Ayesha Curry Dragged For Milly Rocking At Her Restaurant, Steph Curry Claps Back

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msparkamsparka - 6 days ago
Why didnt they turn the camera around. 🤬
Ibmiti Bmiti
Ibmiti Bmiti - 16 days ago
hot girl summer == not worth dating
janey tate
janey tate - 26 days ago
Charlamange threw hella shade at Rich Paul for no reason. Loved how Yee totally shot it down and was like yeah he's my friend.
Aden john
Aden john - 26 days ago
What a hottie
Tee moore
Tee moore - 26 days ago
straight HATERS SMH!
datgirlphilly - 28 days ago
people really try to lower your self esteem and that's what they're trying to do to her corny miserable behind people in the world...frfr find a bridge
Fredrick - 28 days ago
I aint come to hear none of this gossip..Just watching to see Yee :)
Laker Jay
Laker Jay - 28 days ago
People just find something to be mad about
MrPeter2320 - 28 days ago
Angela Yee looking real snacky in this segment
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a - 28 days ago
Charlemagne if envy got with yo wife you would be madddd so stfu .. April is a bop period !
Tonice Mon’a
Tonice Mon’a - 28 days ago
Forget these haters!! I’ll be milly rocking , pop locking , Harlem shaking , crip walking and doing the chicken head all at the same time !! 🤣🤣🤣😂👏🏾 shoutout to ayesha for her accomplishments !! ❤️❤️👋🏾🙏🏾
Allen Johnson
Allen Johnson - 29 days ago
Yo why they keep coming at Ayesha. Leave her alone.
John Ward
John Ward - 29 days ago
That’s what’s up! Man why folks always hating on her????? Love how Curry always supports the wifee!!!❤️👍🏾💯
Laci Hollingshed
Laci Hollingshed - 29 days ago
People stay coming for her...stop hating and let her be great!!!
WerewolfofEpicness - 29 days ago
uhhh you're supposed to milly rock on EVERY block anyways
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller - 29 days ago
Who cares this lady is operating in a different league than any haters. Summer shummer. She can milly rock...snake ...wap whatever get them dollars.
Christopher Knox
Christopher Knox - 29 days ago
Angeka Yee is SO cuuute! I wanna pinch her cheeks!
Opeyemi Odedele
Opeyemi Odedele - 29 days ago
It's really not that deep🤦🏾‍♂️
Haven Smith
Haven Smith - 29 days ago
I'm an old 36 and dont know what half this new shit is either. Milly rock? Molly wop? Woop dee doo.
Keith Hussey
Keith Hussey - 29 days ago
I believe she gets so much hate because she is seen as the enemy of "modern" womanhood so any sign of weakness is a chance for attack.
Austin Lanier
Austin Lanier - 29 days ago
It's just popular to hate on this poor lady right now, no matter what she does
TremaineX - 29 days ago
Yo wtf cthagod talking about that was some crazy shit who Angela fucking 😂😂😂😂 hell nawl
TREASS Douglas
TREASS Douglas - 29 days ago
It’s always a broke ass bum to talk
ULTIMATESWAGA7 - 29 days ago
if you care that much to respond get the hell off the internet flexing your shit T_T
Glovertwin80 - 29 days ago
I love Curry's clapback...IKTR 😂
These haters hate to see people doing well. They'd celebrate your demise before they give you props for doing the damn thing.
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - 29 days ago
Shit let me see a menu of her restaurant
Gordito - 29 days ago
No one spoke about April? Opinions.. ?
tip top
tip top - 29 days ago
So ridiculous how hateful people are. Goooood lawds.
....NOWWWW yall jst pickin wit'er
otis52 - Month ago
who murdered that water bottle?
thejaw15 - Month ago
If I were Ayesha Curry, I'd be Milly Rocking too
Dez_ A1_
Dez_ A1_ - Month ago
City girls have terminology people should be able to define? Stop it!
Steven Fox
Steven Fox - Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the same manager 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lewis Patterson
lewis Patterson - Month ago
Keep getting that bag let them broke fucks laugh
Kristian Fields
Kristian Fields - Month ago
She out here wit 4 restaurants...you'll out here barely wit 4 dollars to yo name 🤣🤣🤣 STOP HATING JUST HATE YOU CANT GET LIKE HER
Yve Smythe
Yve Smythe - Month ago
I was laughing when I saw her clowning. People need to pull the misery stick out their rear, folks act like if they laugh they gonna turn to stone... STOP!
Keyn Martin
Keyn Martin - 4 hours ago
Bruhhhh😂😂😂😂💯 we need to laugh more!!
Kerdy C
Kerdy C - Month ago
“I’ll buy the block you milly rock on” 💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator - Month ago
* Steph opened a 4th restaurant....
jokebooks - Month ago
I didn’t know what Hot Girl Summer is neither.
Gregory KEROR Davis
Gregory KEROR Davis - Month ago
So she leave one band member for the other wow these bitch’s are Savages
La La
La La - 24 days ago
Gregory KEROR Davis the fatherless son got mad and couldn’t find decent words to express himself..... it’s ok love. It’s not your fault.
Gregory KEROR Davis
Gregory KEROR Davis - 24 days ago
La La I don’t need u to Correct me dummy I know what I mean
La La
La La - 29 days ago
Gregory KEROR Davis “bitches” not “bitch’s”. One means many bitches and the other is possessive.🤷🏽‍♀️
Jordyn Marie
Jordyn Marie - Month ago
We can all agree that Ayesha Curry is extremely corny, but who cares? She was dancing to celebrate the grand opening of her new restaurant. She's not a professional dancer & she wasn't trying to perform. Leave her tf alone.
187vandalz - Month ago
Wtf stop this bullshit rumor report stick to the interviews you guys looking like bitches out here
TTV iMaBeasTi
TTV iMaBeasTi - Month ago
She literally bothers nobody and people want to hate on a empty stomach behind a broke ass phone screen. FOH.
briana andrews
briana andrews - Month ago
Are y’all really not gonna talk about Apryl’s wild ass ‘tell all’ rant ?!?
Marvin Metellus
Marvin Metellus - Month ago
Light Flex on you bum ass n****s 😂😂 Do yo THANG MRS CURRY
Matthew Velasquez
Matthew Velasquez - Month ago
Only reason she has 4 restaurants is because of steph lol
Danielle Gyawu
Danielle Gyawu - Month ago
These people need to leave Ayesha alone. Like get a life.. so pathetic
The Magnificent Marc Kristian
Steph can talk that shit but my lady aint out here whining about not being hollered at. Need to drop some dick on her ass.
The Magnificent Marc Kristian
Steph keeps clapping back because deep down inside she knows that all of this was done by Steph. You may have 4 restaurants but you're not a chef. Undeserved rewards taste bitter.
Anita - Month ago
Why don’t they leave her alone. At least she got her own businesses and doing well for herself. Sounds like some people might be jealous of her success and looking at any opportunity to drag her. That’s just my opinion
EZdelFresco - Month ago
I'd smash
James Perry
James Perry - Month ago
B'n a HOE, SPREADING STDz all over the place
TahitianTreat Flavored BabyBatter
Lil fiz a trick step daddy....lol
ADMAFIA210 - Month ago
Ayesha is hot
Ricardo Austin
Ricardo Austin - Month ago
Again.....she is NOT a success story so stop making her out to be such a great visionary. If you want to read and research women of color that struggled with NOTHING to achieve greatness- there are many- but start with Oprah Winfrey. If you care enough to read about her, you will see she DID NOT have a wealthy husband - or family- to fall back on. FACTS
Ricardo Austin
Ricardo Austin - Month ago
REMEMBER FOLKS: Mrs. Curry brought on all this by COMPLAINING about not getting enough attention from men.....remember? With that being typed, she would have NOTHING (no restaurants, clothing, make up products, ect.....) without her VERY FAMOUS HUSBAND. In fact, she would be just another woman of color struggling to make her mark. Her success is NOT an accumulation of HARD WORK and I am tired of people confusing "hating" with real facts. I know several women of color that have struggled for years to stay above water. I don't care what any of you internet trolls say, IT IS VERY EASY TO WIN WHEN YOU CAN CALL YOUR MULTI MILLIONAIRE HUSBAND TO FIX THINGS GONE WRONG. Those of you that own a business understand EXACTLY what I am saying.
deeboy416 - Month ago
Wow....CTG a fool for that one at the end 🤣🤣
lil tues
lil tues - Month ago
Get rid of revolt. Yall can't even show a fucking clip of the shit you talking about? 😂🚮
B H - Month ago
People forget she was attention seeking. Now that she gets it good or bad people talking like people hating on here. Before Steph nobody knew about her y'all didn't even know her name. She was just Steph's wife. He made her famous stop acting like it's her hard work that got her noticed. She complained about being jealous of Steph's limelight and being invisible.
B H - Month ago
Man her Molly rock was terrible trash horrible. God damn that shit hurt my eyes.
Christy Louis
Christy Louis - Month ago
Ayesha: Breathes
Everyone: Throws a fit
Jody Adams
Jody Adams - Month ago
Ppl really have nothing to do.. this woman don't have time with you pathetic fools creating drama she's living her life
KingsMen Radio 1978
KingsMen Radio 1978 - Month ago
Why do he reply to others??? They got to much going to entertain the bullshit...
KingsMen Radio 1978
KingsMen Radio 1978 - Month ago
But this what she wanted now she getting it she don’t want it... Be careful what you ask for...
Lee D
Lee D - Month ago
Curry killed it.
Incognita Smith
Incognita Smith - Month ago
Did Charla make a molestation joke? It's probably 100 times harder for a male to admit to being violated by another male. Way to turn it into a cheap joke for a few awkward chuckles.
begalthegreat - Month ago
Angela yer lookin like a whole snack in that shirt
Spash It
Spash It - Month ago
April Jones you are a THOT
Keith Sonatra
Keith Sonatra - Month ago
I love Ayesha Curry... Much respect to Steph...
Jael Jones
Jael Jones - Month ago
Wish they would just let her live, she has alot to celebrate, she's just goofing off and having fun
Big Kunta
Big Kunta - Month ago
It’s not that, it’s the same old cornballs spending money 💰 it gets old like the cast of this show, nerds
Carl Skinner
Carl Skinner - Month ago
So this is what the Breakfast Club have come to, Neo-Liberal
Infinite Awareness
Infinite Awareness - Month ago
breakfast club is so un-evolved
Allen Cole
Allen Cole - Month ago
That joke at the end went over some peoples heads.
Carlose Mackey
Carlose Mackey - Month ago
Lmao money does not justify the fact that she want's another cock....steph curry is pussycat whipped. No wonder the warriors lost this year. Lol weak ass
dj - Month ago
Half of these birds out here having a hot girl summer are gonna be pregnant having a broke baby daddy winter.
Laela H
Laela H - Month ago
Underrated 😂
j b
j b - Month ago
This woman was able to have 4 restaurants only because of steph curry and she still wants attention from other man holy shit
Star light Kid
Star light Kid - Month ago
He’s looking cute😍
Nasseh93 - Month ago
Charlemagne you so damn wrong for that lmfao
Corderrius Wallace
Corderrius Wallace - Month ago
She’s enjoying life! They’re gonna hate you for being great and working towards your goals!
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