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Psyche Gaming
Psyche Gaming - 59 minutes ago
Who is watching this race after tobi came 2nd
alisha - 7 hours ago
whose here after tobi beat jake paul in the challenger games
Bup Games
Bup Games - 11 hours ago
Sidemen: there will be no usain bolt here. Me: THEN WHY IS ETHAN BLACK?
Morgan David Pugh
Morgan David Pugh - Day ago
The furthest I have jumped is 6:37 meters!!!
K9 _GhostZz
K9 _GhostZz - Day ago
I don't have anything against geordie ans Lawrence but they ruined the vid so much
ItsConnorGL - Day ago
I love Laurence’s commentating
Creeper McCreepin
Creeper McCreepin - 2 days ago
Wait ethan didnt win
Kora 619
Kora 619 - 2 days ago
my long jump is 16ft
Kora 619
Kora 619 - 2 days ago
y’all are slow, i’m 13 and my 100m is 11.7
MarvelAvengers - 2 days ago
16:59 the way simons running XD
sullyboii - 2 days ago
I’m 9 and I can throw 29 metres
Made the state team tho
roshini ivin
roshini ivin - 3 days ago
Patrick 135
Patrick 135 - 3 days ago
Tobi should be sick of second place now
Kaitlin Bonner
Kaitlin Bonner - 3 days ago
BxR - 4 days ago
Deji in the sidemen. That is my dream. I would love it.
i think that adam gemili
Teple Brow
Teple Brow - 4 days ago
Subscribe me
Adarsh GO
Adarsh GO - 4 days ago
*Tobi the second fastest YouTuber*
Dark Vader
Dark Vader - 4 days ago
That wasn’t Ethan racing
Dylan Parsley
Dylan Parsley - 4 days ago
I'm in year 7 and I could beat the discus throws
Grizzle YT
Grizzle YT - 5 days ago
That is not behzinga
AvR4J - 5 days ago
Ok let me get this strait, the commentary was good and all but if we could just hear the conversations that the sidemen were having, that would have been real bants
Tia Morrison
Tia Morrison - 5 days ago
Harry gives me fanny flutters 😂
yasine phunix boi
yasine phunix boi - 6 days ago
Are these commentators came from the same family as Phil?
ErrantWarrior72 BR/BFV
ErrantWarrior72 BR/BFV - 6 days ago
The commentators think they’re funny,but they’re not
Olubusola Aderibigbe
Olubusola Aderibigbe - 6 days ago
I’ve been there before
iconic_bonbon :3
iconic_bonbon :3 - 7 days ago
The first past ....

cHiLl : )
Ellen Williams
Ellen Williams - 7 days ago
Omg omg it’s dartford I live there I’ve ran on that track before!!!!
Soban Hussain
Soban Hussain - 7 days ago
16:19 Behzinga running like theres no tomorrow lol 😂😂
that no bezhingga
WOLF - 7 days ago
Crazy how the 2 black ones are the fastest other than Ethan
Therockdwarf Mockdwarf
Therockdwarf Mockdwarf - 7 days ago
They said Behz never talks about weight loss 😂
ItsPoirica - 7 days ago
I’m a discus thrower. So this hurt me
Gareth Rees
Gareth Rees - 7 days ago
Tbh next video should be sidemen try to do real jobs for a week
Ethan Daulby
Ethan Daulby - 8 days ago
The commentators think there funny but there just grown men who have no friends or girlfriends
Václav Šálek
Václav Šálek - 8 days ago
When this was done better than challenger games xD
Curren Kong
Curren Kong - 8 days ago
I really wanna race all of the sidemen. I’m not confident enough to know that I’ll win or get second after Tobi lol but it looks like a good challenge. It looks really fun
CZN Blaze
CZN Blaze - 8 days ago
They predicted the challenger games outcome
thattopcorner football
thattopcorner football - 9 days ago
I feel so dumb not realizing Ethan didn't run until the replay close up.
FaZe_Bandz - 9 days ago
The commentary just makes it 100% better
AxEliteZz Poppa
AxEliteZz Poppa - 9 days ago
I'm faster than tobi 😲
Des Royes73
Des Royes73 - 9 days ago
I like commentary.
Mikkel Lodahl
Mikkel Lodahl - 9 days ago
What With wrestling
Reiss Marshall
Reiss Marshall - 9 days ago
“Ethan doesn’t show off his weight loss” Ah he’s funny😂
Jk well done Ethan👍
Billybob Bear
Billybob Bear - 10 days ago
AMazing commentary
Ruadhri Govan
Ruadhri Govan - 10 days ago
5 star commentary
Jayden Dragon00
Jayden Dragon00 - 10 days ago
I say to I won
CaideyWaidey - 11 days ago
I'm 11 and my 100m sprint time is 11.3
Jack Bilsborough
Jack Bilsborough - 11 days ago
Bez never talks about his weight loss
Just wait gordie
Omer Sajid
Omer Sajid - 11 days ago
anyone else think the commentary is really dead?
RockX - 11 days ago
3:53 wtf is that supposed to mean
It’s REEMER-_-320
It’s REEMER-_-320 - 11 days ago
Ethan was such a lazy fatass lol
Kez Wayne
Kez Wayne - 11 days ago
Harry isn't fat
JJ Watterson
JJ Watterson - 12 days ago
Deestroying would’ve beat that athlete in the 100m😂
xLegend - 12 days ago
2:12 what I like about behzinga is that he does not talk about his weight loss
King Wolf
King Wolf - 12 days ago
This is better than challenger games!
Yannick El Manssouri
Yannick El Manssouri - 13 days ago
Haha omg simon when he turn around😂👌
Littlebossmsn Reeves
Littlebossmsn Reeves - 14 days ago
16:11 the race
Carol Blades
Carol Blades - 15 days ago
Stop cheating ksi
Joshua Grady
Joshua Grady - 15 days ago
Please do this again this year
Ioan Williams
Ioan Williams - 15 days ago
I swear Josh's jump was measured inaccurately
Ioan Williams
Ioan Williams - 15 days ago
wtf, they are all worse than I expected. and I wasn't expecting much
Tommy Cuong Viet Vo
Tommy Cuong Viet Vo - 15 days ago
The commentary ruined the video
Maksim Eckhart
Maksim Eckhart - 15 days ago
Vicstar trying too run like a human but just can’t
Joel Arun
Joel Arun - 15 days ago
Okay why is Vikk's 100m time as fast as mine
Adachi Emelogu
Adachi Emelogu - 15 days ago
Please how did Ethan win now .Lmao!
Twitch Voltagez
Twitch Voltagez - 15 days ago
Where’s the Dartford gang at
Twitch Voltagez
Twitch Voltagez - 15 days ago
U guys know
Aadam Hussain
Aadam Hussain - 15 days ago
Hasan Lepuzanovic
Hasan Lepuzanovic - 15 days ago
I can jump 3.40meters
Kerr Lyon
Kerr Lyon - 16 days ago
Sidemen olympics 2019 only two months away
IrishSHAMROCK ?? - 16 days ago
I’m I the on,y one from tobi saying he’s faster than Logan ??
Yasmin Begum_
Yasmin Begum_ - 17 days ago
Can Wroetoshaw run??

Not too sure.
Get it??
Wroetoshaw? Not too sure?
Jeremiah Roopchansingh
Jeremiah Roopchansingh - 17 days ago
Why does Ethan turn black then back to white
Nijmegen City
Nijmegen City - 17 days ago
16:58 simon 😂😂😂😂
Nijmegen City
Nijmegen City - 17 days ago
Daniel CHAVEZ - 18 days ago
Deestroying should race the winner of the race at the end
Not Neymar Jr
Not Neymar Jr - 17 days ago
Daniel CHAVEZ the winner was an actual Olympic sprinter
Kardo asdqwe
Kardo asdqwe - 18 days ago
anyone noticed that the colour that Tobi was marked with was black
Cherie Ferguson
Cherie Ferguson - 18 days ago
Keep it up sidemen
CherryKoala27 - 18 days ago
My face when I realised they raced on the same track as I did
Gabby Ofosu-Asamoah
Gabby Ofosu-Asamoah - 15 days ago
CherryKoala27 I was like omg this is dartford track I’ve raced here!!!
Mghool4ever - 18 days ago
MAshallah alhamdulillah Inshallah better
cheesy cheese_60
cheesy cheese_60 - 16 days ago
Muhammad Munir
Muhammad Munir - 19 days ago
The commentary just made this video much more funny than it could've been
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