Drawing Animators into Over the Garden Wall (+Ghost Story!)

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TheOdd1sOut - 4 months ago
🎵 oh potatoes and molasses 🎶
Nugget Appelget
Nugget Appelget - 14 days ago
Silver hoof
Silver hoof - Month ago
Silver hoof
Silver hoof - Month ago
dasc dude gaming
dasc dude gaming - Month ago
Animoto Animations
Animoto Animations - 2 months ago
500th reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Have you heard the story about the painter?
peleg rak
peleg rak - 16 hours ago
this is the best drawing i ever seen
Jelly Flopper
Jelly Flopper - 16 hours ago
2019 anyone?
ulebs youlube
ulebs youlube - Day ago
4:01 gravity falls
guy whit a hat 1,000 suds no need videos nope
i love over the garden
SneakyStuntman - Day ago
3:58 ......me to I like scary things
Awesome Ninja
Awesome Ninja - Day ago
there is a LOT of ghosts
in the world like a LOT
aida83siu - 2 days ago
ghosts are cool
Adeline Ray
Adeline Ray - 2 days ago
I saw your animation called “Bottled Opra”
Tjuana Reed
Tjuana Reed - 2 days ago
DuckTales Star. My Dreams
Mackenzie Taylor
Mackenzie Taylor - 3 days ago
Someone hit up mr.nightmare.
Team Criscione
Team Criscione - 3 days ago
Great job drawing ✍️
Julian Trujillo
Julian Trujillo - 3 days ago
Were jaiden arms
Jagabandhu Kar
Jagabandhu Kar - 3 days ago
It's on hoodoo
G Man
G Man - 4 days ago
Hate hearing ghosts?

BLaMe ThE delinquents
Crunchy Cream
Crunchy Cream - 4 days ago
Omg yasss I love over the garden wall!!!!
kitcat meow meow
kitcat meow meow - 4 days ago
I hope your having a good day in London
Lu Bebee
Lu Bebee - 4 days ago
I have seen two ghosts and I like spirits and I've been with this kid and dad for 3 something years so that's all I'm going to tell you.
Olga Tišljar
Olga Tišljar - 4 days ago
I love over the garden wall ⊙ω⊙
99Lives - 5 days ago
1:03 gravity falls
Justin Welsh
Justin Welsh - 5 days ago
Gravity falls at 1:00
I’m Tired
I’m Tired - 5 days ago
Those are the people i saw
Isabella Massey
Isabella Massey - 5 days ago
This drawing is amazing I love it your so talented and I love that you used things from different videos of the other you tubers like Harry the moth and Ari.Adam is ummm very scary.Also love your vids and I know you won’t see this but YOUR THE BEST I CANNOT BELIEVE YOUR ARTWORK 🖼
Belle - 5 days ago
"the chinchilla started barking" why did this amuse me so much 😂
KING GOONCH - 6 days ago
I love your backdrop/wallpaper that’s my favourite show,I always cry at the ending
David Morrison
David Morrison - 6 days ago
I love over the garden wall. This picture is so creative and amazing. I especially like somethingelseYT as the beast
Dico _On_YouTube
Dico _On_YouTube - 6 days ago
Oh, Potatoes and Molasses!
If you want some, oh just ask us
There're warm and soft like puppies and socks
Filled with cream and candy rocks
Oh, Potatoes and Molasses!
They're so much sweeter than algebra class
If your stomach is grumbling
And your mouth starts mumbling
There's only one thing to keep your brain from crumbling
Oh, Potatoes and Molasses!
If you can't see 'em put on your glasses
They're shiny and large like a fisherman's barge
You know you've had enough when you start seeing stars
Oh, Potatoes and Molasses!
It's the only thing left on your task list
They're short and stout they'll make everyone shout
For Potatoes and Molasses!
For Potatoes and...
That's enough
DJ Quack & DJ Peeps
DJ Quack & DJ Peeps - 7 days ago
Dylan Woolsey
Dylan Woolsey - 7 days ago
Did anyone else notice it looked like she left Ari’s tail uncolored?
datboi 2010
datboi 2010 - 7 days ago
Plussssssss sssssssize ssssssocksssssss 🐍I'm a ssssssssnake
iheart pandas
iheart pandas - 8 days ago
i like how james is shorter than jaiden lol
Emma Barge
Emma Barge - 8 days ago
If ghosts are real-

Well, Dipper better grab that pine tree covered journal of his ‘cause I’m dragging him along with me! LETS HUNT SOME GHOSTS!!!
Sashy Bash
Sashy Bash - 8 days ago
is the store not there anymore?
Miranda Brambila
Miranda Brambila - 9 days ago
Who else saw the quick picture of gravity falls
I just saw Stan’s face quickly, and I was like ohhh nice
the odd girl out
the odd girl out - 9 days ago
that matpat impression 👌🏼
Toasty Kittenbuns
Toasty Kittenbuns - 10 days ago
“Cuz He has *horns”*
Cali Santos
Cali Santos - 10 days ago
I know how I can make you believeen ghost just watch a lot of ghost adventures if ya too scared from watching too much of it watch cat and dog vines🙃
Trico Animates
Trico Animates - 10 days ago
i thought Rebecca woud throw up XD
Nightmare Caleb Gaming
Nightmare Caleb Gaming - 10 days ago
We must hide from demonetization! Click the thumbs up to hide behind it!

Mimigold kitten Lilly
Mimigold kitten Lilly - 11 days ago
Nice drawing
sindre moen
sindre moen - 11 days ago
I hage Sean a real gost
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai - 12 days ago
Myythica1 Retr0
Myythica1 Retr0 - 12 days ago
She should’ve made the frog for James one of his dogs, but great job though!!!!
Zafire luna
Zafire luna - 13 days ago
Over the garden wall is sad and 👌
Orange Juice
Orange Juice - 13 days ago
the thing i like about speed paints is when u scroll down the comment section then u just look back at the video and BAMMM where did that come from
Lily Brown
Lily Brown - 14 days ago
I had no idea who the heck these characters where until i went to Massachusetts,my brother showed me the show and it was SO good.and i thought i wouldn't get to episode 10.
Ꭺмαzιиgdυllαh - 14 days ago
Cartoon Network Rulzz
Allan Fortes e Leite
Allan Fortes e Leite - 14 days ago
Cool rite
bunnicula the vampire rabbit
Best drawing ever good work👏
Alexcis Hangartner
Alexcis Hangartner - 15 days ago
How many illustrations like this to into a video?
Alexcis Hangartner
Alexcis Hangartner - 15 days ago
This drawing was SoOoo cool!!
Feather Bros
Feather Bros - 16 days ago
Gravity falls at 4:02
Shion Malfoy
Shion Malfoy - 16 days ago
Did your friend make shrek
Roe Dy
Roe Dy - 16 days ago
Can you make james theodd1sout taller next time pls and plus i subscribed to your channel
Alex Moore
Alex Moore - 16 days ago
My dad and my grandma have both encountered a ghost before and I think I might as well
Rose The beast
Rose The beast - 16 days ago
My birthday is on Halloween
midnightrose blues
midnightrose blues - 17 days ago
Gaming With Blake
Gaming With Blake - 17 days ago
over the garden wall
Gaming With Blake
Gaming With Blake - 17 days ago
A Cookeh Who Says MEOW!
A Cookeh Who Says MEOW! - 17 days ago
4:01 for a split second you can see rebecca's desktop.
gravity falls!
Marcus Sansevero
Marcus Sansevero - 17 days ago
12:30 worst part of the video
Laurel Plays
Laurel Plays - 18 days ago
Oh my god...Star vs. the forces of evil!!! Tell your friend she’s amazing!!!
Diana Hamann
Diana Hamann - 18 days ago
Tabbes should be the woods man
Jack Wagner
Jack Wagner - 18 days ago
Ari and James and Jaidon
Thor Thor
Thor Thor - 19 days ago
I watch it all in one day or a couple hours I was mad when it ended because it was only 10 episodes and I loved it and still do
Carlos Santos
Carlos Santos - 19 days ago
How else saw a gravity falls pic
The stickbot Guys
The stickbot Guys - 19 days ago
How can i download this amazing pic you made I really want it
Future _Orbitz
Future _Orbitz - 20 days ago
If ghosts arent real... THEN WHY IS EARTH A SPHERE AND NOT FLAT???
Morghan Mccune
Morghan Mccune - 20 days ago
Game theory for the win!!!!!!!
Samiya Sakenuddin
Samiya Sakenuddin - 20 days ago
That ghost in the back looks like SomethingElseYT
Its gacha flare
Its gacha flare - 20 days ago
my favorite TV show 4:28 its star vs the forces of evil
like if you know that
DiscordNight Animations
DiscordNight Animations - 20 days ago
Jaiden and James are so cute!! Adam looks spooky! You look bad ass!!
Kaylee Mario Plush Plays
I love this show!!!!!😁😃🙂😋
Cogbill 37
Cogbill 37 - 21 day ago
you are amazing! i could never do that to save my life or anyone elses!
Leonie Crane
Leonie Crane - 21 day ago
I tried potatoes (yes, they were mashed) and molasses. It tasted like a strange pancake.
Diffrent Person
Diffrent Person - 21 day ago
I'm here in January I miss October
Ysabell Soto
Ysabell Soto - 22 days ago
And you have like a Matat

Rip Matpats dignity 😂
Emma Reynolds
Emma Reynolds - 22 days ago
N John
N John - 22 days ago
do you use a graphics tablet , because i have one and when im older i want to be an animator
AvertGacha - 22 days ago
The picture is amazing and the ghost story was so good, too!
Macarmoons - 23 days ago
Holy shit I think I had the same experience
Kawaii TV
Kawaii TV - 23 days ago
Dork9000 - 23 days ago
The Unfortunate One
The Unfortunate One - 23 days ago
So exited for the new how to train your dragons
gems channel of fnaf
gems channel of fnaf - 23 days ago
😨😱😵 scary
Erika Erika
Erika Erika - 23 days ago
ghosts are real.... my house is hounted i keep hearing like a kid crying but it was at night and i dont know why soo ...yeah
Box - 23 days ago
is the huntsman wearing tho ghostly gibbus from tf2 or do i just play to mutch tf2
Blue Velocity
Blue Velocity - 24 days ago
Can I have that drawing?
Chloe Lewis
Chloe Lewis - 24 days ago
I see spirits
Star Does Animations
Star Does Animations - 23 days ago
Pumpking GB
Pumpking GB - 24 days ago
Jaiden and james gud
Nova Whipkey
Nova Whipkey - 24 days ago
I love it when the small child I forgot his name was singing potatoes and molasses and then a old mad busted the door open.
Tekjo And beko Games And art
R.i.p hare
Gamer Troller
Gamer Troller - 25 days ago
But the thing is though, Mat Pat Im pretty sure makes his theries all for fun. Knowing that there *not* correct, also knowing that they *wont* get answered.
Just think of it as an 'If' Statement. If the dinasours would have some type of evolution. No one doesnt know what it is, so why not give a theory about it?-
Blue Potato
Blue Potato - 25 days ago
Ok so whenever I sleep in my aunts spare room it’s feels like I’m being watched and it feels like somebody’s sitting on the edge of the bed one time my mom brought it up and she agreed with me then my sister said that was the reason she was scared of sleeping in their my uncle even says ya that’s grandmas ghost (my great grandma) and my mom said in the bed is where she died I kid you not I promise you this is real
Brooke side of life
Brooke side of life - 25 days ago
Brooke side of life
Brooke side of life - 25 days ago
was that a flash of gravity falls at 4:01 ? lol
Jason gongalves
Jason gongalves - 25 days ago
i think the woman voice said something like
*dark whispers* *many footsteps* *more dark whispers* *very evil* *scary sounds*
these are only the sounds cause i am good at ghost voice acting
because if i typed in the woman ghost voice it will me disturbing (O_O)
Sharyn MacMoran
Sharyn MacMoran - 25 days ago
I went to a haunted hotel and got a picture of a ghost
Joycelyn Shroulote
Joycelyn Shroulote - 26 days ago
4:01 ....ooop gravity falls
Rowley Torres
Rowley Torres - 26 days ago
MOTH Saving LAMP from animator
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