago
I have been feeling the saaaaaaaaaaaaaaame of sick
Effie Trinket
Effie Trinket - 2 hours ago
The merch looks like ravenclaw winter wear
That one guy that really likes turtles
Do you haz da rona’ ?
Fann :3
Fann :3 - 2 hours ago
Rebecca:fricken adorable explainer baby
Me: :3
Undead professor
Undead professor - 2 hours ago
Can't we talk about how beautiful she is
Blind Whimsy
Blind Whimsy - 2 hours ago
Is ThE bUs To BlIzZaRd BeAcH
Mr. Mew
Mr. Mew - 2 hours ago
I GET NOTIFIED OF THIS T H R E E DAYS AFTER IT GETS POSTED. I'm subbed and have notifications on for this channel. Youtube keeps failing itself.
Jim Barndt
Jim Barndt - 2 hours ago
Pale guy - *hey Rebecca, how sick are to-*
Rebecca - *sick*
Apple Juice
Apple Juice - 3 hours ago
Why do you sound so pissed
Master Fredbear
Master Fredbear - 3 hours ago
Does.....that mean u have this years plague? Or not tho? I don’t wanna have to be worried about another great animator that has fallen with the plague of 2020
mangle Halloween
mangle Halloween - 3 hours ago
WAIT DID YOU GET COVID 19!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Animation Invasion
Animation Invasion - 3 hours ago
Not being mean or anything but here's a goofer:

See ya next year.
KingMattXL - 3 hours ago
Rebecca, Stop being sick.
Stella McCrave
Stella McCrave - 3 hours ago
Most people when there sick: doesn’t want to talk because it sound like they drown in cheese graters
Rebecca:iS ThIS tHE bUS tO bLIZZard BeaCH?
Kat Marshmallow
Kat Marshmallow - 3 hours ago
Get well soon baby 💕
Manic - 3 hours ago
You talk like Tina from Looney tunes
J Man
J Man - 3 hours ago
camskip 2020
camskip 2020 - 3 hours ago
Carolina virus
Hyunjeans - 3 hours ago
Hope you get better soon girl! 🖤🖤
Meu Nome É Lucas
Meu Nome É Lucas - 3 hours ago
b-but, *RUH-Becca!*
Martin Power
Martin Power - 3 hours ago
JJAA //JoyJoyArtist
JJAA //JoyJoyArtist - 3 hours ago
This did not appear on my recommendations... I'm so late
JJAA //JoyJoyArtist
JJAA //JoyJoyArtist - Hour ago
*in my notifications
resses puffs UwU
resses puffs UwU - 3 hours ago
KaitoKenny - 3 hours ago
That make up is FIRE! ❤
Georgiana Hollows
Georgiana Hollows - 3 hours ago
Feel better
Almerc - 3 hours ago
I wasn’t mad she was gone for a while I was concerned like you alive .... yay she’s alive
Misha's Arts
Misha's Arts - 3 hours ago
Rebecca: *sick funny voice*
Me dieing of laughter
Prince Psychic
Prince Psychic - 3 hours ago
she's been caught with the "Samuel Adams Bostonitis"
shotwickdye - 3 hours ago
HeY ReBeCCa, HOw SiCk ArE YoU
Mr snowman
Mr snowman - 3 hours ago
O h n o
Azariah Taylor
Azariah Taylor - 3 hours ago
Is it ... covid 19
YallKnowJordan - 3 hours ago
Mama explaner
M - 3 hours ago
da_xbox360YT - 3 hours ago
beutifol wintaer baebees
BANANA - 3 hours ago
Starri Ari
Starri Ari - 3 hours ago
Get well soon, love you Becca
Ronak Likes Art
Ronak Likes Art - 4 hours ago
Is it just me or were you acting like SomethingelseYT this entire video
Amy Lovegood
Amy Lovegood - 4 hours ago
The ghost in her tree house is what made her sick😂
MakaLakesh 3.33
MakaLakesh 3.33 - 4 hours ago
What The Fuck :V
LANAJAM XD - 4 hours ago
Her sickness is crazyness
Cristle Adams
Cristle Adams - 4 hours ago
Im sick too so I feels you
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