I Try DOODLE ART! - Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

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poklover 123
poklover 123 - Hour ago
Doodles make you have a creative and playful auroa
Ice Ice Baby
Ice Ice Baby - 7 hours ago
I wish I could draw characters and not abstract art... v.v
GamerGirl3501 - 13 hours ago
Confirmed: Jazza is in fact, a child.
Creeper 8264
Creeper 8264 - 14 hours ago
This is the quality content I subbed for - Jazza laughing every five minutes at himself saying “doodle”
Darkfang Bluez
Darkfang Bluez - 22 hours ago
My definition of doodling is way different then this. I’m slightly confused on why we have how to doodle courses...
A doodle is more of a zoned out phase, where you don’t really pay attention to what you’re drawling and you get random things out of it.
Seems like taking lessons on how to doodle would defeat the purpose of doodling.
Now learning the abstracts and demential things is cool, I just don’t personal consider it doodling unless you’re not trying to draw anything in particular and end up with it.
Still an interesting video
(And yes I heard and watched the whole video. This is just my thoughts on doodles)
Nathan Riddle
Nathan Riddle - 22 hours ago
Ironically, the thought of doodling and just watching this video gave me stress 😂
Aidan McGreenie
Aidan McGreenie - Day ago
Does doodle mean dick in Australia or something?
Ed Porter
Ed Porter - Day ago
I personally think that a doodle is something that follows no structure and basically involves taking all your thoughts and (in essence) throwing up all those thoughts onto a page. Yes the patterns are useful for extra *finesse* but a basic doodle is a random drawing.

Thats my opinion and you can have your own.
Ed Porter
Ed Porter - 10 hours ago
Yeah i normally comment while watching the vid.
Smatchimo - Day ago
so you completely disregarded 2:38 to 3:50 for this comment? or the fact that he knows and reiterates that doodles are unique to the person drawing them throughout the whole video? Well done!!!!
ramune domininkaityte
Am I the only one, who doesn't understand "the dirty doodle" joke?
Katie James
Katie James - Day ago
I started off really drawing doing Zentangles 🧡
Katie James
Katie James - Day ago
King Simin
King Simin - Day ago
Doodle 😆
Flap Flap Gaming
Flap Flap Gaming - Day ago
Those doodle patterns are zentangle
Miss 84
Miss 84 - Day ago
The innuendo’s are strong with the doodle
Kattie Lomax
Kattie Lomax - Day ago
I used to doodle a lot, but post motivation for it years ago, but this makes me want to go doodle
Jocelyn Marie
Jocelyn Marie - 2 days ago
This one boy in my class came from mexico and he likes to color and do art projects
Bea l3ea
Bea l3ea - 2 days ago
I am going to have to stop watching these at work. The giggles and snorts are making my inmates, I mean work colleagues, all wonder what the heck I am up to....
Hi I'm Trash
Hi I'm Trash - 2 days ago
The real question is, are doodles art?
edward - 2 days ago
i don't get the doodle joke, pls someone explain
Honey Queen
Honey Queen - 2 days ago
"every doodle is special" shirt😍
Hansie Janse van Rensburg
The second doodle looked amazing, but I loved the first one way more.
Aleah Miller
Aleah Miller - 2 days ago
Does a 10 year old stuck in a 22 year old's body count as an adult? I'm asking because i want that- No, i *NEED* that shirt.
Little Quincy
Little Quincy - 2 days ago
I just need to wait seven more years until I’m in adulthood so I can buy the shirt
Fun with Anshdeep Sharma ansh
Can you please make a video on testing indian art supplies
Everyone please support me and I promise you that it would be fun☺️😢
Megan McCormick
Megan McCormick - 2 days ago
The point of doodling is to have fun with randomness. I once drew a page of doodles off of a picture that I was looking into building house (house designs). Starting with a silorette of a car as a marker where the garage door would be I turned it into penguin then snowman once I add a scarf the scarf turned into a flower that turned into a hand for Mr Potatoe then I added surprisingly well drawn cats taking parts from Mr Potatoe. That there was a fun doodle, even more that I hardly doodled before myself but that was fun so it courage me to fill the page like I said here. Apparently people take it more seriously and that's weird. Jazza, I also want to point out your wall is a doodle. Doodling is free form.
Kitkatwiskers - 2 days ago
Please do another character design
SPOOKY - 2 days ago
Wait does doodle mean dick
Nerdalert1101 - 2 days ago
Doodling is super fun. I never really used to feel comfortable doing it, but then I made the resolution to design a tribalistic tattoo for my 18th birthday. I ended up unintentionally getting into doodling just by creating shapeless masses of interlocking tribalistic motifs to practice and actually found the results to be, in and of themselves, quite satisfying. It helped me develop my own style of geometric tribalism, and I ended up designing a tattoo that looks good and that I'm both proud and content to wear for the rest of my life.
The other benefit is that later on, you can start blending doodling with your other styles/mediums as Vexx does, and as I've now started doing: http://fav.me/dcu26kr
In any case, it's really cool that you've started playing around with this medium, and I would love to see how your style of doodling progresses and develops. Best of luck, mate. :)
MissRubyWillow - 2 days ago
Honestly it made my day listening to Jazza laugh at the word doodle for 13 minuets
#1 Trash
#1 Trash - 2 days ago
you should do a Manga style video
Adrian Pavone
Adrian Pavone - 2 days ago
I'm glad you had so much fun playing with your doodle on camera! I definitely love your doodle.
ELLIS JOHNSTON - 2 days ago
Look up PeterDraws... he's a doodle god
Patti M
Patti M - 2 days ago
You make me laugh whenever I watch your vids 😂😂😂 love it!!! Also doodling is fun 😈
xXx Wazzupy xXx
xXx Wazzupy xXx - 3 days ago
Alternate title:
Jazza tries to say doodle in a mature matter for over 13 minutes
MrPresidentGeek - 3 days ago
New T-Shirt Design: "My Doodle...GODDAMIT!!"
Tybag Darel
Tybag Darel - 3 days ago
I'm curious to see your way of making doodle in one year! If you want check my channel to see the progress I've made so far with my doodle! Cheers!
Bunx S.F
Bunx S.F - 3 days ago
My first page of my sketchbook was venom

I'm not experienced and I loved it
Eugene Bruyns
Eugene Bruyns - 3 days ago
Doodles... Family friendly content
Mister Earth
Mister Earth - 3 days ago
*Mister Earth joins chat*
Harmz Nomad
Harmz Nomad - 3 days ago
Damn it Jazza 4 seconds in and nearly pissing myself laughing. You cant say doodle (bahahaha) without me laughing
shabrina har
shabrina har - 3 days ago
i don't understand everytime jazza laughs and saying "i'm an adult".
Louise Kelly
Louise Kelly - 3 days ago
Im 11 and none of your doodle jokes i laughed at that means they weren't funny or i have a bad sense of humor
Opposers Dismythed/ JW Advisor
You need to check out the king of doodling, Peter Draws.
Mary Alian
Mary Alian - 3 days ago
is it just me or i just dont understand the "doodle" jokes....are they supposed to be dirty or...what

sorry i just dont get it
Tim Lane
Tim Lane - 3 days ago
I’ve never referred to this as doodling I thought just finding new ways attempt shapes and get my creativity to be more confident but if you want a true doodle master go to peter draws page he is amazing
Signing ASL
Signing ASL - 3 days ago
I can't get the shirt because I'm not an adult... 😭😭😭
Suzanne Daniels
Suzanne Daniels - 3 days ago
i think im missing something, is doodle a euphemism?
The_Mini _Otaku
The_Mini _Otaku - 3 days ago
Appreciate your doodles
River Rat Cat
River Rat Cat - 4 days ago
I stumbled upon a channel called Peter Draws, that's all doodling, that inspired me to start REALLY doodling, and I just thought it might be nice to share. Sometimes doodles can look absolutely phenomenal.
Ruby Aguilar
Ruby Aguilar - 4 days ago
I didnt get it until I started repeating doodle to myself and burst out laughing 😂😂😂
Effy R
Effy R - 4 days ago
jazza please make these printable somewhere so we can colour them they're so cute 😭♥️♥️
Chella972 - 4 days ago
I need this shirt for chrismas (I'll turn 21 in January and I still don't fluffing know why people are so serious while I'm a punk)
I was always doodling in math and at the end of exams. That was so much fun
MibsyGames - 4 days ago
Basically take all the objects and wacky creatures in your drawings and throw them on one page
Joselyn Fullmer
Joselyn Fullmer - 4 days ago
This is just ZEN-TANGLE....a doodle is simply drawing absentmindedly
J'Niyah Lorenzana
J'Niyah Lorenzana - 4 days ago
I love doodling Because I always say how horrible my drawing were compared to other artists and my doodles help me feel free
Leah Marquardt
Leah Marquardt - 4 days ago
12:09 I AM DYIN XD
Leah Marquardt
Leah Marquardt - 4 days ago
lick something every time he says "doodle"
Incognito Activated
Incognito Activated - 4 days ago
Who else thinks it’s obscenely satisfying watching him doodle with that marker? Aaa 😍
The BMEN Freinds
The BMEN Freinds - 4 days ago
Hey um Jazza, what happened at 10:07 when your drawing disappeared
Ligma Patient Alex
Ligma Patient Alex - 4 days ago
*promotes shirt that shows maturity
Minutes later Jazza:
Jerome Fillier
Jerome Fillier - 4 days ago
For some Super Saiyan level DOODLES check out Peter Draws channel
JesReally - 4 days ago
I have a coloring app on my phone coloring in doodle-like pictures and it’s definitely zen and addictive - your practice pages would make such good coloring pages! Lol
the bull
the bull - 4 days ago
Wow Jazza, I think you're obsessed with the doodle.
Ali-Kat Bell
Ali-Kat Bell - 4 days ago
I didn’t know that doodling was art I thought it was literally just the tiny shapeless scribbles in the binders of books and on the backs of envelopes
fexby fox
fexby fox - 4 days ago
I just suck at drawing Doodles!😂😂😂
KDISK - 4 days ago
This video made me wanna try new art styles now XD
EvanescenceFreak22 - 4 days ago
doodles are for those of us that come here that can't draw lol
SillyLillyGammar - 4 days ago
Would love to see the final doodle on a sketch book
Relatable Arts
Relatable Arts - 5 days ago
why doodle alone when you can with a girlfriend?
*girlfriend breaks up BC you're obnoxious but consistent
*doodles alone*
Whovian_ Gal
Whovian_ Gal - 5 days ago
Doodling was something I never thought of as an art form but more of a thing my teachers get mad at me for doing on my worksheets
Maggi Murray
Maggi Murray - 5 days ago
Yeah your an adult. Very obvious.
its your boy
its your boy - 5 days ago
did somone else swich the word Doodlingm white somthing a little more immature
its your boy
its your boy - 5 days ago
I need a adult

I`m a adult!!!!
Plastic Pinocchio
Plastic Pinocchio - 5 days ago
thisarabgirl - 5 days ago
This video is purely just jazza being unable to say doodle without laughing
Fatimah Alabdullah
Fatimah Alabdullah - 5 days ago
Bob Ross kids:
Rae dizzle
Chloe rose art
Paul Aromin
Paul Aromin - 5 days ago
Laughing at the word Doodle is fine, but by the tenth time then you're just taking the piss.
Mei Itsugaki
Mei Itsugaki - 5 days ago
Jazza have you seen Peter Draws? His doodles are so beautiful! 😍
Taynan Nataly
Taynan Nataly - 5 days ago
PeterDraws would say "nice lines"
Xenie Van Helsing
Xenie Van Helsing - 5 days ago
doodle doodle doodle and I was drawing noodle
Ayoon Sayed
Ayoon Sayed - 5 days ago
Did u notice 10:07( keep watching )Jazza is using pen but he already did it before but then he rubbed it out isn’t that weird.
Btw if ur wondering what i am talking about look where is holding his pen.
Jarringly Jayson
Jarringly Jayson - 5 days ago
take a shot every time jazza laughs at the word doodle
Ness' Hub
Ness' Hub - 5 days ago
Just a little drawing video recommendation.. you should do a video using the new crayola crayon melter
Tailor Cobain
Tailor Cobain - 6 days ago
react to a peter draws video!!! he doodles a lot, and it's well... different...
The Nerd Squad
The Nerd Squad - 6 days ago
It's no longer Draw with Jazza… it's now Doodle with Jazza
Cornn Flaek
Cornn Flaek - 6 days ago
*royalty free music plays*
Me: *Vietnam flashbacks*
Cici Dawn
Cici Dawn - 6 days ago
I don’t know why doodle is so funny 😂😭😂
Julie Hansen
Julie Hansen - 6 days ago
1:11 I think you do now what the deal is with doodles but you want to keep it Family friends 😉🍆
DarkWolfGaming - 6 days ago
You should see Vex he is an artist on youtube who is an expert at Doodles. but with characters
Daisyydraws - 6 days ago
I miss character designs but I do like all the new challenges. Anyway you can get some character designs back in the mix? Just a thought
Spider Man
Spider Man - 6 days ago
What the hell does doodle mean in Australia???
ChLuKa - 6 days ago
Maks Narozanski
Maks Narozanski - 6 days ago
You should try to mix your doodling with your normal artwork, sort of like a plagiarism of Vexx
Just another dumb person on YouTube
Draw with jazza a wonderful Chanel for the entire family no alcohol and no dirty jokes don't forget to let your child watch this and he definitely won't ask why he's laughing when he says doodle
pikagirl gamer1
pikagirl gamer1 - 6 days ago
Even from doodles you make beautiful drawings....
JayFolipurba - 6 days ago
These look really good. You have some talent after all; or rather, you always start something completely new and make something great.
Zoe McCallum
Zoe McCallum - 6 days ago
i just consider doodles letting your mind wander and something you tend to do when you need to fill in time. If you end up going to characters or sketching random people or items then thats what you doodle.
Raningos Raneem
Raningos Raneem - 6 days ago
I wanna see your avatar in CGi!
Abimations - 6 days ago
6:10 “Dive deeper into a pool of doodles” **distant laughter**
BangTAN - 6 days ago
Who else wanted him to color his doodle
Ash - 6 days ago
gosh, the tshirt is so ironic
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