Alessia Cara Sings "Bad Guy" w/ 7 Different Impressions (One Song, Many Artists)

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Tactical Nic
Tactical Nic - 48 minutes ago
She got the lyrics really messed up and off the beat but she sang good
Divya Balaji
Divya Balaji - 12 hours ago
That 'okuur' was on point tho
Garima Rohilla
Garima Rohilla - 19 hours ago
2:03 listening this made me wish to listen Bad guy by Ariana🤔
Ice The Animator
Ice The Animator - Day ago
the nicki minaj one sounded more like Doja Cat
Saatvik Krishna M
Saatvik Krishna M - Day ago
Who watched this video again and again??
Didi. S
Didi. S - 3 days ago
Do the people hate Alessia because she doesnt wear makeup, because shes naturally beautiful just the way she is? Really , i dont get why people hate her she is BOMB !!!!!
WWE FANS - 3 days ago
The bad guy beat is my jam😎
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - 4 days ago
*when she messes up the lyrics*
bob sponge
bob sponge - Day ago
but it's iconic
Lorenzo de Filippo
Lorenzo de Filippo - 5 days ago
lol 10000 ❤️🥰
Riya Saraswti
Riya Saraswti - 6 days ago
She is the best
Zoe Rose
Zoe Rose - 6 days ago
Am I the only one who thought she was gonna say "my soul? mostly gingerbread"? No im not explaining
Sav D
Sav D - 6 days ago
She nailed it❣️
Majidah Bukhari
Majidah Bukhari - 7 days ago
Nailed it .
Stephanie De La Cruz
Stephanie De La Cruz - 7 days ago
She has a resemblance physically and vocally to Demi Lovato. Her smile too.
Parul - 8 days ago
That wasn't the best choice of song to do singer impressions on. She did her best!
Jidar Tali
Jidar Tali - 8 days ago
🤯🤯🤯I thought that she was about to fail .bt she didn't
Priyanka Anilkumar
Priyanka Anilkumar - 9 days ago
Xans Marcos
Xans Marcos - 9 days ago
Un asco
Ebtisam Hazmi
Ebtisam Hazmi - 11 days ago
Yass girl yasssss
olala - 13 days ago
1:16 sad guy sittin near the band doin nothing :(
Lindsey M. Cruz
Lindsey M. Cruz - 13 days ago
Ariana my fav
My Game
My Game - 14 days ago
K D - 15 days ago
How old is she?
Sheetal Yamyar
Sheetal Yamyar - 16 days ago
Billie - Duh
Arianna- yuh
Me - Bruh
FLUFFYPUG GG - 15 days ago
You copied this from the top comment
Superbly Soren
Superbly Soren - 16 days ago
In the thumb nail, she looked like That one lady from Spider Man: Homecoming
Nicole Makart
Nicole Makart - 17 days ago
She dominated this
Chetna Sharma
Chetna Sharma - 18 days ago
I liked this version even better than original 😂
Francisca Villegas
Francisca Villegas - 18 days ago
Ariana Grande: yeah
Alessia Cara:dah
Pranil Jagtap
Pranil Jagtap - 18 days ago
Fitz Gerald Villanueva
Fitz Gerald Villanueva - 18 days ago
She's so underrated voice impressionist ❤️👏
mam0421 - 18 days ago
Anyone else feel like he has a weird creepy obsession with Billie?
Siddharth Yadav
Siddharth Yadav - 19 days ago
Ilene Goddard
Ilene Goddard - 20 days ago
She looks kinda like Moana IRL
Lyka Capati
Lyka Capati - 20 days ago
Catherina Tutt
Catherina Tutt - 21 day ago
When I see it from pic video look like zendaya
Shøto Kun
Shøto Kun - 21 day ago
This is my favorite song of Billie and I'm like wow because alessia is one of my favorite artists
Shayan Riaz
Shayan Riaz - 21 day ago
Fadillah Putri
Fadillah Putri - 21 day ago
She's so unique, even impressions can't hide her unique voice ❤️❤️❤️
Joseph moha
Joseph moha - 21 day ago
She does Cardi even better than Cardi herself
Stefani Lanard
Stefani Lanard - 21 day ago
🌯🍿🍝🍜🍦🍛🍡🌮🌭🍚🍤🍙🍕🍟🍘🍣🍲🍱🍠🍢🍩🍎🌽🍔🍗🍆🍍🍌🍅 🍖🧀🍋🍓🍊🍒🍞🌰🍑🍉🍈🍐🍄🌶🍏🍇 one comment one food
Chris Aragon
Chris Aragon - 22 days ago
She sound like none of them boo she’s not that good
Nermin Musa
Nermin Musa - 20 days ago
Chris Aragon
Chris Aragon - 22 days ago
It sounds like it’s just her she’s not that good.
arian t
arian t - 22 days ago
Wow so talented💙
Medha Singh
Medha Singh - 22 days ago
damnnn she’s goooooood
LassEnForMoney1 Boo
LassEnForMoney1 Boo - 22 days ago
Overwatch fan
Overwatch fan - 23 days ago
She's so shy but when she started singing she just let's her self go 🤩
The Nameless one
The Nameless one - 23 days ago
She is looking like Zendaya in the clickbait
adri ana
adri ana - 24 days ago
She didnt know the letter
leblebi tozu
leblebi tozu - 25 days ago
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Xiu Tannawisikorn
Xiu Tannawisikorn - 25 days ago
I good at playing games
Lutteo Forever
Lutteo Forever - 25 days ago
It's like they sang all of them
KIRAN T Raj - 26 days ago
She’s extremely talented that’s it 😳.
Mayshar Ding Hkawng
Mayshar Ding Hkawng - 26 days ago
I like all of her singing skills
ApO ApE - 27 days ago
ChillTaE kOoKiE
ChillTaE kOoKiE - 29 days ago
Ok so f I wa sever a singing judge it would be hard for someone to win but she’s sheer she win
Sky McGillis
Sky McGillis - 29 days ago
mxm celestine
mxm celestine - 29 days ago
i think cardi b sounded pretty accurate
lynx - 29 days ago
The Lorde impression was perfect
Holly does Stuff
Holly does Stuff - 29 days ago
2:10 she not sound like Ariana grande one little bit
Doggy kat Treat
Doggy kat Treat - Month ago
Ariana Grande
Priya Surana
Priya Surana - Month ago
To be honest is all sounded the same voice to me...
Princess Sloth
Princess Sloth - Month ago
50% of the comments- talking about how good her ari impression was
49% of the comments- why is no one talking about how good her ari impression was??
1%- stuff about how she is a GODESS (cuz she is ❤️❤️❤️)
한Aksapi - Month ago
Hà Phạm
Hà Phạm - Month ago
bad guy in alessia cara style:))
Henry Haynor
Henry Haynor - Month ago
She looks like txunamy😃😃😃😃

Edit:thanks for the like
IYA HUN - Month ago
i actually think cardi b was the most accurate lmao
anamaria kvirkvelia
anamaria kvirkvelia - Month ago
I think Ariana was the best from all of them no hate but the others were a little bit different
Hey STOB IT - Month ago
I wanna see Ariana's reaction
Donatella la bidella
Donatella la bidella - Month ago
No one talk about how she know all the lyrics. This show is so fame omg
hi - Month ago
lorde and cardi b were the best
Alejandro Rodríguez
Alejandro Rodríguez - Month ago
Omg 👌👌👌
Taigan Gahagan
Taigan Gahagan - Month ago
She's amazing.
XXN19 GuKai
XXN19 GuKai - Month ago
Wow Alessia is just amazing 😍
zella - Month ago
she did really well for this omg
Rock Solid
Rock Solid - Month ago
🇭 🇪 🇱 🇱 🇴 🇮 🇦 🇲 🇦 🇵 🇪 🇷 🇸 🇴 🇳
King Asiri
King Asiri - Month ago
ʟoveγou西蒙 - Month ago
Patrick Circle
Patrick Circle - Month ago
I used to really like her but then she just disappeared from existence, I barely knew anyone who knew who she was
Patrick Circle
Patrick Circle - Month ago
I agree. I really do. I just think that she could do so much more.
Jade Boldrini
Jade Boldrini - Month ago
That's not her fault tho! I feel like the media doesn't do her justice when it's about Alessia only because shes not the stereotypical singer yk... I feel bad cuz she's so talented but I also think she likes it! I don't think she minds not being the next Ariana Grande or smt
vlogs with amina
vlogs with amina - Month ago
She did good but she could've been better please don't hate on me it's just my opinion 😁
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