130-Pound Dog Gets His First Home Ever | The Dodo Adoption Day

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Aiah gwapa
Aiah gwapa - 3 hours ago
who else watch the THE DOG'S PURPOSE?
Knight of the SONGBIRD
Knight of the SONGBIRD - 8 hours ago
Is that the same house where CONJURING was shoot?
Cosmo: i need get outa here. 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️
John Wade
John Wade - 10 hours ago
he prob Is putting his down to the bowel.  he is a bigger dog.  raise the bowel up a foot or two.
Jp Piltz
Jp Piltz - 11 hours ago
How can 2.8k people even dislike this idiots
Edgaras Vansevicius
Edgaras Vansevicius - 11 hours ago
the dog is more heavier then me :D i like 55 kg and he like 58 kg :D
Yugoslavian General
Yugoslavian General - 14 hours ago
We have Beethoven on board
Rock Tan
Rock Tan - 19 hours ago
Isn't toilet water bad for their health?
Saranga Walimuni
Saranga Walimuni - Day ago
It's not crazy you have paid off half of your sins
Dia Sonenclar
Dia Sonenclar - Day ago
Good to see Cujo got over his rabies.
William Gitwald
William Gitwald - Day ago
Great video. I have a 4 yr old,120 lb, Male. He is the most loving dog I've ever had. His mannerisms, and temperament mirror Cosmo. He makes our home complete. A true blessing!
Mr. Shlock
Mr. Shlock - Day ago
OK, he's a big beautiful mush! I'd let him stay out of North Korea... until he's old and infirm.
Maggie Bueno
Maggie Bueno - Day ago
James Weirick
James Weirick - Day ago
What a great family!
BD CASH - Day ago
these dodo vids i swear
Aiyana Holand
Aiyana Holand - Day ago
I had a 95 kilos English Mastiff. Junior is now a sparkle light in Heaven. Love him always.
Diana - Day ago
I had a 93 kilos (205 lbs) Bull Mastiff named Hercules and he is also a sparkle of light in Heaven too. Like you, I will always love him forever. <3 Big dogs can be very intimidating, but to my experience they are also big babies. :-) Unless of course, someone tries to do harm to the family. Not sure about English Mastiff life expectancy but Bull Mastiff life expectancy is 10 years and my Hercules lived to be 15 yrs old before he passed away from old age. I truly believe the quality of life depends on how long they live.
what_what - Day ago
bless you for your compassion towards animals and teaching your children to love animals
Fiona McInnis
Fiona McInnis - Day ago
I don’t live too far from Hearts United for Animals, the rescue center. I purposely don’t look on their website or I’d have 500 animals. Right now, my rescue cat, Helvetica, is an only animal kind of pet. She hates all other animals and she is my beloved princess so she comes first in my life. However, I’m proud of the work they do and I love everyone who opens up their homes to rescues!! 💕
Phoenix Fury
Phoenix Fury - Day ago
0:24 I am not sure that’s healthy
Jael Raphael
Jael Raphael - Day ago
A gentle gaint with the most gentle people he can ask for💟
ghostbear200123 - Day ago
Cosmo has found Love.😄
Silver Cookie
Silver Cookie - Day ago
‘ I keep a big bowl in the shower.. but he completely ignores it!’ -drinks in toilet-
Baz G
Baz G - Day ago
2.7k dislikes ?????????????????????? you sad sad sub humans
Clint Whatley
Clint Whatley - Day ago
And He Lived Happily Ever After.....Good Job.
Dawn Mary bell did kill !!!!! Taylor
He is one beautiful dog ,so glad he has his forever family ,gorgeous boy xx
Luna - Day ago
The fact he just wanted to lay in cramped spaces is so sad. Dogs do that to feel safe and he was probably used to that in his old life :(
Pat McTallica
Pat McTallica - Day ago
Andrew Seymour
Andrew Seymour - Day ago
2.7K Dislikes? Why? This is a great video.
Maria Flaig
Maria Flaig - Day ago
Ohh so cute......I miss my Maxi....a 100% Northfolk Terrier:-((((God bless all these cuties!
Kid Tannen
Kid Tannen - 2 days ago
There's an ad saying "GOT DOG POOP!? WE'RE THE POOP PROS!"... What a werid we live in
Diana - Day ago
That's hilarious. LOL Hard to forget an ad line like that.
Cold Winter
Cold Winter - 2 days ago
Way to go Cosmo! So VERY happy for your new home and ALL the LOVE coming your way!
Lord Potato
Lord Potato - 2 days ago
This might be Sumo’s cousin..
Skull_ Moose
Skull_ Moose - 2 days ago
It's great to see this beautiful dog learn to have an awesome new life!
lared - 2 days ago
So beautiful!
kazan0217 - 2 days ago
Beautiful story. 🐾💙
Andrew's Photography
Andrew's Photography - 2 days ago
Thanks for sharing your beautiful story! I have 3 Labs ages 5, 6 and 7, black, chocolate and yellow and I firmly believe in family walks off leash in the bush / by the water / trails... a dog's natural environment. Let them run, smell... Nice video!
Saskeia Plays
Saskeia Plays - 2 days ago
I'd love a dog like him, I'm going through some tough Anxiety and depression right now, I think a dog would be perfect..
Mochie Mehp
Mochie Mehp - 2 days ago
Cosmo; *drinks in the toilet*
Me; Awwwww
Tania Zie
Tania Zie - 2 days ago
liljohnjr12 - 3 days ago
He looks like bethon
Chuck Pestacchi
Chuck Pestacchi - 3 days ago
What a sweet, wonderful dog, Great seeing her get home finally. Good Wishes.
Karen Elizabeth
Karen Elizabeth - 3 days ago
I want a St. Bernard now 😭😭!!! He’s BEAUTIFUL!!
dadigan - 3 days ago
THANK YOU!!!!!... and wonderful. I have never had a "mini horse/dog" as a member of my family, but I might after Cosmo. What a gentle giant! I was godfather, and help my dear friend raise the blind/deaf Aussie's called Lethal White's. They were THE most loving AND smartest dogs(angels) I have ever known.... and my family has had animals, literally, since I can remember. I will probably get lethal white's again because very few want the extra burden they "think" they will get. I NEVER felt burdened. In fact, I am pretty certain that, on any given day, BOTH Sammy and Sully were smarter than me. Seriously! THEY are that smart! God Bless you and your family!! Please....anyone/everyone....google lethal white Aussies
gabe - 3 days ago
cosmo: im bout to ewnd this whole man’s cawreer
BluPlayer - 3 days ago
Big boi~ ❤❤
George Claire
George Claire - 3 days ago
Every time I think I’m out , this channel PULLS me back in .... happy tears all
The time!
Delightfullydemented65 PMRChater
Lol, what a big "lush." If he was human, he'd fit in nicely with all the "stoner hippies" quite well.
Marie F
Marie F - 3 days ago
How lovely, it was to be for you to have him , he was happy to eventually get in that car, he had good senses of a lovely new home coming for him ❤️🐕🏘
Roman - 3 days ago
perfect dog for kids!
garagekid - 3 days ago
"he likes to fit in places that are not really St-Bernard sized" when your big doggo behaves just like your cute little cat.
Sam Sguanch
Sam Sguanch - 3 days ago
"My husband likes to look at dogs online"
-- Quickly opens up a new tab.
Resham Shaikh
Resham Shaikh - 3 days ago
I love dog
wishingnstarz - 4 days ago
Man I really needed this video today
Ripped Up Freddy
Ripped Up Freddy - 4 days ago
Drinking toilet water WTF
sb - 4 days ago
Now that was a great story with an awesome ending. Wishing them all the best for years to come.
A SHIBA - 4 days ago
A gorgeous Cosmo's for a gorgeous family bless you all.
Abhishek Mondal
Abhishek Mondal - 4 days ago
...Cosmo...really...that is Cujo...
Michelle Lessard
Michelle Lessard - 4 days ago
you are an amazing woman, and you have an incredible family...Cosmo is fitting right in and he's a very lucky dog!!
Amber T
Amber T - 4 days ago
Cosmo has hurt hips. He would love more of it didn't hurt! He needs cbd💓 coconut oil anfld all those good nutrients. Poor critter!
Joe Giuffre
Joe Giuffre - 4 days ago
Not sure what these 2.7k idiots expected.
freewithnature - 4 days ago
What an amazing fur mama ❤️
Dennis Maisonville
Dennis Maisonville - 4 days ago
Rogemille Castillo
Rogemille Castillo - 4 days ago
That's not a 130 pound dog. I'm a buck sixty and that dog is way bigger than me...
atom _________
atom _________ - 4 days ago
she knew she would make it back home cause if the rental car broke down she could ride the dog home:)
mad honeybee
mad honeybee - 4 days ago
I honestly do not understand people not liking this video & story. it is heartwarming to know that some doggos get rescued.
Diana - Day ago
I don't understand people not liking this video either. Anyone who dislikes a video like this just simply don't like animals and have no heart. The dog I have now is a rescue from the dog pound and was going to be put down. I told the guy "Show me all the dogs that have been here the longest and that nobody wants." My dog is so loving that I cannot understand how anyone would not want him.
JUST ANGEL - 4 days ago
How she have dog named Grendel buh not one named Beowulf ☹️🙁
Motersickle Bum
Motersickle Bum - 4 days ago
Breeders are scum...
Christine Chaos
Christine Chaos - 4 days ago
This was beautiful to see, what a great family ❣🔆💟❌🙏☮ I remember when I was a little girl I found the saint Bernard and I wanted to keep him so bad they already had an Irish setter and my parents were very young parents. You also had a cat and birds. We lived in the city and didn't have enough room for a saint Bernard. I loved him so much when I found him I begged and begged and begged I camped outside with him and fed him SpaghettiOs out of the can dog bones that I stole from my dog. I am now 49 and tears are streaming tell my face with happiness ❣🙏❌💟☮🔆😪🎼💚 I think of this dog as seen Bernard I found when I was a little girl. I hope wherever he went he was happy and loved.
Adi Primanda Ginting
Adi Primanda Ginting - 4 days ago
Such a gentle giant. He is so nice around new people :D
Night Owl
Night Owl - 4 days ago
These videos just keep getting better!
Iosif Dzhugashvili
Iosif Dzhugashvili - 4 days ago
He’s so silly I love him
Roger Balcer
Roger Balcer - 4 days ago
My friend Phil wanted a Saint Bernard since he was a small boy. He never realized that dream because his dad was a career navy officer and they traveled and moved a lot. When Phil graduated from college and settled into a full time job he decide it was time ! After a year of looking he found the deal of a lifetime a $450, 4 month old male and he bought it sight unseen from a private owner (I warned him of the folly of buying unseen but he was too hyped to listen). He drove from Ohio to New Mexico to get the dog and it weighed around 30 lbs at the time. Once home he took it to the Vet and he got a perfect health report, except it wasn't a Bernard it was a Himalayan Mastiff ! He's had Barkly for 10 years now and he tips the scale at 155 pounds ! Know before you buy !
Kat Jasper
Kat Jasper - 4 days ago
Cried all the way through - balled even harder when "Poppy" came out to say hello - that's my name! What a fantastic story!
Emerald Panda
Emerald Panda - 5 days ago
He is a UNIT
Pibly - 5 days ago
Great video
billy fatbowe
billy fatbowe - 5 days ago
Try closing the toilet lid..🎯
Laurel Girard
Laurel Girard - 5 days ago
Love at first sight!! I hope this inspires people to Adopt not Shop!! There are dogs of all shapes & sizes that need loving homes🐶🐾❤️
Tisquantum - 5 days ago
When a dog weighs more than you
Benjamin McCoy
Benjamin McCoy - 5 days ago
i have a saint Bernard they are amazing dogs loyal and loving best dogs ever IMO
Millie Ruff
Millie Ruff - 5 days ago
As a farm girl, I was tought that we humans are custodians to our animal companions. We keep them fed,clean and happy,even the ones we plan to eat.
Someone123 - 5 days ago
Adorable dog and adorable family!!!! Amazing doggy parents!!!
Abigail Hill
Abigail Hill - 5 days ago
That made me cry.
steven clark
steven clark - 5 days ago
That is big gorgeous boy it's so sad he hasn't had a home before..big gentle giant...
Diana - Day ago
IKR. It's hard to believe someone didn't keep that sweet loving dog.
Paul Marshall
Paul Marshall - 5 days ago
Having a St Bernard, is just like having a 10 stone toddler, Andre ( My St Bernard) was a rescue dog, he was in a bad state when we got him, but he is an amazing part of the family now.
Please if you want a dog, before you rush out and buy that adorable puppy, consider a rescue dog, puppies are puppies for a few months, they all grow up, but a rescue dog needs your love too, and they will pay you back in love 10 fold.
Diana - Day ago
Amen to that statement!! My dog is also a rescue (not a St. Bernard) but my husband and I rescued him from the pound. We got there just in the nick of time because he was going to be put down. I told the guy "Show me all the dogs that have been here the longest and that nobody wants". He is such a loving dog. It blows my mind how someone could just give him up like that or that nobody wanted him.
Chris Sharratt-Malone
Chris Sharratt-Malone - 5 days ago
So lush
Pani Shook
Pani Shook - 5 days ago
'Cosmo you' re so propper '😂
Shannon Buccellato
Shannon Buccellato - 5 days ago
Ramble on 💛
StupidLittleRedFox - 5 days ago
What a huge marshmallow :)
CloutMuzik Beats
CloutMuzik Beats - 5 days ago
cosmo is a great parent
Denise Uhlry
Denise Uhlry - 5 days ago
Thanks for giving this huge boy a loving home!! Just don’t watch Cujo! Lol 😂.
Julie Keenan
Julie Keenan - 6 days ago
Dogs are just full of love. How could anyone abuse them.
Fabio Louis
Fabio Louis - 6 days ago
Thdxbll3 - 6 days ago
“Even if he loves her and wants to marry her?” .... well that was adorable!
Sarath Raj R
Sarath Raj R - 6 days ago
He is sooooooo cuteeee.
Yamanappa K Kadlimatti
Yamanappa K Kadlimatti - 6 days ago
Extreme3D - 7 days ago
1:49 what the pedophile says before snatching you
Shyrinx - 7 days ago
Cosmo is a cute big bub
the official aubree
the official aubree - 7 days ago
He such a cute dog I have a old English bulldog and a full English bulldog
1samuel2415 1samuel2415
only someone who is willing to travel this much to adopt a dog deserves a dog like him.
Alien kumar
Alien kumar - 7 days ago
Oh...DOG HULK...
Sarika S
Sarika S - 7 days ago
Very beautiful..this world is because of people like YOU.
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