130-Pound Dog Gets His First Home Ever | The Dodo Adoption Day

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Silly 10870
Silly 10870 - 19 minutes ago
Lucio Pedraza
Lucio Pedraza - Hour ago
Ver caballos con las yeguas montando
Crėsėnt møøñ
Crėsėnt møøñ - Hour ago
Hes so cute!!! My dog is one pound 😅
Michael Michael
Michael Michael - Hour ago
Great video, I too have adopted, hate the term rescued, cause she rescued me, a large older dog. God Bless you.
Salty_knee_grow - 2 hours ago
He is the best boy
samikhans_photography - 2 hours ago
Best bog bread ever to have.
KittyCatGrl12 - 3 hours ago
He looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
Chibi Verse
Chibi Verse - 3 hours ago
I have two Saint Bernard's. Both rescues, honestly, idk how anyone could reject saintbernards. They are literally the sweetest dogs I have ever had out of all of my dogs (8) I have ever had. I don't think I have ever seen one them dislike a dog.
jwahh - 3 hours ago
Looks like Cosmo hit the jackpot.
I don’t have a good name But I love ariana grande
He’s so cuddly!!!!!!!!
J024 - 5 hours ago
Great outcome for this big guy!
Lolo dempsey
Lolo dempsey - 5 hours ago
Be like her give dogs a great life no matter what their past is
Claudia Jordan
Claudia Jordan - 9 hours ago
He is cute I love st bernards 💞
Dallas - 9 hours ago
Please update as often as you can so we can see his adjustments and interactions ;)
Dallas - 9 hours ago
Cosmo is absolutely beautiful ! Thank you for giving him a tender loving home :)
RockerCatErrorEncountered 404
I love how she brought him a toy the first time she met him. She truly understands dogs.
Edit: does anyone know what kind of dog Grendel is?
Robert Burleson
Robert Burleson - 16 hours ago
I love Cosmo and your family's priorities. Dogs do understand LOVE and are not too proud or selfish to show it!! If we all loved each other the way dogs love humans the prisons would be empty and crime would not exist!! May you continue to be blessed and give Cosmo a big hug for me. I miss my Saint!!
Being Boss
Being Boss - 17 hours ago
Breed ???
Kapoor Singh
Kapoor Singh - 17 hours ago
WoW that is so amazing.
Samin Siddiquee
Samin Siddiquee - 19 hours ago
God bless their family
Jenny Leung
Jenny Leung - 20 hours ago
thank you for loving all the dogs.
SquatchOuT - 21 hour ago
Best part is 6:48 when he smashes into the little tree, love that guy he seems to have hit the pup jackpot
Caleb J
Caleb J - 22 hours ago
Anyone who does not like this is not a good person
Atanu Roy
Atanu Roy - 22 hours ago
st bernards are cute big babies
concepts - 22 hours ago
the fact that she drove all that,,, god bless her soul.
Anna Šimajová
Anna Šimajová - 22 hours ago
scruffy bubbles
scruffy bubbles - 23 hours ago
That dog is so sweet❤️
fluffylover1231 - Day ago
This dog could actually maul me and he’d still be *best boi* 😂❤️😍💯❤️
Maharani Marrarani
Maharani Marrarani - Day ago
People, stop referring Cosmo to Cujo. It just show how appearance still is all you see instead the inner being!
Jorge Montanez
Jorge Montanez - Day ago
im about to be 15 and im barely 100 pounds
Rowan Kunz-Peek
Rowan Kunz-Peek - Day ago
Saint Bernard called cosmo (hmmmmmmmm) ((cujo))
Rowan Kunz-Peek
Rowan Kunz-Peek - Day ago
Rowan Kunz-Peek
Rowan Kunz-Peek - Day ago
Cosmo is a beautiful dog with a beautiful story, and I’m not implying all st Bernard’s are evil, it was just a joke
Rowan Kunz-Peek
Rowan Kunz-Peek - Day ago
It was a joke, god
Maharani Marrarani
Maharani Marrarani - Day ago
Annette Wojtowicz
Annette Wojtowicz - Day ago
Thank you for 7 minutes and 59 seconds of pure bliss. I love Saint Bernard's
Jen Wombat Excelsior
Cosmo has toilet champagne now and that's...unsanitary 😅
Predator 2123
Predator 2123 - Day ago
He looks like Cujo
Flam Cutty
Flam Cutty - Day ago
I love Cosmo and I love all of you
flowers golden
flowers golden - Day ago
*-it's sumo xD-*
Eve Mangam
Eve Mangam - Day ago
*What a good little boi, he is such a floof*
AdventurousSofie - Day ago
It looks like the abandoned dog on A dog's purpose...
Jerry Rochester
Jerry Rochester - Day ago
_AutumnSwish _
_AutumnSwish _ - Day ago
dang he’s heavier and cuter than me 😂
Lcwolves - Day ago
the dog is heavier than me what
I disliked the video

Its me, Mario!
Living Proof
Living Proof - Day ago
Love this!!! ❤❤❤
Shari Holmes
Shari Holmes - Day ago
"I'm going to miss you little buddy"? Lol, nothing about Cosmo was little!
Laurie Leatherwood
Laurie Leatherwood - Day ago
This dog looks sad wich IS sad 😭
Baseballpro noah 8610
Why is your YouTube named the dodo
savv x
savv x - Day ago
this dog have a better life than me
Daddy Blobster
Daddy Blobster - Day ago
What a thicc-boi. I love him
Sylvia Chelsea
Sylvia Chelsea - Day ago
I love this family omg the dogs the bunnies the kids my dream I love it, makes me so happy
LaDiva DeJour
LaDiva DeJour - Day ago
Hey, it's Beethoven!!!!
user name
user name - Day ago
i think i just found my purpose in life
Dasiaa Morris
Dasiaa Morris - Day ago
I needed this to be an hour long.
Elijah Compton
Elijah Compton - Day ago
I would be terrified of dogs running off
My nerves go crazy
Lynn Elliott
Lynn Elliott - Day ago
God bless you and your family for what you've done! More of THIS in the world, less of the other crap and we'd be so much better off!
Elijah Compton
Elijah Compton - Day ago
Maybe I'm wrong
But he has a slightly smushed face
I think
still freaking awesome
Cupcake Snake
Cupcake Snake - Day ago
I’m sorry I don’t know like how to use stairs I’ll just jump up this high deck and sneak through this really tiny bar that’s a better idea😂
Mr. Schwartz's Art Hour
I literally spent this whole video cooing “who’s a good big boi? Lookit the cute boi!” I’m getting concerned looks lol
Miserable I guess
Miserable I guess - Day ago
It’s 11:30 how did I get here
Maharani Marrarani
Maharani Marrarani - Day ago
Lisa Lev
Lisa Lev - 2 days ago
Beautiful family, just made a little more beautiful by the new addition!
Yellow Sunshine
Yellow Sunshine - 2 days ago
He is goals
10,000 subscribers no videos
He almost weighs as much as me when I was 7
Carolina Acosta
Carolina Acosta - 2 days ago
Sumo is that you
Стая Танец
Стая Танец - 2 days ago
Look at that face
Hitoshi-Kun - 2 days ago
he is so cute (^ω^)
hirokokayane kayane
hirokokayane kayane - 2 days ago
jbscotchman - 2 days ago
You have a heart of gold!
Rochelle Pratt
Rochelle Pratt - 2 days ago
There's always someone for somebody and this goes for Pets !!!  God bless hugs and kisses  Gosh he's so cute !!!
Jonida Sanço
Jonida Sanço - 2 days ago
Oh my god! Where does this woman live? Heaven? That place is beautiful.
LaDonna Sims
LaDonna Sims - 2 days ago
Yeah for your family and Cosmo!!
Morganisis - 2 days ago
Can I have Cosmo 😍🐶😂
DR. Cornchip
DR. Cornchip - 2 days ago
DR. Cornchip
DR. Cornchip - 2 days ago
That dog is very cute an have a beaiful eyes
Gramma Jo
Gramma Jo - 2 days ago
I've had two St Bernard's. King was hit by a truck and had brain damage and died. The second one, Fleck, became over protective of my daughter and me and was precious. After a few years he started biting children for no apparent reason. Finally he attacked a delivery man who threatened to sue so our dog was put down. A dog that big can do real damage. Vet said St.Bernards are not good family dogs and are often put down. So sad when you love them.
Awesome Puppy
Awesome Puppy - Day ago
Gramma Jo I’m so sorry that happened! I have a shih tzu named Jasper, and he can be a bit temperamental at times, but he’s a really good boy overall.
Pepethe Frog123
Pepethe Frog123 - 2 days ago
Saint Bernards are the best
Gwen Vidas
Gwen Vidas - 2 days ago
Paige’s Channel
Paige’s Channel - 2 days ago
I would love to have a cosmo his a big sweetheart 🥰🥰🥰
Hijabi Mama
Hijabi Mama - 2 days ago
Saint Bernard are my all time favorite breed, always will be.
But how hard is it to close the toilet? My dogs never lick my face because I don't like it. We do big hugs instead. Since I've had dogs my entire life I know that at some point every dog licks it's butthole, unless it's just too fat to reach, but they still try. Add to that the toilet water the dog is drinking and splashing all on his face, and I know he is. My saint was soggy every time she drank, and if she was especially hot and drank water she could splash droplets all the way to her eyebrow area. Then walk away from the bowl and shake, spraying anyone close by, or simply walk over to the couch for attention and rest her face on the arm of the couch and look at us with "please pet me" eyes. Of course we did, but the slobbery puddle would be on the couch. If that puddle on the couch had been toilet water, well thats just nasty. She never tried to drink from the toilet though.
I have danes now and I've had many breeds over the years, none ever drank from the toilet, nor do they even go into the bathrooms. I can't believe people let this happen. Close the toilet lid. Your dog may not know better but you do.
Daniel Carelli
Daniel Carelli - 2 days ago
Haha. That bit in the beginning about him "not understanding treats" is hilarious - when we adopted our big lug-head pit/ABD mix he had basically been kept outside in a cage his whole life, and also didn't really understand anything about living in a loving home. Ideas like getting up on a couch or having his own bed were totally new to him, but he also had no clue what to do with treats. He would just carry them around in his mouth and keep trying to give them back like he had to save them for us or something. Or he would set them down in front of himself on the floor and just look at them longingly. Took him months to figure out that they were FOR HIM and he got to eat them, now he gobbles them up. :P
Inclined scorpio
Inclined scorpio - 2 days ago
From *mattress* to a mere *cloth* ... That's how you drop formalities in a family !
Tenisha F.
Tenisha F. - 2 days ago
Ok but can we get an update on how much he loves to play in the snow????
Jeronimo Stupenengo Pefaur
He eat
He slep
But most importantly
He floof
Yannick Martinez
Yannick Martinez - 2 days ago
Am I the only one that saw the rabbit at 4:03
ShyGuyNoah - 2 days ago
Cosmo has no idea what’s going on or what he’s doing and that’s my favorite thing about him because he’s basically me
Cozmo Vega
Cozmo Vega - 2 days ago
Love the name
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 2 days ago
OMG it’s Sumo from Detroit Become Human
eric whitlow
eric whitlow - 2 days ago
Love it.
Simrin M
Simrin M - 2 days ago
I have a saint bernard , a German shepherd and a saint crossed with a German , my saint bernard is so naughty but clever and funny . Full of nonsense lol 😂🌸❤
CrimsonNerd - 2 days ago
Give me.

Amarillo Aristocrat
Amarillo Aristocrat - 2 days ago
Cosmo needs a whiskey keg around his neck.
Albert Crowe
Albert Crowe - 2 days ago
Just heart warming! I love Saints! Thank you for adopting and sharing your story!
Fuego G
Fuego G - 2 days ago
You the man cosmo 🐾
Faylyn Addams
Faylyn Addams - 2 days ago
Such a beautiful story.
TSP Squad
TSP Squad - 2 days ago
mine is 170lbs
Kalani M
Kalani M - 2 days ago
No its sumo
Murphy Grund
Murphy Grund - 2 days ago
Just a precious story! 💕
Sparse Seekers
Sparse Seekers - 2 days ago
Big dogs are the best dogs
Kitty cat ali
Kitty cat ali - 2 days ago
He looks like Beethoven!
Emi _ Okime
Emi _ Okime - 2 days ago
I would looove to get a St Bernard. Big dogs > small dogs
lucas fall
lucas fall - 2 days ago
My friend had a dog just like cosmo and was just as friendly. He was just a giant teddy bear who always in-house tons of company and love. My dog would always get along. But sadly my friends dog passed away
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