Bagged my 2020 Toyota Supra!

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박종호 - Day ago
MrColombia12 - 6 months ago
xXWickedWazzaXx - 8 months ago
Anyone know the name of the first song?
Ben Welker
Ben Welker - 8 months ago
So proud of you teeg
Tj Hunt
Tj Hunt - 8 months ago
Don't forget to check out VAVA using the links in the description above!! Best/most reliable dash cam out there!
xXWickedWazzaXx - 8 months ago
Tj Hunt what’s the name of the first song? Cheers!
Jun Jong
Jun Jong - 8 months ago
One day. I will ditch my IS 350 and get me a Supra.
Papibinho - 8 months ago
“video got deleted”
Brock - 8 months ago
Finished the Supra everyone wanted to see and hasn’t uploaded any videos about it, starts focusing on the bmw no one really cares about instead 👎🏼
Jean Tek
Jean Tek - 8 months ago
Tj with beard 😥,kids grow so fast
GWG Medium
GWG Medium - 8 months ago
Anyone know what camera Tj uses to film with?
Thechristopherryan - 8 months ago
So it’s a bag over strut set up? Why is he clout chasing saying they designed it when airrexxx created that style years ago 😂
Ethan Rinquest.
Ethan Rinquest. - 8 months ago
Universal air designed the setup for the mk5 Supra that retains the active dampening
AWC - 8 months ago
I keep hearing Acura lol
xXWickedWazzaXx - 8 months ago
Anyone know the name of the first song?
jimmy alfaro
jimmy alfaro - 8 months ago
6:31 can Calvin breath? 😂😂😂
adam_ddean - 8 months ago
calvin needs a hair cut!! LOL
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 8 months ago
Perfect timing j just sat down on the porcelain throne !!! Yahhh yeeeettt!!!
gonzdoe - 8 months ago
pet peeve: tj’s lens
xXWickedWazzaXx - 8 months ago
Anyone know the name of the first song?
Don Wayne
Don Wayne - 8 months ago
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 8 months ago
What’s the name of the first song?
I. Valencia
I. Valencia - 8 months ago
Kevin hart reference!!! 😂😂😂
Roy Lane
Roy Lane - 8 months ago
Now all you got to do is set it on fire, put it on someone's door step and ring the doorbell.
Red Bull Falcon
Red Bull Falcon - 8 months ago
Who won the stang
James Grigg
James Grigg - 8 months ago
But it ain’t the first...
There is a white bagged one in Florida, been bagged
Levi Whitman
Levi Whitman - 8 months ago
If you watch carefully at 13:26 you can see Tj touch a tool, he didnt do anything with it though🤦‍♂️
Danny Laxus
Danny Laxus - 8 months ago
Those calipers need some branding stickers on them😌👀
M.A. M.R.
M.A. M.R. - 8 months ago
The only thing in that Supra that was worth a shit was handling, and you just destroyed that part lol.
David Gibbs
David Gibbs - 8 months ago
Worst camera work
mark Poland
mark Poland - 8 months ago
Hot boi Piniño!!!!!!
Stephanie M
Stephanie M - 8 months ago
Thanks for the dash cam code. Been looking for a dash cam with a g-sensor. Lots of hit and runs in the area recently.
Chops 00
Chops 00 - 8 months ago
Ruined my 2020 Toyota Supra! *****
Antwan - 8 months ago
You just bought a bmw
afutla qian
afutla qian - 8 months ago
first ? people bag bmw's all the time 🤔
Gustavo Baculima
Gustavo Baculima - 8 months ago
Next video, im the first one to suck a dick in a supra...smh
Mark Sawatsky
Mark Sawatsky - 8 months ago
stupid stupid stupid-bags on sports cars just ruins handling
afutla qian
afutla qian - 8 months ago
Tell the strademan to see this shit
xXWickedWazzaXx - 8 months ago
What’s the name of the first song?
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - 8 months ago
19 minute video of a bagged Supra. Shows the bagged Supra for like 15 seconds, smh.
Keller Racing
Keller Racing - 8 months ago
Shout out to penaneno
Joe Wilkes
Joe Wilkes - 8 months ago
“The way my bank account is setup” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Joe Mendez
Joe Mendez - 8 months ago
Most predictable YouTuber
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson - 8 months ago
Please learn what modular means.
1992Hoffman - 8 months ago
Looks really good TJ!!!🔥🔥🔥
Benis - 8 months ago
Adam out here building cars, tjs ricing them
Crunch Buttsteak
Crunch Buttsteak - 8 months ago
Congratulations on the car! 👏🍻🙌🎊🎉
Joe Ali
Joe Ali - 8 months ago
I will not be surprised if he had aids fuck bagged cars
Vishnu V
Vishnu V - 8 months ago
Why cant we see it lift tho?
Las Vegas
Las Vegas - 8 months ago
Tell the strademan to see this shit
Snap Crackle Pop
Snap Crackle Pop - 8 months ago
first ? people bag bmw's all the time 🤔
Brage Andersen
Brage Andersen - 8 months ago
Why do i feel like everyone whos got a MK5 Supra is having race on who can modify the most
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - 8 months ago
Dabbing is lame
Cameron Utter
Cameron Utter - 8 months ago
Wait the Supra has wishbone rear suspension 🤷‍♂️ 60k car with wishbone rear end really
AMGPilot - 8 months ago
Ruined a perfectly good car :(
Bobby Trends West SYD
Bobby Trends West SYD - 8 months ago
BMW Z4 ... Weak
Rayyan A
Rayyan A - 8 months ago
The supra videos are legit the main part of this channel
jayjayxp - 8 months ago
Bagged 😒
michael harding
michael harding - 8 months ago
I miss Sabrina. Where she been?
JR - 8 months ago
Re-shoot clips showing it airing out! And drive height. And the control module
Dylan Vickery
Dylan Vickery - 8 months ago
TJ!!!!! Ekanoo racing has the mk4 wing on their mk5. Check it out on insta!
moreyos - 8 months ago
The Logan Paul of cars. Fuck outta here
Jesse Jeronimo
Jesse Jeronimo - 8 months ago
Is a z4m looks nothing new
10jmsoccer - 8 months ago
So it couldn’t be the fastest so are you just looking for things to do to be first 😂
Adnan A
Adnan A - 8 months ago
That’s one clean Supra
Amilcar Berrios
Amilcar Berrios - 8 months ago
Dirty cam 👁
Crisp Films
Crisp Films - 8 months ago
You wanted that “First Ever” title so bad... chasing clout at its finest😂
Allen Say
Allen Say - 8 months ago
You know what it kinda looks like the bmw Z4m coupe
Larry Skells
Larry Skells - 8 months ago
Nicely done.
Sean B.
Sean B. - 8 months ago
I dont really like being a hater. congratulations to your sucess channel ive never heard of but that supra is useless AF now.
Samuel Foote
Samuel Foote - 8 months ago
Red leather tank cover would possibly look cool
Jas Khangura
Jas Khangura - 8 months ago
Love the spongebob memes AHHAHHAA
Harry Alvarado
Harry Alvarado - 8 months ago
What a ugly car
abel salas
abel salas - 8 months ago
Tj looks like dmaxryno
PENNY WISE - 8 months ago
Shit content
mwayne5 - 8 months ago
This entire channel is turning into a meme for r/fellowkids
STARZ NATION - 8 months ago
and thats how you ruin a 2020 supra
xxCHITOWN - 8 months ago
That thing so badassss
GUMP THOMPSON - 8 months ago
Meh still a automatic
Still rather have 1986.5 or a 93
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez - 8 months ago
That car is fugly! It looks like a bloated 2002 Z4 that just gave up on life and said fuck it! I'm just gonna sit here on this couch and stuff myself with potato chips for the next 17 years.
Dan. P.
Dan. P. - 8 months ago
This should read “I bagged my BMW Z4”
Dwayne Fuck boi
Dwayne Fuck boi - 8 months ago
I guess you are the 1st person to actually ruin a brand new Supra. Fuck your river bags get coil overs and run functional camber and shit. Not your ricer bags
Aaron Machamer
Aaron Machamer - 8 months ago
Not gonna pretend like I know the first thing about cars but TJ loves to film other people working on his car. I don’t think he’s ever done any actual work on his cars aside from drilling holes 😂 I hope Calvin gets paid well for doing 90% of the work
GuelphRacing - 8 months ago
Hey random person scrolling down the comments..
Have a wonderful day :)
Car Glory
Car Glory - 8 months ago
Great! As usual. Ese niño es chingon amigo.
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