Coronavirus spreads to 12 possible cases in U.S.

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Koragh - 10 hours ago
Vaccine world wide.... mhm how suspicious
Um Nobody
Um Nobody - 3 days ago
Mark Gitschel
Mark Gitschel - 4 days ago
Those glasses have got to go !
Blake Smith
Blake Smith - 4 days ago
Wow, 2 weeks passed, and from 26 people it has now grew to 1000 deaths. Crazy
Kami Death
Kami Death - 4 days ago
I live in TN
Melanee Barrios
Melanee Barrios - 5 days ago
alenuikuau - 5 days ago
Governments are Lying, Biowarfare with Criminal intent....
VOTE Republican
VOTE Republican - 6 days ago
The Coronavirus was created in a Secret Military lab in Communist country of China.
TheDonna1959 - 6 days ago
Are you kidding? Travel to China? How about travel nowhere, stay put, stock up, and stay safe!!!!
Judith Osorio
Judith Osorio - 7 days ago
Why are people in the US not wearing masks? This virus is spreading.
Perico De Lospalotes
Perico De Lospalotes - 7 days ago
A German and a British tourists brought the coronavirus to Spain, both whites, not of Chinese origin. You simply... never know! They are being treated but the real problem is how many they infected on their travel to a pair of Spanish islands: La Gomera and Palma de Mallorca
Daoqin Chen
Daoqin Chen - 8 days ago
nooo not South Korea
Amy Lou
Amy Lou - 9 days ago
This is man created
Amy Lou
Amy Lou - 9 days ago
A vaccine would t stop jy
Mike Smiths
Mike Smiths - 9 days ago
The CDC and our government is never going to tell we the American people the truth of just how many people in USA is infected...the numbers is not the real numbers... And if you believe and government .. Good luck with that...
Nezinau Nezinau
Nezinau Nezinau - 11 days ago
Wtf why USA DOSENT cancel all flight from China??????!!!! ARE U kidding me? U think this virus is a joke? WHO need to watch this movies (Cintagion) (THE carriers) and (outbreak)
butter knife 21
butter knife 21 - 11 days ago
Thank you china. Morons.
Get a life
Get a life - 12 days ago
So many bad things happening in 2020, like calm down 2020
the lonewolf
the lonewolf - 13 days ago
Germs phobia and anxiety: *calm*
Coronavirus: hey :)
Germs phobia and anxiety: *Starts to panic*
iCringyy - 14 days ago
Stop the Chinese people from coming into the US.
Chinese people wanna eat dogs, cats, and rats?
Let them.
Don’t let them affect others.
Keep them in their countries so they can see what they have caused.
Lou Bae
Lou Bae - 14 days ago
Does China have health department. Of Human Services who overseas Restaurants and. Super Markets ??😉😉😉😉😉
The Coronavirus. I don't think it spread overnight so fast!!!! That is kind of stupid than. Scientist all over the world needs to question China
Lou Bae
Lou Bae - 14 days ago
The United States of America always helping God bless America
michael an
michael an - 15 days ago
Who else is here cuz they want 2 see if schools are closing in US?
BRICKFILMS175 - 15 days ago

thought criminal
thought criminal - 15 days ago
California, stay home! We can defeat the virus by spending time alone and masks at work. Most importantly tho.. Californians stay in CA!
Mr. R0R1
Mr. R0R1 - 15 days ago
China contain your people
In your country And no one should leave it or try to flee
# Stop Corona
Johan Hernandez
Johan Hernandez - 15 days ago
Oh is that bad I live in Tennessee 😭😭😭
Josette Raut
Josette Raut - 16 days ago
What the heck is going on the world now??
BigBoneTones Zone
BigBoneTones Zone - 16 days ago
This virus was spread on purpose. Sickness and death are a fast way to make money period. As well as fix a overpopulation proplem.
Linda Schultz
Linda Schultz - 16 days ago
Personal space is not recognized in China. Plague easy to spread.
Linda Schultz
Linda Schultz - 16 days ago
Do not get on a plane or you’re playing Russian roulette and spreading this virus.
Forever Holliday
Forever Holliday - 16 days ago
Can the virus live on packages ordered from China??
Wacky Witch TV
Wacky Witch TV - 17 days ago
So you let 200 from Wuhan come into California yesterday!!!!! Omg! Why????
sree vidhya
sree vidhya - 17 days ago
Which cities got affected?
Bev Sputler
Bev Sputler - 18 days ago
Yea keep flying them back here see what happens! Our wonderful gov more concerned with showing off Netanyahu another indicted corrupt politician from Israel...trump the most disgusting president we've ever had
bigpapi pimp
bigpapi pimp - 19 days ago
Quarantine California, they all have TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)
Freedom of speech
Freedom of speech - 19 days ago
Does this masks really stop this virus of spreading from one person to another if they are cramped up together like this?. I'm really sure all of this fold do not intentionally or cruel try to infected other person. The most scaring part is that this people's can infect other people's with out knowing it. Some people's can take weeks months and years to show the sign by then the global is in chaos situations.
Veronica M
Veronica M - 19 days ago
When you eat everything on freakin planet earth, this happens!!!
Georgie Nicolson
Georgie Nicolson - 19 days ago
when Plague Inc. becomes real
Yan Pham
Yan Pham - 19 days ago
This is due to China withholding information and let it happen to other countries by their selfish acts
Yan Pham
Yan Pham - 19 days ago
I'm hoping some how we can raise that concern. Who doesn't care of their kids but I do, I di concern for my kid at school, not being discriminated here but think bout it. There r millions left wuhan before the lock down, who know where they r now and how many have they impact other already. Cancel school please
Linda Hanson
Linda Hanson - 19 days ago
Scott better cover his eyes!!!!😳
Yan Pham
Yan Pham - 19 days ago
10 in Calif already? Last week was 2
Maximine Bwame
Maximine Bwame - 19 days ago
That’s for eating all them nasty animals
DarkActions - 19 days ago
Soo... um.. how do we cure this thing from killing us?
Mimi 83
Mimi 83 - 19 days ago
Smh those are just the ones that have come forward. People thinking they have a cold/flu and are trying to self medicate to get better. They don't come forward for help until things get worse. They carry on with their regular activities and infecting others. Brace yourselves folks this nightmare has not even begun.
king kong
king kong - 19 days ago
All countries need to ban all chinese flights into their country
Dayna Davis
Dayna Davis - 19 days ago
10 in california??? Where are you getting your information? There's only been two cases in Los Angeles?
A A - 19 days ago
When you eat even bats. This is what you spread for others. They eat almost any moving thing. Disgusting 😷
NFL Sundayy
NFL Sundayy - 19 days ago
i have a fever and now i’m freaked out
jerry jjs
jerry jjs - 19 days ago
Chinese instagrammers

Surprise visit to Hawaii.....
Chilling and spreading my love
Random Couch Potato
Random Couch Potato - 19 days ago
Don’t worry guys, the virus won’t last long because it started killing WAY too soon 👍
Surya Karan
Surya Karan - 19 days ago
The first horseman of apocalypse is here he is named "PRESTILENCE" he who brings plague and infectious disease 😟😟
Like coronovirus
Mark Valley
Mark Valley - 19 days ago
There are many past and present international crimes in China and China. The origin of the Black Death was China, and the Europeans died incredibly, and bodies were piled up everywhere in the city, so horrible. China became the center. In modern times, Hansen's disease, as well as SARS and coronavirus, are the source of many unimaginable diseases and origins from China.
 We should do our best by constructing a shield so as not to improve, supplement, or cause damage to the outside, and we need to make fruit, and it is not enough to slaughter and eat wild animals that are not medically verified. It has become a big problem because of the influx into the generations and generations, and the accumulation of generations.
Alex Rangel Love Live Fan
Sh*t I live in Tennessee
I should stay healthy as long as possible.
Tacitus, I say this to you!
It will turn to zombie land
Kariinschii - 19 days ago
Update the stats:
DEATH TOLL is over 100+ in china
Germany 1.27.2020 just confirmed their first case of Coronavirus
Tia J
Tia J - 19 days ago
I believe this is already far worse than "the experts" are saying. No one arriving directly or indirectly from China should be allowed into the united States.
86 OMF
86 OMF - 19 days ago
They are using it as a weapon of war.
Girl On A Quest
Girl On A Quest - 19 days ago
@ 1:54 it hurts...... 😭 Poor Lady.
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