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Misfit,the activist tv
sadly tax avoidance is not part of the games
Aidan Mcguire
Aidan Mcguire - 9 hours ago
Had to stop watching coz Lawrence made me cringe
Sahebjit Chhabra
Sahebjit Chhabra - 2 days ago
Josh's third jump was not 4.75m lmao
YT_Psyco - 3 days ago
Outro song?
Just Somebody
Just Somebody - 4 days ago
Who's not here to see how fast Tobi is but just to watch the sidemen
Retomble - 8 days ago
CharlyG - 10 days ago
“Behz never talks about his weight loss. He’s very subtle about it..” mhmm..... debateable...
الزیق الخمر
الزیق الخمر - 11 days ago
JDoGGYDiZZLE - 11 days ago
The commentary is absolutely brilliant 😂👍🏻
daniel fry
daniel fry - 13 days ago
I would be 3rd if I raced in that I can run 13:19
daniel fry
daniel fry - 13 days ago
Do another one of these please I’m here at 23rd of November 2019 can u please make another one I love these
Hannes *
Hannes * - 13 days ago
Hahahaha! Lol, I jump 4 m and jj jumps 2 and im 12 hahaha
Tom k
Tom k - 13 days ago
Ethans run for Long jump was sad 😔
Luisa Whitton
Luisa Whitton - 14 days ago
Who’s here after ksi beat Logan
Max Schulze
Max Schulze - 16 days ago
this is still fat ethan😢
AntZaBoss - 16 days ago
I’m 11 and I would’ve came third In dat race
Xen 24
Xen 24 - 14 days ago
lil finn
lil finn - 17 days ago
It is not even Ethan
JCHydra - 18 days ago
5:41 " *Whens Lunch?* "
FaZe SaMar
FaZe SaMar - 18 days ago
I like simon
Jason Yt
Jason Yt - 21 day ago
3:46 LMAO
Max Lundy
Max Lundy - 21 day ago
What bout year 4
BingBong Rukoo
BingBong Rukoo - 22 days ago
Basically to summarise this video

Harry is fat 😂
Eppstein didn’t kill himself
ganesh srinath
ganesh srinath - 24 days ago
7:35 josh zerkaa takes the leeeeead!!!! Love true geordie maaannnn!!!
Sarah Rahim
Sarah Rahim - 24 days ago
Vick overstepped the line
Steve Buttifant
Steve Buttifant - 25 days ago
Vick with the short legs
Came last in da sprints
Raffael Schlumberger
Raffael Schlumberger - 25 days ago
Long Jump: im 11 and i jumped 4.93 meters
Jackson Ross
Jackson Ross - 26 days ago
I’m in year 4 and I can throw further
Sonia Nath
Sonia Nath - 26 days ago
10:01 how is that 1.87??!?
Ben kenobi
Ben kenobi - 27 days ago
Dab on them, dab dab dab
Shazzy is Asian
Shazzy is Asian - 28 days ago
I’m in year 9 and I got 32 metres...

Edit: I said this before mr commentator said that...
Hoyt Sigman
Hoyt Sigman - 28 days ago
12.50 that's 19.4 MPH and 11.15 is 21.3 MPH so yeah fast
Cherie Ferguson
Cherie Ferguson - 29 days ago
18.56m in disus at the age of 7
Now im 8
Animals Are God's Gift
Animals Are God's Gift - 29 days ago
Adam ❤️
Jordan Edgerton
Jordan Edgerton - Month ago
discus for the mentally ill
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix - Month ago
I love the Sidemen
rymxo - Month ago
Lawrence is so unfunny
sandra boon
sandra boon - Month ago
lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
AyyDy - Month ago
Love the commentary
Mar Tin
Mar Tin - Month ago
I would’ve probs loved the vid if not of the commentators
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