Here's How Google Maps Is Different In Other Countries

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RealLifeLore - 9 months ago
Oh I just can't wait to see all of the calm and rational comments down below...
random person you found on the internet
Hey I live in country B how dare you offend me
Garaam Paani
Garaam Paani - 18 days ago
@Cope and Seethe because we cant criticise ourselves accept our mistakes and work.
Electric Pheonix
Electric Pheonix - 19 days ago
Just don't wait
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies - 25 days ago
Who noticed Nigeria has The N word
Lumberjack king the great
Vinay Desai
Vinay Desai - 3 hours ago
So Can a Pakistani citizen put a map ON and enter India according to his shitty map?
Indian army unki pichwade missile nahi gift karegi?😂😂
BD BC - Hour ago
Ara bhai india sa hu suuno ya asa toxic comment math karo fir pakisthani ayaga vo toxic comment karaga fir aap dono ladoga or mood kharab hoga
Vinay Desai
Vinay Desai - 3 hours ago
We Indians dont care what Pakistanis think! 😂😂😂
Vihas fun tv
Vihas fun tv - 4 hours ago
i am an indian and my teacher say that jammu and kashmir is a union territory of india!
Sourav Deb
Sourav Deb - 12 hours ago
Melinda Martin
Melinda Martin - 18 hours ago
I heard a cuss
sumesh manakalkalam
Sindh, Kashmir is part of India
sumesh manakalkalam
Tibet is part of inda not china
BD BC - Hour ago
Brother india or tibet jammu kashmir or arunachal pradesh share karta tha for jab china na tibet pur kabza kar liya usna share wali zameen ko apna pathaya
Does this guy know that Chinese people don't use Google 😂😂
Meghana PothamShetty
I got understood now..
Google is a over valued company
It has a disgusting Character
India is stupid already they have such a huge country and still crying for kashmir
Gabriel C
Gabriel C - Day ago
Well, this will only intensify disputes ...
Malcolm Merhout
Malcolm Merhout - Day ago
Did anyone else start dying laughing at 2:34 ?😂😂
Warhawk76 - Day ago
When it gets to the point that you refuse to represent roads and towns to appease the Chinese then you know you have gone too far. Here's an idea, stop trying to appease the Chinese by denying reality!
Shazil Salim
Shazil Salim - 2 days ago
Well its not just google maps. Almost all physical maps in circulation and maps in textbooks show Jammu and Kashmir entirely as India
ty lad
ty lad - 2 days ago
border dispute: exists
china: is for me? 🥺👉👈
Vandana Rajora
Vandana Rajora - Day ago
Arish Baig
Arish Baig - 2 days ago
Being from Pakistan I know thatKashmir India Pakistan and China is undecided and has to decider who it belongs to
MOD X - The Globe Explorer
Naah leave it like it is
Maria Sirona
Maria Sirona - 3 days ago
Inethical 😠
Chase Sheridan
Chase Sheridan - 3 days ago
i think if you use google maps in north korea they own the world
abhijit roy
abhijit roy - 3 days ago
China is an Asshole
New Justice
New Justice - 4 days ago
China can literally claim they own the entire world and the Chinese google maps will just give it to em
CAPTAIN - 4 days ago
Pakistan 🇵🇰 ki maa ka bhosda
China 🇨🇳 ki maa ki chut 😡
sapna abbasi
sapna abbasi - 4 days ago
Lol Triggered Indian 😅😅😅
JinPinG Hitler
JinPinG Hitler - 4 days ago
The last king of Kashmir was a Hindu and wanted to live with India......But those who were Muslims of Kashmir, together they killed Kashmir Hindus.....
Kaiser - 4 days ago
Mithun das
Mithun das - 4 days ago
Oh my god, does Arunachal Pradesh belongs to China?.
Hack You
Hack You - 2 days ago
Oder dekhe bojhona ora varotio na? Ora hoy Chinese nahole burmese kinto varotio motei na
TheWhaleGamer - 5 days ago
Google: “Hey guys how big do you want your countries to b-“
no no Germany: yes.
Kyle N.G.
Kyle N.G. - 7 days ago
The rest of the world should depot all China men back to China, if not, eventually, china will claim wherever china people are, the land belongs to china.
Kyle N.G.
Kyle N.G. - 7 days ago
South China sea...
Connecticut Ball
Connecticut Ball - 7 days ago
Solution: Draw the line in the middle and piss everyone off.
DomiLove Brawl
DomiLove Brawl - 8 days ago
If some1 is drawing a map with google maps and the persons starts to draw borders
The person will stop
*Insert Name*
*Insert Name* - 9 days ago
Pakistani keyboard warriors vs Indian keyboard warriors
Ayen Yabut
Ayen Yabut - 10 days ago
Ako ng mabuhay ng pilipinas
Gruszek 30
Gruszek 30 - 11 days ago
*The FBI Would Like To Know Your Location*
Pauline Sylvie
Pauline Sylvie - 11 days ago
Crimea is probably part of Russia
MusicalGunitaRoblox - 12 days ago
As an Indian citizen I am soo amazed to see the claims other countries have made on what we were taught as our territories! Well here comes another cultural shock! But we still accept the Arunachal Pradesh as ours and respect them! No idea about China tho!
Cypriot Ball
Cypriot Ball - 12 days ago
Like goal: 1000
WackyH - 14 days ago
So your saying I can start a fake country that doesn't even have any land, but tell Google "Hey, there's islands here, if you don't comply my nation will block Google" and then have these take islands shown?
Nothing - 14 days ago
What about Korea? Is, for instance, South Korea shown as owning the entire Korean peninsula on the south-Korean version of Google Maps?
Kishore K
Kishore K - 15 days ago
I'm hearing music 🎶? That's the funnyest music 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Иво Иванов
Иво Иванов - 15 days ago
What abou Bulgaria and North macedonia?
General GTA
General GTA - 16 days ago
Google Maps in Nazi Germany: **Shows entire Europe as Germany**
Abhishek - 16 days ago
Maderchod China
Ayan Trivedi
Ayan Trivedi - 16 days ago
Goggle maps is made by software of Microsoft of minecraft
2015corvettec7 - 16 days ago
Just have the olympics but instead of giving out medals to the countries give out these pieces of land
Ça Va ?
Ça Va ? - 17 days ago
India is poor please indian government understand this
Emir Latinović
Emir Latinović - 17 days ago
India sees this:
'Raj, press that nuke button on Pakistan and give middle finger and one Brahmos to China, we have some borders to draw.'
wildyracing1 - 18 days ago
If Crimea is still a part of Ukraine, why it is governed by Russia then? Not a single Ukrainian has anything to do with Crimea anymore. Google are just greedy male Karen corporation that doesn't like to keep their facts straight.
Sid- Agar
Sid- Agar - 19 days ago
Kashmir *(no internet, jobs, infrastructure, education)*
Kashmir : i don't want to be part of India.
India : *wait that's illegal*
MOD X - The Globe Explorer
@Sid- Agar just shut the fuck up. Why all Pakistanis always cry about Kashmir? Just leave it and look behind your POK
Sid- Agar
Sid- Agar - 7 days ago
@A B yes bro they don't care for their people they only want land
A B - 7 days ago
Balochistan : we don't want to be part of Pakistan ,stop killing us Pakistan : ( abducts , rape, kill 1000000 Balochs, ahmedias, shia and pashtuns) Balochs : we want freedom Pakistan : divert attention to kashmir
Electric Pheonix
Electric Pheonix - 19 days ago
Pakistan and India :
Divided by borders joined by Chinese products.
Z Bisson
Z Bisson - 19 days ago
France and Suriname have “Disagreements”
Asharaf Abdul Salam
Asharaf Abdul Salam - 19 days ago
india thing is right. We use that in class. Pakistanis and chineese do you use the other
Simon Steines
Simon Steines - 20 days ago
If you are in that disputed Area what map do you get
For example for Crimea? The Crimean State?
Not Real Content Error404
russia invaded crimea @reallifelore .-.
Russki Plague Doctor
Russki Plague Doctor - 21 day ago
I'm thinking why don't we gave A 50% of the land and gave B 50% too
Maria Duarte
Maria Duarte - 21 day ago
Geography Chaneles
• Blueberry Parfait •
2:37 is my favorite plot twist ever
frans imanuel
frans imanuel - 22 days ago
Every country near China... They will always have problem
Hernando Malinche
Hernando Malinche - 22 days ago
Cuz people keep taking China’s land. China used to be much bigger 100 years ago so of course they have a problem.
prathamesh chavan
prathamesh chavan - 22 days ago
Meanwhile I am searching maps
Ne stars
Ne stars - 23 days ago
India, china, pak fighing claiming that it's there land
Meanwhile google maps: that's a lots of damage
Anonymous TECH Guy
Anonymous TECH Guy - 23 days ago
Google product is not available in china
Jordwon - 23 days ago
What does google maps show if you live in Kashmir or any of the other disputed territories
Tapasi Patra
Tapasi Patra - 24 days ago
I am an Indian.
Oddwaffle - 24 days ago
China: It's mine!
India: Not! It's mine!!!
Google: Okay, each of you will have your own candy.
Riola - 25 days ago
That doesnt only cause happiness but possession, invasion and even war
Kishore K
Kishore K - 25 days ago
Japan is smaller than central Africa and South Sudan and Sudan
Kishore K
Kishore K - 15 days ago
Japan is 377 Thousand km south Sudan is 614 Thousand km c.a.r is 622 Thousand km Sudan is 1.88 Million km
Kiiibaaa - 24 days ago
Hobert Lee :-\
Hobert Lee :-\ - 25 days ago
The "pissed" word 2:13
Reichskaiser Siegfried
Reichskaiser Siegfried - 26 days ago
Ukrussia 😅👌
The Shades
The Shades - 26 days ago
Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile, and start again.
From a Youtuber 💚💚
I before A except after K
And this is why I despise Google, and other tech companies like it: They foster echo chambers on all scales. While one can argue that it reduces conflict by showing people what they want to see, I would argue it makes conflict worse through confirmation bias. When these people are inevitably exposed to the reality of the situation, all that reinforcement will make them that much more unreasonable and adamant that their "truth" is the correct one. They're putting a band-aid over a festering wound, allowing the infection to run deeper and cause more damage, all because that makes them more money.
Asharaf Abdul Salam
Asharaf Abdul Salam - 27 days ago
the first thumbnail one is what al of us indians and pakistanis trying tell you guys
Mihail Gheorghe
Mihail Gheorghe - 27 days ago
"a country like China gets pissed off for marking their borders differently" welp 2:09
Ray Izard
Ray Izard - 27 days ago
Censorship for Profit - definitely an American company
The man That does not know anything
As an Indian idc about the Kashmir controversy with Pakistan, but I will say this...I hope you are ready for the toxicity you have started
Nanyappa K
Nanyappa K - 27 days ago
I'm sure the Chinese will fire the nuclear weapons first not India
Harshit Balaji
Harshit Balaji - 27 days ago
Man, Arunachal Pradesh has its own state government which operates under the Indian central government. It clearly is Indian territory and even the people there will confirm it, unlike the situation in Kashmir.
Yusur Kassem
Yusur Kassem - 27 days ago
China watching this 👁️👄👁️

Angry chinese noises 😡

Google goes bankrupt
Jack Moloney
Jack Moloney - 27 days ago
anyone here from tik tok
noka - 27 days ago
fuck off
KungKokkos - 27 days ago
Doesnt this basically indoctrinate the youth of said countries into believing their side of the map without knowing there even is an issue, or what the international agreements are?
stompay - 27 days ago
To sacrifice my own life for Pakistan
Uchhas Saha
Uchhas Saha - 28 days ago
Who's here for India and Pakistan border?
Pushyamitra Gurethia
Pushyamitra Gurethia - 28 days ago
So after so much developments and innovations, humans can not even draw right map.
Nikolas A.
Nikolas A. - 28 days ago
If the PRC claims seem absurd, you should see Taiwan’s claims
Pratik B
Pratik B - 29 days ago
People in Arunachal Pradesh claim themselves as Indian. If they join China, life would be hell for them
BD BC - Hour ago
Actually none of these lands are chinese these lands used to be shared with india and tibet when china conquered tibet they claimed indo-tibet lands as theirs even though they didn't occupied it qell they did got kashmir a bit
Lingzes InTheHouse
Lingzes InTheHouse - Day ago
Pratik B Arunachal Pradesh is indeed controlled by India and part of India, but small part of Kashmir which currently is under China’s control, should belong to China.
Hack You
Hack You - 2 days ago
@Al96 arunachal is party Chinese partly indian, partly burmese.
Al96 - 6 days ago
Arunachal Pradesh is solidly part of india while some small parts of Jammu and kashmir is probably chinese territory.
Marý - 29 days ago
“Hey China, how much territory you’ll say it once belonged to you so it must belong to you again about?”
China: *”yes”*
Al96 - 6 days ago
you say china copy others but you copy other people's comments
Mohd Adeeb
Mohd Adeeb - 29 days ago
shravan srini
shravan srini - 29 days ago
google is cleverer than i thought
DahDaniel Dude HQ
DahDaniel Dude HQ - 29 days ago
Actual title:exposing googles secret for a whole 8:20
Toy Fun Philippines
Toy Fun Philippines - 29 days ago
3:34 Arunachal Pradesh belongs to Chindia
Pranky - 29 days ago
The only thing that China doesn't claim in the world is COVID :D
Omer V
Omer V - 29 days ago
1:07 he shows Israel Palestine disagreement 😔🤭
Unknown Depth
Unknown Depth - 29 days ago
Inteligent Google who is followed by stupid humans.
Kohel Mitra
Kohel Mitra - Month ago
China is a shame of earth
noka - 27 days ago
regime is.
Crk Crk
Crk Crk - Month ago
On French maps we dont claim Napoleon territories but England is part of France
ToxicDMG ToxicGeek
ToxicDMG ToxicGeek - Month ago
Indian Map : Jammu Kashmir
Pakistani map : Jammu Kashmir
Chinese map : Jammu Kashmir
Jammu Kashmir map :
smith Ingole
smith Ingole - Month ago
Reallifelore: Billions of users WORLDWIDE
North Korea: am I a joke to you?
Mirza Fahad Beg
Mirza Fahad Beg - Month ago
I hate India they were so cruel to us Muslims near 1947
MOD X - The Globe Explorer
And yes Kashmir is legally Indian territory. The king of Kashmir joined india
MOD X - The Globe Explorer
Wait how are you still alive? You must be very old by now
Martin Greau
Martin Greau - Month ago
Bad example at the start.
France has a lot of territorials dispute all over the globe! (but not in the European part)
Lumberjack king the great
If the sponsor was Nord vpn or some other vpn it would be perfect because you can use those programs to access stuff in other countries 7:19 never mind he already did it
Mr. Wade
Mr. Wade - Month ago
Personally I think the UKs border extends to Russia but
Neel Zambre
Neel Zambre - Month ago
Jamming and Kashmir is of india
I have visited kargil and pangong too which China and Pakistan claim without a pass port
Neel Zambre
Neel Zambre - Month ago
*Jammu and Kashmir
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