Here's How Google Maps Is Different In Other Countries

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RealLifeLore - Month ago
Oh I just can't wait to see all of the calm and rational comments down below...
Rameez Hussain
Rameez Hussain - 11 days ago
Pakistani working in United Arab Emirates 🇵🇰❤️
MrPlasma - 18 days ago
Joe nice
The Flaming Wolfgang
The Flaming Wolfgang - 19 days ago
Jack Duhon
Jack Duhon - 25 days ago
Just so you know, google is already banned in china, you need a vpn to access google maps.
Adam Carmichael
Adam Carmichael - 28 days ago
Did you know there is a little dotted line between West Bhutan and South China.
Phrenetic - 5 hours ago
Taured is only found on Google Maps in Taured.
ILCORVO78 - 6 hours ago
France doesn't have controversial borders....ok, now ask them if the peak of Mont Blanc
belongs to Italy or France and here we go...
〗〖 - 21 hour ago
I’m Kashmiri we are proud indians 🇮🇳
Md.Rony Rasal
Md.Rony Rasal - Day ago
We Asia,Africa,middle east,europe need to remove USA internet and network infrastructure.Because USA is a sea locked pirates,killer country. These software and network destroyed our business,security,Personal data,media propaganda everything.
Santosh kumar
Santosh kumar - Day ago
We will win Pok
Muhamad Fauzi
Muhamad Fauzi - Day ago
How to get translate of Indonesian
Resistor Man GAMING AOW
That 9 dash line 🤣🤣🤣
vibrant RealIndia
vibrant RealIndia - 2 days ago
Everytime India has too loose it's a price we play for being civilized and non violent
Gay hind Bang indian ass
Don’t mess with Pakistan 🇵🇰
Gay hind Bang indian ass
Gay hind Bang indian ass - 17 hours ago
〗〖 don’t cry hahahahaha
〗〖 - 21 hour ago
or what? you surrender 😆
Schwarzer Contracto
Schwarzer Contracto - 3 days ago
only pity those who live in the area, because they pay taxes from the two countries that claim it

i think :v
SAM SB - 3 days ago
Apple; I'm gonna beat Google
Google:Battling with three indestructible beasts
Apple;Am I a joke to u
MUHAMMAD ZAN - 3 days ago
We Kashmiri are Pakistani. India n China are occupiers of our land.
〗〖 - 21 hour ago
fake kashmiri. We all know u are some scammer from Lahore lmao
yadhu krishna
yadhu krishna - 3 days ago
Chinese communist mother fuckers
Keisuke Takahasi
Keisuke Takahasi - 4 days ago
the chinese were probably thinking their version is international and now they re pissed :D
Peace - 4 days ago
Apart from why China not happy from Google map
Pradeep Chaudhari
Pradeep Chaudhari - 4 days ago
I am form India' Google map this securit not know thanks for information.
Ze Frendly Medic
Ze Frendly Medic - 4 days ago
If im from poland and im using google maps.... why dont i see the map from 1400?
sah quel plaisir
sah quel plaisir - 4 days ago
France has a disputed frontier in Guyana
LucCrafter 007
LucCrafter 007 - 4 days ago
Yay german map 0:17
Pagal Premi
Pagal Premi - 4 days ago
Make Nepal and India kalapani video
D.I.Y stuffs
D.I.Y stuffs - 4 days ago
At the end made in china can be written on google maps too
D.I.Y stuffs
D.I.Y stuffs - 4 days ago
What the f**k china want
iqbal mughal kaashmire
iqbal mughal kaashmire - 4 days ago
I'm from Kashmir we want freedom
〗〖 - 21 hour ago
fake account
SUJIT DASH - 4 days ago
Pakistan kaokat nehi hai cok kho apana claim kar sake
ashok magar
ashok magar - 4 days ago
Ram Nathan
Ram Nathan - 4 days ago
🇮🇳Jammu&kashmir🇮🇳 and Arunachal Pradesh only for india pakistan and china occupied only 🇮🇳🇮🇳jai hind🇮🇳🇮🇳
4:44 thats fucked up.
Macau have its own law , we don't band Youtube,Android,Google Map & GMail,nothing is banned on Google
Hardaat Baath
Hardaat Baath - 5 days ago
China is a shame, along with Pakistan, idk what wrong we did, to get useless and terrorist-like neighbours like these 2 (china, pakistan). God save us from them
Hardaat Baath
Hardaat Baath - 4 days ago
@Defaulter yes, but it still wages hybrid war with India, supporting pakistan in everything and funding it for the terrorist activities, and yes, i know god might be fake, but just like your soul.
Defaulter - 5 days ago
China is not a terrorist lmfao. And God is fake.
Troofsky Stooflin
Troofsky Stooflin - 5 days ago
2:40 It’s Khruschev’s fault
Anshdeep Singh
Anshdeep Singh - 5 days ago
Can we use chinese google maps in India
Robert - 5 days ago
yet another area that google breaks its motto, don't be evil
Tovey Churchill
Tovey Churchill - 5 days ago
Chinese official reality: Fake News
Tovey Churchill
Tovey Churchill - 5 days ago
The China nine dash line claim in South China Sea = TOTAL BALLOCKS!
Tovey Churchill
Tovey Churchill - 5 days ago
Why would google even care about China ? They can’t even use google in the bloody iron curtain
Fact founder #tech
Fact founder #tech - 5 days ago
There is a PM like Shree Narendra Modi will solve the issue. 👍
PB Gamer✓
PB Gamer✓ - 6 days ago
China is living its own delusional world 🤣
andy riba
andy riba - 6 days ago
Being an arunachalee now I came to know that I am chinese as well. I want chinese passport and all the benefits, though I won't leave my indian citizenship as well. 😂😂😂
Slmn Jaykar
Slmn Jaykar - 6 days ago
Why giving wrong information. See the map of arunachal belongs to India.
Ausaf86 - 6 days ago
Google works like prostitutes.
NISHANT SANGHVI - 6 days ago
So let's be clear once and for all 1) Pakistan occupied kashmir(POK) belongs to pakistan, nothing that India can do about it unless they go to war. 2) Aksaichin belongs to China nothing that indian or Pakistan can do about it unless they go to war. 3) indian occupied kashmir (J&K) belongs to India and there is nothing that Pakistan can do about it unless they go to war. Also just to make it clear Arunachal Pradesh is being ruled by its own state goverment which belongs to the indian constitution. So Arunacahal Pradesh is not being ruled by China.
Hope that clears all the doubts.
Lenin Natrajan
Lenin Natrajan - 6 days ago
America and it's allies want to derail Asia... But no longer going to be successful...
Lenin Natrajan
Lenin Natrajan - 6 days ago
India already have there own satellite... Google map can go back to America...
Defaulter - 5 days ago
All our online maps are trash compared to Google maps. Your point?
Kari Valickas
Kari Valickas - 7 days ago
Pakistan: I don’t wanna piss you off China so you can have whatever land you want from here
Raman Tiwari
Raman Tiwari - 7 days ago
government removed artical 370 now no one can claim kashmir
lovish agnihotri
lovish agnihotri - 7 days ago
China means no guarantee 😂😂😂😂
lovish agnihotri
lovish agnihotri - 7 days ago
Jammu&kashmir @nd arunachal pradesh is the beautiful part of India
Mamta Guleria
Mamta Guleria - 7 days ago
Jammu and Kashmir is officially belongs to India
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar - 7 days ago
all Kashmir and all Arunachal Pradesh is part of India it not debate for map
Gaming Zone with GOD
Gaming Zone with GOD - 7 days ago
China and Pakistan ki maa ka bhosda
silent gaming
silent gaming - 7 days ago
Kashmir is only of Pakistan
Rahul Verma
Rahul Verma - 7 days ago
What!! 😱😱 Now I understand what this google is doing for money..😡😡
MLG Sonic
MLG Sonic - 7 days ago
The sad thing is we are pakistanis but are located in India, I hope soon we will be a part of pakistan ♥ 😢 love to pakistan from India occupied kashmir ♥
〗〖 - 21 hour ago
fake account, clearly pak! scammer from lahore lmao
Shahbaaz Lords mobile
Shahbaaz Lords mobile - 6 days ago
Leave kashmir here only you can move to Pakistan
The Civil Engr.
The Civil Engr. - 7 days ago
China is like virus want to spread more & more.
Khemchand Sandilya
Khemchand Sandilya - 7 days ago
Had there been no islam, world would have been with no boundries
Sheepboy25262 - 7 days ago
France has a dispute with Italia in the alps
It's Me
It's Me - 6 days ago
What happened
Video Arena
Video Arena - 8 days ago
After seeing Pakistan & India Name in thumbnail .
Me : Here we go again 😂
If Pakistan India Conflict will resolve youtubers become beggers 😂😂😂
Ch Ed
Ch Ed - 8 days ago
They can always settle it with a Shokugeki...
Today's disputed areas have arisen because of unequal treaties.
These treaties cannot prove the original ownership of the area, but they can prove that the last time, who took the area from whom.
This is called the testimony of history.
Ramesh N
Ramesh N - 8 days ago
Pichai means Begging.
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