$13 Lasagna Vs. $60 Lasagna

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Leo Oaso
Leo Oaso - 10 hours ago
pasta sister x worth it
very cute story
Sogy P. Enis
Sogy P. Enis - 11 hours ago
The hungry pigeon guy sounds like garfield wtf
Tina Dee
Tina Dee - 11 hours ago
watching worth it always puts me in such a great mood ❤️
dinner of the day? lasagna it is! haha
NatSZN - 11 hours ago
You firgot the b**ch lasagna
6sheds - 12 hours ago
Chili, horseradish, mustard & ginger in a boat on burning oil is still not as hot as Annie
CountableOwl 80
CountableOwl 80 - 12 hours ago
The first people had so much personality
Lorenzo woods
Lorenzo woods - 13 hours ago
When is red wine ever crisp Steven. he is the worst at describung food and wine.
Kenna and Payton
Kenna and Payton - 13 hours ago
Is the camera person, the one with the beard, related to curly? Looks exactly like him
Kaneisha Winslow
Kaneisha Winslow - 13 hours ago
Did anybody know that their show is now on Hulu. 😱 I was so surprised and proud for them.
coogko moim
coogko moim - 14 hours ago
dell'inferno per chi non bolle la sfoglia prima di metterla in forno
Pfiftyone Mustang
Pfiftyone Mustang - 15 hours ago
Ill Take stouffers
imfocused :/
imfocused :/ - 15 hours ago
Did anyone else hear the pornhub intro sound 8:08
Graham Hettinger
Graham Hettinger - 16 hours ago
Technically isn't the last lasagna only $10-15. If the whole thing costs $60, and it's meant for 4-6 people. That means it should have been in the middle, not the end of the video. It's like saying I spent $200 on Subway, but it feeds 40 people.
coogko moim
coogko moim - 14 hours ago
Traslate this: qualsiasi nonna italiana a vedere la lasagna da 60 dollari avrebbe diseredato il nipote al solo pensarla. Saró pure un'italiana rompiscatole ma esiste un girone
StevesOutlook - 16 hours ago
Last time I ate lasagna I started speaking Italian ... literally that’s how good it was
Raven Campbell
Raven Campbell - 16 hours ago
idk the italian accents really just made me feel so comfortable 😂
jason huang
jason huang - 17 hours ago
Why was the background song sound familiar at 8:10🤔🤔🤔
panjoelcool - 17 hours ago
Love korean, love anne
Dilara A
Dilara A - 17 hours ago
I do not want to critize my favorite show but the middle one is actually the most expensive one. Because last one is can be eaten by 4-6 people . However all restaurants look great and pleasure to watch.
Dominic Park
Dominic Park - 17 hours ago
8:08 y'all already know...
Ethan Elliott
Ethan Elliott - 17 hours ago
Are y’all gay now
Jackie S
Jackie S - 18 hours ago
This episode made me make a lasagna with the bechamel sauce. OH BOY is it good
pinkspongey - 18 hours ago
But the most expensive lasagna doesn't seem to be made by an Italian
pinkspongey - 18 hours ago
Finally someone saying properly the word 'Bolognese'
Stephano - 18 hours ago
The last place should’ve been B*tch lasagna
Morten Steenholm
Morten Steenholm - 18 hours ago
So i just spotted Adam in Copenhagen, Denmark. Are you guys filming here or is he just visiting for a bit?
Shvartsmann Yaakov
Shvartsmann Yaakov - 18 hours ago
We need Adam back
Douglas Sorley
Douglas Sorley - 19 hours ago
How can they drive they were drinking
KelseyMckay - 19 hours ago
Sponsored by: Pornhub & Pasta Sisters 😂
HelnKellrFresh2Deaf - 19 hours ago
that 8:08 heat attack tho
IWillDraw - 19 hours ago
Traslate this: qualsiasi nonna italiana a vedere la lasagna da 60 dollari avrebbe diseredato il nipote al solo pensarla. Saró pure un'italiana rompiscatole ma esiste un girone dell'inferno per chi non bolle la sfoglia prima di metterla in forno
BiLAL ooofmaster
BiLAL ooofmaster - 20 hours ago
8:08 nice song 😎😎😎😎😎
Idont Knoown
Idont Knoown - 20 hours ago
I can't watch it right now, it's eleven pm and I'm hungry
Madison Wagoner
Madison Wagoner - 21 hour ago
All I want in life is to go to every single place these guys have ever visited. seriously. My first stop will be Pasta Sisters.
whoisevann - 22 hours ago
hmm that beat sounds real familiar
A34 - 22 hours ago
believe it or not
ive never ate a lasgana im not joking
Alyssa Lytton
Alyssa Lytton - 22 hours ago
That’s a beautiful cat
John Smith
John Smith - 22 hours ago
It is Lsagne with an e is it not?
Y did u leave KAWHI ???
Y did u leave KAWHI ??? - 22 hours ago
I'm pretty sure Gordon Ramsey should go to these resteraunts
Its my world Vlogs
Its my world Vlogs - 22 hours ago
Y’all should get a philly cheese steak from the hood it’s wayy better just sayin
Rafael tejedor ponce
Rafael tejedor ponce - 23 hours ago
8:08 I Know you know that sound
TheClawingCyclone - 23 hours ago
JM Low
JM Low - 23 hours ago
I have been waiting for this episode on lasagna for so long
duxe swattik
duxe swattik - Day ago
The pigeon guy saying "we buy the whole cow" grossed me out. The reason I gave it a thumbs down. Otherwise the first two places were great..
ThePersianTenor - Day ago
I am so happy for Pasta Sisters. Next time I am in LA, I'm going to eat some past!
giobronskiJ - Day ago
Gino ambasciatore Emiliano-Romagnolo!
Nano San
Nano San - Day ago
When is Andrew going to post new pics on his insta I miss him man
Poppy Kav
Poppy Kav - Day ago
Does anyone else find that watching worth it while eating food makes the food taste better?Or is it just me?
Taha Hussain
Taha Hussain - Day ago
why they got the ph community intro playing at 8:08
Ian locke
Ian locke - Day ago
Worth it lifestyle - pens 🖊
Ganga Rai
Ganga Rai - Day ago
$ 60 for lasagna? That owner of that restaurant must be very rich.
Nemesis - Day ago
Ganga Rai it feeds 4, about $15 which is close to Pasta Sister’s
Martina Blom
Martina Blom - Day ago
and italian nonna will make u lasagne for free if u say ur hungry and it will beat even a 10000000000000000000000000€ lasagne with minced gold beef.
WLG - Day ago
Pasta sisters sounds like a porno video name.
Dan the pan
Dan the pan - Day ago
the music at 8:13 hits home
Variety Info
Variety Info - Day ago
Dang this video just made me hungry...lol
Joseph Galante
Joseph Galante - Day ago
Stefan Lopuszanski
Stefan Lopuszanski - Day ago
They went to Philly, eh? Wonder what other Worth It shows they filmed where there. I hope they don't cover the crappy cheesesteaks from Geno's and Pat's.
Kim Him
Kim Him - Day ago
One of the Pasta Sisters looks exactly like Pete Davidson
Mrinal Kanti Das
Mrinal Kanti Das - Day ago
Why doesn't she eat on camera?
like linox
like linox - Day ago
like linox
like linox - Day ago
Make ond with briskit
Jasmine - Day ago
Who buys lasagna for $13
Taeyoon Lee
Taeyoon Lee - Day ago
The more they say lasagna the more it doesn’t sound like a word
David Nwogu
David Nwogu - Day ago
Mans drinking and driving
Anne Farhanissa
Anne Farhanissa - Day ago
FYI in Indonesia, we sell a lot of fried spinach bag, but alot of oil 😂
Jasmine - Day ago
8:08 pronhub community...
Swithen Manzi
Swithen Manzi - Day ago
PLEASE does anyone else recognise the drum beat in 8:08
Christian Bustnes
Christian Bustnes - Day ago
I mean I will watch this but buzzfeed is still cancer
Age Of The Witch
Age Of The Witch - Day ago
The Green lasagna for me thank you. 🌿
Ethan Tauch
Ethan Tauch - Day ago
I think y’all should do vlogs like a day in a life/behind the scenes of a worth it episode
Absolute - Day ago
8:07 I feel like I've heard this same music somewhere else ;)
ke wue
ke wue - Day ago
Thien Bui
Thien Bui - Day ago
Why did Adam make mumbling noises
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom - Day ago
Do you ever stop eating??
Simone Plomp
Simone Plomp - Day ago
How is Andrew consuming alcohol and driving? Wow🤦‍♀️
Arcy Production
Arcy Production - Day ago
$69 lasagna is called B*tch Lasagna
Chaitanya Raju
Chaitanya Raju - Day ago
I want them to marry each other...
MilkTea SN
MilkTea SN - Day ago
Me: I love lasagna
PewDiePie: Ok. *makes b*tch lasagna*
Valentina Virciglio
So the most expensive one is not ACTUALLY a traditional lasagna. Interesting. :D
Natasha Adilla
Natasha Adilla - Day ago
We have fried spinach in malaysia.. we fried with tempura
Smart Geek
Smart Geek - Day ago
Hookah lovers Do Checkout -
Tomasz Potoczko
Tomasz Potoczko - Day ago
8:08 pronhub community...
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