The Untold Truth Of Nipsey Hussle's Girlfriend

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Wavvey - 6 hours ago
The audacity of the caucasity
Christopher M
Christopher M - 12 hours ago
Everybody Knows Thats (New New🥰) Cause She Always Rocks The New New Shit , Real Fans Know 💯 She Been Had Fame .
Jelly Fish Jelly
Jelly Fish Jelly - 22 hours ago
If anything thing I figured out who he was through her
Gee Smith
Gee Smith - Day ago
Love you
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams - Day ago
Can who ever made this video get the fuck outta here please
lea lea
lea lea - Day ago
They are all weird
Trina Jones
Trina Jones - Day ago
She has a name idiot, not Nipsey Hussles girlfriend.
Yis's watches 2nd
Yis's watches 2nd - 2 days ago
Oooo hussle you love here, oh, didn't last long init
Tara Wilson
Tara Wilson - 2 days ago
What did she see in lil wayne??
Black and Blush With Mz.T
Some people can be so rude, if you know nothing about black culture, DONT SPEAK ON IT. She was a household name on her own, before we even the world knew she was in a relationship.
Sensual Eats
Sensual Eats - 2 days ago
I wish wealth, health, and success to everyone who reads this!!!!
Troublesome96 - 2 days ago
Shit they don't know, Lauren made me lesbian with that NEW NEW😂😂
tereca braz
tereca braz - 3 days ago
She is so baelterfor blees you Londen
DCLADYBUG202 LADYBUG - 4 days ago
Who cares because I sure as hell don't why are people so interested in other people life
Your Highness
Your Highness - 4 days ago
She blow good Balls all night.
Ceejay Singh
Ceejay Singh - 5 days ago
Ti is a joker
Kan Kanniff
Kan Kanniff - 7 days ago
Nipple hussle why u do this to her man
Zonna J.
Zonna J. - 8 days ago
She's Lauren London 🙄.. She's played countless memorable roles, so y'all need to put some respect on her name.
Joy Mechell
Joy Mechell - 8 days ago
So y'all gonna skip over the "frontin" video that started it all 😴
Joy Mechell
Joy Mechell - 8 days ago
If y'all don't put some respect on Lauren name 😐this title ain't it chief . We been knew New New
Simone Rodgers
Simone Rodgers - 9 days ago
Damn, you really haven’t changed the title. Don’t delve into black culture if you don’t know who is who.
Laiko Brown
Laiko Brown - 10 days ago
That was his wife. Please come correct.
Kejuan Jones
Kejuan Jones - 10 days ago
nipsey been out since he made the song hussle in the house and that was 10 years ago. ATL came out 2 years before that. so that shyt really don't matter
Kejuan Jones
Kejuan Jones - 10 days ago
all dat shyt really don't matter... nipsey and Lauren came out around the same time
Dylan Dylan
Dylan Dylan - 10 days ago
Power couple match put together by the Elites... yall probably be saying its conspiracy..
Notorious EI
Notorious EI - 11 days ago
'"lauren is just straight-up poison"!!!!
Alberto F
Alberto F - 11 days ago
She’s average
Alberto F
Alberto F - 11 days ago
She not that cute
Christina Alexander
Christina Alexander - 12 days ago
I loved her on The Game
Kimberly .Nik'Ole
Kimberly .Nik'Ole - 13 days ago
Lord! How disrespectful can this video be! Smh.
PuI2ePLaYaZ - 13 days ago
Sooooo... where is the part where she is / was a hoe ?!
Genesis Nelson
Genesis Nelson - 13 days ago
At most .. she got more talent than Kim kardashian and her entire family ever did or will.. and plus she’s a “NATURAL” beauty
Beylieve_ 219
Beylieve_ 219 - 14 days ago
First of all, change that title because you got her twisted 🤷🏾‍♂️. Her name is Lauren London 🙄
Teflon Butterfly
Teflon Butterfly - 14 days ago
I hate when mainstream tries to report on black culture. 🤦🏾‍♀️
NBK MELTDOWN - 14 days ago
London sacrificed him
Get it right lady
Doctor Money
Doctor Money - 15 days ago
She’s so damm beautiful
Jalisha Williams
Jalisha Williams - 15 days ago
This video is trash they hating
That Boy
That Boy - 16 days ago
i knew lauren before nipsey. like hella years before nipsey.
riri theplug
riri theplug - 17 days ago
Bitch she BEEN an actress/known before him tf?!
Elaine Donaway
Elaine Donaway - 17 days ago
I shouldn't say nothing bad about this girl...she is great
Elaine Donaway
Elaine Donaway - 17 days ago
Thanks for sharing...Black folks Gold digger
Elaine Donaway
Elaine Donaway - 17 days ago
dawn lee
dawn lee - 18 days ago
This Sadden my heart
Much love and respect for
Lauren boys 😥🤲
alayshia - 18 days ago
Y’all wack asf for this video
Ooh Yall
Ooh Yall - 19 days ago
This illegal immigrant is a terrorist, not an American. He didn't die, I bet. He went back to his country or to another country to kill, murder many others. I bet he killed those people, before it was announced he was killed. I don't feel sorry for this bastard! Blacks better wake up, and ALL Americans. Many of you are letting these foreigners into the US, without being formally processed through. A lot of people are being and have been killed, by these terrorists.
It's Autumn
It's Autumn - 19 days ago
Take this down
Brennen Jones
Brennen Jones - 19 days ago
rocroyalgal123456 - 19 days ago
White people always think they know everything
Yvonne Samuels
Yvonne Samuels - 20 days ago
These people don't have 💩💩💩💩 else to do but make silly videos 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Christopher Ortiz
Christopher Ortiz - 20 days ago
I miss the 2000's
Breadpan Mogul
Breadpan Mogul - 20 days ago
She bleached her skin
chris sauder
chris sauder - 20 days ago
Like we didn’t know she was NuNu?
wilcox tam
wilcox tam - 20 days ago
We already knew lauren. she has acted in movies. she was in snoop dogs video and used to date lil wayne
Syd Bey
Syd Bey - 20 days ago
She’s trippin. And they love is fake. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sacrificed this man for her fame. She does have a show airing now as lead role and the movie ATL came out the same day as her “best friends “ death
Ricardo Valenzuela
Ricardo Valenzuela - 21 day ago
This is the problem with YouTube. People who make content usually don’t know jack. They just do a google search and treat it like it’s their term paper or some shit. Lauren London has been on for quite some time. Nicki Swift do your research. I thought you NuNu. Check out ATL for the reference. Don’t speak on shit you’re not a part of. It makes you look stupiddd
Happy Lady
Happy Lady - 21 day ago
RIP Nipsey, prayers going up for Lauren London and their son🙏
Hardeep Singh
Hardeep Singh - 21 day ago
We all knew her before as waynes groupie
jazminelovenicki - 21 day ago
Please believe, these CRACKERS are TROLLING with this video and they need to be stopped
Debra Harris
Debra Harris - 21 day ago
baby plantain
baby plantain - 22 days ago
Delete this!
tsayad yamar
tsayad yamar - 23 days ago
Her father white she's Not our people
Stay True
Stay True - 23 days ago
Smiley Thegee
Smiley Thegee - 23 days ago
lauren sacrificed nipsey
Haha Hehe
Haha Hehe - 23 days ago
applecandy folks
applecandy folks - 23 days ago
She bleach cuz she's almost white now
Big Lex
Big Lex - 24 days ago
I hate when white ppl talk about shit they don’t know. Ppl wanted Lauren since she was in Pharrell’s “frontin” video then was big after “ATL” because a lot of girls wanted to be new new
Big Lex
Big Lex - 24 days ago
And they met because she wanted a Crenshaw sweatshirt and they had a mutual friend who introduced them.
krazisekcikewl - 24 days ago
“Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend...” 🙄 This page is always negative against black women .Everybody knows who Lauren London is 😒😒
Nietha Graham
Nietha Graham - Day ago
His girlfriend....not wife
QueenKeisha Jones
QueenKeisha Jones - 24 days ago
This title is disrespectful
Sandy Green
Sandy Green - 24 days ago
May you please changing the title of this to something more fitting/true like "The Untold Truth of Lauren London: Actress, Mother, and Wife of Nipsey Hustle"
Nietha Graham
Nietha Graham - Day ago
They wasn't married....if he loved her he woulda put a 💍 on it
thomas wymer
thomas wymer - 24 days ago
Laura London was known for being in Pharrell's video that was her breakout. Smh
Krock The Indigo
Krock The Indigo - 24 days ago
Lol what? Just from the first statement this vid is bs'
¥oshi Xo
¥oshi Xo - 25 days ago
*White people irritate me. Like really y’all know nothing except for the corrupt whites you all love. Once a black persons is sacrificed then y’all wanna do a video on them. Y’all are late. Y’all didn’t know Lauren the black community been knew.*
Kimberly nyagathiri
Kimberly nyagathiri - 25 days ago
Jeeya - 25 days ago
Y'all late.
Jeremias Manuel.
Jeremias Manuel. - 25 days ago
I thought she was a virgin woman when he met her : didn't know she already shaked in North ' South ' East and West .
Jeremias Manuel.
Jeremias Manuel. - 25 days ago
Satans and demons puppets '
That will be your greatest revelation in case you die without keeping all God's commandments through Jesus .
On earth satan and demons constantly lie to you sending to your mind all type of craziness ' but once you in hell' they tell you the truth about how they used you and who they used to make you fall into their trap and hell is the most stinky ' hot and painful place in the universe: Without Jesus you are going towards that place .
dreamfaith7 - 25 days ago
O B R I E - 25 days ago
I knew Lauren London. Not nipsey. Your using his name for clout! Unsubscribed! She is LAUREN 👏🏻 LONDON
Donald Moncure
Donald Moncure - 25 days ago
You reaching man we already knew Lauren from ATL and The Game.
ShaSha Vibez
ShaSha Vibez - 26 days ago
Just say Lauren London
Sleepy 2x
Sleepy 2x - 26 days ago
this has nothing to do with nipsey....
Jae LeCounte
Jae LeCounte - 26 days ago
They forgot her role in "This Christmas" Shoot!!
athena belle
athena belle - 26 days ago
Bitch 5 years i did 10 years 17 to 27
john miller
john miller - 26 days ago
Oh yeah ,London is a great actress. NOT!!!!!!Hoe Bag probably had something to do with Nipseys death.
Nicole Blandino
Nicole Blandino - 26 days ago
How tasteless! Let this woman grieve!! This is misleading. Lauren is a very classy woman. And we’ve heard all heard of her, it is she who put most of y’all on Nipsey. Lift this woman up instead of looking for a flaw!
greendays2012 - 26 days ago
i give a year of crying and sh...... then im next. Kodak Black
FlixxHD1 - 26 days ago
Whypeople are sick af.
NeenaRose - 26 days ago
🦋London is a beautiful woman. I see her in all women who make sure to try and pursue their dreams and make a living. She's a great actress. And being in love is apart of life. My condolences to her and her children 🙏. For their loss.. I pray strength 💪and peace ☮️ to her. Keep moving London 🦋
Micah Burnette
Micah Burnette - 26 days ago
Bro leave her alone her husband passed away a few weeks ago she is going through hard times rn and u decided to expose her about when somebody u love dies we expose u, u wouldn’t like it right so don’t do it to her
Melly Carter
Melly Carter - 26 days ago
"The untold truth"
Lelo Brown
Lelo Brown - 26 days ago
Yall trippen it was all facts!!
Atwill Williams
Atwill Williams - 26 days ago
When wp come into HipHop culture
Tiffany86 - 26 days ago
Oh gurl, you reaching with this one. We been knew who Lauren London is
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson - 26 days ago
The person that unloaded this video don't care about Lauren or Nipsey. Youtube pay for views.
Mi'Lesha Morrison
Mi'Lesha Morrison - 26 days ago
Where are you guys getting your information? A lot of it is inaccurate
r a d i c a l
r a d i c a l - 26 days ago
London Lauren *
jada mighty
jada mighty - 26 days ago
People serious 🙂🙂🙂😕 after everything that has happened and in her time of mourning them come wid the foolishness . .....y'all don't know how to chill...kmt
Pamela Cornelius
Pamela Cornelius - 27 days ago
Rip Neal and I my son Wilford and xxx and nippy love y'all always
Shai Cooper
Shai Cooper - 27 days ago
@nicki swift Bitch you tried it❗️She was well established BEFORE Nipsey... Come correct❗️
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